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Observations: Lord's Supper ; unto which, this Exhortation what they must exin God's Behalf, I bid you pe from the despised Offers of Mercy. all that are here present, and beseech

you for the Lord Jesus Christ's fake, that ye will not refuse to come thereto, being so lov

Say therefore to yourself, Why ingly called and bidden by God himself. Ye know how ted? Why is my Pastor, why is the

am I so earnestly, so lovingly, invigrievous and unkind a Thing Church, fo much concerned for my it is, when a Man hath going to the Lord's Supper? --- Is it prepared a rich Feast, deck. not because she knows that this is the ed his Table with all kind of securing his Favour, and my own

molt acceptable Way of serving God, of Provision, so that there Salvation? lacketh nothing but the Guests to sit down ; and Is it not because she would have yet they who

called me to look into the State of my (without any Caufe) most un-Soul, as I must do before I go to this

Sacranient, that I may not live in the thankfully refuse to

come, Way of Ruin, 'till I am surprized by which of you in such a Cafe Death, and utterly uoprepared for would not be moved? Who the Account I must give? would not think a great Inju.

Shall my Saviour's and his Minifry and Wrong done unto him?

ter's Love and Care be loft upon me? Wherefore, moit dearly be. Is this the Way to shew my Thankloved in Christ, take ye good fulness for the Mercies I hope for on heed, lest ye, withdrawing account of his Death ? yourselves from this holy

Is He the Better for my Services ? Supper, provoke God's In- Or do I not indeed serve myself dignation against you. It is most, when I obey his Commands, an easy Matter for a Man to and accept of his Invitation ? say, I will not communicate, because I am otherwise hin

They that are whole, indeed, need der'd with worldly Business. mot a Physician ; but dare I say this But such Excuses are not so feel the Corruption of my Nature, and easily accepted and allowed how much I stand in need of Help. before God. say, I am a grievous Sinner, Must I be invited, intreated, come and therefore am afraid to 'pelled, to give God Thanks for the


If any Man


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Smooinaghtyn crauee. Shibber ý Chiarn ; huggey als' faghey veih'n Chøyrle shoh, cre shegin lieh Yee ta mee cuirrey Thiu tave parcala rih veih, ny Chebbyn dy

Vyghin t'ad beg jeu ooilley t'ayns shoh kionfenish, as guee erriu er Graih 'yn Chiarn Yeesey Creeft, nagh nob shiu dy heet huggey, fakin Cre'n fa ta mila cha jecan, cha

Abbyr er-y fa ten thyt hene, dy vel shiu cha graihagh er graihagh, er my chuirrey? Cre'n-fa nyn eam as er nyn guirrey lio- ta my Vochilley-anmey, cre’n-fa ta’m rish Jee hene. Ta fys eu cre'n Agglíh cha aggindagh mee dy heet Red seaghnagh as neu-ghooie fon dy vel fys eck dy nee Thon ya eh, tra da Dooinney er n'aar- Aght's booifal dy hirveith Jee, dy laghey Cuirraghyn deyr, eryannoo shickyr jeh'n Foayr echey, as hoiaghey magh e Voayrd lelh jeh my Haualtys hene? dy chooilley chaghlaa dy Nagh vel eh lon dy bwoofhagh ee Ghien, myr shen nagh vel veg mee dy ghoaill Tastey jeh Stayd my ry-laccal agh ny Goaldee dy Anmey, myr shegin dou 'yannoo my hoie sheese ; as foast t'adfynym beaghey ayns Stayd dy Hoyrta

jem gys y Sacrament thoh, nagh jeans t'er nyn guirrey (fegooish Oyr mow, derrey big y Baase orrym gynerbee) dy feer neu-wooifal gob-yss, as mee ooilley cooidjagh neubal dy heet. Quoi jiuish er chiarit fon y Coontey thegin dou lheid yn Oyr shoh nagh beagh

'cboyrt ? brasnit? Quoi nagh (inooinagh aliagh as e Hirveishee ve caiilit ora

Nhegia da Graih as Imnea my Haudy beagh Assee as Aggair ryms –Nee lhuh yo Aght dy hoila mooar jeant da? Shen-y-fa, shaghey my Vooise son ey Myghinyn chaarjyn feer ghraihagh ayns ta mee treifhteil er nyn fon er coonCreeft, gow-jee tastey vie, er- tey yn Vaase echeyfyn ? aggle liorish nyn Ghreeym y

Vel eshyn veg sare son mish ve dy hyndaa rish y Chibber chaîne hirveish eh ? Er-nonney wagh vel mea

dy jarroo jaonoo yn Chirveilh Imoo rick shoh, dy brasnee shiu Cor- dou hene, tra ta mee cur Biallys da ree Yee nyn 'oi. Te Red feer ny Saraghyn echey, as jannoo Soiaafhagh da Dooinney dy ghra, aghey jeh e Chuirrey ? Cha goym's yn Chreestiaght,

S'feer eh, Nagh vel Feme oclyn er-y-fa dy vel mee er aght el- r'ayns Slaynt er. Fer-lhee; Agh lhoys ley Thiettit leth Obbyr feihl- Tra ta mee cha piandagh gennaghtyre agh. Agh cha vel lheid ny Neu - ghlennid ny Ghooghys

, as cre Leshtallyn cha aafhagh goit as wheelli as ta mee fene Cooney. lowit ayns fenish Yee. My jir Nhegin dooys ve currit, ve breagit, Dooinney erbee, Ta milh my ve eginit, dy choyrt Booise da Jee on



Pious Reflections.

come : wherefore then do greatest Bleslings he ever bestowed ye not repent and amend ? on Meo!-And to lay hold on the When God calleth you, are with him?

only Means of making my Peace ye not ashamed to say, you Doth it repent me, that I was de. will not come ?. When yedicated to God in Baptism? should return to God, will Huw shall I tremble, if I should ye excuse yourselves, and say, be required to renounce my Saviour, ye are not ready ? Conf der and all my Hopes in his Death?

What can be more like it than fre. earnestly with yourselves, how quently turning my Back upon this little fuch feigned Excuses Ordinance when I am invited ? will avail before God. They that refused the Feast in Peter for saying, that he was not

How many Tears did it cost St. the Gospel, because they (Christ's Disciple! Will it be achad bought a Farm, or would counted a less Crime in me to deny try their Yokes of Oxen, or Him in Deed, by refusing to join my. because they were married, self with his Disciples ? were not so excused, but

What if this should be the last Opcounted unworthy of the hea- portunity that God will vouchlafe venly Feast. I for my part me? This having been the Case of shall be ready, and, accord- many before me. ing to my Office, I bid you in the Name of God; 1

Can I expect to be received, after

so many wilful Neglects, when I am call you in Christ's Behalf ; compelled by Deatn to flee to Jelus I exhort you, as you love Christ for He p and Comfort, when your own Salvation, that I shall most stand in need of it?

ye will be partakers of this ho

Let me consider what I am invited ly Communion. And as the

-To thank my Saviour for my Son of God did vouchsafe Redemption ;-To engage Him to be to yield up his Soul by my Advocate with God for Par. Death


the Cross for don ;-To declare my Love and Cha. your Salvation ; so it is your been so good as to redeem :- And

rity for all Mankind, which he has Duty to receive the Com- to declare my Resolutions of living munion in Remembrance of as becomes a Christian. the Sacrifice of his Death, as 'Tis true, I am urworthy (and he himself hath commanded : who is not of himself unworthy of Which if ye thall neglect to

God's Mercy ?) and so am afraid of do, consider with yourselves consider, that these very Fears of of.

going unprepared : But then I will how great Injury you do fending God are fome Degree of Pre.




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Smooinaghtyn Crauee. ard Pheccagh, as fhen-y-fa ta ng Bannaghtyn smoo ren eh rieau y mee goaill aggle dy heet: cre'n ghiootal er Deiney ! -As dy ghoaill oyr eisht nagh vel shiu goaill.

Greme er yn yorycao Saase dy yan

noo my Hee rish? arrys as lhiassaghey nyn Mea? Tra ta Jee geamagh erriu,

Vel Arrys orrym, dy row mee er nagh vel nearey erriu dy ghra my chalherickey gys Jee ayns Balhtey? nagh jig shiu ? Tra lhisagh Ihiu

Kys huittin er-creau, dy beign chyndaa gys Jee, jean shiu yeearrit dy breigeil my Haualtagh,

as ooilley my Hreithteil ayos y Vaase Leshtallyn y yannoo, as gra echey? nagh vel shiu aarloo ? Smooin

Cre s'jeeree oddys ve goll-rish na ee-jee dy dowin riu hene, cre dy menoick chyndaa my Ghreeym rish cha beg feeu vees lheid ny yn Oardaghey shoh, tra ta 'mee cuir. Lelhtallyn foalsey ayns fhilley rit huggey. Yee. Adsyn dobny Cuir Cre-woad feir chost eh da'n Noo raghyn ayns y Tushtal, er-yn- Peddyr son gra, Nagh nec Ostyl da oyr dy row ad er chionnaghey Creeft v'eh i Bee eh coontit Foill

noo ayoym's dy obbal eh ayns Jannoo, Balley, ny dy bailliu


liorish lhiggey shaghey dy heet ayns
bil dy Ghew y hrial, ny son Sheshaght mâroosyo ta geiyrt da’a
dy row ad Poost, cha row nyn Ynsaghey echey?
Leshtal myr shen er ny ghoaill

, Credy beagh shoh yo Cheayrt agh v'ad coontit neu - feeu s'jerree by-chooidsave leih Jee geajeh’n Ghien flaunyssagh. Er magh orrym? Myr ta shon er ve my phaart's bee'm aarloo; as Cooish ymmodee dy eallagh roym, . cordail rish my Oik, Ta mee

Voddym's jerkal dy gow eh rhym, cuirrey shiu ayns Ennym Yee;

lurg dou ve whilleen keayrt er n'yannoo Ta mee geamagh erriu ass lieh Meerioofejeh my Tioin, tra ta mee e

ginit liorish y Vaase dy chofney gys Chreest; Ta mee coyrlaghey Yeesey Creest son Coopey as Gere shiu, myr shynney Thieu nyn jagh, tra smoo vee’m Thassoo ayns Saualtys hene, dy jig shiu dy Feme jeh? ghoaill Ayrn jeh'n Chrees Lhig dou smooinaghtyn dy dowin tiaght chasherick shoh. As

cre gys ta mee cuirrit :--Dy chur

Booise da my Haualtagh fon my Hau myr by-chooidsave lesh Mac altys; -Dy ghuee er dy loayrt ass Yee dy hebbal seose e Annym my Lieh rish Jee son my Phardoon : liorish baase er y Chroth fon y Dy hoilshaghey my Ghraib as my Taualtys eu; myr shen the’n Ghiafyllys da ooilley Sheelnaue, t'eh Currym eu eh dy ghoaill.y reesht :--- As dy hoilhaghey my

er ve cha mie, as dy chionnaghey, Chreestiaght, ayns Cooinagh-Ghialdynyn dy lecideil Bea myr ta tyn jeh Oural e Vaase, myr cooie da Śreestee,



Pious Reflections.


unto God, and how fore a paration ; and to refuse when I am Punishment hangeth over your invited, will but increase my Guilt. Heads for the fame ; when ye wilfully abstain from the Lord's Table, and separate from your Brethren, who come to feed on the Banquet I will therefore that I


oba of that most heavenly Food. tain Grace to be better prepared, These Things if ye earnest- every Time. I have an opportunity ly consider, ye will by God's of going to this Sacrament. Grace

to a better Mind : for the obtaining whereof, we shall not cease to make our humble Peti. tions unto Almighty God our heavenly Father.



Observations. At the Time of the Cele If you feriously attend to the folbration of the Communion,

lowing Exhortation, you will be better the Communicants being con- pared :-You will see the Benefits

able to judge how well you are pre• veniently placed for the Re- you may depend on by a worthy Preceiving of the Holy Sacra- paration, and the Evils you expose

Prielt fall say yourfelf to, by going rafhly, or out this Exhortation,

of mere Cuftom, to this holy Sacra.

ment, the





EARLY beloved in the Lord! ye that mind to

the holy Communion of the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ, must consider how St. Paul exliorteth all Persons diligently to try and examine them.


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