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soul in hell: consider

The Prayer. the vows that are upon Blessed be God, who by you, and despise not the

His grace, and by the goodness and forbear

voice of His Church, hath ance of God, which is

called me to repentance ! designed to lead you to Discover to me, 0 Thou repentance.

Searcher of hearts, the If you ask when you are charge that is against me, to begin this necessary that I may know, and work (if it is not already

confess, and forsake the begun) answer

sins I have fallen into. short: the very moment Give me that true repentyou ask the question ;

ance, to which Thou hast and this, because if you promised mercy and parfind an unwillingness in

don, that I may amend yourself to set about it

where I have done amiss, now—that unwillingness and that iniquity may not will every day increase :

be my ruin. And, O very probably you will

blessed Advocate, who never repent, unless God

ever livest to make interby His judgments, or cession for us, I put my by the sight of death, cause into Thy hands ; shows you your sad error,

let Thy blood and merits when it may be too late

plead for me, and by Thy to be of any real use to

mighty intercession proyou.

cure for me the pardon of Now, if these considerations affect your heart, thou mayest say unto me,

my past offences : that as sure they will if you

as Thou didst unto the have any regard for your penitent in the Gospel, salvation, represent your Thy sins are forgiven ; so desires to God in some

that I may go with a such words as these fol- quiet conscience to Thy lowing :

holy Table. Amen.



Concerning the Purposes you are to make of leading

a New, that is, a CHRISTIAN LIFE

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N the first place, take, if we do not obey our ReGod accepts of our re- Your duty to God, your pentance on this condition | neighbour, and yourself, only, that we may after- you have known from a wards glorify Him by an child: be assured of it, holy Christian life. you will meet with temp

And as He delivered tations from the devil, the the people of Israel from world, and your own corbondage, not that they rupt heart, both to nemight do what was right glect and transgress the in their own eyes, but commands of God. that, becoming an holy It will be absolutely nation, they might be an necessary, therefore, that honour to their deliverer:1 you arm yourself betimes, even so Christ has re- both with holy resolutions, deemed us from the bon- and with this holy Ordidage of sin and Satan, nance, which you are prethat He might redeem us paring to go to, that you from this present evil may be able, through the world, and purify unto grace of God, to go on in Himself a people zealous the way of salvation. of go works.

Now YOUR DUTY TO And as the former per- GOD is,-To believe in ished, that is, all such as him, to fear and to love did not answer the end him, with all your heart of their deliverance, so and soul; forasmuch as most surely shall we do, you stand indebted to 1 Deut. xiv. 2.

Him for all you have, or value, or hope for in this attention, and have a or the next life.

great regard for His orDo but consider how dinances, and for the you would behave your persons whom He hath self, if you were but half appointed to administer so much obliged to any them. man on earth ; How dear- If you truly fear God, ly would you love him ! you will part with any How often would you thing as dear as a right think on him ! How hand, or a right eye, rather would you strive to please than provoke Him who him! How would you be can destroy both body and grieved if you should be soul in hell. so unhappy as to offend If you believe Him to him! How soon and ear- be the Fountain of all nestly would you beg his good, you will pray to Him pardon, to be restored to daily.

And if you put his favour!

your whole trust in God, Now, if you thus love as it is your duty to do, God, it will appear in you will endeavour to be such instances as these: pleased with all his dealyou will have a very great ings with you, you will regard for everything that never murmur at the ways belongs to Him: you will of His providence, nor not use His Name to any suffer your heart to fret idle or wicked purpose: against the Lord. And you will religiously ob- especially, you will never serve the day consecrated attempt to better or secure to His honour and ser- your condition by any vice; you will carefully evil ways: believing asattend the house and wor- suredly, that God can and ship of God;—and behave will make you full amends yourself with reverence in the next life, for what and devotion, while you you want or suffer in this, are in His presence: you

in submission to His will. will hear His word with Lastly, your duty is to

be thankful to God. The Thee, to make my love way to be so is, to look and fear of Thee the upon every mercy you re- governing principle of my ceive, as the gift of God; whole life :—that I may every danger you escape, always do what I believe as owing to His care and will please Thee;—that I providence; every good may carefully avoid what thought, every good pur- | I know will offend Thee: pose, every occasion of do- and that I may live as ing good, as the effect of having Thee the constant His good Spirit.

witness of my thoughts, Think, and act, and words, and actions. purpose, thus: and it will Give me a stedfast faith be as natural to thank in Thy word and proGod for all the dispensa- mises; a firm trust in Thy tions of His providence, power. Let the fear of as it is for you to beg any Thy justice keep me from blessing from Him, which presumption, and a sense you stand in most need of. of Thy goodness from des

Stop awhile, until you pair. "Defend me from all have considered these those bewitching snares things, and until you have which destroy our love of expressed your sense of Thee: from worldly cares; them in this following from sensual and sinful prayer :

pleasures; from evil com

pany; from foolish diverThc Prayer.

sions; and from every

thing that may make me This is indeed the first forget that Thou alone and great command, to art worthy to be feared love Thee, O God, with and loved.

Grant me all our heart: for on this these mercies for Thy depends our salvation. Son Jesus Christ His sake, But even this must be the whose love and death we gift of Thy grace; for this are going to commemorgrace I now apply to ate. Amen.


Your Duty to your Neighbour and Yourself

my life.


HIS is the second fraud, or oppression; or

great command, and of taking advantage of will require the most so- the ignorance, mistakes, lemn resolutions you can or necessity, of my neighmake, before you go to the bour; knowing assuredly, Lord's Supper.

that he who wrongs his Consider therefore whe- neighbour does the greatther you can sincerely re- est injury to himself. And solve as follows:

if at any time I am conI dare not, I will not vinced that I have done be indifferent how I lead him any wrong, I will

I know what make him satisfaction as God has commanded me, far as I am able, without and I purpose sincerely being forced by law to to do it.

do unto others what I I will, in the first place, would they should do unto be obedient to the lawful | me. commands of my supe- To this end, I will enriors, and especially to deavour to live peaceably those who watch for my and charitably with all soul. I do sincerely pur- people; avoiding all mapose in all my dealings to lice, and revenge, and remember the command evil-speaking, and contengiven me by my Saviour, tion, as much as possibly THOU SHALT LOVE THY

I can.

And I will speak NEIGHBOUR AS THYSELF, truth at all times, and esand therefore I will make pecially when I am called a conscience of doing the to my oath, whether it be least wrong to any man; for or against my worldly of using any deceit, or interest.

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