Imatges de pàgina

293. c. M.

Gratitude to God for Individual Mercies, 1 MY

soul, in pleasing wonder lost,

Thy goodness, LORD! surveys ; Where shall my grateful lips begin,

Or where conclude thy praise ! 2 Thy providence my life sustain's,

And all my wants redress', When in the silent womb I lay,

Or hung upon the breast.
3 To all my weak complaints and cries

Thy mercy lent an ear,
Ere yet my fueble thoughts had learn'd

To forın themselves to pray'r.
4 When in the dang'rous paths of youth,

With heedless steps I ran,
Thine arm, unseen, convey'd me safe,

And led me up to mai. 5 Through hidden dangers, toils, and deaths,

It gently clear'd my way :
And through the pleasing Snares of vice,

More to be fear'd than they.
6 Thy hounteous hand with worldly bliss

Hath made my cup run o'er ;
And, in a kind and faithful friend,

Hath doubled all my stoie.
7 When worn by sickness ołt hast thou

With health renew'd my face ;
And when in sins and sorrows sunk,

Reviv'd my soul with grace.
8 Through ev'ry period of my life,

Thy goodness I'll adore ;
I'll praise thee for thy mercies past,

And humbly hope for more.

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9 Through all eternity, to thee

A joyiul song l’ll raise ! But oh ! eternity's too short To utter all thy praise.

299. c. M. The Way of the Righteous known to God. To thee, O God! my days are known :

My soul enjoys the thought: My actions are before thy face,

Nor are my wants forgot.
2 Each secret wish devotion breathes,

Is vocal to thy ear :
My vacant hours, my active scenes,

Before thy sight appear.
3 Each well-spent moment of my life,

Thy mercy will approve ; Each tender pang of sympathy,

And ev'ry care of love.
4 Each golden hour of beaming light

Is gilded by thv rays ;
And dark afliction's midnight gloom

A present God surveys.
5 Full in thy view through life I pass,

And in thy view 1 die;
And when each earthly scene is o'er,
Thou, Lord! wilt still be nigh.

300. L.M.
A Good Conscience the best Support.
1 WHILE some in folly's pleasures roll,

And seek the joys which hurt the soul, Be mine that silent calm repast,

A peaceful conscience to the last ;-
2 That tree which bears immortal fruit,

Without a canker at the root ;
That Friend who never fails the just,
When other friends betray their trust.

3 With this companion in the shade,

No more my soul shall be dismay'd ;
But fearless meet the midnight gloom,

And the pale monarch of the fomb. 4 Though heav'n affict, shall I repine?

The noblest comforts still are mine;
Comforts which will o'er death prevail,

And journey with me through the vale. 5 Amidst various scene of ills,

Each stroke some kind design fulfils :
And shall I murmur at my God,

When purest love directs the rod ?
6 His hand will smooth my rugged way,

And lead me to the realms of day,--
To milder skies and brighter plains,
Where everlasting pleasure reigns.

301. P. M.

Conkidence in God's Care and Guidance. 1 THE Lord my pasture shall prepare,

And feed me with a shepherd's care ;
His presence shall my wants supply,
And guard me with a watchful eye;
My noon-day walks he shall attend,

And all my miduight hours defend. 2 When in the sultry glebe I faint,

Or o'er the thirsty inountains pant,
To fertile vales and dewy meads,
My weary, wand'ring steps he leads,
Where peaceful rivers soft and slow,

Amid the verdant landscape flow.
3 Though in a bare and rugged way,

Through devious, lonely wilds i stray,
Thy presence shall my pains beguile;
The barren wilderness shall smile,
With sudden greens and her bage crown'd;
And streams skall murmur all around.

4 Though in the paths of death I tread,

With gloomy horrors overspread,
My steadfast heart shall fear no ill,
For thou O LORD: art with me still :
Thy friendly hand shall give me aid,
And guide me through the dreadful shade.

302. 1. n. Faith and Hope in the Divine Goodness. i LO ORD! while my thoughts with wonder wace

Thy favour past through all my days,
My thankful heart adores thy grace ;

I trust that goodness which I praise. 2 Still, from the same eternal spring,

Thy various, constant bounties flow;
Beneath the shelter of thy wing,

I view serene the shades of woe.
3 E’en death's tremendous vale appears

No more in gloomy terrors dress'd.
Thy smile, my God! forbids ngy fears,

While on thy gracious hand I rest.
4 Through the dark scenes of mortal care,

To humble faith's enraptur'd eye,
The distant prospects open fair
Of blissful immortality.

303. C, N. On Recovery from a dangerous Illnes. 1 My God! thy service well demands

Tbe remnant of my days; | Why was this fleetiog breath renew'd,

But to renew thy praise !
2 Thy tender mercy, O my God!

Did this weak frame sustain,
While life was hov'sing o'er the grave,

And nature sunķ with pain.

3 Thou, when the pains of death were felt,

Didst chase all slavish fear ; And well my soul could bear those pains,

When thou, my Help, was near. 4 Calmly I watch'd my ebbing life ;

I knew thy time was best ;
Nor fear'd to obey my Fathers call

To his eternal rest.
5 Into thy hards, my gracious GOD!

Did I myself resign ;
And humbly trusted in thy grace

For pard’uing love is thine.
6 Back from the borders of the grave,

At thy command I come ;
Nor would I wish a speedier flight,

To my celestial home.
7 Where thou appointest my

abode, There would I choose to be ; For in tby presence death is life,

And earth is heav'n with thee.

304. L. M.

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All is well under the Direction of God.

(2 Kings iv. 26.)
'AL LL yet is well,' the mother said,

Who left her only offspring dead,
While she the holy Prophet sought,

And deeply felt the news she brought.
2 Faith in the Prophet's Gou most high,
Upbeld her hope, reliev'd her sigh ;
And while the tear maternal fell,

She calmly answer'd, “ Yes, 'tis well.' 3 Thus faith in God could soften grief,

And bring the afilicted mind relief,
Ere yet eternal life reveal'd
Was by our rising Saviour seal’d.

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