Imatges de pÓgina
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Mnia mî Deus est; idem Deus eft meus omnis;
Ipse Deo totus ; totus et ipse Dei.

Omnia mihi Deus eft.
In Deo cujusque boni creati
Singulæ vires penitiffime insunt,
In Deo solaminaque implicantur

Omnia vitæ.

Omnis Deus eft meus. Omne quod fecit mihi dat benignus ; Omne quod præ fe quia nil pependi, Insuper menti dedit appetenti

Omne quod ipfe eft.

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Ipfe in Deo totus. In Deo verfor medio, que fpiro, In Deo grandescere concupifco, Luceo totus radiis paternâ

Luce receptis.

Ipfe totus Dei,
Non meî, non alterius creati
Sum, (Deus) fed quantus ego, tuus fum :
Vita quos â te radios recepi,

Oro reflectat!

Cuneta te fubter (Deus alme) quæ funt,
Judico mente inferiora noftrâ :
Abfit ut rebus ftudeat caducis

Mens generosa !

Fac teipsum, mi Deus, ipsorem
Huic meæ menti penitus seipsâ,
Fac meipsum, mi Deus, uniorem,

Quam mihi tecum!


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Y God is all things unto me ;

All God is also mine :
I am, O Lord, wholly in thee,

And also wholly thine.

God is all things unto me.
The pow'rs of each created good

In God are all contain'd;
In him my comforts all do bud,

Flourish, and are maintain'd.

All God is mine.

gave me all that he had made;
All which did not fuffice
My larger Soul; therefore I pray'd,

himself likewise.

I am wholly in God. In th' midst of God I live and breathe,

In him I'm only bright; The rays with which I shine beneath,

Are borrow'd from his light.

I am wholly Gods.
O Lord, I'm not at all my own,

Nor for another free:
Let Life be a Reflection

Of beams receiv'd from thee!

All things below thee, Lord, I judge

To be below
O let my nobler Mind e'en grudge

Itself in Dust to roll !


Soul ;

Be more myself, O God, to me

Than I myself have been ; Make me, O God, more one with thee Than with myself!





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