Xenophon, Volum 1

H.Colburn and R.Bentley, 1830
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Pàgina 132 - However, her husband being gone to hunt the hare, was not taken in any of the villages. Their houses were under ground; the mouth resembling that of a well, but spacious below; there was an entrance dug for the cattle, but the inhabitants descended by ladders. In these houses were goats, sheep, cows, and fowls, with their young.
Pàgina 22 - The asses, when they were pursued, having gained ground of the horses, stood still (for they exceeded them much in speed) ; and when these came up with them, they did the same thing again ; so that our horsemen could take them by no other means but by dividing themselves into relays, and succeeding one another in the chase. The flesh of those that were taken was like that of red deer, but more tender.
Pàgina 35 - Cyrus replied, I accept it, let That be the Word: After which, he immediately returned to his Post, and the two Armies being now within three or four Stadia of each other, the Greeks sung the Paean, and began to advance against the Enemy; but the Motion occasioning a small Fluctuation in the Line of Battle, those who were left behind, hastened their march, and at once, gave a general Shout, as their Custom is when they invoke the God of War, and all ran forward, striking their Shields with their...
Pàgina 65 - Clearchus, hearing this, asked the Messenger, of what Extent the Country was, that lay between the Tigris, and the Canal : he answering ; it was of a large Extent, and contained, besides Villages, many large Cities; they concluded, that the Barbarians had sent this Man insidiously, from an Apprehension, lest the Greeks should not pass the Bridge, but remain in the Island, which was defended on one side, by the Tigris, and on the other, by the Canal; where the Country, that lay between, being large,...
Pàgina 140 - He advanced two or three Paces from the Tree under which he stood ; but, as soon as the Stones began to fly, he quickly retired, and, upon every Excursion, more than ten Cart-Loads of Stones were consumed.
Pàgina 115 - Pass which lay before them. The rest of the Generals took Bye-paths, each of them where he happened to be, and, climbing as well as they could, drew up one another with their Pikes; And these were the first who joined the Detachment that had gained the Post. Xenophon, with one half of the Rear-Guard, marched up the same Way those...
Pàgina 36 - Center, looking upon that Post as the safest, on each side of which their Strength is equally divided ; and, if they have occasion to give out any Orders, they are received in half the time by the Army.
Pàgina 131 - ... daughter, who had been but nine days married ; her husband was gone out to hunt hares, and was not found in any of the villages. Their houses were...
Pàgina 113 - As soon as our joint exertions had restored order, we proceeded to the mouth of the Damietta branch of the Nile to make an attack thereon, as combined with the...
Pàgina 140 - Callimachus saw him passing by he laid hold on the border of his shield. In the mean time Aristonymus, and after him Eurylochus, ran by them both ; for all these were rivals in glory, and in a constant emulation of each other. And by contending thus they took the place ; for the moment one of them had gained the ascent there were no more stones thrown from above. And here followed a dreadful spectacle indeed ; for the women first threw their children down the precipice, and then themselves. The men...

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