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agreeth with Gods: d foription
you cannot abide, det:2017
36. Heb. 13. 7,17. I GOH 4

iThef. S. 12, 13. 1 Tim:52 17 pe 20. and 2 Tim.4.1. So that indeed

it is but a mock-minister, a mockfacrament,a mock-prayer,and so a seeming vair Religion which you desire.

7. Lastly, you pretend also to fincere obedience : If we ask you, whether you are willing to obey God? you will say, God forbid that any should deny it. Buc when it comes to the particulars, and you find that he commanderh you

that which flesh and blood is against, and would coft you the loss of worldly prosperity, then you will be excused: and yet that you may

cheat your souls,you will not professedly disobey; but

you will perswade your felves that it is no dury, and that God would not

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have you do that which you will not do. Like a Countrymans servant, that promiseth to do all that his. Master bids him : but when he comech to particulars, threshing is too hard a work, and mowing and reaping are beyond his strength, and plowing is coo toylsome, and in the conclusion, it is only an idle life with some easie charres, that he will be brought to. This is the Hypocrites obedience. He will obey God in all things, as far as he is able, in the general : But when it comes to particulars, To devy himself, and forsake his worldly prosperity for Christ, and to contemn the world, and live by faith, and converfe in heaven, and walk with God, and worship him in Spirit and truth, co love an enemy, to forgive all wrongs, to humble our felves to the meanest persons, and to the lowest works, to confefs our faults with shame and for


row, and ask forgiveness of those they have injured, these and other such works as 'these, they will not believe to be parts of obedience, or at least, will not be brought to do them.

Poor fouls, I have stood here a great while to hold you the glass, in which, if you were willing, you might see your felves. But if you will yet wink and have the light, if you perish in your self-deceiving, who can help it?

Briefly and plainly, be it known to thee again, whoever thou art that hearest this, that if thou have not these five characters following, thy Religion is all but vain and self-deceiving.

1. If Gods authority,as he speaketh by his Spirit, Word and Minifters, be not bighest with thy soul, and cannot do more with thee, then Kings and Parliaments, and then the world and flesh, Mat.23. 8,9,10

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2. If

be not efteemed by thee, and chosen, and foughts then any thing, or all things in the world, Mat, 6.21. Col.3.4. foh. 6.27. 2 Tim. 4.8, 9. Matth.22. 5. Luke 18. 22, 23. Thil. 3. 20.

3. If thou see not such a loveli wefs in holinefs, as being the image of God, as that thou unfeignedly desirest the highest degree of it, Matth. 5.20. Pfal. 119. 1, 2, 3, &c. Phil. 3. 12, 13, 14.

4. If any sin be so sweet and dear to you, or seem so neceffary,tbat you consent not, and desire not to let it go, Mat. 19. 22. Phil. 3.8. Pfal. 66. 18.

5. If any known duty seem so cuftly, dangerous, troublesome and unpleasant, that ordinarily you will not do it, Mat.16.24,25,26. Pfal. 119.6.

In a word, God must be loved and obeyed as God, Chrift must be


entertained as Cbrift : Heaven must be valued and fought as Heaven;

and Heliness loved and praetised as Holiness: Though not to the height of their proper Worth (which none on earth is able to reach) yet so, as that nothing be preferred before them.

But yet there is one more dif

covery which if I pass by, you will think I bawka chief

parc of

my text.

An unbridled tongue in e Profefour of Religion is cnough to prove bis Religion vein.

By an uxbridled tongue is not meant all che fins of our speech. [If any man offend not in word, the fame is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body. But in many things we offend all] Jam, 3.2. Every unwarrantable jeaft, or an. gry word, or hasty rash expresi





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