Imatges de pÓgina

2 Let not thy Spirit e'er depart,

Nor drive me from thy face;
Create anew my sinful heart,

And fill it with thy grace.
3 Then will I make thy mercy known

Before the sons of men;
Backsliders shall address thy throne,

And turn to God again.

51 Sixth PART. C. M. Medfield. 1 NO blood of goats nor heifers slain,

For sin could e'er atone;
The death of Christ shall still remain

Sufficient and alone.
2 A soul oppressed with sin's desert

The Lord will ne'er despise ;
An humble groan-a broken heart

Is our best sacrifice.
Af 3 O God of mercy, hear my call,

My load of guilt remove;
Break down the separating wall,

That bars me from thy love.
4 Give me the presence of thy grace ;

Then my rejoicing tongue
Shall speak aloud thy righteousness,

And make thy praise my song.


51 SEVENTH PART. S. M. Little Marlboro'. Aff 1 ACCORDING to thy word,

Let me thy mercy prove ;.
Blot out my past transgressions, Lord,

And save me by thy love.
2 Wash me from every stain

Which vice and guilt impart;
Let me, O Lord, thy love regain,

And cleanse my sinful heart.
3 To me thy love restore ;

From trouble set me free;
That sinners may thine aid implore.

And turn in faith to thee.

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4 Oh let thy peace and love

O’er Zion's city spread;
Build up her walls-her works approve,

And blessings round her shed. mf 5 Then shall their offerings rise

In truth and righteousness;
Thou shalt receive their sacrifice,

And all thy people bless.

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51. Eighth Part. S. M. Bethany. Aff 1 HAVE mercy, Lord, on me,

As thou wert ever kind;
Let me, oppressed with loads of guilt,

Thy wonted pardon find.
2 Against thee, Lord, alone,

And only in thy sight,
Have I transgressed; and, though condemned,

Must own thy judgments right.
3 Blot out my crying sins,

Nor me in anger view;
Create in me a heart that's clean,

An upright mind renew.
4 Withdraw not thou thy help,

Nor cast me from thy sight,
Nor let thy Holy Spirit take

Its everlasting flight. mf 5 The joy thy favor gives,

Let me again obtain;
And thy free Spirit’s firm support

My fainting soul sustain.

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NINTH PART. S. M. Hudson. 1 NO offering God requires,

No victims please his eye;
Else should his altars blaze with fires,

And flocks and herds should die. 2 The humble, contrite breast,

The spirit's broken sighs,
Are gifts on which his love can rest,

Nor will the Lord despise.

estore ;

et me free; thine aid implore

. h to thee.

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3 Thy mercies from above

To Zion, Lord, extend:
Built by thy power—and watched with love,

Now let her walls ascend.
4 Well pleased, thou then shalt see

Her prayers and praise arise,
Presented at the throne to thee,

With Jesus' sacrifice.


FIRST PART. C. M. Burford.
Resorting to God in Times of Distress.
Af 1 MY God, thine ear indulgent bend,

Nor turn thy face away:
From heaven my earnest cries attend,

While in distress I pray.
2 My heart is pained-the shades of death

Their terrors round me spread;
While fearful tremblings seize my breath,

And horrors whelm my head.
3 Thus, from within, the bursting sigh

Mounts to the throne above-
Oh that my soul on wings could fly,

And emulate the dove!
Il 4 Swift I'd escape-I'd flee afar,

Some secret place to find,
Hid from the world's wide scene of care,

And rest my troubled mind.
mf 5 I'd stretch my everlasting flight,

And bid the world farewell,
From sin and strife -to realms of light,

Where peace and quiet dwell.


55 SECOND PART. C. M. Berwick Af 1 O GOD, my refuge, hear my cries,

Behold my flowing tears;
For earth and hell my hurt devise,

And triumph in my fears.
mf 2 By morning light I'll seek thy face,

At noon repeat my cry ;
The night shall hear me ask thy grace,
Nor wilt thou long deny.



d watched with lore
n shalt see
se arise,
e to thee,

3 God shall preserve my soul from fear,

Or shield me when afraid;
Ten thousand angels must appear,

If he command their aid.
4 I cast my burdens on the Lord;

The Lord sustains them all;
My faith shall rest upon his word,

And I shall never fall.


Third Part. C. M. St. Ann's. 1 STILL on the Lord thy burden roll,

Nor let a care remain :
His mighty arm shall bear thy soul,

And all thy griefs sustain.
2 Ne'er will the Lord his aid deny,

To those who trust his love:
The men, who on his grace rely,

Nor earth nor hell shall move.

C. M.

imes of Distress.
7dulgent bend,

est cries attend,
he shades of death

me spread;
nigs seize my breath

my head.
le bursting sigh
ve above-
vings could fly,
flee afar,
o find,

wide scene of care.
ed mind.
sting flight,
-to realms of light
juiet dwell


55 Fourth Part. S. M. Mornington.
God's Favor preferred to the Prosperity of Sinners.
1 LET sinners take their course,

And choose the road to death,
But in the worship of my God

I'll spend my daily breath.
2 My thoughts address his throne,

When morning brings the light;
I seek his blessing every noon,

And pay my vows at night.
Af 3 Thou wilt regard my cries,

O my eternal God?
While sinners perish in surprise,

Beneath thine angry rod.
4 Because they dwell at ease,

And no sad changes feel,
They neither fear, nor trust thy name,

Nor learn to do thy will.
mf 5 But I-with all my cares,

Will lean upon the Lord;
I'll cast my burdens on his arm,

And rest upon his word.


:: C. M.
hear my cries,

y hurt devise,
seek thy face,
me ask thy grace,

6 His arm shall well sustain

The children of his love;
The ground on which their safety stands,

No earthly power can move.

56 First PART. L. M. 6 L. Zion.

Excellence of the Word of God.
"1 COME, all ye servants of the Lord,

And praise him for his sacred word
That word, like manna, sent from heaven,
To all who seek it freely given;
Its promises our fears remove,

And fill our hearts with joy and love.
2 It tells us, though oppressed with cares,

The God of mercy hears our prayers ;
Though steep and rough th' appointed way,
His mighty arm shall be our stay;
Though deadly foes assail our peace,

His power shall bid their malice cease.
3 It tells who first inspired our breath,

And who redeemed our souls from death;
It tells of grace so freely given,
And shows the path to God and heaven;
Oh bless we, then, our gracious Lord
For all the treasures of his word.


56 SECOND PART. C. M. Worksop.

Trusting God in the midst of Enemies.
1 0 THOU whose justice reigns on high,

And makes th' oppressor cease,
Behold how envious sinners try

To vex and break my peace.
mf 2 In God, most holy, just, and true,

I have reposed my trust;
Nor will I fear what man can do,

The offspring of the dust.
3 Thy solemn vows are on me, Lord,

Thou shalt receive my praise;.
I'll sing how faithful is thy word;

How righteous all thy ways!

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