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FOR 1876. I can recommend it to families, feeling assured that they will derive pleasure and benefit from its perusal. With pleasure I renew my subscription for the present year.

Rev. JAMES J. CHISHOLM, D.D., Perth, Ont. I have read carefully from a bound volume of HERALD OF Health, and consider it an exceptionably good magazine. Its method of arrangement is excellent, and its articles are written in a pleasant style, admirably calculated to interest and engage the thoughtful attention of its readers.


Professor of Physiology, University of Bishop's College. The Herald Of Health is replete with useful information on the all-important subject of Hygiene, and is calculated to do much good, by diffusing under an easy and familiar form a knowledge of the laws of health.

J. S. LEPROHON, M.D., Montreal.

Professor of Hygiene, Bishop's College. Had I been a reader of The Herald ten years ago, I would not have been what I am now, broken down in health.

MRS. G. B. We would almost defy a young man to use alcoholic drinks, or tobacco in any form, who had been brought up on the truths here taught.

MRS. C. M. PORTER. Å brother of William Carpenter, the Great Physiologist of the University of London, and Author of

Carpenter's " Principles of Physiology," says :I do not know any similar publication which is likely to do so much good. It appears to me vastly superior to most health journals at the same price. I hope its círculation will be widely extended among parents, teachers and clergymen, and among intelligent young persons of both sexes. Get all the subscribers you can.

PHILIP P. CARPENTER, B.A., Ph.D., Montreal. " It contains more sensible articles than any other magazine that comes to our sanctum." – Scientific American.

The New York Tribune says, " As a ‘preacher of righteousness' in the department of Physical Culture, it enjoys the aid of numerous sound thinkers and able writers."

'The Christian World says, "The Herald or Health is unquestionably one of the best magazines of the day. It is devoted to the better education of morals and health."

'The Standard says, "THE HERALD OF HEALTH is always a great pet in our family, and is looked after with deep interest."

The Mountain Echo says, "This is one of the very few publications that we can conscientiously recommend to everybody." The N. Y. Evening Post

says, "We can always recommend this journal without qualification." $1.50 a year, postage 10 cents. Sent to any Clergyman, Teacher, or Physician

for $1.10.

WOOD & HOLBROOK, 13 & 15 Laight Street, N. Y.





NOTICES OF THE PRESS. "The book is for the most part uncommonly apt, coming to the point without the slightest circumlocution." - New York Tribuue.

"One of the best contributions to recent hygienic literature." - Boston Daily Advertiser.

What is particularly attractive about this book is the absence of all hygienic bigotry." – Christian Register.

One man's mother and another man's wife send me word that these are the most wholesome and practical receipts they ever saw." - E. R. Branson.

*I am delighted with it." -H. B. Baker, M.D., Michigan State Board of Health.

"The part devoted to jonocuous and wholesome beverages deserves warm commendation. Just such information as it contains, widely

disseminated, will be a real aid to the temperance cause ; better than a thousand overdrawn pictures such as we have ad nauseam." - Medical and Surgical Reporter, Philadelphia.

"It would, we believe, be nearly a cure for dyspepsia." - Druggists' Circular N. v.

" Its author is so immeasurably in advance of American housekeepers in general, that we hope be may be widely and frequently consulted." - Christian Union. N. Y.

Sent by Mail for One Dollar.


WOOD & HOLBROOK, 13 & 15 Laight Street, N. Y.

P. S. - We will send both of the above for $2.50, and four back numbers of THE HERALD for 1876 frog

FOR 1876.





AppleTONS' JOURNAL appears in new type and with other mechanical improveneats, making it the handsomest weekly, literary journal in the country. AppleTONS' JOURNAL aims to be comprehensive, including in its plan all branches of literature, and treating all subjects of interest to intelligent readers; it designs to be elevated in taste and pure in tone; it gives in quantity fully twenty-five per cent. more than the largest of the Monthly Magazines, while in quality its literature is of the highest class.

Price, $4 per Annum; 10 cents per Number.


The undersigned have procured, exclusively for subscribers to APPLETONS' JOURNAL, a splendid steel engraving of


which is offered, under special terms, to every subscriber - in advance to JOURNAL for 1876.

This steel engraving is in line and stipple. It is not a fancy picture, but an actual representation of Charles Dickens's study at Gadshill, while the portrait of the distinguished author is strikingly faithful.

The size of the plate is 20 14, printed on heavy plate paper 24 x 30, making a large and handsome engraving for the parlor or library wall. "The execution of the plate is of a superior order.

The ordinary price of a steel engraving of this character in the print-shops would not be less than five, and perhaps six dollars. It is offered exclusively to subscribers, in addition to the JOURNAL for one year, for $5.00 - that is, for $1.00 additional, each yearly advance subscriber to the JOURNAL for 1876 may receive a superb engraving worth fully five times the amount.

This engraving is entirely new. It has never been for sale in the print-shops, and cannot be obtained except in connection with APPLETONS' JOURNAL upon the terms and conditions given above. It will be mailed to subscribers postage prepaid.

D. APPLETON & Co., Publishers,

549 & 551 Broadway, New York.

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