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Shirley, from the words chosen by him- | against me; I have nothing against him. self before his death— Christ is all and The Father sees no spot in me; I am all in all.'

fair ; the truths that I preached, I now live [For the above interesting particulars, upon ; they are more precious to me than

we are indebted to Mr. John Bunyan M'Cure, who we are happy to find has daily to the Lord by prayer; he will take been for some time supplying at

care of them.' He would frequently say to Hadlow, with very considerable ac- but I feel, when the Lord takes me away,

me, ‘To give you up, my dear, is a trial ; ceptance.]

will surely visit you ; he will support you in

a way that you can neither ask, nor think [The following is extracted from a letter of.' This sweet passage was much on his

written to Mr. John Bunyan M'Cure by mind — I will surely do thee good.' • The Mrs. Crowhurst, the widow of the de- Lord is doing me good by this affliction ; ceased.]

my sight is bad, but all is good; I am deaf, MY DEAR BROTHER THE LORD:

but all is good; my mouth and throat is Agreeable with your request, I will endea- bad, but all is good, there is not any thing I vour to give you a few particulars of the wish to be altered; there is not a christian happy state of mind, of my late dear and af- friend I would change places with ; nor a flicted husband ; I feel it a great task ; but, minister of Christ: there is but one character with the Lord's help, I will endeavour to do that I would change places with, that is a

He was taken worse the latter end of saint entering glory. I am ready packed January, 1846. He continued preaching up, only waiting for the Lord to come. I the glad tidings of salvation, till the last so long to be with Jesus ; I am not unhappy Sabbath in April; but with great weakness; here : I have many comforts ; I have many the last text he spoke from, was Ps. xvi. 3. kind friends; I am daily receiving some From the commencement of his illness, he little present from one and another; these enjoyed almost a constant peace of mind, are all tokens for good. He always was which, indeed, had been the case, for the much pleased with a little present; he allast three or four years. He used to say, ways made a point of praying for a blessing • My being laid by from preaching, is no on the giver and the gift. As the autumn trouble to me, the Lord is able to carry on his advanced he appeared something better : we cause without such a poor worm as me; if he went from home for a month, to visit his has any further need of me, he will again call dear aged mother. me forth in his

vineyard. What he is about Soon after our return home he got worse, to do with me I know not; but I am en- but as the outward man decayed, the inward abled to commit all into his hands; often man was renewed ; his longing to be gone saying, 'It is sweet to be passive in his increased, frequently saying, "I am only hands, and know no will but his.' As the waiting to be sent for! With what joy summer advanced, his health fast declined; should I now obey the summons! Oh, that he appeared to be going home very fast; he I could see the chariot coming; I would often said, 'I do not contemplate death leap into it, and say farewell to all below.' near ; I wish I did. I long to be gone; to He would often say, 'When I leave this be with my dear Saviour, who died for me: body, I am sure I shall go to heaven; where all my times are in his hands; I must wait else can I go? My heart is there ; my soul till my change comes.'

is there ; my mind is there ; my affections He was enabled to converse much on spi- are there; and Jesus, my head, is there. He ritual subjects to the edification of many ; loves me with an everlasting love, and I love it was his delight to speak of the Lord's him. We daily hold sweet communion togoodness to a worm like himself; saying, gether: we can never be separated ; no ! he was less than the least, yet, the Lord was no! indeed we cannot.' On a Saturday, kind and indulgent to him. The Lord's evening he would frequently say, 'Oh, when goodness,' he would say, 'is so wonderful to will the last Saturday night come? No me; I do not suffer any severe pain ; how school boy ever longed for home more than gently he is taking down this tabernacle! I do. Surely the time is not far distant What sweet peace I enjoy! I can say, Not when the Lord that has given me this desire a day passes but I have some sweet and sen- to be with hiin, will soon send his chariot sible communion with God, although I am for me.' In this happy state of mind he deprived from hearing his word, yet the dear continued month after month. In February Lord more than makes it up to me; I have his strength and appetite fast declined, which a Sabbath every day : when I have company he hailed with peculiar pleasure; saying, I like to be talking of my matchless Jesus ; when alone, I talk to him; I feel no shy

“I feel this mud-wall cottage shake,

And long to see it fall; ness ; I approach him with holy boldness;

That I my willing flight may take we are perfectly agreed; he has nothing

To Jesus, who's roy all.”

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To a friend that he had not seen for some is drawing very near ; I feel pains about my time, he said, ' Do you think I look more heart, that I have not felt before; I think like a dying man? Do you see much alter- the long wished for time is now near.' Soon ation in me? I long to be at home; I long after that he vomited blood.

We quite to be in glory ; I ain more in love with thought he was dying. 'He was very happy ; heaven than ever ! Oh, that wonderful place! he exclaimed— Death, where is thy sting ? I so long to see the land. I shall be no grave, where is thy victory ?' But the time stranger when I get there. I shall know all was not yet arrived; he lay arother day. the Old and New Testament saints with a Early the next morning, he said to the perfect knowledge, and many dear friends friend that was sitting up with him, 'I hope that I have had sweet communion with here ; this day, I shall enter Paradise ; I hope this and some of my own children too. I look will be my last day.' He said to me in the at death with all that calmness and pleasure morning, when alone with him, 'I hope this that I look at you.

When I saw you come will be a feast day to me; not a fast day. in, I thought, oh, had I not seen Jesus since I hope I shall be with the Lord before I last saw you. I have seen the king in his night; I feel perfectly happy. I have not beauty, I think, I can say, every day. I any thing on my mind; my confidence daily pray to the Lord to give me patience, is not the least shaken; I have to wait his time ; nothing I dread like im- thing to cause me a moment's uneasiness. I patience. One evening he said to me, 'I have felt enabled to give you up for some have had the sweetest communion with God months. I feel satisfied the Lord will be this day, that ever I had in my life. It ap- with you, and support you.' I said, 'my pears as if the vail was drawn away, and I dear, I make no doubt you have offered was permitted to approach him; he was so many prayers for me.' He said, 'I have, I full of glory, majesty, and beauty I cannot can say thousands ; my very breath has been describe my feelings: I did long to burst prayer for you ; but, my prayers are now the prison to be with him. His love to me nearly at an end. Do not neglect prayer ; was so great, I had such a sight of it, and I have found the Lord to be a prayer-bearsuch a view of my own vileness, and no-ing, and answering God. I have generally thingness, that I was melted in the dust be prayed six or seven times a day; may you fore him. I wept exceedingly; when I die, be enabled to live to his glory. I am sure I hope I shall die triumphant; if I feel as I he will be with you and bless you. * About do now, I must die shouting. Lord's day, half past two o'clock in the afternoon, he March 14, was the last day he came down was again taken with vomiting blood. He stairs; he was very weak, but very happy ; said, "My love, it will soon be over now.' generally asking me what they thought about I said, 'Are you happy ?' he said, "Blessed him; telling him that it was their general be God, I am happy. I shall be with him.' opinion that he was going home very fast, I then left the room. he would say, 'I can say, Amen to that; I May the Lord bless you and your's, is fear it is too good news to be true; I may the prayer of your unworthy, but sincere linger some time yet; I hope you daily friend in the bonds of the gospel. pray to the Lord to give me patience. While

MARY CROWHURST. he was confined to his bed, he did not con- Pembury, April 30, 1847. verse much, as he was much inclined to (To be continued next month.) sleep ;' he would say, 'I should like to die triumphant; if it is for the Lord's glory, I

ór He is the Rock." shall; I feel perfectly happy; and I enjoy perfect peate. On the following Sabbath, when you saw him, dear sir, he was much FIRST. - He is the Rock on which I revived ; and conversed freely with you; the build all my hopes for eternity. The Lord indeed gave him his request, he was Holy Ghost has discovered him to my enabled to triumph in the Lord i he was soul as the only Rock on which I dare very happy the whole of the day ; he said to venture my never-dying soul; here I me in the morning, "My dear, you recollect have a solid, safe, sure, immoveable, and that saint of the Lord we read of, that said everlasting foundation, against which the he could suffer his body to be cut into a gates of hell shall never prevail ; the thousand pieces, so that he might die to be foods may beat, the tempest may gather, with the Lord Jesus ; I feel, I think, as he the enemy may roar,

the mountains may did :' I said, “The Lord will soon send for you ; I think this will be your last Sabbath depart, the hills be removed, the earth on earth.'. 'I do sincerely hope it will," and them that dwell therein may be he said, “but it may not ; but I must not be burnt up; but, oh, my soul, if thou art impatient.'

On the following Tuesday, founded on this Rock of Ages, thou art about three o'clock in the afternoon, he said safe for ever. For He is the same to me with much pleasure, 'I think my time yesterday, to day, and for ever.' As the Rock of thy salvation, he sustains thee Third.—He is the Rock that supplies under all thy doubts, fears, and infirmi. his elect as they sojourn through this ties; bears thee through this wilderness wilderness. He supplies them with of affliction, cares, crosses, and anxiety; living water from the smitten rock, supports thee in the valley of death, when which was Christ; 'And they did all heart and flesh gives way; and will be the drink the same spiritual drink, for they Rock of thy strength to all eternity. Oh, drank of that spiritual Rock that followed may I never be left, as Jeshurun was, to them, and that Rock was Christ. Had lightly esteem, or to be unmindful of it not been for this miraculous supply, such a foundation as the Rock that begat we poor famishing sinners must have me, and to this moment has kept me. perished in this dry and thirsty land, He brought me up out of the horrible where no water is; but it may be found pit, and set my feet upon this Rock ; and in the Rock of our salvation, as it is gave me to see and feel that all besides written, ‘When the poor and needy seek is but sand and dust,

water, and there is none; and their “ On Christ the solid Rock I stand, tongues fail for thirst ;' then the Lord

And all beside is sinking sand ;" will appear to open up Christ crucified So sung the Poet, and so saith the word and smitten, as the water of life to our of the living God, 'For other foundation parched spirits ; and moreover, whoso. can no man lay than that is laid, which ever drinks of this water shall never die ; is Jesus Christ. Look to it, ye profes- but it shall be in him a well of living sors, and free-willers, for your Rock is not water springing up into everlasting life. as our Rock, even our enemies them- Oh, that

we may be found drinking selves being judges. Your duty-faith more freely, deeply, and constantly from and dead-works will all be consumed to these holy waters; for they gladden the gether.

hearts of the citizens of Zion, and cause Second.—He is the Rock in which his them to rejoice with joy unspeakable, people take shelter: sin and transgression and full of glory.' All very good (saith have exposed us to every danger; laid us the poor soul,) but I fear it is not for open to the wrath of the Almighty, who me; it is for all the thirsty and willing, is a consuming fire to the sinner without as you may plainly see John vii. 37. a Mediator, and when this is discovered Rev. xxii. 17.—so fear not. From this to us in the day of his power, by his holy Rock he supplies them with honey, for law, it makes us cry to him for a shelter, all sweetness is to be found in a precious which is embraced by precious faith ; no Christ ; for as the rocks of the promised man will take shelter in the blood and land did abound and drop with honey, righteousness of the God-man, until he so the rock Christ abounds with sweetis driven to his wit's ends in soul matters; ness to the believer ; his love, grace, and all lying refuges swept clean away mercy, peace, pardon, blood, righteousfrom him; then it is he is brought sweetly ness, person, offices, power, and promito feel that the wounded side of Jesus is ses, are, at times, sweeter than honey, or the blessed cleft into which he enters by the droppings of the honey-comb, to the faith and hope ; and abides for ever. soul ; his mouth is most sweet ; yea, he is Here he beholds the Lord God merciful altogether lovely; this is my Rock; oh and gracious, and here the Lord beholds ye daughters of Jerusalem. Again : him with approbation and delight. O with oil, out of the flinty rock; no uncmy dove, that art in the clefts of the tion can be truly felt in the soul or attend Rock; in the secret places of the stairs ; the word of his grace, but that which let me see thy countenance, let me hear comes from the Holy One of Israel, with thy voice, for sweet is thy voice and thy whom is the residue of the Spirit. countenance is comely.' 'Here it is the Jesus of Nazareth was anointed with the child of God can rejoice when he finds Holy Ghost without ineasure, that his he is sheltered from all the curses of a elect might be anointed in him, and broken law, the malice of his enemies, receive the oil of joy for mourning, and the corruption of his heart, and the sting unction from the holy one, that they may of death. How wonderful did the Lord know all things. And this is the desire shelter Noah in the ark; the Israelites of a poor saved sinner in the Rock Christ. by the blood of the lamb slain ; David

C. H. C. from Saul; Peter from the devil; and Reading the church from the dragon!




Letter from Mr. R. Aldis, once wounded heart, it is but a small matter Minister of the Gaspel, late of Aldringham. in your's. I think not, dear companion in

that he should have the chief and best place

tribulation, that your dear Lord has dealt MY DEAR

OUR hard with you, in taking to himself your LOVING HEAD:-Your daughter's kind and dear child; she was your Lord's right; she welcome letter came safe to hand, bearing was only lent to you to be called for when the best of news from that part of the wil- your loving master thought best; nor, did derness, that will ever be dear to me, for the he call for her till he had made her ready to sake of the many Bethels my soul has had gợ; you loved her, and cared for her, but in it. When I read the contents of the letter, your's was only a time-love, and a feeble my heart was indeed overwhelmed within care ; but your Lord's was an eternal love, me,

and the peculiar and mingled feelings graciously shown and maintained ; your it produced, is by me indescribable ; truly, Lord laboured for her, travailed for her, bled it shall be said, what has God wrought? and died for her, rose and ascended for her, Wonders of grace 'to him belongs. Think and has now taken her to himself, glorified not yourself forgotten by me because of the for ever, where he ordained her to dwell, and long delay in writing ; multiplied engage- where she desired to be ; so, her desire is ments, a state of heavy bondage, hardness, and fulfilled, and his purpose accomplished; wretched barrenness must be the only ex- then, it must be right; she has entered into cuse I plead; and even now I do not feel that place where the Lamb in the midst of that anointing which destroyeth the yoke, the throne shall lead her to fountains of livas my soul longs to feel. You have been ing water, where there is no night, no sin, much on my heart, and many times pre- no pain, no sorrow; she is there in her sented by me before the throne, when it has Lord's presence, dressed in his righteousbeen my happy privilege to see the King. ness. What she knows, and how happy she What a mercy to know he is on his throne, is, we cannot guess, but this we know, her ordering all things well, even after the bliss is in being like her Lord; it is through counsels of his own will; that he is love, the wonder works of her Lord she is there ; ever was, and ever will be, therefore, 'All and there to gaze upon and admire that his works, however distressing and heart- God who loved her, and recount the acts of rending some may be, are done in love.' grace that brought her there in safety. By He is only now doing in grace and power, adoption the Lord put her into his family; what he has before time done in his counsels by redemption she was secured for heaven; of wisdom and purposes of love. His blessed by sanctification he gave her meetness for Spirit will enable us to trust his promises it; by justification he gave her a title to it. when cannot trace his footsteps, and By giving her a sight of Christ crucified, he shelter in his Son when every earthly gourd made her long to be with him glorified ; and withers over our heads; the fountain is on now her longing is abundantly satisfied ; he purpose to supply us when all created came from heaven to earth, to take her from streams are dried ; created streams must be earth to heayen ; where she desired to go, dried up before the fountain will flow in its and where you shall enter, to see her and be appointed sweetness. Your heart must be- with her and her Lord, glorified. Surely come parched and dry before the dew of then the Judge of the whole earth has done heaven will fall upon it to make it soft and right! By what he has done, your cares fruitful. The Lord always throws down be- are lessened, her's lost, sin is banished, the fore he builds up, strips us before he clothes world is overcome, the devil defeated, death us with our better robe ; roots us up from removed, sorrow ended, heaven possessed, earthly standings before he plants us in his Jesus crowned, her happy, ransomed spiheavenly soil ; and he must burn us out of rit delighted, and her mansion filled, while our earthly dwelling places before we shall she is infinitely glorious, according to her run into that precious name which is as an wish. Who, then, can say, but it must be high tower, where alone the righteous find right? Dry up your tears, then, mourning safety. We shall not prove by sweet expe-saint, or ask your Lord to wipe them from rience the heavenly skill of our divine phy-' your weeping eyes. Think, in how many sician till we become broken and wounded, ways your dear child might have been a livand full of diseases from head to foot, nor ing sorrow, or had the Lord removed her shall we call in his help till we feel we have without pardoning her sins, how great, unnone of our own. Has he, my dear sister, bearably great, must have been your grief. made a large opening in your heart by tak- All he has done has been in love, mercy, and ing a dear chilā from you? You may rely wisdom. Ob, may the thought of her eteron it he intends to come and fill the place nal gain, comfort you under your loss. But himself, which is infinitely far better. If he there is something far more precious still, is graciously pleased to bear your name be- viz. the humble hope that you shall shortly fore the eternal throne, and wear it on his meet her on those ethereal plains, where





the smiling face of your much-loved Lord | No ; he has said, “where I am, there ye shall for ever delight you, and where he shall shall be also;' but you will say who is it that for ever live through all your soul; how shall be with him? Why, the poor, the cheering the thought that you are mantled in needy, the tempted, the sorrowful, the heavythe same righteousness in which your dear laden, and the burdened. Cheer up, then ; child stands before the throne complete ; the Lord has given you the land in possesthat your life is in the same living Head se- sion; the Lord bless you with that anointcure, and your sins removed by the same ing which destroyeth the yoke, for his name sacrifice, while your hopes are based on the sake. same atonement, made and anchored in the I well remember the circumstance that same Lord who made it; that the road to it led my mind to the subject which was blessed is firm and good, though often rough and to your dear child. I remember preaching rugged; but your gospel shoes shall last from it, but do not remember the time, but through all the tedious way, and you shall will say more about this when I write to say, though faint, yet pursuing; or if you Sabina ; my love to her, and Mr. Smy, and are so faint and feeble that you cannot walk, all friends. I shall be glad of a letter from then you shall be taken home in the same you when you can write ; my wife and family heavenly car, your Lord's state carriage, are well, and send their love to you all. The (the gospel,) in which your daughter rode Lord bless you, is the prayer of in triumph to glory, attended by angels as

Your's truly,

R. ALDIS. the life-guards from heaven. You are only Willingham. now parted by but an inch of time; and the Jordan through which you shall pass in To an Afflicted Saint safety, the Lord being with you, his rod and his staff comforting you, according to his word, you need not fear the passage, though it may appear to you dark and gloomy in MY DEAR FRIEND, and afflicted sister in the prospect; your Lord will not give you the lovely and beloved Lord Jesus Christ :dying peace till you come into your dying I received your letter with some feelings of hour. But how vain my attempt to comfort pleasure, and while taking my tea this evenmy friend, unless the Lord seal home the ing, my wife read it to me. You are unword with unctuous power, and give the known to me in the flesh, but I trust well comfort needed. If the Lord withold from known in the Spirit. Your simple, and artless his Rachels, comfort, they mourn their ab- tale of the sweet love of Christ, cheered and sence till he bury them.

warmed my heart as my wife read on. Oh, I know that nothing but a religion felt my dear heaven-favored girl, it does me good will satisfy you, and what a mercy it is, it to hear the bubblings of a heart, in the simwill not; it proves a tender conscience plicity of Christ, from the fountain of life in which none but the Lord can give. But are the soul: Yes; love divine in its risings you saying your hope is cut off from your and overflowings in the soul is sweeter than Lord? So said one of old, but it was not honey, and more fragrant than lillies and so; the Lord never cuts off what his own roses. O, yes ; I have been overcome with almighty power hath wrought; such expect the sweet unctions, and odours, as if my the fulfilment of his word; or, are you say spirit had been carried out of my body into ing you shall not see the Lord, even the Lord a paradise where Jesus lives and love imin the land of the living ; so one of the mortal reigns. Lord's anointed ones exclaimed, and under But while we are in this tabernacle we it said, 'I am oppressed, 0, Lord, under- must expect to groan more or less, at times, take for me.' Has the Lord shaken you to under some calamities to which this poor pieces, and broken in upon you with breach flesh is heir; and the soul that has known upon breach ? So he dealt with his servant and experienced the love-visits of Jesus, Job ; so you see your face in the gospel will often moan and groan at the loss of his glass, answering to these, and are a manifest presence, which nothing in nature can supcompanion with them in tribulation, who ply. Mine is a heart disease-plague of are safe landed, and your's is the language the heart,' which sometimes breaks out, and of Canaan, which none but the Spirit of my sore runs in the night.' And I believe God can teach, and proves you have not for there is no radical cure while I am in this gotten your Lord, and this gives proof that tabernacle, but we have many reliefs, and he has not forgotten you. Nor will he for- sweet visits of love ;, which, sometimes, for a get you world without end.

season make us forget our miseries, before

the great and final relief comes, when we “ His love in times past,

are to put off this tiresome load of mortal Forbids you to think, flesh, and exchange our rags for robes of He'll leave you at last,

royalty. In trouble to sink.”

The poor soul is locked up in a filthy dun

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