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Religion in the Head is fpeculation, in the Heart affection, in the Hand

Rich mens duties to the poor.


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Saluation only of God
Aivation is a work of power, 21C. of glory. Ibid. of mercy, 211


Satans Suggestions that God is merciful, animates finners to do

Satin is but Gods instrument in afflicting of the Church

Selah what it signifieth.

Self-conceited men, ban they ought to be taught.

Self-opinion is a kind of spiritual drunkenneje.

Set-prayers both lawful and neceffary to be used.

Senselesse and livelesle creatures are förbject to Gods will t19 & 133

Sigionoth what it fignifieth.
Signes af true fpiritual joy.

291.& 203

Six Signes of enfuing judgment.


Sin is that which parteth

God and us.


Sometimes God taketh away from his children their feeling of his love,
and of the joy of the Holy-Ghoft.



Emporal things have but a resemblance of good and evil, fpiri- ,
tuai fatvours are reall.

Thanksgiving ought to be joyned with Prayer.

Thanksgiving is a work of Justice, which puts us in mind of our nk

áblenesse to requite God, and of our unworthinesse.

The Contemplation of Gods juftice in panifing the fins af his Church,

of his vengeance in revenging the quarrels of it, of his mercy, in his

mercy, in healing the wounds of it, give the faithful occafion to ren

fort to God by prayer.

The Churches Plea in affliction is for mercy.

The Church of God bath a special interest in the power and protectie

on of God:


The best forme of thanksgiving is that which maketh particular com-

memoration of Gods mercies.

The fense of icriprure is the fout thereof.


The welfare of the Church, is the grief and vexation of her enemies. 82

The truth of God is a good ground, because the Word of God is a sure:


The devil knelt where Mofes mas buried.



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The effectrial fevrent prayer of a righteousman prevaileth mucho 1 39

The poor are under Gods protection and his own fies.
The very Ele&t are shaker with fear.


The law Mewetio us how much we are in Gods delt.

The same hand that pret the children of Israel in possession of the land of
Canaan, put them out again.

The Chaldæans armiesthe Troops of God.


The Saints of God have their forrows on earth, yet they always rejoyce

in the Lord.

The general apprehension of Gods mercy in Chrift, will not justifie a

man in the fight of God.


The Lord will loose the bonds of his Church, and give her deliverance

out of her troubles.

I hey that joy in the Lord, reff in the Lord, and rejoyce in nothing -

therwise then as a means to serve the Lord. 200 and because God is



Three notes of a lawful promile and bath.


V Ain repetitions not to be used in Prayerosti Pag 33


70. And thanks to creatures as ministers and instruments

of God.

Pag. 71

We must search out and confesse the true cause of all the good that God
what use may be made of Davids Psalmess in our frequent reading

and meditation of them.
what is meant by the works of God.

what is meant by the midst of years,
whether we ought to swear at all.

whether every oath onghito be kept.
wherefoever there is Elečtion there is Onition.

130 & 154
where God loveth: a People, his favour yunneth in a full stream in

the channel of his Church.

where there is the true joy of the Holy Ghoff, no temporal affli&tioncan

: extinguisto ir eclipse it,


Xerxes angry with the sea causeth it to be beaten with stripes. 102


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CHAP. I. Verse 1. The Burthen which HABA K K U K the Pro

phet did see.

His first verse tels us what we shall find in the
ensuing Prophecy; and it openeth to us three
things which give light to that which follow-
Fl. The Minister of God in this Prophecy, si

51. By his name, Habakkuk.

2. By his Function: the Prophet. 2. The manner how he came by it: Vision,

3. The matter ofit : the Burthen. 1. Of the Minister, First of his name. The name Habakkuk is rendred by Philo the Jew amplex



ans embracing, fo doth Pagnine give it, our English a wraft. ler : for they that wrastle do embrace and hold fast one the other; a name well expressing the office and employment of this Prophet, who wraftled with the linners, of chofe cimes, and their horrible iniquities to cast them, 1. But as God wrastJed with Jacob that he might leave behind him a blessing. His tribe Dorotheus faith, was Simeon; I know not upon what information, for the filence of the holy Scripture doch argue ic to be conjectural.

Concerning the time when he prophecied, it is not particularly expreft, but it appears to be before the deporcacion-into Babylon; for the Chaldeans invasion is here threatned, and therefore funius thinks him contemporary with foremiah, and referreth his Prophecie to the end of Josias his Covernment. Others after the Hebrews referre it is the ime of King Manaffeb.

Master Calvin very truls, affirmech it before the time of Zedekiah.

Arias Montanas gives a probable conje&ure, by comparing that which is faid, 2 Reg. 2.1. 12. Therefare thus faitb the Lordi God of Israel, behold I am bringing forth an evilt upon Jerusalem and Iudah, that webafocuer hearethi of it, both his ears shalli tingle.

That in the eleventh verse tis said, Becaufe Manaffch King of Judah hath done these abominations, and bath done wickedly a bove all tbat tbe Amorites did, which were before him; and barbe, also made Iudah to finne with bis idols..

And this Comminacion is almost in the same words in the fifth'verse of this chapier.

Saint Hierome, in his Prologue tothis Propher faith, that he is called a wraftler, quia certamen ingreditur cum deo,because he wrastlcd with God.Nullus cnim Prophetarum, ausus eft : ama andaci voce Deum ad difceptationem justitie provocare,none durft fo boldly, provokeGod to vindicate his Justice, as it appears, V.2.

But he doch violate the text of Canonical Scripture and Hiktory, to verifie thac Apocrypha cale of Habakkuks, bringing food to:Daniekby miracle, which destroyerb the truth of the histosy, to make faith of a Legend.


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For either there maltbe two Habakkuks, or this one muit live, as Arias Montanus doch caft it up,chree hundred years, if che lived to feed Daniel in the Captivicy, a long time of life then, orthis must prophecie before he was born. Bellarmine hach found out two Daniels, one the Prophet of the tribe of Iudah, and another of the tribe of Levi, that heard the cause of suSanna ; and Ribera a Iesuitecwo Habakkuks.

But we lose cime in this question, for they that have not the light in the word, do go in the dark, and obey that go in the darka know not whither they go.

The best use of this is to limit our search to the holy Canonical Scripture, and to take all our light from thence; fo Chall We not go aftray.

2. The fanction of this man is fer down in the name. Of a Prophec, that is, a man enlightned by divine Revelacion, to understand the will of God in some things, and appointed co declare the fame,

Secondly the manner bow he came to it: Vision, that is di. vine Revelation, assuring him of the trach of Gods will so fally as if he had seen the fame with his eye's accomplifhed.

De his consule conciones super Obadiam Thirdly, the matter of the Prophecie, the Burden. In which two questions are moved.

St. Why this Prophecy is called a Bunthen.
22. Whole burthen this is.
To the first it is called a burthen in respect

1. Of the fin here punished, which is onw a burthen,
2. Ofthe punilhment here threatned; that is onus.
23. Of the Word of God threatning: that is onus,
1. Peccatum onus,Sina burthen. 2. Hominibus co men ,

1. Onus doo, A burthen to God, God complaineth of the fins of his people, that they are a burthen to him. Behodif I am preft under you, as a cart is preft that is full of fheavs.

Twvery fervice that thele finners do seem to perform to God is a bürthen to him, as he complaineth;Your new Moons, your appointed feasts, my foule hateth; they are a trouble unto me,


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