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tes, Annon audivistis, quid rex boys made answer, and said, Did dixerit, Eamus et occidamus ser- not ye hear what the king said ? pentem ? et vos morem ipsi non Let us go and kill the serpent ; geritis ? et sic ipsis nolentibus, and will not ye obey him ? So lecticam retro abducebant. Cum- they brought the couch back que ad nidum illum pervenissent, again, whether they would or dicebat Dominus Jesus pueris, not. And when they were come Hoccine est latibulum serpentis ? to the nest, the Lord Jesus said Atque illis annuentibus, serpens to the boys, Is this the serpent's a Domino Jesu vocatus confestim lurking-place? They said, It was, prodibat, seseque ipsi submitte- Then the Lord Jesus calling the bat. Cui ille, Abi, inquit, et serpent, it presently came forth, omne venenum, quod huic puero and submitted to him: to whom insinuasti, exsuge. Itaque ser- he said, Go and suck out all the pens iste, ad puerum adrepens, poison which thou hast infused omne suum venenum rursus abs- into that boy: so the serpent. tulit; et tunc maledixit illi Do- crept to the boy, and took away minus Jesus, ut extemplo dis- all its poison again. Then the ruptus moreretur : puerumque

Lord Jesus cursed the serpent, manu sua tetigit, ut valetudini so that it immediately burst asunpristinæ restitueretur; et cum der, and died; and he touched flere inciperet, Reprime fletum, the boy with his hand to restore inquit Dominus Jesus; mox enim him to his former health ; and meus eris discipulus, et hic est when he began to cry, the Lord Simon Cananites, cujus in evan- Jesus said, Cease crying, for heregelio fit mentio.

after thou shalt be my disciple; and this is that Simon the Canaanite,

who is mentioned in the Gospel. XLIII. Alio die Josephus fili- XLIII. On another day, Joum suum Jacobum lignatum mi- seph sent his son James to gather serat, et comitem se illi Dominus wood, and the Lord Jesus went Jesus adjunxerat; cumque per-,

with him; and when they came venissent ad locum, in quo ligna to the place where the wood was, erant, coepissetque Jacobus illa and James began to gather it, becolligere, ecce vipera maligna il- hold, a venomous viper bit him, lum momordit, ita ut flere et vo- so that he began to cry, and make ciferari inciperet. Eum igitur in a noise. The Lord Jesus seeing hoc statu cernens Dominus Je- him in this condition, came to sus, accessit ad ipsum, locumque him, and blowed upon the place in quo vipera eum momorderat, where the viper had bit him, and afflavit, ut extemplo sanaretur. it was instantly well.

XLIV. Quodam etiam die, XLIV. On a certain day the cum Dominus Jesus versaretur Lord Jesus was with some boys, inter pueros, qui in tecto lude- who were playing on the housebant, quidam puerorum ex alto top, and one of the boys fell decidens confestini exspiravit. down, and presently died. Upon Diffugientibus vero cæteris pu- which the other boys all running eris, Dominus Jesus solus in te


the Lord Jesus was left cto remansit; cumque advenis- alone on the house-top. And sent propinqui istius pueri, dice- the boy's relations came to him bant Domino Jesu, Tu filium and said to the Lord Jesus, Thou nostrum ex tecto præcipitem de- didst throw our son down from the disti. Illo autem id negante, vo- house-top. But he denying it, ciferabantur, dicentes, Filius no- they cried out, Our son is dead, ster mortuus est, et hic est, qui and this is he who killed him. illum interfecit. Quibus Dominus The Lord Jesus replied to them, Jesus, Ne me, inquit, arguite fa- Do not charge me with a crime, cinoris, cujus neutiquam me con- of which you are not able to convincere poteritis; sed agite, ro- vict me, but let us go ask the boy gemus puerum ipsum, qui veri- himself, who will bring the truth tatem in lucem producat. Tunc to light. Then the Lord Jesus descendens Dominus Jesus stetit going down stood over the head super capite mortui, et voce mag- of the dead boy, and said with na, Zeinune, inquit, Zeinune, quis a loud voice, Zeinunus, Zeinunus, te de tecto præcipitavit? Tunc re- who threw thee down from the spondens mortuus, Domine, ait, house-top? Then the dead boy non tu me dejecisti, sed deiva answered, Thou didst not throw me ex illo deturbavit. Et cum me down, but such a one did. præcepisset Dominus adstanti- And when the Lord Jesus bade bus, ut ad verba ejus attende- those who stood by take notice rent; omnes, qui aderant, Deum

of his words, all who were present pro hoc miraculo laudabant. praised God on account of that

miracle. XLV. Jusserat aliquando diva XLV. On a certain time the Domina Maria Dominum Jesum Lady St. Mary had commanded abire, et aquam ipsi ex puteo af- the Lord Jesus to fetch her some ferre. Cum ergo petitum aquam water out of the well; and when abiisset, hydria, jam impleta, cum he had gone to fetch the water, sursum attolleretur, fracta est : the pitcher, when it was brought expandens vero Dominus Jesus up full, brake; but Jesus spreadmantile suum, illo collectam

collectam ing his mantle gathered up the aquam ad matrem suam defere- water again, and brought it in


bat; quæ stupens rem totam mi- that to his mother; who, being ram, omnia tamen quæ viderat astonished at this wonderful recondebat, et conservabat in thing, laid up this, and all the corde suo.

other things which she had seen,

in ber memory. XLVI. Rursus alio die Do- XLVI. Again on another day minus Jesus ad rivum aquæ ver

the Lord Jesus was with some sabatur cum pueris, eduxerantque boys by a river, and they drew per sulcos aquam ex rivo illo, pi- water out of the river by little scinulas sibi construentes ; fece- channels, and made little fishratque Dominus Jesus duodecim pools. But the Lord Jesus had passeres, eosque circa piscinam made twelve sparrows, and placed suam, ad singula latera ternos, them about his pool on each instruxerat. Erat autem dies side, three on a side. But it was sabbathi, et accedens filius Ha- the sabbath day, and the son of nani Judæi, eosque conspiciens Hanani a Jew came by, and saw talia molientes, Itane, inquit, die them making these things, and sabbathi figuras ex luto fingitis ? said, Do ye thus make figures of Et propere accurrens piscinas clay on the sabbath ? And he ran eorum destruebat.

Cum vero

to them; and broke down their Dominus Jesus manus suas su- fish-pools. But when the Lord per passeres, quos finxerat, com- Jesus clapped his hands over the plosisset, avolabant illi pipientes. sparrows which he had made, Deinde filio Hanani ad Jesu quo- they fed away chirping. At que piscinam accedente, ut illam length the son of Hanani coming destrueret, evanuit aqua ejus, di- to the fish-pool of Jesus to dexitque illi Dominus Jesus : Quem- stroy it, the water vanished away, admodum evanuit aqua ista, sic and the Lord Jesus said to him, tua quoque

vita evanescet, et ex- In like manner as this water has templo puer iste exaruit.

vanished, so shall thy life vanish;

and presently the boy died. XLVII. Alio tempore, cum XLVII. Another time, when vesperi Dominus Jesus cum Jo- the Lord Jesus was coming home sepho domum reverteretur, ob- in the evening with Joseph, he viam habuit puerum, qui cursu met a boy, who ran so hard arapido concitatus, impellebat ip- gainst him, that he threw him sum, ut caderet. Cui Dominus

down; to whom the Lord Jesus Jesus; Quemadmodum me im- said, As thou hast thrown me pulisti, ita cades, neque surges ; down, so shalt thou fall, nor ever eademque hora corruit puer et rise. And that moment the boy exspiravit.

fell down, and died.

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Hieroso- XLVIII. There was also at lymis quidam Zacchæus nomine, Jerusalem one named Zacchæus, qui juventutem erudiebat. Di- who was a schoolmaster; he said cebat hic Josepho, Quare, O Jo- to Joseph, Joseph, why dost thou sephe, non mittis ad me Jesum, not send Jesus to me, that he may ut literas discat ? Annuebat illi learn his letters ? Joseph agreed, Josephus, et ad divam Mariam and told St. Mary: so they hoc referebat. Ad magistrum brought him to that master ; itaque illum deducebant; qui si- who, as soon as he saw him, mulatque eum conspexerat, al- wrote out an alphabet for him, phabetum ipsi conscripsit, utque and he bade him say Aleph ; and Aleph diceret præcepit ; et cum when he had said Aleph, the dixisset Aleph, magister ipsum master bade him pronounce Beth. Beth pronunciare jubebat. Cui Then the Lord Jesus said to him, Dominus Jesus; Dic mihi prius Tell me first the meaning of the significationem literæ Aleph, et letter Aleph, and then I will protum Beth pronunciabo. Cuni- nounce Beth. And when the que magister verbera ipsi inten- master threatened to whip him, taret, exponebat illi Dominus Je- the Lord Jesus explained to him sus significationes literarum Aleph the meaning of the letters Aleph et Beth; item


literarum and Beth ; also which were the figuræ essent rectæ, quænam ob- straight figures of the letters, liquæ, quænam duplicatæ; quæ which the oblique, and what letpunctis insignitæ, quæ iisdem ca- ters had double figures; which rentes; quare una litera aliam had points, and which had none; præcederet; aliaque plurima enar- why one letter went before anrare coepit, et elucidare, quæ ma- other; and many other things he gister ipse nec unquam audi- began to tell him, and explain ; verat, nec in libro ullo legerat.

of which the master himself had Dixit porro magistro Dominus never heard, nor read in

any Jesus, Attende, ut dicam tibi; book. The Lord Jesus further cepitque clare et distincte reci- said to the master, Take notice tare, Aleph, Beth, Gimel, Daleth, how I say to thee; then he began usque ad finem alphabeti. Quod clearly and distinctly to say, miratus magister, Hunc, inquit, Aleph, Beth, Gimel, Daleth, and puerum ante Noachum natum so on to the end of the alphabet. esse existimo; conversusque ad

At this the master was so surJosephum, Adduxisti, ait, ad me prised, that he said, I believe erudiendum puerum, magistris this boy was born before Noah;

and turning to Joseph, he said, Thou hast brought a boy to me to be taught, who is more learned

omnibus doctiorem. Divæ quo- than any master. He said also que Mariæ inquit, Filio huic tuo to St. Mary, This your son has no nulla doctrina opus est.

need of any learning. XLIX. Ad alium deinde ma- XLIX. They brought him then gistrum doctiorem eum dedux- to a more learned master, who, erunt, qui ut eum conspexit, Dic when he saw him, said, Say Aleph, inquit. Cumque dixisset Aleph; and when he had said Aleph, magister ipsum Beth pro- Aleph, the master bade him pronunciare jubebat. Cui respon- nounce Beth; to which the Lord dens Dominus Jesus, Dic inihi, Jesus replied, Tell me first the inquit, prius significationem li- meaning of the letter Aleph, and teræ Aleph, et tunc Beth pro- then I will pronounce Beth. But nunciabo. Hic cum sublata manu this master, when he lift


his eum verberaret magister, con- hand to whip him, had his hand festim manus ipsius exaruit, et presently withered, and he died. mortuus est. Tunc dicebat Jo- Then said Joseph to St. Mary, sephus divæ Mariæ, Ab hoc tem- Henceforth we will not allow him pore non sinemus eum domo ex- to go out of the house ; for every ire; quoniam quisquis ipsi ad- one who displeases him is killed. versatur, morte plectitur.

L. Et cum factus esset anno- L. And when he was twelve rum duodecim, duxerunt eum years old, they brought him to Hierosolymas ad festum ; finito Jerusalem to the feast; and when autem festo, ipsi quidem reverte- the feast was over, they returned, bantur, sed Dominus Jesus retro but the Lord Jesus continued manebat in templo inter doctores behind in the temple among the et seniores, et eruditos ex filiis doctors and elders, and learned Israelis ; quos de scientiis varia men of Israel ; to whom he prointerrogabat, et vicissim eis re- posed several questions of learnspondebat. Dicebat enim illis, ing, and also


them answers : Messias cujus est filius ? Re- for he said to them, Whose son is spondebant illi, Filius Davidis.

the Messiah? They answered, The Quare ergo, inquit, in spiritu vo- son of David : Why then, said he, cat illum Dominum suum ? quan- does he in the spirit call him do dicit, Dixit Dominus Domnino Lord ? when he saith, The Lord meo, Sede ad dextram meam, ut said to my Lord, Sit thou at my hostes tuos vestigiis pedum tu- right hand, till I have made thine orum subjiciam. Tum interro- enemies thy footstool. Then a gabat eum princeps quidam ina- certain principal rabbi asked gistrorum, Legistine libros ? Et him, Hast thou read books ? Je

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