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THIRD PART. L. M. Alfreton. 10 GOD, thou art my God alone;

Early to thee my soul shall cry,
A pilgrim in a land unknown,

Å thirsty land, whose springs are dry.
2 Thee, in the watches of the night,

When I remember on my bed,
Thy presence makes the darkness light,

Thy guardian wings are round my head. 3 Better than life itself, thy love,

Dearer than all beside to me;
For, whom have I in heaven above,

Or what on earth, compared with thee? s 4 Praise with my heart-my mind-my voice,

For all thy mercy I will give;
My soul shall still in God rejoice,

My tongue shall bless thee while I live.

63 FOURTH Part. C. M. Lanesboro'. 1 EARLY, my God, without delay,

I haste to seek thy face;
My thirsty spirit faints away,

Without thy clieering grace.
2 So pilgrims on the scorching sand,

Beneath a burning sky,
Long for a cooling stream at hand,

And they must drink-or die.
3 I've seen thy glory and thy power

Through all thy temple shine-
My God, repeat that heavenly hour,

That vision so divine.
4 Not life itself-with all its joys,

Can my best passions move,
Or raise so high my cheerful voice,

As thy forgiving love.
5 Thus, till my last expiring day,

I'll bless my God and king;
Thus will I lift

And tune my lips to sing.


hands to pray,

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Art. L. M. Alfredo
ny God alone;
v soul shall cry,

vhose springs are dry.
nes of the night,
er on my bed,
es the darkness light

ings are round my head
elf, thy lore,
beside to me;
in heaven above,
1, compared with thee?
art-my mind-my roict
- I will give;
n God rejoice,
bless thee while I live.

63 Fifth PART. C. M. Nottingham.
11 'TWAS in the watches of the night,

I thought upon thy power;
I kept thy lovely face in sight,

Amid the darkest hour.
2 While I lay resting on my bed,

My soul arose on high;
My God, my life, my hope, I said,

Bring thy salvation nigh.
3 I strive to mount thy holy hill,

I walk the heavenly road;
Thy glories all my spirit fill,

While I commune with God.
4 Thy mercy stretches o'er my head

The shadow of thy wing;
My heart rejoices in thine aid,

And I thy praises sing.



63 Sixth PART. S. M. Shirland.
1 MY God, permit my tongue

This joy, to call thee mine;
And let my early cries prevail

To taste thy love divine.
2 For life, without thy love,

No relish can afford;
No joy can be compared with this,

To serve and please the Lord.
3 In wakeful hours of night,

I call my God to mind;
I think how wise thy counsels are,

And all thy dealings kind.
4 Since thou hast been my help,

To thee my spirit flies;
And on thy watchful providence

My cheerful hope relies.
5 The shadow of thy wings

My soul in safety keeps;
I follow where my Father leads,
And he supports my steps.

11 *

T. C. M. Lanestari
without delay,
y face;
nts away,
ering grace.
scorching sand,
g sky,
stream at hand,
ink-or die.
und thy power
emple shine-

heavenly hour,
all its joys,
ons move,
cheerful voice,
Gring day,
d king;
nds to pray,




65 FIRST PART. L. M. Winchelsea.

Worship of God in his Temple.
s1 FOR thee, O God, our constant praise

In Zion waits—thy chosen seat:
Our promised altars there we'll raise,

And there our zealous vows complete. p 2 0 thou, who to our humble prayer

Didst always bend thy listening ear,
To thee shall all mankind repair,

And at thy gracious throne appear.
3 How blest the man, who, near thee placed,

Within thy heavenly dwelling lives;
While we, at humbler distance, taste

The vast delight thy temple gives.

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65 SECOND PART. L. M. Winchester. mf 1 THE praise of Zion waits for thee,

Great God-and praise becomes thy house; : There shall thy saints thy glory. see,

And there perform their public vows.
P 2 O thou, whose mercy bends the skies,

To save when humble sinners pray ;-
All lands to thee shall lift their eyes,

And every yielding heart obey.
| 3 Soon shall the flocking nations run

To Zion's hill—and own their Lord;
The rising and the setting sun

Shall see the Saviour's name adored.

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65 THIRD PART. L. M. Duke Street.

Goodness of God in the Seasons. 111 ON God the race of man depends,

Far as the earth's remotest ends;
At his command the morning ray
Smiles in the east, and leads the day.
2 Seasons and times obey his voice;

The morn and evening both rejoice
To see the earth made soft with showers,
Laden with fruit, and dressed in flowers.


3 The desert grows a fruitful field ;

Abundant food the valleys yield;
The plains shall shout with cheerful voice,

And neighboring hills repeat their joys.
4 Thy works pronounce thy power divine;
O’er every field thy glories shine;
Through every month thy gifts appear :
Great God, thy goodness crowns the year.

RT. L. M. Wincheck Fod in his Temple. d, our constant praise -thy chosen seat: ars there we'll raise

, ealous vows complete ar humble prayer nd thy listening ear, mankind repair, jous throne appear

. 1, who, near thee placed enly dwelling lives; bler distance, taste

thy temple gives

65 FOURTH PART. C. M. Nottingham.
111 THE Lord is good, the heavenly king,

He makes the earth his care;
Visits the pastures every spring,

And bids the grass appear.
2 The times and seasons—days and hours,

Heaven, earth, and air are thine;
When clouds distil in fruitful showers,

The author is divine.
3 The softened ridges of the field

Perinit the corn to spring;
The valleys rich provision yield,

And all the laborers sing.
4 The various months thy goodness crowns;

How bounteous are thy ways!
The bleating flocks spread o'er the downs,

And shepherds shout thy praise.

RT. L. M. Winchester on waits for thee, praise becomes the house ints thy glory see, 'm their public vows 'cy bends the skies, imble sinners prayiall lift their eyes, ig heart obey. ing nations run nd own their Lard; setting sun iour's name adored.


FIFTH PART. C. M. Litchfield.

Worship of God in his Temple.
1 PRAISE waits in Zion, Lord, for thee,

There shall our vows be paid ;
Thou hast an ear when sinners pray;

All flesh shall seek thine aid.
P 2 O Lord, our guilt and fears prevail,

But pardoning grace is thine,
And thou wilt grant us power and skill

To conquer every sin.
3 Blest are the men, whom thou wilt choose

To bring them near thy face;
Give them a dwelling in thy house,

To feast upon thy grace.

L. M. Duke Straits ! in the Seasons. man depends, motest ends; morning ray d leads the day. bey his voice; og both rejoice le soft with shower dressed in flowers

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4 In answering what thy church requests,

Thy truth and terror shine;
And works of dreadful righteousness

Fulfil thy kind design.
5 Thus shall the wondering nations see

The Lord is good and just;
And distant islands fly to thee,

And make thy name their trust.

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FIRST Part. L. M. Appleton.

Praise to Christ.
11 JESUS demands the voice of joy,

Loud through the land let triumph ring;
His honors should your songs employ,

Let glorious praises hail the king.
2 Shout to the Lord-adoring own,

Thy works thy wondrous might disclose,
Thine arm victorious power has shown;

Thus did thy cross confound thy foes !
3 Low, at that cross, the world shall bow,

All nations shall its blessings prove;
While grateful strains in concert flow,

To sing thy power, and praise thy love.
4 Oh bless our God, ye nations round;

People and lands, rehearse his name:
Let shouts of joy through earth resound,

Let every tongue his praise proclaim.

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SECOND PART. C. M. Marlora.

Praise to the Creator.
f 1 LET all the lands, with shouts of joy,

To God their voices raise;
Sing psalms in honor of his name,

And spread his glorious praise.
p 2 And let them say–How dreadful, Lord,

In all thy works art thou!
To thy great power thy

stubborn foes Shall all be forced to bow.

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