Imatges de pÓgina

ch broil

mis hap

pur suit

e mit

e spouse

Re bate re buke re cant re ceipt re duce


Here by here in here of him self Im brue im burse im merse im pair im pale im pend im plant im press im print in camp

ex alt ex cel ex cise ex cite ex claim

re fer re fit

[blocks in formation]

mis lead mis like mis name mis spend mis place mis print mis rule mis take mis trust mo lest mo rose Neg lect nine teen Ob struct out strip OC cur of fence o mit op press out do out live Par take

ex cuse ex empt ex ert

[blocks in formation]

ex ist

in ept

ex pand ex panse

re pair re place re plete

in crease in cur in dent in dulge in fect in firm in flame in flict in fuse

en chant en close en dear en dorse en dure en force

re pose re press

re prieve re print re pulse

re prove

en gage en joy.

per form per mit

en rich

in gross in grate in ject

en rage


per spire per per verse per vert

en rol

en sue en tice en tire en treat ex pend ex plode

po lite por tend pre ciict

re straint re sume re tail re tract re trench re vere re volve re ward ro bust ro mance re cite re cline re coure Se dan se duce

pre pare

ex pose

in slave in sure in stil in struct in trude in trust in verse in vert in vest in vite in sure in tense in trigue Mis chance mis count mis deed mis doubt mis give

ex tend X tort ex tract

Fif teen

fore arm

pre vail pre scribe *pre serve pre tend project pro mote pro nounce pro pose pro pound pro rogue pro tect pro long

six teen Sub ject sub join

fore seen for get four teen ful fil Gá zette

sub lime

[blocks in formation]
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Words of one syllable explained. Ache, st a páin,

Bar, s. a piece of wood, &c laid Act, 0. l. to perforin,

across, Act, s. something done, Bard, s. a poet, Add, v. 6. to join something to Beck, s. the rind of a tree,

that which was before, Barn, s. ycast, Age, s. any period of time attri- Barn, s. a house for grain,

buted to something, as the Bash, v. il. to be ashamed,

whole or part of its duration, Bawd, s. a procurer, Aid, s. support:

Bay, s. an opening into the land. Aim, v. a. to direct.

Beach, s. a tree, a shore, Aim, s. a design.

Bead, s. liitie balls strung toAlins, s. what is given in relief gether, of the poor,

Bent, &, a degree of flexure.
Ape, s. a kind of monkey, Bet, s. a wager,
Apt, C. ready, quick,

Bile, v. 1. to dwell,
Ark, s. a kind of ship,

Bite, s. a trick, Arch, s. a part of a circle, Blade, s. the sharp part of a Arm, s. a limb, Ús do to take weapon the spire of grass,

Blain, s. a blister, Art, s. a trade.

Blame, s. censure, Awe, s. fear

Biank, s. a void space, Axe, s. an instrument to cut Bleed, v. d. to let blood, with.

Bleat, v. n. to cry as a sheep, Ay, ad. used foy yes.

Bend, v. a. to mingle,

Błess, s. state of telicity,
Baa, s. the cry of a sheep, v. n. Bioat, v. a. to swell,

to cry like a sheep. Block, s. a heavy piece of wood Babe, s. an infant,

Bloom, s. a blossom, Back, s. the hinder part of the Boast, v. a. to display ones 2€ body

tions' Badge, s. a mark,

Bode, v. A. to portend, Bag, s, a kind of sack,

Bold, a daring, But, s. for a trap,

Bond, s. signalent, Bake, v. a. to make hard with Brid, s a sort of nail, heat

Brag, v. it. to boast, Balm, s. the juice of an odori- Bray, Ü. n. to make a noise in

ferous shrub, Bulm, 0. c. to soothe,

Breatai, v. n. to live, Bud, s. a tye,

Breeze, s. a 5 atre wind, Bang, v. l, to beat,

Bribe, s. d reward, Rink, s. a heap oa earth, **Brink, s. the edge,

an ass,


, se a tu Coxe, ... Core

, 8. th 1 Corpse, sa

Cosa mo Couch, s a

Cruft, so CLE Cramp, so | Cream, sot

S. an


Cook, the

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Brisk, a. lively,

Chance, s. fortune,
Brogue, s. a kind of shoe, Change, v. a. to alter,
Broil v. a. to cook by laying Chant, v. Che Son. to sing

something on the coals, Charge, v. a. to intrust,
Broil, s. tumult

Charm, s. inchantinent,
Broach, s. an orniment of Jew- Chayt, so a deliniation of costs,

Chase, u. a. to hunt,
Brood, 9. n. to sit on eggs, Chasm, s. a clift,
Brook, s. a streain,

Cheer, v. c. to incite,
| 0. li to bear,

Chess, s. a kind of game,
Di 12, to be patient Chide, v. 6. to reprove,
Broth, s. a liquor in which meat Chill, 5. a. to make cold,
is boiled,

Chink, s. a sinall opening,
Brouse, . n. to feed,

Choice, a. select,
Brow, s. the arch of hair over Choose, v. a. to take by way

Burgh, s. a corporate town, Chop, v. n. to light upon &
Buzz, v. 17. to hum as bees, thing,

Chouse, v. loto cheat,
Cab, s. a measure of three pints Chrism, s. unction,
Cage, 3. an enclosure for birds, Churi, s. a nigard,
Calm, a. quiet, v.a. to still, Chyle, s. juice in the stomacik
Calve, v. n. to bring a calf. Clash, v. a. to strike one thing
Clax, s. powder made by burn against another,

Clasp, 7. a. to shut with a ctasp
Cant, e. n. to talk in jargon, Clear, a light,
Care, &. solicitude,

Class, s. an order of persons,
Carp, v. n. to.censure, Clause, s. a sentenco,
Cart, s. a carriage,

Claw, s. the foot of a beast,
Carve, v. a. to cut or engrave, Clean, a. free from dirt,
Cash, s. ready money,

Cleave, v. a. to divide,
Cask, s. a barrel,

Climb, v. a. to ascend.
Catch, v. a. to lay hold of, Cling, v. ne to twist round,
Cave, s. cavern,

Cause, so that which produces cloths,

Coal, $. fossil,
Cease, v. n. to leave off, Close, v. a. to shut,
Cede, v. a. to yield,

Clout, s. cloth for any mean use-
Cense, s. public rates,

Clown, s. a rustick,
Cense, v. a. to perfume, Cloy, v. a. to surfeit,
Cent, s. a hundred,

Clump, s.

a small cluster of Chafe, v. A. to heat,

Chain, s. a fetter,

Coast, s. the shore,
Chalk, s. fossil, *. a to mark Coil, s. bustle,
with chalking

Cool, Cr-somewhat cold

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Coif, s. a head dress.

Deaf, a. wanting thc sense of Cope, v. n. to contend,

hering, Core, &, the heart,

Deal, u. a. to dispose, Corpse, s. a dead body,

Deal, s. part,
Cov, a. modest,

Deal, v. n. to traffick,
Couch, s a seat of repose, Dean, e. a dignity in the church
Craft, s. cunning,

Dear, a. beloved,
Cramp, s. spasin,

Death, s. mortality, Cream, s. the unctious part of Debt, so what one owes milk,

Deod, s, an action, Cress, s. an herb,

Deem, . n. to judge, Crest, si a plume,

Deep, s.


sein 3 Croak, s the cry of a raven, Deer, s. an aniinal s, a

Delf, 0.


s. amine, Curd, s. the coagulation, of Delve, v. A. to dig, milk,

Den, s, a cavern, Cure, v. 4. to heal,

Dice, s. plural of die,
Cure, s. remedy,

Dye, or die, v a. to colour,
Curse, v. a. to wish evil, Dye, s. a colour,
Curve, s. any thing bent, Die, v. n. to lose life,
Czar, s. the title of the empe- Dim, a. obscure,
ror of Russia written tzar, Dent, s. a mark,

Dire, a. dreadful,
Dab, o, a. to strike with some Dodge, v. n. to use craft.

thing soft, s. a lump of any Doil, 8. a little giri's baby,

Dolt, s. a thick-skull,
Dale, s. a vale,

Doom, v. a. to judge, Dame, s. a lady.

Door, s. the entrance of a Danp, a. moist,

house, Damp, s, moisture,

Dose, s. so much medicine as is Danp, v. a. to wet,

taken at once, Dance, v. n, to move in naeasure Dote, 0, n. to hare the intellect Dark, a. wanting light,

impared by age or passion,
Dart, v. a. to throw, 8. a missle Dove, so the pigeon,

Down, s. soft feathers,
Dash, v. a. to throw against, · Drab, s, a whore,
Dash, s, collision,

Draff, s. any thing thrown away Date, s. the time when any Drag, v. a. to pull along, 9. 14. thing is performed,

to trail along the ground, Date, v. a. to mark the time, Drain, v. N. to draw off water, Daub, v. a. to smear,

&c. s. a ditch, Daunt, v. a. to fright,

Dram, s. the eight part of an Dawn, v. n. to grow luminous ounce, a small quantity of Dawn, s. first rise,

spirits. Dead, c. without life,

Draw, to pull alongy

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