Imatges de pÓgina

3 Save us from guilt and shame,

Thy glory to display;
And, for the great Redeemer's name,

Wash all our sins away.

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L. M.

Stonefield. The Church's Prayer in Time of Desertion. mf 1 GREAT shepherd of thine Israel,

Who didst between the cherubs dwell, And lead the tribes, thy chosen sheep,

Safe through the desert and the deep-
2 Thy church is in the desert now,

Shine from on high-and guide us through;
Turn us to thee-thy love restore,

We shall be saved-and sigh no more.
3 Hast thou not planted with thy hand

A lovely vine in this our land?
Did not thy power defend it round,

And heavenly dew enrich the ground ?
4 How did the spreading branches shoot,

And bless the nations with their fruit?
But now, O Lord, look down and see

Thy mourning vine, that lovely tree. < 5 Return, almighty God, return,

Nor let thy bleeding vineyard mourn:
Turn us to thee-thy love restore,
We shall be saved-and sigh no more.

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C. M.

St. Ann's. Praise to God in his Temples. f 1 TO God, our strength, your voice, aloud,

In strains of glory raise;
The great Jehovah-Jacob's God,

Exalt in notes of praise.
2 Now let the gospel trumpet blow,

On each appointed feast,
And teach his waiting church to know

The Sabbath's sacred rest.

- 3 This was the statute of the Lord,

To Israel's favored race:
And yet his courts preserve his word,

And there we wait his grace.
4 With psalms of honor, and of joy,

Let all his temples ring;
Your various instruments employ,

And songs of triumph sing.

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L. M.

Oppressors admonished.
" 1 AMONG th' assemblies of the great,

A greater Ruler takes his seat :
The God of heaven, as judge, surveys

The kings of earth, and all their ways.
2 Why should they, then, frame wicked laws?

Or why support th’ unrighteous cause?
When will they cease t oppress the poor?

When will they vex the saints no more?
- 3 Arise, O God, and let thy Son

Possess his universal throne;
And rule the nations with his rod :-
He is our judge-and he our God.

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S. M.

St. Thomas.
God arising to subdue Opposers.
1 AND will the God of grace

Perpetual silence keep?
The God of justice hold his peace,

And let his vengeance sleep?
mf 2 Arise, almighty God,

Assume thy sovereign sway;
Before thy throne bid sinners bow,

And yield their hearts to thee.
3 Let all the nations know,

And spread thy name abroad;
Let all who dwell on earth confess
Their Saviour and their God.





FIRST PART. L. M. Hebron.
Blessedness of worshipping God in his Temple.
1 HOW pleasant-how divinely fair,

O Lord of hosts, thy dwellings are;
With long desire my spirit faints,

To meet th' assemblies of thy saints.
2 My flesh would rest in thine abode:

My panting heart cries out for God:
My God! my King! why should I be

So far from all my joys and thee!
mf 3 Blest are the saints, who sit on high,

Around thy throne above the sky;
Thy brightest glories shine above,

And all their work is praise and love.
4 Blest are the souls, who find a place

Within the temple of thy grace;
There they behold thy gentler rays,

And seek thy face, and learn thy praise.
5 Blest are the men, whose hearts are set

To find the way to Zion's gate:
God is their strength and through the road

They lean upon their helper, God.
6 Cheerful they walk with growing strength,

Till all shall 'meet in heaven at length:
Till all before thy face appear,
And join in nobler worship there.




Sharon. 1 GREAT God, attend, while Zion sings

The joy that from thy presence springs:
To spend one day with thee on earth

Exceeds a thousand days of mirth.
2 Might I enjoy the meanest place

Within thy house, O God of grace,
Not tents of ease--nor thrones of power

Should tempt my feet to leave thy door. f113 God is our sun-he makes our day;

God is our shield-he guards our way
From all th' assaults of hell and sin;
From foes without and foes within.

4 All needful grace will God bestow,

And crown that grace with glory too:
He gives us all things—and withholds

No real good from upright souls.
5 O God, our King, whose sovereign sway

The glorious host of heaven obey,
Display thy grace-exert thy power,
Till all on earth thy name adore.

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THIRD PART. C. M. Medford. 1 MY soul, how lovely is the place

To which thy God resorts !
'Tis heaven to see his smiling face,

Though in his earthly courts.
2 There the great Monarch of the skies

His saving power displays;
And light breaks in upon our eyes,

With kind and quickening rays.
3 With his rich gifts the heavenly Dove

Descends and fills the place;
While Christ reveals his wondrous love,
And sheds abroad his

wf 4 There, mighty God, thy words declare

The secrets of thy will:
And still we seek thy mercies there,

And sing thy praises still.

84 Fourth Part. C. M. Dedham 1 O LORD, my heart cries out for thee,

While far from thine abode;
When shall I tread thy courts, and see

My Saviour, and my God?
2 To sit one day beneath thine eye,

And hear thy gracious voice,
Exceeds a whole eternity

Employed in carnal joys.
3 Lord, at thy threshold I would wait,

While Jesus is within,
Rather than fill a throne of state,

Or dwell in tents of sin.

4 Could I command the spacious land,

Or the more boundless sea,
For one blest hour at thy right hand,

I'd give them both away.


FIFTH PART. C. M. Dunchurch. 1 O GOD of hosts—the mighty Lord,

How lovely is the place,
Where, in thy glory, we behold

The brightness of thy face!
2 My fainting soul with longing waits

To view thy blest abode :
My panting heart and flesh cry out

For thee, the living God.
3 Thrice happy they, whose choice has thee

Their sure protection made;
Who long to tread the sacred ways,

Which to thy dwelling lead.
1114 For God-who is our sun and shield-

Will grace and glory, give;
And no good thing will he withhold

From them that justly live.
5 O Lord of hosts—my king, my God,

How highly blest are they,
Who in thy temple always dwell,

And there thy praise display!


Sixth PART. H. M. Newbury. 1 LORD of the worlds above,

How pleasant and how fair
The dwellings of thy love,

Thine earthly temples are:
To thine abode With warm desires,
My heart aspires,

To see my

2 0 happy souls, who pray,

Where God'appoints to hear;
O happy men, who pay

Their constant service there!
They praise thee still!

Who love the way
And happy they,

To Zion's bill

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