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Ynsaghey. choyrt e Vac nyn Saualtagh ·As, ayns y trass Ynnyd, Dy chaineYeesey Creest, cha nee ny Hirveish, ta dy kinjagh loayrt er y

rickey oo hene huggeyfyn, as gys e lomarcan dy hurranse Baase er Lieh ocsyo ooilley ta goli gys Jee lionyn son, agh myrgeddin dy ve rish. nyn Meaghey Spyrrydoil as As s'mooar 'y Vondeish vees aya nyn Ooraghey ayns y Sacra- liorish goaill dy chooilley Chaa vees ment catherick fhen. Myr te hebbit dhyt dy gholl gys y Chreef- .

tiagh:. Red cha Flaunyfsagh as cha

Cha jean oo dy aashagh tuittym Gerjoilagh dauesyn ta goaill eh ayos Stayd dy Pheccah as dy Veeriosse, dy Feeu, as cha dangeyragh tra vees oo cha mennick er dty choyrt dauesyn ghoys orroo dy ghoaill ayns Cooinaghtyn jeh'n Dangeyr dy eh dy neu - feeu ; mỹ Chur-holl gys y Chreestiaght gyn tort as

fegooith veg y Chiarail ny chour. rym’seh,dy choyrlaghey shiu ec y Traa shoh dy Smooinaghtyn T'ou clafhtyn kys dy yannoo mie er Feeuid y Folliaght casherick dty Aarlaghey er y hon :--Ayns goailifhen, as y Gaue mooar ta lio- rith dty Pheccaghyn gys Jee Ooilleyrish goaill eh dy neu-feeu; as niartal, lesh flane Kiarail dy lhiaffagh

.--myr then dy ronfaghey as dy ey Beardyns cooillzeney ny Cur

myn dy Chiastyllys, ayns coyrt Jerk, eysht ny Cooinsheanseyn eu

as ayns leih da dty Naboo. hene, (as fhen cha nee dy (ed- Ooilley ny Reddyn ihoh, tra t'ad drym, as lurg cliaghteyyn jeart ayns Biallys da Sarey Chreelt, , vooinjer ta jannoo Foalfaght Thegin daue ve taitayflagh da’n Ard

ooathley Flaunysfagh, as, ayns Traa, rish Jee; agh er lheid yn Aght cofney dhyt ooilley ny Grayseyn fhen, fhen) dy vod shiu cheet cathe- oddys oo'y yeearree ny vees Fenie rick as glen gys lheid ny Cuir- ayd orroo. . raghyn flaunyffagh, ayns y As fon dty Gherjagh, cooinee, nay Gharmad-poosee t'er ny harey e’ou er n'yannoo aarloo, myr lhisagh liorish Jee ayns y Scriptyr ca. 00, son y Sacrament flich, dy vel 00 sherick, as foiagh’ve jeant jeu bragh bannce.

aarloo lon y Vause, as son y Vea dy myr feeu dy ghoaill Ayrn jeh'n Voayrd casherick then.

Gow tastey cre whilleen t'ayn, ta,

gys nyn Drimhey, giarit veih ny Yn Raad as yn Aght dy yan-Saafeyn shoh dy Ghrayle as dy Haunoo then te: Ayns y chied In- a!tys:-As, trooid Mee-bushtey as m;d, Dy eysht nyn Mea as nyn Almoraght vouranagh, cre whilleen Ýmmyrkey liorish Rule An- ta giarey ad bene voue. -As cha vod

oo agh booise y chur da Jee, chamraghyn Yee; as ayns cre-er-mahi ion ny Traaghyn t'elliyn fordrail bee ennys thiu shiu-hene dy dhyt dy ghoaill y Chreeftiaght, as fon V'er ny ve foiljagh, eddyr lio- ny Grayseyn i'ch dy choyrt dnyt,





But still take care, that your own Sinfulness, and to

you go not

with an evil Conscience. as Judas conless yourselves to Almighty did ; --with any bad Design or via. God; with full Purpose of A. lice in your Heart ;-- or while you mendment of Life. And if ye live and relolve to die in any Thall perceive your Offences to known Sin unrepentet of :---Or, be such as are not only against thro the Grace of God, to lead a

Luftly; Without fuily purpofing, God but also against your Life becomiog a Christian, Neighbours, then you shall reconcile yourselves unto them, being ready to make Restitution and Satisfaction, according to the uttermost of your Power, for all Injuries and Wrongs done by you to any other; and being likewise ready to forgive others that have offended you, as you would have Forgiveness of your Offences at God's Hand; for otherwise the Receiving of the holy Communion doth nothing else but increase your Damnation. Therefore Observations. if

you be a Blasphemer of God, an Hinderer or a

Consider therefore the great Haz. Slanderer of his Word, an A:

ard you run of going to the Sacrament, while

live in any kaowa dulterer, or be in Malice, or Sin ; you will provoke God to leave Envy, or in any other grie- ou to your felf, and to that evil

, vous Crime ; repent you of Spirit, who is continually feeking your Sins, or else come not

wilm he may be permitted to de: to that holy Table ; leit, after the taking of that holy Sacrament, the Devil enter into you as he enter'd into Judas, and fill you full of all Iniquities, and bring you to Destruction botla of Body and Soul.

any of

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And because it is requisite that no Man fhould come to

Do not despise so kind an Offer the holy Communion but with

as the Minister of God rcwnke:

ou have any Doubt upon a full Truit in God's Mercy, lyur Spirits ; the Aivantage ving

you, if

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Infaghey. rish Aigney, Raa, ny Jannoo, liorish dy vel co gialdyo dy yannoo ayns shen dy ve trimiliagh son Ymmyd jeu. ny Peccaghyn eu, as dy ghoaill

Ayh fuaft bee er dty Hwoaie, nagh roo gys Jee Ooilley - niartal, jed oo let Drogh-chooinsheanse, myr leih flane kiarail dy Lhiasiaghey

hie Yuaafe -leh mooinaghtyn er.

bee olk oy Go nlys ayns dty Chree ; nyn Mea. As my ennys thiu -y choud as t'ou kiarail beaghey dy vel ny Foiljyn eu lheid as ayns Peccah erbee er.fys dhyt, as nagh vel ny lomarcan noi Jee, Baile y gheddun gyn Arrys: Er-nonaga myrgeddin noi non Na

Er-jerrey coilley ; , Fegooish flane boonyn ; eithe nee shiu hiu- Kirati, trond Gia se Yee

, dy lecidhene y gheddyn coardit roo, eil Bea ta cooie lon Creestee. as bee-jee aarloo dy eeck as dy yannoo Lhiassaghey gys y chooid sodjey jeh nyn Booar, fon dy chooilley Alice as Aggair va jeant lieriuilh da unnane erbee elley: as bee-jee myrgeddin aarloo dy leih da feallagh elley t’er n'yannoo Aggair diu hene, myr bailliuish shiu-hene Leih jeh nyn Voiljyn y gheddyn veih Laue Yee; fon er Aght elley, cha vel goailly Chreestiaght chalhe. rick jannoo monney, agh cur Infaghey. y Kerraghey eu er y hothiaght. Shen-y-fa my ta unnane erbee Smooinee er-y-fa shen 'er y Gaue nyn mast' eu t'er loayrt Goan mooar l'ou roie ayns goll gys y

Chree tiaght, choud as t'ou beaghey Mollaghtagh noi Jee, t'er

ayos Peccah erbee

er - fys dhyt; Lhiettal ny er choyrt Scam- brafnee oo Jee dy aagail oo dhye mylt da e Ghoo, t’er Vrilhey-hene, as da’n Spyrryd olk fhen ta dy poosey, ny ta ayns Goanlys ny kinjagh thirrey quoi oddys eh y stroie. Troo, ny tą er Aght eiley kyndagh jeh Peccah trome erbee; gow-jee Arrys son nyn Beccaghyn, er-nonney ny tar-jee gys y Voayrd casherick fhen, er-aggle lurg y Chreestiaght chalherick fhen y ghoaill, dy jed y Drogh-spycryd stiagh ayndiu, myr hie у

y eh stiagh ayns Yuaaje, as dy lhieen eh ihiu lane jeh dy chooilley Vee-chrauecaght, as dy dayrn ch shiu gys Toyrt-mow Infaghey. chammah jeh Corp as Annym. As er yn-oyr dy vel eh ym- cha dooie as ea Shirveijlagh Yee nith

Ny jean beg y hoiaghey jeh Cheb myrchagh gyn unnane erbee dy dy chur dhyt, my ta douýt erbee er heet gys y Chreestiaght chalhe- dey Aigney; fed ta’n Vondeil ny



Observations. and with a quiet Conscience; greater than you can at present imtherefore, if there be any of agine.

You will give him an Opportunity you, who by this means can- of convincing you of Sins, which pernot quiet his own Conscience haps you were not before aware of, herein, but requireth further and which may rise up in Judgment Comfort or Counsel ; let him against you ;---or clearing up fome come to me, or to some other Doubts, which might proceed from a discreet and learned Minister of rather than from an evil Conscience.

disordered Mind or State of Health, God's Word, and open his And do not entertain a Thought Grief, that by the Ministry of fo injurious to the merciful Promise God's holy Word, he may Church, St. John xx. 23. or imagine

your Saviour to the Pastors of his receive thé Benefit of Abfo- that the Abfolution given by his Milution, together with ghostly nister, after he hath inquired into Counsel and Advice, to the the Motives and Manner of your Requieting of his Conscience, pentance, according to the Rules of and avoiding of all Scruple will be of no Avail to the Healih of


the Gospel; do not imagine that this and Doubtfulness.

your Soul, and to the Comfort of

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your Mind.






Or, in case be shall see the No Minister of God must say, that People negligent to come to tbe he cannot get such a convenient NumHoly Communion, instead of municate with him, as often as he

ber as the Rubrick requires to comthe former, he jhall use this himself is disposed, until he can iruExhortation.

ly say, that he has applied to his

People more than once, in the Words of this Exhortation ;------ And until he has begged of God to touch their Hearts with a Senle of their Duty and Danger, as he promises, and will not fail to do, considering how very much depends upon lo sacred ind fa. ving an Ordinance.


Pious Reflections.

DEarly beloved Brethren,

on Grace,

When the tender Love of God will - I intend by Cod's not prevail with Christians to coolito celebrate the der their Ways, they will learn from


Ynfaghey. rick, agh lesh slane Treifhteil smoo na oddys uss nisl y smooinagh. ayns Myghin Yee, as lesh tya. Cooinfheanse feagh: fhen-y- Ver oo Caa da dy hoiaghey royd fa my ta unnane erbee jiuilh Peccaghyn, nagh row, focdee, Ennagh vod er yn Aght Ihoh enaghtyn ayd jeu roïe, as oddys girree Chooinsheanse hene y chur


seose ayns Briwnys dt’oi ;--er-nonfea, agh dy vel eh fhírrey Ger- ney dy

reaghey.oo veih Dosytyn agjagh ny Coyrle fodjey; lhig da slagh, girree veih Aigney feaghuit ny

, as

nee veih Droghcheet hym's, ny goll gys Shir- chooinfheanse

. veifhagh ennagh elley tushtagh

As ny bee ayns Smooinaghtyn cha as ynlit ayns Goo Yee, as Oyr aggairagh da Gialdyn myghinagh dry e Hrimshey y hoilshaghey, dy Haualtagh gys Bochillyn e Agglin. vod eh liorish Shirveith Goo ca- N. Ean xx. 23. as yn Feayley peccaghsherick Yee bannaght Feayfley yn men t'er ny choyrt fiorith e HirPeccaghyn y gheddyn, marih veilhagh, lurg da ve er vriaght ayns Raaue as Coyrle - anmey, dy Toit theele ayns y Tuthtal; nagh bee

Oyryn as Aght yn Arrys ayd, myr ta chur e Choointheanse gys Shee, thoh jeh Foays erbee fon Slaynt dty as dy haghney dy chooilley oyr Anmey, as fon Gerjagh dty Aigney. Aggle as Dooyt.


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Er-nonney, my hee eh Pob. Cha nhegin da Shirveishagh erbee

yn ble meerioosagh dy heet gys y wheeth dy Helhagit cooie as ta’n Ru

dy Yee gra, nagh vod eh geddyn

. Chreestiaght Chaherick, ayns brick gecarree dy ghoaill Creestiaght Ynnyd y Choyrle róże, nee eh mârith, cha mennick as wooishagh eh, ymmyd jeh'n Choyrle sboh. derrey oddys eh dy firrinagh gra, dy

vel eh er chuirrey e Phobble ny fmoo na ug Cheayrt, ayns Goan y Choyrle elley Moh.As derrey t'eh er ghuee gys Jee dy ghreinnaghey ny Creeaghyn oc lesh Ennaghtyn jeh nyo Gurrym as nyn Ghanjeyr, myr t’eh fo Gialdyn, as negh jean eh fhaghney dy yannoo tra t'eh goaill gys e Chree cre wheesh ta lhie er Oardagh ta cha casherick as cba fauallagh. Shirveifh.

Smocinaghtyn crauee.

Haarjyn ghraihagh, jy Tra nagh jean Graih veigh ree

shoh cheet ta mee kiarail, coyrlaghey Creeteenyn dy choyrt lelh Grayse Yee, dy hirveilh | Tastey da nya Raaidyn, nee ad gyn


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