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On Contempt of the World, and the Danger of evil

187 Thoughts on Death.

. 212 On the proper Use of our Time, and the Danger of misemploying it.

221 Of worldly Diversions and Amusements.

229 Advice addressed particularly to Persons living at a Court.

238 On Temptations and Trials in a Life of Grandeur and Prosperity.

240 Familiar Letters on Religious Subjects.

249 On Marriage.

264 On the Habit of confessing our Sins to God. 268 On Perseverance in Well-doing.

270 On Good Works.

272 On Simplicity, or Singleness of Heart, and its Effects 278 On the Importance of what we call Trifles.

285 On true Liberty of Soul.

. 287 Conclusion.

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1. How wonderful, how sublime, are the thoughts which fill the mind of a Christian, when he reflects on the great mystery of our Redemption, set forth to us in the life and sufferings of our Redeemer! When he sees that God so loved the world, that while we were yet in our sins, while we were grieving his Holy Spirit, even then, God sent his only Son, the Prince of Peace, the Lord of Glory, to suffer for us; to expiate our crimes, by submitting to the punishment


due to them. How infinite the mercy, how unspeakable the love of our gracious Saviour, thus willingly to offer himself for us; to become the victim of the wrath of the Almighty! Let us for a moment consider the doom to which the justice of our Creator must have adjudged us for ever, without the interposition of Jesus Christ; “ who, by the sacrifice of himself, once offered,” became a full, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice, oblation, and satis- : faction for the sins of the whole world, not of a single generation, but of all who should faithfully believe his mission, and receive his holy gospel, to the end of time. Let us consider also, that the efficacy of this sacrifice is perpetuated by an express institution ; for the Saviour has left to us, miserable sinners, the means of remembering this great mercy, and preserving in our souls the due gratitude for it, in the sacrament of the Lord's Supper-Do this in remembrance of me,

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