Imatges de pÓgina

has done all things well. • A debtor to mercy Fourthly, the faithfulness, power, wisdom alone, of covenant mercy I'll sing,' &c. and goodness of God, which love has en.

It is equally evident they are precious to gaged for the salvation of its objects, has acthe Holy Ghost, for his love is great and complished the great design intended ; the wonderful to the saints. First, by the great saint is brought to his eternal home as a work he has begun in them. Secondly, by monument of the faithfulness, power, wisdom, maintaining that work, and by his own grace and goodness of his indulgent Father. in the soul, subduing our lust, sin, and un Fifthly, their death is precious, because belief, and keeping us by his power, for the great work of Christ is completed, when amidst all my sinfulness and woe, thy Spirit the saint is saved to sin no more. As a will not let me go. The love of the Spirit is Surety, as a Saviour, as a Shepherd, as an great toward the saints, he does bear long Advocate, or a Deliverer, and as our King, with our manners in the wilderness; my soul our Priest, and our all. a thousand times has been tempted to give Sixthly, because the great work of God up and go into the world, and would have the Holy Ghost is completed, the devil is done so, but for being precious to the Holy defeated, and the saint enters into the joy Ghost. The dear Spirit would not suffer us. I of the Lord. nor the devil, nor sin, nor unbelief to have Seventhly, their death is precious, because their way, but has most lovingly, graciously, each saint makes up the number of God's and victoriously, with conquest, successfully elect, and enters into the mansions prepared and triumphantly carried on his work ; so in glory for them. that'grace has reigned through righteous-1 Eighthly, because, then, all the perfections ness, unto eternal life, by our Lord Jesus of Deity will be glorified, when the whole and by the grace of God, we are what we elect, redeemed, and quickened church are are; and that grace which he hath bestowed safely housed in glory. This was the only upon us was not in vain.

object Jehovah had in view, in loving, and In the second place we hasten to notice giving into the hands of Christ to redeem the Lord's testimony concerning them all whom he loved, viz., his own glory, and Precious in the sight of the Lord, is the their eternal and entire salvation; then predeath of his saints. What are we to under-cious, most precious must their death be in stand by their death being precious in his his sight. It is to this, our dear brother has sight?

arrived ; and these things he richly enjoyed First, their death is precious in the sight in his own soul while here in the body; and of God the Father, because the great end methinks I could hear the Father say, when Jehovah had in view in loving, choosing, this dear saint appeared before the throne, and ordaining them to life, and eternal glory ' Behold an object of my love ! whom I have is answered.

| loved but not in vain, chosen in Christ to Secondly, because the perpetuity of his love stand before my throne in white ! Behold at the death of his saints is demonstrated ; him! Here he is ! He has come through much the Lord said he had loved them with an tribulation, and now shall live and reign with everlasting love, and that love should be con- me for ever. So saith the Son—Behold tinued to them for ever; so the saint enters him, my Father, as one whom thou didst into glory as the effect of that love.

give me; redeemed from all iniquity ; washed Thirdly, the all-sufficiency of sovereign in my blood; clothed with my righteousgrace is glorified at the death of the saints: ness; he has been hated, but I have loved the Lord promises to give grace sufficient, him; he has suffered, but I have sustained and then glory; this we have experienced ; we him; he has been plucked at, but I have have often doubted, and thought it impossible kept him ; and taken care of him; here he for us to hold on and endure unto the end. is without fault, whole, and sound, and comSometimes we have felt ourselves to be like plete.' And methinks I hear the Holy Ghost walking devils ; sin has been conceived in reply-'Behold him! In the name of Christ our hearts; we have felt its mighty workings I quickened him from death to life; I took within, and have feared others would have up my abode in his heart; kept satan out, seen its dreadful workings without, in curs- kept sin down ; I went on with my work ing, swearing, stealing, drunkenness, and until all was done; and now, behold, he so on: such we were once; and such we is ripe for glory ; he enters glory; he is should be again, but for sovereign grace. glorious; he is now at home in glory. The sufficiency of grace has been proved in

« Oh, how the thought delights the soul. life, in every trial, and in death, the last Redeem'd from satan's dire control, great trial ; then the grace-made, and kept

And cleans'd with Jesus' blood;

That thus from sin and death made free, saint, enters glory

He now in Christ shouts victory,
A monument of grace,

And triumphs in his God.”
A sinner saved by blood;
The streams of love I trace,

I long to be with him; where Christ is
Up to the fountain, God;
And in this sacred bosom see,

to be seen without a veil; approached withEternal thoughts of love to me.” 'out hindrances; loved without coolness

praised without weariness ; and enjoyed with above. He said, I want to be there ; but out interruptions. May we have much grace I am not impatient to be gone, knowing that to enable us to walk in his steps, to keep, all is ordered wisely, and as my Lord sees to guard, and bring us not only to heaven's best ; and I see it and know it.' I then gate, but through the gate into the city. asked him if the adversary did not try to But I must stop my pen for the present. disturb the peace of his mind, and thrust John BunyaN M'CURE. | into it doubts and fears respecting either

I present or future things. I shall never for[Truly, we must say, the reading of the

get his answer—'He does hover about at above skeleton of John Bunyan's discourse has warmed and comforted our souls. Go

| times; he did the other day ; but I told him on, John, in the declaration of these most

he was a conquered foe; my Jesus had precious truths. By these things, God,

bruised his head, chained him to bis chariot in the Trinity of his Persons, is glorified,

I wheels, and triumphed gloriously over him, and souls must be blessed : for, 'unto him

and that he had no power but what my Jesus that soweth righteousness, there shall be permitted him to have.' Well I said, 'What a sure reward. We cannoi in this number. then,' he said ' I believe satan is the proudfind room for the letters written by our est spirit in the universe, and in consequence deceased friend to his brother: but they of my speaking of the victories of Christ shall appear. The following was written

over him, and telling him that he was a by Mr. Crundwell to J. B. M'Cure.]

fallen and damned spirit, he was stung to

the quick ; his pride received a deadly wound DEAR BROTHER-On several occasions I had

and he slunk away like a thief.' I asked if the sweet pleasure of seeing the holy peace,

he did not attempt to renew his attacks ? and overflowing divine joy vouchsafed to our

He answered "Very little; and if he does dear departed brother Crowhurst. The first

ever again, I will tell him, and shall continue time I was favoured to see hiin during his

to tell him of the same things. Here we illness, I shall never forget his edifying con

see the truth of God's words, this is the versation. To use his own words, when

victory, even our faith. Other conversaspeaking of his dear and precious Jesus, he

tions I was privileged to have with this dear said, • Christ is more sweet, infinitely more man of God, and always saw him in the sweet to me than my eyes, my head, my

same firm and happy state of mind, speakhands, my feet, my soul, my wife, or any ing of Christ and his glory, preciousness, thing I have, or ever did have or enjoy. &c. I am, dear brother, your's in great His person is precious, his blood is preci- haste.

S. CRUNDWELL. ous, his righteousness is precious, and his Tunbridge. truth, and his faitfulness, and his love, and his compassion, and his mercy, and his

The Only Things worth Living For. words all are precious. Yea, he said "In a word he is indeed the altogether lovely to my immortal soul. He is just as I wish him to

[We have been favoured with a small packet be; nothing is wanting; nothing can be

of sweet, experimental Letters, written by added to make him more sweet, precious, or

Mr. Spencer, Minister of the Gospel, acceptable to my ransomed spirit; he is in

Guildford, Surrey, which we hope to insert deed just as I wish him to be; and these

from time to time. It is a fact, that some

times fills out hearts with gladness, that eyes of mine will for ever feast upon his

the Lord is, in many parts of this highlyprecious, and glorious, and ever lovely person; and never become weary; but I shall

favoured land, raising up young men, who be happy and delighted with him for ever

have not only been made bitterly to feel and ever; and so he added with a sweet

the awful consequences of sin, the curse smile, that reached my heart, will you,

of a broken law, and the plague and de

ceitfulness of the human heart, but have brother Crundwell. Speaking to him of his

also been led solemnly and savingly into bodily affliction, at another time on the same

the mysteries of God's everlasting love day, . he said, I am as perfectly happy now, Christ's atoning blood, and the eternal as I expect to be out of heaven; I want no

Spirit's work in the soul; and thus qualithing altered; it is just as it should be; it

fied, have been sent forth into the Gospel pleases my dear Lord, and I am perfectly

Vineyard, to preach the unsearchable satisfied with things just as they are. I

riches of Christ. That the God of all would not change my place with the queen ;

grace may abundantly bless their labours, no, nor with the happiest saint on the earth, keep their consciences clean and tender, who may be in the enjoyment of full health

enable them to dig deeply into the mines of body, and peace in his soul ;' and after a of heavenly truth, make them instruments moment's pause, he added, “No, nor will I in bringing many precious souls to a savchange my situation under present circum ing knowledge of Christ Jesus ; and of stances, with the saints already persected comforting, and building up such as have believed, shall be our most earnest eternal welfare is in the heart of the We trust, also, that the perusal of Isaac Lord God? Why, he has said that he hath Spencer's Letters may be a means, in the loved us with an everlasting love, that he Lord's hands, of refreshing many weary hath chosen us in Christ from before the travellers to Zion.]

foundation of the world, and that our sins My Dear Christian Friend - Since I

are cast behind his back; when sought for, last wrote to you, I have passed through

shall never be found; and that we shall never various scenes of soul exercise ; but amidst it

come into condemnation, world without end, all I am made to feel it is better to suffer

| Well, say you, there are times when I do feel soul exercise, and be saved at last, than to

a little hope spring up in my mind, that the live at ease, and at last be damned. It is

Lord hath loved me; there are moments when said of the wicked, because they have no

I am helped to say, I trust the Lord hath changes, they fear not God; and that they

chosen me; there are seasons (though they have no bonds in their death, neither are

may be few and far between,) that I am they troubled like other men ; and I am

helped to say that my sins, though high as quite sure, my friend, we have no need to go

mountains, deep as hell, black as the prince far from home for a fulfilment of this awful |

| of darkness, and countless as the stars; yet, truth; for the great bulk of mankind are

I do hope, say you, they are all got rid of; living at ease, and go off at last, as though

carried away by the blood-shedding of the all was right, and nothing the matter, when,

dear Redeemer ; alas ! all is wrong, and so they find when

Lost, as in a shoreless flood, their eyes are opened in another world. Say

Drown'd as in a Saviour's blood. unto the righteous, well with him ; but woe

I had a sweet sight and sense granted unto unto the wicked.

me, the other morning, by God the Holy When your kind letter came to hand, it

Ghost, of the dear Lord Jesus, while I was found me in a low place in my feelings, Il

led in Spirit to muse over the words of the had become as a sparrow alone upon the

Prophet Jonah, where he says, “I went down house top. I was like an owl of the desert, 1

to the bottoms of the mountains :' in the or a pelican of the wilderness, left to mourn |

margin of the Bible, it reads 'I went down in bitterness over my sad, dark, unfeeling la

to the cuttings of the mountains.' O, my condition ; the blackness and wretchedness of|

dear friend, how this sets forth the Lord my bad heart and corrupt nature, is far too

Jesus Christ, as God and Man, in his finishbad ever to be described by writing; I feel

ing the work he undertook from everlasting I can come in with Hart where he says

to go to redeem a chosen world from the jaws

and dominion of death and hell! Here, the My own bad heart, creats a smart,

sin, wrath, death, hell, and damnation, due Which none but God

to the church, fell upon his shoulders, and And, my dear friend, I believe God's dear bore him down to the bottoms of the moun. children are made to feel and mourn over tains, the cuttings of God's fierce wrath! things that they can never tell to mortals. and the cuttings of the keen sword of justice, Indeed, if even they had a wish, they would battering in blood, sheathing itself in the be at a loss for language to describe it. The heart of our dear Immanuel! It may well heart is above all things deceitful and be said he went down to the bottoms of the desperately wicked : frequently, my dear mountains, and had he not been God as well friend, am I brought to think my reading, as man, the weight of our guilt would have writing, speaking, praying, is all over, all kept him at the bottoms of the mountains come to an end ; the upper and the nether for ever, but he being God as well as man he springs, according to my feelings, are clean was infinitely capable of going through all he dryed up: God forgotten to be gracious; and undertook ; therefore, in the fulness of time, yet, mercy of mercies, he is gracious all the he accomplished all ; and whilst he was time, though he be behind the cloud, for his bowed down to death in his human nature, name is The Lord God, gracious and in his divine nature he conquered death, and merciful.' You say in your letter that you carried down all the guilt, and filth, cortrust your eternal welfare lays near the heart ruption and sin, of his ransomed bride, to of your Lord and your God: I feel, my dear the bottoms of the mountains for ever and friend, that I am enabled to go a step further ever; and there left it and rose up himself as than this. I believe it not only lays near a mighty conquerer over sin, death, hell, and the heart of your Lord and your God, but I the grave, and the mountain that has risen believe it is in the heart of the Lord your up over the guilt of the church, is God's God. But, say you, I feel so unrighteous : everlasting forgetfulness of the sins of his I am glad to hear it; for if you were bolstered bride. I will not be wrath with thee, nor up in death ; vamped up with the religion of rebuke thee; thy sins and thy iniquities will the day ; you would not feel much, or cry out I remember no more for ever.' 0, my friend, much before God about your unrighteous- the infinite blessedness of the mercy! And ness ; but, say you, how can you prove that now, our dear Lord has ascended up on high, has led captivity captive, has received gifts | where the blessed Spirit had began the work for men, even the rebellious also. I feel my of grace, that he would carry it on; and that heart warm with these things; may a spark pardon must be enjoyed in the conscience, from the same fire kindle in your breast, before they could be at a point that they were and be puffed up to a flame ; for these are the in Christ the head. The Apostle knew the only things worth living for, worth fighting common saying of many was—“I have got for, these are the things that will help us an impression; but he also knew that every through time, stand by us in death, and prove sent servant of Christ must have the word our friend in the judgment scene.

applied, before he could be at a point that The Lord bless you, and keep you; the he was sent of Christ. See Acts xxvi. 18; Lord watch over you, and water you with the and read the whole chapter ; there you will dews of heaven. Many thanks for the little see the Apostle, when in a state of nature, tract you sent me: I send you one which I when in alarm, when justified and in the promised to dear Benjamin after you had ministry. Every sent servant of Jesus read it, and I am quite sure if the same divine feels the greatest love to each other, as was unction rests upon its contents, and you feel the case with Paul to Timothy; and as the same in your hearts, as I did when I Paul had been deceived by many in converread it, you will never regret reading it. Ision and their call to the ministry, he himpray in submission to God, this may be the self looked more closely into these mysteries, case, for

and cautioned his son to be on his guard ; 'Tis heaven to rest in his embrace,

not to lay hands suddenly on any man,' and And no where else but there,

further, whatever he saw needful to know or Farewell ! my christian regards to Ben- to be known, he carefully unfolded to him. jamin, I shall be glad to hear from you,

In the beginning of this chapter, the Believe me your's in christian bonds. Apostle is setting forth the perilous times in ISAAC SPENCER.

the latter days; but I shall not make any Woodbridge, near Guildford,

observation on that, here. Then he goes on to take a view of ministers or heads of a

church or churches, and of their evil enSmiting Kirjath-sepher. croachments ; (verse 6.) Then follows the

subject of our enquiry— Ever learning, and AN EXPLANATION OF 2 TIM. III. 7.

never able to come to the knowledge of the By William Harris, The Ploughman, truth, as it is in Christ. Now, a man be

fore he knows Christ in a saving way, is Sir:-Observing in your last number of the dead in trespasses and sins, (see Eph. ii. 12.) Earthen Vessel, a communication from A. B. A man who is savingly taught by the Spirit, wherein he requests the Thoughts of some has a conviction sent home to his conscience, of your correspondents, on four (apparently and then like the jailer, he will cry out in mysterious passages,) \that are recorded in the very anguish of his soul, Sirs, what Scripture,' I will, in God's strength, under- | must I do to be saved ?' And there he is take each in succession; and submit them held down until he sees no way of escape to you for publication, when you have space; from the wrath to come. Then the blessed and may the Lord enable me so to do, to the Spirit leads him forth to supplicate for honour of his holy name, and the comfort mercy; the Lord hears and answers it, to and satisfaction of A. B., and every other the joy and rejoicing of his soul. Now, the humble enquirer.

Lord will favour him with a saving faith, The first passage that is submitted, is in apply a promise to his soul, communicate 2 Timothy, iii. 7. which reads thus- Ever his love to the conscience, and the person learning, and never able to come to the will feelingly and sweetly find a coming forth knowledge of the truth. It is very clear from all his trouble and distress into a happy that the Apostle was a prisoner at Rome, at liberty; and he will be satisfied that all his the time he was writing this, and almost sins are put away: such will be the gratidaily expecting his martyrdom to take place; tude and thankfulness of his heart, that no and as he had been instrumental in the con person can describe, save him who has enversion of Timothy, he had the greatest love | joyed it. for him ; and further, in answer to his pe- If such a person as this is to be a mouth titions at a throne of grace, he knew that his for God, he will have a sweet promise apson Timothy was appointed for the ministry, plied, so that he will be at a point, as it rewhich the Apostle in some degree had before gards his call to the ministry; for this seen fulfilled. He well knew the opposition teaching is from the Spirit of God; and which himself had met with from Demas, the whatever a man may hold, teach, or preach, coppersmith, and many others who professed short of this teaching, will most assuredly to know the truth in the power and love give way in a dying hour. thereof; and had had a call to the ministry, Our Lord spake of some who would get but he knew that it was not so ; he knew that into the ministry after he left this world, and was gone to the Father, and cautioned them Ordination of Mr. J. L. leeres. to take heed that no man deceived them ; for he says · There will arise among you false Christs, and false prophets that will | The following is a brief outline of the shew you signs and wonders to deceive the services of the ordination of Mr. J. L. very elect, if it were possible. (See Matt. Meeres, New Church-street, Bermondsey, xxiv. 24.) Ah! how often you may see such June 22nd :men, in sheep's clothing. Our Lord says,

| Mr. Carpenter opened the service by

Mr. Carpenter onened th • Beware of such !' inwardly they are raven

an hymn; Mr. Curtis, of Homerton ening wolves. (See Matt. vii. 15.) They put

gaged in prayer, and proceeded, very on a feigned humility, like the wife of Jeroboam, and run the Scriptures from the be- 9

briefly, to state the nature of a gospel ginning of Genesis to the end of Revela

church, under the following division: tions, and at the same time know nothing 1. Its authority—the Scriptures. 2. Its of the teaching which I have been endea Constitution-spiritual persons. 3. Its vouring to describe ; they possess nothing Officers.-pastor and deacons. 4. The more than the common gift of the Spirit. design of a gospel church-to shew (See Balaam, Numbers xxiii.) Read the there was life and death in the wilderwhole chapter. See King Saul; he prophe-ness, to be a manifestation of the power sied amongst the people; yet never had a l of God's grace. change of heart. See also Micaiah, against In this statement, the rich national the four hundred false prophets, 1 Kings, Church of England had some severe xxii.; See also the account of Moses against |

lashes inflicted. The parliament could Jannes and Jambres, two false teachers. What was their end? and what will be the miser

set up any doctrine it pleased ; Arminiable end of all such, so living and dying ? | anism or Arianism. Two instances he Never able to come to the knowledge of the referred to of this being done; one in truth.'

Queen Elizabeth's, the other in Queen Paul is here alluding principally to false Anne's reign; in which the latter shewed prophets and teachers, who thrust themselves her supremacy, in spite of a convocation into the ministry ; strangers to the teaching of bishops to pull down the ruling arch. of the Holy Ghost, who never knew law or bishop's doctrine. He also noticed the Gospel in a saving way.

present position of the churches; how Suppose we take a view of the high Church things were softened down to peace, Clergy in our day, and of their doctrine ; they know not what they say, nor whereof

peace, and piety, and the sharp edge of they affirm. Look again at the numerous

truth taken away. But thanked God, tribe of Arminians; they are in just the

there stood here and there one among same state of darkness as the former. Sup

the Baptists, that could give in an honest pose we take a view of the Sardis church. I testimony as a witness for God from his how few there are of the real Calvinistic own experience. persuasion ; and the Apostle, by the Spirit, The next minister in the order of viewing these, and the evidences they hold course was Mr. Moyll; whose office was up, both in the former and latter days being to ask some very important questions short of the real knowledge of the forgive- from some member of their small body, ness of sins, in general; he calls thein respecting the steps that gave rise to thieves and robbers, on account of stealing their proceedings; which were simply from commentators, and from the mouths ofl.

these : -A few belonging to Mr. Fene. good men; so they are ever learning, ever

lon's ministry, occupied the present place stealing, ever studying, but never able feel- | ingly to set forth the Spirit's work upon the

in 1844. Mr. Sadler was engaged for soul ; consequently are never able to come

the first twelvemonth. In 1845 Mr, to a knowledge of the truth, because they Meeres came; in June seven members were never taught it by the blessed Spirit of formed themselves into a church by Truth.

Messrs. Milner and Jones. The present These passages of Scripture, satan has number of members is eleven, and these often hurled into my mind, when under my in May last agreed that Mr. M. should first awakenings, and many more beside, accept the pastoral office over them. even since I have known my eternal interest | Mr. Movll then called for a shew of in Christ Jesus my Lord.-Such as treat of • falling away,' &c. &c: Such passages do

hands from them, to recognize him as not belong to a true child of God, but to

their pastor ; which was done. He then him only who stands in presumption; a

isaid, I recollect a saying of my brother, child in the covenant cannot apostatize, but George Coo

innot postatize 'but George Coomb, at an ordination, at seehim only, who resteth in a form.

ing a shew of hands for their minister Hailsham; WM. HARRIS, the Ploughman.'.God grant that those hands you have

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