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1. What were the words of the Text? Now the sons of Jacob were twelve.


2. Had Jacob any daughters? Yes, we read of one daughter, whose name was Dinah.

3. What was the character of Reuben? He was unstable as water and did not excel.

4. What is said of Simeon and Levi?" That they are brethren," that is, that their dispositi ons were alike, cruel and revengeful.

5. What is said of Judah? That his brethren should praise him.

6. Can you tell me of any remarkable persons that descended from the tribe of Judah? Yes, David, king of Israel, and Jesus Christ, the king of kings.

7. What is the meaning of Zebulon name?. It means dwelling or habitation.


8. What is the meaning of Issachar's name?

It means reward or recompense.

9. Who was the Mother of these seven chil dren? Leah.


Let all young Girls avoid pride of dress, and vanity of mind. This has been the ruin


of many others, besides Dinah. Let them learn to be keepers at home, and not gossipping about from house to house. If Dinah had been at home, he would not have been led into e vil. If Dinah went out alone to see the daughters of the land, it was very imprudent. Those who are arrived at Dinah's age, should never be permitted to go any distance alone, they should always have a parent or a brother to protect them from danger and insult.

Let all young people learn how necessary it is that they should be decided characters, and not of an unstable or wavering disposition. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Guard against a cruel and revengeful disposition. Be ye angry and sin not. If you are passionate, watch your temper and restrain your wrath. Pray against sin. See that you are among those whom your your friends will praise.

brethren and

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COME Children, learn to fear the Lord,

And that your days be long Let not a false or spiteful word

Be found upon your tongue.

Depart from mischief, practise love,
Pursue the works of peace,
So shall the Lord your ways approve,
And set your souls at ease.

His.eyes behold you all the day,
His ears attend your cry,

Tho' young in years, yet if you pray,
The God of grace is nigh.

What tho" the sorrows here you taste,
Are sharp and tedious too,
The Lord, who saves you all at last,

Is your supporter now




GEN. 35. 22. Now the sons of Jacob were twelve.

WE have already related the "History of

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seven of Jacob's Children. Of Dinah we could say but little that was good, and when we cannot say any thing good of a person's character, it is always best to say as little as possible.

Reuben was an unstable character, some. times good and sometimes bad. He wanted enurage and resolution to govern himself, and therefore his Father thought him unfitto govern others, and gave the dominion or superiority to Judah. By right it belonged to Reuben, as the first born son, but he had lost this honor by a sinful conduct which his Father remembered on his dying bed. Simeon and Levi were cruel and bloody minded men. They were obstinate and headstrong in their dispositions. They were ringleaders in thischief and wick


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edness. There are boys of this character to be found in every town and village, but though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not go unpunished. There is nothing praiseworthy in the former part of Judah's History. We cannot help admiring his affectionate and disinterested conduct before Joseph. For his intercession in behalf of Benjamin, and offering to remain a bondman instead of his younger brother, he was intitled to the praises of all his Brethren.

Of Zebulun and Issachar we have no particulars recorded. The one according to the predictions of dying Jacob, was to be a tribe accustomed to do business on the mighty waters. The other tribe was compared by him to a strong ass for their persevering labour and industry in cultivating their land, which rewarded them with an abundant increase.

1. DAN.

His mother's name was Bilhah. She was one of the handmaids which Laban gave to his' daughter Rachel. His name signifies judg ment or one that judges. Because Rachel said that God had judged her. That he had heard


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