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Devil) who tempted them to Sin;--In Confideration of this promifed Seed, God entered into a New Covenant with them, by way of Remedy, for what was paft, and could not

be undone.

fhoh va giallit, ren Jee Gonaant Noa y yannoo roo, myr Saafe dy yannoo Lhiaffaghey fon y Peccah va hannah jeant oc, as nagh voddagh nish v'er ny raffey.

We have reafon to believe, that this New Covenant was more fully explained to Adam, than is fet down in this fhort Account given us by Mofes, and as it is more fully explained in the Gofpel; and which was to this Purpose:That on Condition of their fincere Repentance, and fincere Obedience afterwards, they should be reftored to the Favour of God: and after Death, to that Life and Happiness, which in their State of Innocence was promifed to them without tafting of Death; which Favour they had forfeited by their Difobedience.


Ta Oyr ain dy chredjal, dy row Tufhtey fmoo er ny choyrt da Adam jeh'n Chonaant Not fhoh, na ta foit fheese ayns y Choontey giare fhoh t'er ny choyrt dooin liorish Mofes, as myr te ny s'baghtal er ny hoilfhaghey ayns y Tufhtal; as fhen va er yn Aght shoh :-----Er Coontey nyn Arrys creéoil, as nyn Miallys firrinagh ny lurg fhen, dy beagh ad reeht goit ftiagh ayns Foayr rifh fee: as lurg Baafe, dy voghe ad yn Vea as y Vaynrys fhen, va giallit daue ayns nyn Stayd dy Neuloghtynys fegooish blashtyn jeh'n Vaafe; yn Foayr cheddin v’ad er choayll liorish nyn Meeviallys.

And when we confider, that As tra ta fhin goaill gys nyn our firft Parents, now become Gree, dy row nyn gied Ayr as Sinners, stood in need of an Moir, nifh jeant nyn Beccee, Atonement, without which, feme Lhiafaghey ve jeant er while under the Displeasure of nyn fon, n'egooifh choud as God, their very Lives must be v'ad fo Jymmoose Yee, beign a Burthen; and it being de- da cer nyn Mioys hene ve ny creed by God, as it afterwards Errey daue; as fon wheefh as appeared, that without hedding dy row eh farit liorish Jee, myr of Blood there was to be no Re-ve ny lurg fhen er ny hoilmiffion of Sin; i. e. without thaghey, Fegooifh Deayrtey foalthe Death of the Sinner, or ley nagh row Leib Peccah edyr fome one in his Stead: Wedy ve; ta fhen, fegooish Baase


do therefore conclude, that, at | y Pheccagh, ny Baafe Fer enthis Time, God did appoint nagh er e hon: Ta fhin er-ySacrifices, or Sin-offerings, to fa fhen goaill fon fhickyrys dy make an Atonement for the nee, ec y Traa fhoh, doardee Soul, and to forefhew the Sa- Jee Ourallyn ny Chebballyncrifice of Jefus Christ, (which peccah, dy yannoo Lhiaffaghey we now commemorate) until fon yn Annym, dy chowraghhe should be offered in behalf ey yn Oural veagh jeant jeh of them and all their Pof-Yeefey Creeft (ta fhin nish terity. freayll Cooinaghtyn jeh) derrey veagh eh er ny hebbal afs y lieh ocfyn as ooilley nyn Sheeloghe.

And this appears from what As ta shoh er ny akin liorish follows in the next Chapter of ny ta fcruit ayns y chiarroo Genefis, where we find Abel, Chabdil jeh Lioar Genefis, raad by Faith, (that is, believing ta fhin feddyn Abel liorish and depending upon this Or- Credjue (ta fhen dy ghra, creddinance of God, for the Re-jal as treifhteil ayns yn Oarmiffion of Sins, until the pro- daghey fhoh dy Yee, fon Leih mised Redeemer fhould come; Peccaghyn, derrey harragh yn we find him) offering a Sacri- Fer-kionnee va giallit; ta fhin fice which was acceptable to feddyn eh) chebbal Oural taitGod, that is, a Sin-offering, nyflagh da jee, ta fhen, Ouralwhich his Brother not doing, Peccah, fon gyn jannoo shoh was rejected. va e Vraar er ny gheyrey.

Agh ayns fhoh gow taftey as cooinee, nagh voddagh ny Ourallyn fhoh goaill erfooyl Peccah, agh ynrycan trooid Biallys gys Oardaghey Yee, as trooid Credjue ayns y Sluight va giallit.

But here take notice and remember, that these Sacrifices could not take away Sin, but only through Obedience to the Ordinance of God, and through Faith in the promised Seed.

They were indeed very inftructive and proper to lead Sinners to Repentance, and Amendment of Life, when they faw, that their Sins could not be forgiven, but by the Death of an innocent Creature,

v'ad dy jarroo Ynfaghey feer chooie dy leeideil Peccee gys Arrys as Lhiaffaghey Bea, tra honnick ad, nagh voddagh nyn Beccaghyn v'er nyn leih, agh licrifh Baafe y Chretoor gynloght va'n uill dy lhiggey ass, as bleeding

bleeding and dying before their Eyes, to make an Atonement for their Sin.

goll dy baafe kiongoyrt rifh nyn Sooillyn, dy yannoo Lhiaffaghey fon nyn Beccah.

So all Chriftians, fince the Coming of that Redeemer, are obliged, as they hope for Pardon, and Favour from God, to keep up the Remembrance

As myr then dy chooilley Ghooinney mie, roith my daink Creeft, dy feer chrauee freayll feofe Cooinaghtyn jeh'n Sluight v'er ny ghialdyn, as dy dooar ad Leih fon nyn Beccaghyn, as Soiaghey jeant jeu liorish Jee, liorish chebbal Ourallyn trooid Credjue ayns Fer-kionnee va ryheet;---Myr fhen, neayr as haink y Fer-kionnee cheddin, ta dy chooilley Chreeftee kianlt, myr t'ad jerkal rifh Pardoon as Foayr veih Jee, dy chummal of God's great Mercy, in fend-feofe Cooinaghtyn jeh Myghin ing us a Redeemer, and of vooar Yee ayns coyrt hooin what that Redeemer has done Fer-kionnee, as jeh ny ta'n Ferto fave us; and this in the kionnee fhen er n'yannoo dy Manner which He himself hath hauail fhin; as fhoh er yn aght ordained. t'eh hene er n'oardrail.

And as all good Men, before the Coming of Chrift, did moft religiously keep up the Remembrance of the promifed Seed, and obtained the Pardon of their Sins, and Acceptance with God, upon offering Sacrifices through Faith in a Redeemer which was to come;

Now that you may be more Nish dy vod Tufhtey share y fenfible of, and thankful to ve ayd's jeh, as oo ny s'booifal God for, this his infinite da Jee fon, fhoh e Chenjallys Loving-kindness, and that you ghraihagh erfkyn-earroo, as dy may be fully convinced of vod Credjue s'trofhey y ve ayd the Neceffity and Bleffing of jeh nyn Ymmyrch as Bannaght a Redeemer, you ought to yn Er-kionnee, lhifagh oo toigknow and confider, that our gal as dy dowin fmooinaghtyn, Saviour and Redeemer came nagh daink nyn, Saualtagh as not, until Man had been tried nyn Ver-kionnee, derrey va in all Conditions,-IN A Dooinney er ny phrowal ayns STATE OF INNOCENCE, dy chooilley Stayd-bea,-— UNDER THE GOVERNAYNS STAYD DY NEUMENT OF HIS OWN REA- LOGHTYNYS,-----FO REILL SON, and UNDER THE YN RESOON ECHEY HENE, LAW GIVEN BY MOSES:----As Fo YN LEIGH V'ER All which Methods of Provi- NY CHOYRT LIORISH MOC


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dence, thro' the perverfe Will $ES:Ooilley ny Saafeyn of Man, had been rendered cheddin jeh Ard-chiarail Yee, ineffectual for the Amendment trooid Aigney vee- reiltagh of the World. Notwithstand-Dooinney haink dy ve neuing which, fuch was the vrecoil dy lhiaffaghey yn Seihll. Goodness of God, that He-Ny-yeih lheid fhen va Miefent, after all, his only beloved ys Yee, lurg ooilley dy dug eh Son, to take our Nature upon e Vac ynrycan ennoil, dy him, and to affure Mankind ghoaill y Dooghys ainyn er, of the tender Love which he as dy chur Shickyrys da Sheelhad for his poor Creatures naue jeh e Ghraih veiygh da e who were ruining themselves, Chretooryn boghtey, va dy without perceiving the Danger chur naardey ad hene, fegooifh they were in. Ennaghtyn jeh'n Dangeyr v'ad



This was the Promised Seed! Shoh va'n Sluight giallit!---Promifed to Adam, as He Giallit da Adam, myr Fer yinthat should break the Ser-nagh broo Kione yn Ard-nieu, pent's Head, or Power of the ny Pooar y Drogh-fpyrryd:-Devil:-Promifed to Abra- Giallit da Abraham, myr Efbyn, ham, as He in whom all the ayn veagh ooilley Afboonyn ny Nations of the Earth fhould be Hooirey er nyn mannaghey bleffed-Promised to the Peo- Giallit da Pobble Ifrael, myr y ple of Ifrael, as that Prophet Phadeyr fhen beign daue clashwhom they fhould hear and tyn rifh as ve biallagh da er obey at their Peril :--Laftly, Gaue anmey :---Er-jerrey ooilpromised to David, as one ley, giallit da David,myr Efbyn, whofe Kingdom Should have no er e Reeriaght nagh beagh ferEnd,- And indeed it was rey erbee, -As dy jarroo fhe with this Promife that God lefh y Gialdyn shoh ren Jee fupported the Spirits of all cummal feofe ny Creeaghyn, that feared him, and were in ocfyn ooilley va goaill aggle Fear for themfelves, until the roifhyn as v'ayns Aggle er nyn Fulness of the Time for his fon hene, derrey harragh yn Appearance fhould come. flane Traa mygeayrt dafyn dy hoilfhaghey eh - hene da'n Theihll.

And now this Promised Redeemer being come, He firft fhewed by his own Example,

As nifh dy vel y Fer-kionnee Giallit er jeet, Hoilfhee eh hofhiaght liorish y Sampleyr echey


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recorded in the Gofpel, how | hene, ta fcruit ayns y Tufhtal, Men must live, fo as to pleafe kys lhifagh Deiney gymmyrkGod.And the Law of ey nyn Mea dy ve taitnyflagh Nature, as well as the Law of da Jee.--As myr va Leigh Mofes, having thro' Sin been Dooghys chammah as Leigh much obfcured and perverted, Vofes, dy mooar er ny gholley he explained them, and gave as er ny chaffey trooid Peccah, us fuch other Laws and Rules, hoilfhee efhyn y Bun oc,as hug as were abfolutely neceffary eh dooin lheid ny Leighyn as to mend our Nature,-to re- Saraghyn elley fhen, as va flane ftore us to the Image of God, ymmyrchagh dy lhiaffaghey -to keep us from Backfliding, nyn Ghooghys,--dy hyndaa and--to fit us for Heaven and shin reefht gys Caflys Yee,--Happiness. dy reayll fhin veih fkirraghtyn, as--dy yannoo fhin cooie fon Niau as Maynrys.

And because in the Decrees of God, as was before obferved, without fhedding of Blood there could be no Remiffion of Sin; and it being impoffible that the Blood or Life of any

As er-yn-oyr liorish Oardaghyn Yee, myr dooyrt fhin role, fegooilh Deayrtey foalley nagh row Leib Peccab dy ve ayn; as myr ve neu-phoffible dy voddagh Fuill ny Bioys Creother Creature, or of any toor erbee elley, ny Fuill mortal Man, could take away Dooinney erbee marvaanagh, the Guilt and Punishment due goaill erfooyl Loght as Kerto Sin;--our gracious God, raghey Peccah ;-nyn Yee both to give to Mankind the grayfoil, chammah dy chur da greatest Token of his Love, Sheelnaue yn Cowrey fmoo and at the fame time, to fhew jeh e Ghraih, as ec y Traa how great his Hatred to Sin cheddin, dy hoilfhaghey cre is, by the Greatness of the wheefh as va e Ghwoaie er Punishment it required, He Peccah, liorish Mooadys yn fent his own Son to be the Pro- Cherraghey va foit er, Hug eb pitiation for our Sins; that is, e Vac hene dy ve ny Oural-fhee to make Satisfaction to his fon ny Peccaghyn ain; ta fhen, Juftice, and to take off the dy yannoo Lhiaffaghey da e juft Displeasure which he had Chairys, as dy veiyghey e declared against Sinners. Yymmoofe cairal v'eher n'ockley-magh noi Peccee.

As e VAC (bannit dy bragh


And his Son (blessed for
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