Imatges de pÓgina
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At Oakham, Mr. Halford, drapes, of that Number of inhabitants

15042 place, to Miss Sewell, of Uppingham. Mr. Adults, above 14,

11282 Elias Lafargue, to Miss Baines, of Upping- Average number of the ordinary han. Mr. Exton Andrews, of Wymondham, congregatioas

4933 w Miss Eyre, of Ashton, Northamptonshire. Average of communicants at each


1808 At Loughborough, Ms. Toon, draper, to Miss Adnutt, both of Markfield.

So that the ordinary number of attendants Died.] At Oakham, Benj. Crump, esq. does not amount to one-third of the inhabitants, wbo some years fince ferve the office of high and the communicants not to cre-fixib of the herift for Rutland.

adults. Af Desford, Mr. John Prior, eldeft son of It also appeared, 1. That fick perfons do Mr. Prior, of that place.

not call in spiritual assistance, 2. That pa

rents and masters are remifs in enforcing at STAFFORDSHIRE.

tendance on divine wortip. *3. That Sunday Alarried.] James Clutterbuck, esq. of schools are neglected. 4. That there is a Hyde Court, Gloucester, to Miss Molineaux, total disuse of family prayers. cldest daughter of Mr. Rd. Molineaux, of

The principal causes are asigned to be, t. Wolverhampton.

The circulation of feditious writings. Tho. Lifter, csq. of Lichfield, to Miss Har. The irregular management of ale-houses. 30 í tiet Seale, daughter of John Seale, esq. of The thewing and removing of cattle and theep. Mount Boone, Deron.

4. Wakes, feasts, dancings, cock-fighting, At Uštoxeter, Mr. Banks, to Miss H. and races on the Lord's day. 5. The remir Torser. John Lane, esq. of King's Bromley, nefs of church-wardens. 6. The encreale of to Mrs. Amier, reli&t of Juhan Amler, esq. fanatical methodists, the number of whole i Ford.

meetings, in barns, out-houses, &c. are Mr. H. Perry, baker, to Mrs. Bradhaw, thirty-sight, while the meetings are only the Talbot Bowling-green, Stafford.

seven of the baptifts and independants, and Died.] Ac Newcastle under Lyné, Mr. one of quakers. Tho. Baddeley, ironmonger. Mr. Robt. Le

The remedies proposed were, 1. To fix yerlage. Mr. Sam. Robinson.

upon and recommend a suitable treatise on At his mother's, at Darlafton, Mr. James family devotion. 2. The regular clergy to Forster, late of Bentley, farmer.

set a good example by their own condu&t. 3. At Scafford, Mrs. Mary Stanton, aged 83. To counteract the influence of methodism by At Borton upon Trent, aged 75, Jofeph particular expositions of the doctrines of the Clay, esq. formerly an eminent brewer of that Christian faith. 4. To catechise and instruct

youth. 5. The clergy to avoid levity and After a long life of temperance and found irregularity in the forms of the church. 6. conftitution, in his 92d year, Isaac Hawkins, An increase of vigilance in the magistrates. 84. His very liberal and extensive charities 7. An abolition of Sunday feasts, wakes, &c. to the poor of that town, to whom he was an

8. Sume amendments in the Toleration Act. vaceasing benefactor, as well as towards va


Members of the church to have the opporrious laudable institutions in this country, in tunity of holding meetings for the purpose of Scotland, and in Ireland, will hand down his devotion, in addition to the regutar fervice. Hame to posterity in everlasting remembrance.

10. Some systematic laws for the more reguMr. Cooke, 'hatter, aged 89. Charles lar instruction of the infant poor in religioun Letlen, gent. aged 46. Benjamin Wilson, duties. gent.formerly an eminent brewer, aged 87.

Married.] After a courtship of twentyAnd on the day preceding, Mary Jacobs, his four hours, Mr. J. Cotton, of Broughton, housekeeper. "At an advanced age, Mr. W. aged 20, to Mrs. Ana Atkin, of Dorrington, Wright, fithmonger. Also, at Horninglow, aged 63. in the fame parish, Mr. Jonas Allen, a re

At Boston, after 16 days courtship, Mr. fpe&able farmer. Mrs. Healy, wife of Mr. Wm. Sibsey, to Miss Ann Shaw. Captain john Healy, of Branfton, and Mr. Higgott. Alhton, to Miss Willoughby. a respectable farmer, of Newton Solney, late ef Branfton in the said parilla

At Spalding, Mr. T. Thorpe, jun. mer.

chant, to Miss Cockett. At Alrewas, Mr. Tho. Fisher, aged 94.

At Lincoln, Mr. Robt. Earle, to Mrs. At Statiord, Mrs. Mottershaw, relict of

Featherby. the late T. Muttershaw, ciq. of Silkmore,

Died.] Mr. Hickman, of Walcot, near Hopsc, near Stafford.


At Hacher, Miss Fowler, daughter of the
At a late general meeting of the established late Jonathan Fowler, efq. of Stockton upon

Tees. clurgy of a diftri& in the diocese of Lincoln, for the purpose of considering the state of re

At Toft, near Bourne, Sam. Jarvis, who, ligion, the following statement of facts was

in consequence of his foot flipping, was fur. made, relative to the 79 parishes of which pended by the neck in a tree he had been that difri& was composed :

cutting down, and was literally hapged.




At Boston, Mrs. Claypon. Aged 75, Mrs. At Coventry, Mrs. Winifred Smith. Ann Jennett.

At Birmingham Barracks, Mr. Anderson, At Sleaford, Mr. John Fowler, surgeon, &c. paymaster to the 4th or Queen's own regt. At Gedney, Mr. Simon Godfrey.

of dragoons. At Grayingham, aged 89, Mr. John At Ashton Cantilow, aged 68, the Rev. Fletcher; he had been 63 years, sexton and John Bennett, A. B. vicar of that parith, and parish clerk.

of Ulmley Castle, Worcestershire. At Stamford, Mr. James Jackson. Mr. Wm. Fletcher, butcher, late of London; he was found dead in Stanford Field.

A new bank is about to be opened at ShrewfAt Evedon, near Sleaford, Mr. Fillingham, bury, under the firm of Beck, Carless, Dodwhose death was occafioned by a fall from his son, and P. Beck. horse.

The prices of grain at Shrewsbury on the At Portland, Mr. James Ufill.

8th inftant were, wheat 175. Barley gs. At Lincoln, Mrs. Sarah Straw, wife of oats 6s. to gs. Mr. Noah Straw, aged 72. In the Castle, At a meeting of the tenants of Lord Clive's Mr. Wm. Johnfon, farmer, of Hykeham, Montford estate, ac Enfdon House, the zoth aged 80. Mrs. Phillips, of Kingsthorpe, near ult. his lordship's annual prizes for the enWraghy. Mrs. Wetherall: Mrs. Mackiness, couragement of turnip husbandry, were adwife of Mr. T. Mackiness, corn merchant. judged as follows:

Mrs. Grove, wife of Edward Grove, esq. To the Rev. Mr. Hanmer, and Mr. Price, of Stretton Hall, near Wolverhampto., and of Felton Butler, each a gold medal; to third daughter of the Dean of Lincoln. three, a large silver medal each ; and six

In the parish of Wefton under Petyard, in others had small Glver medals. four days, during the late frost, four persons In the preceding week, at Purnow, in the whose ages together amounted to 367. neighbourhood of Walcot, the gold medals

were adjudged to Mr. Ashdown, of Brompton, Mr. Bifrett's long expected magnificent and Mr. Tench, of Bromfield; five had large Directory, descriptive of the manufactories filver medals ; and several others of the teand other curiofties of Birmingham, is now nantry were presented with small filver medals published. It is embellished with 28 fuperb for second-best crops. plates, and a plan of the town.

Married.) At Shrewsbury, the Hon. and A publican, of Birniingham, was lately Rev. Richard Hill, brother to lord Berwick, convicted in the penalty of 201. for having rector of Thornton, in Cheshire and Berring: used camomile flowers for the purpose of bit. ton, in this county, to Miss F. M. Owen, tering his ale instead of hops. An act of second daughter of the late W.M. Owen, Queen Anne inficts this penalty for using any efq. member for the county of Montgomery, bitter ingredient to serve instead of hops. Mr. Owen, grocer, to Miss Martha Lloyd.

Married.] At Birmingham, Mr. Joseph Mr. Wm. Allen, malfer, of Cotton Hill, to Hands, to Miss M. Millward, both of Brif- Miss 'Oakeley. Mr. Derrett, brush-maker, nell's Ends, Handsworth. Mr. Tho. Tim to Mrs. Williams. Mr. Pool, of Trefnant, mins, to Mrs. Sarah Smith. Mr. Joseph to Miss M. Rawlins, daughter of Mr. Raw. Paine, upholsterer, to Miss Linden. Mr. lins, butcher and grazier. Rd. Thompson, an opulent farmer of Sedgley, At Madeley, Mr. John Edmunds, printer, to Mrs. Matthews.

to Miss Harpur. Ac Thornley, Mr. Wm. Longling, aged At Cardington, Mr. Benj. Corfeld, of 64, to Mrs. S. Nicholls, aged 67.

Ryton, to Miss H. Humphreys, of CardingAt Churchover, Mr. Joseph Bull, of Daventry, to Miss Hill, of Churchover,

John Lane, efq. of King's Bromley, to At Sedgley, Mr. Tho. Newton, to Mrs. Mrs. Amler, of Ford. Groom.

At Chetwynd, John Barton, aged 76, to Died.] At Birmingham, Mr. Joseph Mary Bate, aged 84; both paupers of that Smith, merchant. Mr. Robt. Morgan, aged parish. 61. Mr. Wm. Mills, attorney. Mrs. Of. At Hinstock, after a courtship of three borne, widow of the late Mr. Robt. Osborne, days, Mr. James Watts, a respectable youn's mufician. At her house, in Somerset-place, farmer, aged 19, to Mrs. Mary Austin, aged Mrs. Mary De la Garde, formerly of Guerné 80! This is her third husband; the bad bus sey, and latterly of the Hotwells. Mrs. ried lier last about two months ! Rebecca Skellett, at the hope and Anchor. Wm. Diennan, M. D. of Dublin, to Miss Mr. Humphry Bacon, of the Swan with two Swanwecks, of Wem. Necks. Mr. Johu Carter, victualler. Mr. Ac Olwestry, Mr. Morris, furgeon, to Sam. Lowbridge Freeman. Mr. John Barber, Miss Jameson. French master. Aged 73, Mirs, Piddock, At Brosely, Mr. R. Poole, of Harleston, wife of Mr. Piddock.

to Miss. M. Leighton, of Water's Upton. At Warwick, Mr. Twamley.

Died.] 'At Bridgenorth, Mrs. Weldon,



widow of the late Mr. Weldon, organist. At Hereford county se lions, seven parish Mr. George Pilkington, brazier. Mr. Owen oficers of Codington, were convicted of a conEdwards, sadler; who by his industry and spiracy, for procurir: a marriage to be sofrugality had ootained a confiderable pro- lemnized between a pror man of Bosbury, and perty.

a pauper of their own parish, with an intent Ai Oswestry, Mrs. Humphrey Jones, re to birchen the inhabitants of Bolbury. They na of the late J. H. Jones, or Llanfyllin, cfa. were severally fined in diferent penalties.

A: Whitchurch, in her 20th year, Miis Married.) At Leominiter, Mr. W. Haynes, Anne Sophia Grant; only daughter of Nir. of Bewdley, to Mifs Ann Meredith, of Grant.

Kington. Mr. Join Smith, of Choiitrey) Mrs. Bentley, wife of Mr. Beatley, of to Miss Knill. Moreton Hall, near Oswestry.

At Berkhampsted, Mr. Jones to Miss Fall, A: Poatebury, Mrs. Vaughan, widow of daughter of the sate Col. Fall, governor of the late Mr. Vaughan, schoolmaster.

Jeriey. At Frankweil, Mr. Tho. Oakley, maltfter. At Woo!hope, Mr. Josaph Stallard, to At Brockton, Mr. John Dukes.

Mrs. Parions. At Grinihill, Mrs. Clarke, relict of the Died.] At Credenhill, Mrs. Eckley, relict inte Rev. Mr. Ciarke, M. A. rector of More- of the late Rev. Rd. Eckley. 107 Corte:

At Much Marcle, Mrs. Jane Ellis, widow. A: Shrewsbury, Mr. Fowler, only son of At Whitchurch, near Rols, the Rev: Cka. Charts Fowier, esą. Mr. Franks, bricklayer. Jones Hardwicke, aged 27. Mirs. Margaret Jackson.

At Kington, aged 87, Mrs. Smith, relict At Day House, in the parish of Cardington, of the late Rev. Rd. Smith, rector of Croft. Mr. Richard Everall. Mrs. Clarke, of the At Boticrly, near Bromyard, aged 80, Mr. Fixth, near Shrewsbury, at the age of 102.


At his feat, at Knill Court, Francis GarOn the 8th. 323 pockets of hops were bett, eiq. weighted in Worcester market, the prices were At kedbury, Mrs. Jarvis, reliet of the late fram 15l. jos. to 161. 165 per cwt.

Mr. Jurvis, lurgeon. Mrs. Bridges, of the Married.) At Worceter, Mr. Robson, Horica d. Easter, to Mifs H. Cameron.

At Hereford, Mrs. Holcombe, relict of thé : A: Kiiderminster, the Rev. Tho. Wearer, late Rev. Dr. Holcombe. Mrs. Nichollss of Sarevibary, to Miss Roberts, of Kilder- wife of Mr. Nicholls, attorney at law. Mrs. uter.

S. Phillips.
Mr. Joseph White, of the Hill House, Ai Westbury, Mrs. Pytt, of Ragland.
Weez, to lift Elizabeth Hill, of the Horo,

Dear Kidierminiter.

Married.] At Westbury upon Seve-, Mr.» A: Wolverhampton, Mi. J. Law, to Miss Roberts of Rors, to Miss Sier, of Weltoury. Sarah Perry, of Bilitone. Mr. Tiro. Phila Atliey, Mr. Edw. Jackton, clothier, to Fts, irunmonger, to Miss Margt. Adims. Miss Ann Souls.

At Canon Pypon, Mr. Alley, of Bi At Thornbury, Mr. W'm Longlin, aged faepstone, to Miss Tunstall, of Lawton (hope. 64, to Nls. Sophia Nicholls, aged 67.

Died.? At Worcester, Mrs. Price, wile Mr. Nind, of Hawiord Mill, to Miss Bell, of Mr. Tho. Price, attorney at law. - Aged of Tewkbury. 67, Afr. Fermer. Mr. Moses Goodcre, At Westbury upon Trim, Rd. Llewellin, kosmith, one of the people called quakers. esq. to Miis Àms, eldest daughter of Levi

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At Wolverhampton, Mr. Sain. Contable. Ames, eíq. an alderman of Bristol.
At Inkbororgh, Henry Davis, a labourer;

At Wotton under Eige, J. L. Harris, erg. he was born in 1699, and during the long of Stonehouse, to Mils Burland, daughter period of his existence had lived the quiet and of Dr. Burland, and niece of the Baron burjazxent life of an ancient English husband- land. rate He was particularly kinrul in graft ng, Died.] At lereford, éged 87, Mrs. Cooke, and at the age of 26, pusiued his occupation A+ Stroud, of a paralytic itroke, Wm. Algreat vigjur ani activity.

dridge, ciq. At Desley, Mirs. Ann Hodgets.

At Gloucester, Mr. Powell, chandler. REFORDSHIRE AND MONMOUTHSHIRE. At Mr. Sykes's, Miss Fra. Eliz. Crane.

The receipts of the triennial mulic-nceting At Cam, Mrs. Litilehales, widow of the ** Hereford, have enables its benevolent pa- late Mír. Edmund Littiebales, draper, of tfuns to extend protection in the diocese of Shrewsbury. Hereford, to 19 widow's and 22 orphins ; in

At the seat of A. Rawlinson, esq. near **t of Gloucester, to fire of the first, and Lancaniter, lienry Lebzeiterne Cretwicks, -3 of the latter; and in that of Worceiter, efq. of Morcion in the Marih, in this courty. y di widow, ani 16 orphans.

At Bicknor, aged 107, Wm. Jones, a laThe rumuur of Aldernin liarley's intended bouring man, le retained all his faculties to atrie dias already produced a canvas for the the luit, and had lately thatched his own cute Dietei ntation of this county.

iage. MONTHLY Mag. No. 56.






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tion, the gentlemen of the university preMarried.) At Whitchurch, Mr. John sented him, fome years fince, with a filver Norman, to Miss Martha Herne.

baron. Mr. Robt. House, of Marsh Mills, near At Newmarket, Mr. Samuel Arnull, many Henley, to Miss Gregory, of Wargrave. years an experienced jockey on the turf, and

Died.] At Oxford, Mr. Wm. Parker, who is supposed not to have left a better upholder.' Mrs. Sarah Margetts, wife of Mr. behind him. Mrs. Ann Adams, a maiden P. Margetts, aged 60.

lady, who had refided there almost 100 years. At Benley, near Oxford, aged 81, Mr. W. At Woodbridge, Mrs. Cockle, wife of Mr. Townsend;

Cockle, surgeon. At Kidlington, Mr. R. Buswell, aged 68.

At Wifbeach; aged 89, Mrs. Eliz. Proud, At Cane-end, Mrs. Vanderstegen.

relict of the late Rev. John Proud. Mrs. At Shipton under Wichwood, Mr. Peter Weft, wife of Mr. Wert, surveyor and EngiBrookes, aged 71, senior brother of the Rev. Dr, Brookes, vicar of that parish.

Early on Tuesday morning, the 23th ult. Married.] At Thorpe, the Rev. A. D. there arose from the fouth a large and Hake, to Mrs. Burton Phillipson, niece to very luminous meteor, which pafied to the the late major-general Phillipson.

westward. When a little elevated, its tail At Peterborough, Mr. Cheshire to Miss appeared like a comet, and as the tail increafMarshall. Lieutenant Coyman, a Dutch offi- ed, the body diminished, till the whole difcer, on parole, to Miss Ann Whitwell. Ca- appeared. det Oander Aa, a Dutch officer, to Miss L.

At a general meeting of the inhabitants Rose, daughter of Mr. N. Rose. Cadet Ro- lately held at Norwich, it was unanimoully lands, a Dutch oficer; to Miss Kingston, of resolved to apply to parliament for a bill to Thorpe, near Peterborough.

pave, cleanse, light and watch that city. At Thrapston, Mr. Benjamin Lever to niarried.] At, Mr. Wm. HarMiss Letitia June, daughter of Mrs. Jones, at court, to Mrs. Grout. the White-Hart-inn.

At Lakenham, Bartlett Gurney, erq. ban: Dicd.] At Oundle, Mr. Thomas Todd, ker, of Norwich, to Miss M. Cockell, daugh. attorney at law. Mrs. Gregory.

ter of Wm. Cockell, esq. of Attlebrough. At Kingsthorpe, the lady of E. L. Percival, At Swardetton, Mr. Francis Clarke, of eta

Keswick, to Miis Taylor, of Swardefton. Ai Hardingston, Mrs. Rudd.

At East Dereham, Mr. John Dack, fura At Whittlefea, Mrs. Johnson, aged 87. geon, to Miss Hanmer.

At Bourn, aged 91, Mr. Dove, a respect- At Norton, near Norwich, Mr. Stephen ab!! grazier.

Andrews, to Mrs. Patience Allen. At Stamford, Mr. David Spurr, aged 70. At Tittlethall, Mr. W. Forby, to Miss

Wright. Married.) At Brill, Mr. Caswall, surgeon, At Lynn, Mr. Abbey, shipmaster, to Miss to Miss Holland.

A. M. A viss.

Died ] At Norwich, aged 62, Mrs. Lyng, Married.) At Broughton, the Rev. J. John- wife of Mr. Lyng, bricklayer. Aged 86, fon, rector of Broughton, to Miss F. A. Thomas Gage a retailer of oranges, &c. Mr. Thomson, of Somerínam.

Dennis at the Hand-inn. Mr. Dawson, go

vernor of the Duke's - palace - work houte. Master WILLIAM AINGIR, aged 16, of Aged 56, Mrs. Chapman, wife of Mr. Spanks the Rev. G. Burges's academy, Whittle fea, Chapman, liquor-merchant. Mr. John Barnes, has had a pair of Adams's twelve inch globes carrier. Aged 64, Mrs. Cape nuale. Mr. awarded him by the conductors of the Cook, lay-clerk of the cathedral. Aged 31, Monthly Preceptor, for the best efiwy on the Miss Ives, daughter of tlie late Joho lves, question, " is History or Biography the more cíq. merchant; an amiable, accomplished, and Improving study?"

benevolent lady. Died.) At Cambridge, Mr. Bennet Wyl- Mrs. Wilkins, aged 75, mother of Mr. lymott, attorney, and coroner for the county. Wilkins, patentee of Norwich Theatre. Aged 63, Mr. Wm. Senior. Mr. Robert Mrs. Carter, widow of the late Mr. Wm. Whitehead. Mr. C. Smithson. The Rev. T. Carter. Mrs. Catherine Smith, widow. Mr. Hodgson, rephew to Mr. Sharp, of Weeton, George Webster, son of Mr. Webiter at the and formerly of Kirby Overton.

Maiden-head-inn. In King's College, aged 82., Robert Glyn At Great Yarmouth, ag'd 58, Mr. Richard Globury, M. D. the senior fellow of that foci- Pitt, parifh-clerk. Aged 77, Mrs Elizabeth ety, and many years à very cminent physician Ramey. Mrs. Church. in that university. Mr. Robert Forster, many At Swatthan, Mis. Wright, wife of Mn vears bair dreffer to Clare-hall; he was ec Wright, of Fincliam, centric in his manners, but respected as an Ac Upwell, Mr. Page Burton, carpenter honest nian. As à token of their approbas aod millwrights





At West Walton, Mr. N. Çoker, farme iad grazier.

A Monthly Magazine has been commenced At Dyng, Mr. Thomas Hamerton, paper at Chelmsfori, which, from its attention to Diaker, aged 66.

local and generally interesting topics, appear At Thorpe, near Norwich, Mr. John Barn to deserve the encouragement of the inhabi. by, aged 85; he was endued with a fociable tants of the county of Essex. The editor is and susceptible mind, an engaging liberality a man of taste and humour. Scorning the vul. and fuavity of manners, and enjoyed all the gar comparison of an Enex-man to an Eflexbiellings without the tumults of life.

calf, he has engraved a calve's-head for his Ac Brylani Hall, in Mourningthorpe, Mri frontispiece, and in the course of the work has John Coles, farmer.

given place to the following neat epigram; At Wrenningham, aged 82, Mrs. Grace Thurston, wife of Mr. Thurston, farmer. “ The Editor's Apology for being a Calf.

At Thetford aged 62, Mrs. Ann Wright. IN every quarter of this world so wide, Ageió 5, Mrs. Sherring

Yobn Bull mcans Englishman-this same At Portingland, Mr. Wm. Beverly, farmer, world's pride : aged 78. Aged 61, the Rev. Dr. Cooper, " Proud may an Eflex Calf then surely be ; setor of Motley and Yilverton, and father A true descendant of Jibn Bull is he.” of R. B. Cooper, esq. of Dursley, in the Eaunty of Gloucester.

A new weekly paper, entitled the Essex At Lynn, Mr. W. Rose, clerk of the post- Herald, has been announced for publication office there. Mrs. Balls, aged 86. Mrs. S.

at Chelmsford, on the 27th of February. Bazze, filter to Win, and T. Bagge, efqrs.

Married.] At Chelmsford, Mr. Thomas Azed 82, Mrs. Ashley. Mrs. Elizabeth Gotte, Cooper, horse-dealer, to Miss D. Markham. aged 72. Mrs. Mary Cook, aged 63. Mrs.

Lieut. Abbott, of the 40th regiment of foot, Hickers. Mr. E. Robotham, aged 57.

to Miss Williams. Mr. Thomas Hadges, of At Martham, aged 79, Mrs. Jane French, Little Baldow, brewer, to Miss Elizabeth relict of the Rev. Richard French, rector of Davey, of Leigh's Lodge, Felited. Bergh Apton.

At Halsted, Mr John Crump, aged 65, to At Hoveton St. Peter, aged 68, Mr. Benja- Miss Phillips, aged 18. min Wells.

At Great Clacton, Mr. Robert Feedham,

to Miss Jemima Champion, of Little Clacton, The magistrates of Ipswich have caused Mr. Sheldrake, of Hadleigh, to Miss Shel. the following admonition to be painted in drake, of Stoneham, Suffolk. large letters over the door leading to their

At Framíd n, Mr. Daniel Dewall, farmer, council-chamber : « Of all antidotes against to Miss

Smith, of Kettleburgh. orkes, ibe muff bumane, the moft salutary, and the At Thaxted, Mr. John Brand, of Park of prawerful, is-BELIGION

Farm, to Mrs. Wilsher, of Goddard's Farm. Married.] Rev. James Hitch, rector of Died] ĄC Chelmsford, Mrs. HollingsWesterfield, to Miss Bolton, of Akenham. worth, wife of Mr. Hollingsworth, brick

At Ipswich, Mr. Grabu, grocer, to Miss layer. Ann Chapman. Mr. Hiain Walton, grocer,

Mrs. Swaine, wife of Mr. Swaine, of to Miss Elizabeth Spurgen, of Hatfield Pe. Rochford. vérell, Eflex.

At Thaxted, Mr. Penjamin Livermore. Robert Bradstreet, esq. of Higham-hall, to

At Romford, Mifs Tyler, daughter of Mr. Miss Adlam, of Mason's-bridge, near Had- John Tyler. leigh.

Mr. Henry Goody, farmer. Mr. William Mr. John Brown, to Miss Susannah Sturdy, stone-mafon. Branch, both of Hinderclay.

At Harwich, Mio. Farmer, of Ruhmere, Mr. Robert Linstead, of Woodbridge, dra near Ipswich. pér, to Miss Blake, of Hoo.

At Dunton, Mrs. Hunt, wife of Mr. Hunt, Lieut Godfrey, of the Suffolk fencible farmer. cavalry, to Miss Pogion, of Bury.

At Great Waltham, Mrs Willis, widow of Died. At Bury, Mr. George Adkin, tay, the late Mr. Willis, of Old Park Farm, lor. Mrs. Crisp, wife of Mr. Crisp, of the At Afhen, Mr. Robert Poole, a respectable King's Arms Inn. Samuel Young, eldest farmer of Claret-hall. son of Mr. William Young, of Southgate, Ai Danbury, Mr. Matthew Nicholls, ftreet. Mrs. Crouch, widow.

farmer. At Bungay, aged 71, Mrs. Rackham. At High Easter, Mr. Thomas Saltmarsh, Az Bentley, Nathaniel Whimper, esq. of Cromp's Farm. At Newmarket, Mrs. Ann Adams, ipin At Bradwell, aged 52, Mrs. Keys, wife of

Mr G. Keys, sen. At Hadleigh, Mr. Joseph Brownsmith, At Lexden, near Colchester, Mrs. Wright, fasrier. Mr. Thomas Brookes, stay-maker. wife of Mr. Wright, suddeniy, whill feed

At Ipswich, aged 75, Mr. John Ashbridge, ing her child. musician, late of Lambeth. Ayed 63, Mrs. Mrs.Cook, wife of Mr. Cooke, shoe-maker. Crabb, wife of Mr. Crabu, keeper of Ipswich At Caille Hledingham, Barker Myall, eiq. Boul. Mrs. Johnson.

At Woodfurd, bár, Josep la Luder,

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fter, aged 999

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