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At Stilling-Minnis, Mr. Robert Jull, aged A plan is in agitation to unitet - Medway 83 ; and a few days afterwards Mrs. Ann and Thames, just below Graveiend, by a spa- Jull, his widow, aged 87. cious cut, which will open a communication A¢ Tenderden, Mrs. Williams, aged 70. between London, Chatham, and Sheerness. · Mrs. Pott, aged 67. The navigation from Gravesend to Chatham, At Rochester, Mr. Spice, who was one of which is now between 30 or 40 miles, will the aldermen, and had been fix times mayor not then exceed eight.

of that city. Married.] At Margate, Mr. James War- At Hemed, near Cranbrook, the Lady of ren, printer, to Miss Mitchener.

T. H. Hodges, Esq. At Lyminge, Mr. Richard Marsh, of Haw- At Brompton, Mr. Smythe, one of the kinge, to Miss Sarah Prebbuel.

clerks of the pay-office at Chatham, At Biddenham, Mr. William Downs, sad- At Langdon, Mrs. Whitehead, after an dler, to Miss Mary Bourne. Mr. Stephen hour's indisposition; and on the following day Paine, bricklayer, to Miss Ann Gravett. Mr. Whitehead, her husband.

At Canterbury, Mr. James James, com- At Garlinge, near Margate, Mr. Thomas mander of the Eagle prison fhip, to Mil M. Solly, aged 21, Copp, of Chatham. Mr. Barns, corn-factor, to Miss Harvey. Mr. Harvey, coach-malier, A proposal for Subicriptions has been pub. to Miss Callow,

lished; and a survey is now making by Mr. At l'pper Deal, Mr. John George, baker, R. Dodi, engineer, for a Canal, or Water at Ramsgate, to Miss Shrewsbury, Mr. John Communication, between the Thames at Frost, to Miss Mummery.

Rotherhithe, and the river Wey, a length At Folkstone, Mr. John Hight, to Miis S. os about 28 miles, and uniting to many po. Minter.

pulous towns to the metropolis, that the proMr. Thomas Walker, farmer, of Farthing- poials inter, " such an immense water comloe, to Miss Loud, of Barton, rear Dover. munication may, probably, not be equalled

At Herne, Mr. John Collard, jun. to Miss in the universe." Overdean, of Chiriet.

At Lydd, Mr. J. Edell, of Dymchurch, His Majesty's floop of war, the Brazen, to Miis E. Calloway.

was lately wrecked upon a reef of rocks at Died.] At his leat at Harbledown, near Weiimiis Rope, about two miles from NewCanterbury, George Gipps, Esq. M. P. for haven; and notwithstanding every exertion, that city for the four lait parliaments. ail the crew (consitting of 154 persons), ex

At his house in St. George's, Solomon cept one man, perished. Sammon, gent.

Mils Bisshopp, aged 12, daughter of Sir Mrs. Crow, wife of lient. Crow, of the Cecil Bilshopp, bart, M. P. of Parham in thią, navy. Mr. Olinnan. Mr. Arnold, aged 85. County, has had an Achromatic Telescope · Mr. George Wardie, aged 83.

upon a stand awarded to her by the conAt his leat at Dunson, Sir John Boyd, Lart. ductors of the Monthly Preceptor, for the | At New Romney, agd 76, Mr. William best translation of a given pafiage in TeMackleliand, or awford.

At Bunchley, aged 88, Mrs. Springer. Diid.] At Brighton, Mrs. Wayte, widow

At Mardun, suddenly, Mrs. Gilbert, wife of the late Rev. Tho. Wayte, rector of of Mr. Gilbert.

Ongar in Efex. At Woodcharch, Mr. John East, farmer. A¢ Chicheiter, aged 55, the Rev. Robert

At Faveriham, M. Robert Page, formerly Edwards, M. A. late rector of East Witterof the Dolphin In! ; and two days afterwards, ing, and vicar of Oving. his brother, Mr. Richard Page.

At Lewes, Mrs. Higgins. Mrs. Ridge, At Deal, Mr. J. Stanley, aged 59. Mr. witc of Nir. Ridge, late of Iford. John Partridge, ien.

At Leigh, near Havant, John Lellyett, a At Eythorn, Mrs. Sayer, relia of the late respectable farmer. Thomas Sayer.

A. Sandgate, aged 5.4, Mr. H. Andrews. 11.zzried.) At Reading, Phillip Ditcher,

At Godmersham, aged 85, Mr. Benjamin esq. 1o Mrs. Parllow, widow of Major Pardiow, Andrews.

of the King's own Dragoons, and daughter of At Folkftore, Mr. William Gittins, aged the Honourable Sir Jacob Woltte, bart. 72. Mrs. Smith,

Died.] At Reading, Mrs. French, aged 68, At Sittiovbourne, Miss Elizabeth Faufictt, Mrs. Lovim.ore. Mr. Stcphen Francum. Mrs. eldest daughter of Mr. Fautfett.

Omon. Mrs. Ridcr, wire of Mr. Rider, at At Aih, Mr. Benjamin Route, fen. the Star. Mr. Richarton, many years senior

At Woodnesborough, Niis. Stephens, re- Town-ferjcart, of Reading. li&t of the late O. Stcphers, elg.

At Eton, Mr. John Cox, poulterer, At Maidttore, Mrs. Coleman, at the Dog and Bear. Açel so, Mrs. Currber.

Nr. At the late Quarter Setions, at PurefSquier Bath, lieutenant in the Digiallone yon mouth, a person of the nanic Fuller, was luutcers.





convicted of regratting poultry and other ar- The following important fact has been ticles, was fined 201.

confirmed by the Earl of Pembroke, that if The following paragraph, in manuscript, the oats given to horses are firit bruken, 1108 was found a few days ago, fuck up in the ground, in a mill, the fame quantity will prove market place at Romsey.

doubly nutritious. His lord hip dirccted an « Death to take this down.

experiment to be made with lix horfes. To TAKE NOTICE,

onc fet he ordered the usual quantity of oats, Bakers and Bigge Donns

and to the other one half the quantity. After and beware of fire and tonges

a trial of six weeks, the fix horses which had if you do not lower the bread

been fed with only half the quantity of the you will foon lose your blood

oats grossly broken, and had done the same We dont care for your Volunteers

work, were really in as good, if not better that will not put us in any fears

condition, than those which bad been fed ve will soon put the bakehoutes in one fire," with the whole quantity unbroken. if you dort lower it to our defire

Married.] Joseph Mortimer, esq. of Trowand this is fincd by

bridge-hall, to Miss Caroline Bedingfield, se jeit one and twenty" (21 Xs or marks.) E. A. Harold, of Marlborough, to Miss Woods

The mayor and corporation have offered a ham, of Swindon. riward of gol. for the discovery of the author At Bristol, the Rey. Mr. Gauntlett, of Di anthors,

Tilshead, to Miss A. J. Davies, daugicer of Married]. At Great Yarmouth, Lieut. the Rev. Ed. Dayies, rector of Coychurch, Leaj. Wilkinson, of his Majesty's ship Mo- Glamorganshire. march, to Miss Clyde, of Biddeford, Devon. Died.) At Salisbury, Mrs. Baker, relićt of

At Kingston, George Harding, esg. a cap- the late E. Baker, efq. gain in the 44th regiment, to liiss Champion, At Santa Cruz, Thomas Brodihaw, efq. late of Kingston. William Johnson, esq. purler of Wilbury-house; in this county, of the Gladiator, to Miss Griffiths, daughter At Britford, near Szlifbury, Mrs. Morres, of Mr. Griffiths, of Portsmouth Dock-yard. wife of the Rey. Mr. Morres, vicar of that Mr. Tho Rogers, of the Ordnance, to Mrs. parish. Hale, of Poršíea. Captain Seward, of the At Bapton, aged 79, Mrs. Davis, Royal Nayy, to Miss Eveleigh, daughter of At Wily, Mr. Potticary, 4 refpe&able Colonel Ereleigh, of the Royal Enginçers. farmer.

Died.] At Winchester, "Mr. Tho. Searle, At Marlbrough, Mrs. Funnell. many years head turnkey, at the county At Charlton, nea: Malmsbury, the seat of goal. Aged 78, Mr. Marriner.

the Earl of Suffülk, the Hon. Miss Howard, At Portsmouth, Mr. Lear, fail-maker. only fifter of his Lordihip: On her way from Andover to Winchester, is a caravan, Mrs. Colson, of Hursley. The principal farmers of this county, have Suddenly,Lieut.B.Reynolds, of his Majesty's determined to establich two Wool Fairs in the hip Ceres, at Portsmouth ; who was seized year at Dorchetter. One at St. James's Fair with an apoplexy whilst playing at back- (Aug. 5.), and the other at Candlemas gammon.

(Feb. 13.); and accordingly at the late Faire At his mother's house at Lyndhurst, in a farmer produced not less than 4 tods or rapid decline, in the 20th year of his age, 281b. each. Tbomas Maitland, trą. 2d son of the late A public hew of cattle was ektablished at Thomas Maitland, and grandson of General Wareham, on the 8th inítant, and will be Mathew.

continued every third Saturday, tiil the 34 At Gofşort, an aged seaman, named Edw. of May inclusive. Hardcattle. He was celebrated for the fol- Married.) At Slierborne, Mr. Dan. Pennya loving exploit :--During the visit which the mason, to Mi's Grange; his fifth wife, Dake of York paid to Admiral Rodney on Died.) At Shillingttone, Mr. Rob. Candy, board the Marlborough, in 1761, he got to At Dorchester, Mrs. Templeman, wife of the very top of the vane of the mainmast, the Rev. N. Templeman, rector of the Holy and stood there on his head, waying his hat Trinity and St. Peter's, in Durcheiter, arcral cimes with his foot. WILTSHIRE.

The Strangers I'riend Suriery c: Barb, intig In addition to the Subscriptions lately made tuted about 10 years ince, is of a defcription fer completing the Salisbury and Southampton that does higli honour to its founders. The Camil, the progress of which has been in- delign is to jeck in the abodes of wretchedneis errupted for want of mercy, the Earl of for all frangers, whose lule ruomendation Raunot has fubfcribed joool.

is their misery and distrais! Public Beggars A barn, cow-house, and other opt-build- are excepted. They have no ou objects of ings, were lately destroyed by fire at White-' charity on their books. The amouni of the Parish. Anonymous letters, threatening à fubicriptions, &c. received lult year was abouq mischief of this kind, had previoutly been 1201. the expenditures 14.1. leat to the occupier and other farmers, and a At the Bristol Dipentary in the course of quantity of corn had in consequence been re- lil yetem, $wo hundred and rights pour lang, meged from this bara.



in women were delivered. --Five hundred and Maria Carpenter, fifter to Lieut. J. Carpenter, fixty-three lick patients were recovered, and of the Endymion frigate. fifty-nine were relieved. The increased Fi- At her mother's, in the Park, Miss Mary nances of this benevolent institution, has Ward, youngest daughter of the late Fra. enabled the managers to announce their in- Ward, esq. Miss Snelling, eldest daughter éntion of extending its benefits.

of Mr. Snelling, brewer. The venerable Parsonage-house at Norton At Bridgewater, in the bloom of youth, St. Phillips, near Bath, has lately been de- Miss Sealy, eldest daughter of John Sealy, ftroyed by fire.

esq and lister-in-law to Dr. Gibbes, of Bath; Mr. NEHEMIAH BARTIEY, of Bristol, a young lady much admired for beauty and has been ciected Secretary to the Bath Agri- talents. cultural Society, in the room of Mr. WM. At Bedminster, Mr. Wm. Reynolds, chiefMATTHEWs, who, during so many years, engineer, of Bedminster Coal-Works. filled the situation with fingular honour to At Huntspill, Mr. Tho. Greenwood, jun. himself, and great benefit to the public. surgeon of that place, highly distinguished

On Wedneiday morning, between two and for his professional abilities. three o'clock, a fire broke out at the houie At Curry-Rivel, aged 90, Mrs, Sparry. of Mr. King (Master of the Ceremonies), in She was nurse to the present Earl of Chatham Harrington-place, Bath. So sudden and rapid and Mr. Pitt; and, fince then, has been lis were the flames, that Mr. and Mrs. King, berally supported by the Countess of Chatham. with their family and fervants, had but just At Dinder, near Wells, aged 56, John time to escape naked as they got out of bed. Lovell, efq. one of his Majesty's Justices for The house was nearly consumed, and the this county, late mayor of Wells, and furniture tatally destroyed.

brother to Mr. Joseph Lovell, of Bristol. Married.] At Bath, John Gittins Archer, At Crewkerne, Lieut. Crane, son of Dr. esq. of Barbadoes, te Mits Vaffall, daughter Crane, of that place, and first lieutenant of of the late John Vaffall, efq. of Bath. Mr. his Majesty's Marine forces. Salmon, printteller, to Miss L. Invetto, daugh- At Taunton, aged 76, Mr. Tho. Parsons, ter of Sig. Invetto. Mr. Redman, attorney, furmerly an eminent coal-merchant. t) Miss E. Englith.

At Wells, Mrs. Stride, widow of the late At Bristol, Mr. Thomas Huish, tyler, &c. Mr. John Stride. to Miss Beven, of Clifton.

At Compton Pauncefoot, Miss Palmer, At Old Cleve, James M“Taggart, esq. eldest daughter of the Rev. John Palmer, of Bristol, merchant, to Miss Ann Hamilton, At East Hayes, Mr. J. Vernham, late of daughter of the late Capt. W. H. of the Navy. the Black Swan, in Bath.

At Kingstanley, Mr. William Page, to Miss S. Etheridge.

DEVONSHIRE, At Yatton, Mr. James Day, to Miss Ann We have the pleasure to announce, that a Wornell, of Court Old-Wick.

public subscription library has lately been esAt Wells, Mr. Peter Fowler, to Miss tablished at TAVISTOCK, on a liberal plan, Painter, milliner.

under the conduct of a treasurer and comAt Kilmington, the Rev. Mr. Parry, of mittee. The terras one pound per annum. Denbigh, to Miss Luh, third daughter of the We hope the example will be followed by late Mr. Luih.

other of the numerous towns in the western Died.] At Bath, Mrs. Hewitt, of Mail. counties, which are still without either a brough. Capt. Cha. Locke, of his Majesty's reading society, or a modern public library. It tip Inspector. Mirs. Piercy, of Plymouth should be recollected, that with proper maDock. Mr. G. Warner. E. B. Nightingale, nagement, a subscription of one pound per anefq. 5th son of Sir E. Nightingale, bart. of num from fifty persone, will, in twenty Kneelworth-house, Cambriügelhire. In her years, raise an useful and splendid library of 29th year, Mrs. 'Moor, mother of Mrs. four thousand of the best books in the English Ewing, in Westgate-street.

language. At Brillington, John Adams, erg.

No discovery has yet been made of the At his house in Queen-square, 'Rear-Ad- persons who robbed the Exeter Bank, in the mital Ourry, a gentleman univerfally re- night of the 19th of January. The property fpected for the amiableness of his manners, foier amounted to 5631. 75, 4d. in cash, and and for his indexible attachment to the duties several thousands pounds in notes, viz. 94 of religion and virtue.

Bank of England notes of 21. each, and 33 In the prime of life, the wife of Mr. E. of il. each, 531 of their own 5 guinea notes, Horton,

5 ditto of other Exeter banks, and 34 bills of At Bristol, Mr. Blennin, filk-dyer. J. exchange and promitory notes; all of which Sloper, esg. of Devizes. Mrs. Lewis. Mis hve been advertised with their numbers, Link, wife of Mr. Link, bruzier. Mrs. &c. in Treum.'s Exeter, and other provincial Vaughan, wife of Mr. T. G. Vaughan. papers, with a reward of two hundied pounds At Mrs. Smith's, College-itacet, Miss for discovery of the perpetrators,


The price of standard wheaten bread at branches of science, as well as for his skill in Exeter, as fixed by the mayor on the roth surgery and phyfic. Rich. Meredith, esq. iaft, was rather more than 30. per Ib.

of Pentrebychan, near Wrexham. Married.) At Exeter, M. B. W. Johnson, At Talgarth, in Brecon, aged 29, Mr. furgeon and apothecary, to Miss Radford, Charles Morgan. daughter of the late Rev. Mr. Radfuri, of At Newcastle, in Carmarthenshire, aged Lapford.

88, Mrs. Lewis. At Woolfordisworthy, Mr. Thomas Lake At Carmarthen, Mrs. Ross, wife of Mr. (one of the fortunate heroes of the late Echa- Rofs, printer. lion frigate) to Miss Elizabeth Manley,

The Rev. William Thomas, whose death At Totness, Samual Adams, efq. to Miss was noticed in our magazine for October, was Bentall, daughter of J. Bentall, eiq. mayor born at Eglwyrnynyd, near Margam, in Glaof that place.

morganthire, South Wales ; initiated at CowAt Budock, near Falmouth, Mr. M'Quid, bridge, under Dr. Durell, and sent to Oxford aged 32, to Mrs. E Crabtree, aged 76. to complete his education. He there took

Died.) At Exeter, Mrs. Jarvoise, wife of the degree of M. A. procured a fellowship, and Mr. Jarvoise. Mrs. Reed, wife of Mr. Reed, continued many years tutor in Pembroke fadler. Samuel Milford, esq. one of the pro- College. Sir Watkin Williams Wynne and prietors of the City Bank.

the Duke of Beaufort attended his instructions, At Topham, aged 85 years, Mrs. Lucy and the latter ever continued in the most in Worton, reli&t of the late Mr. Robert Wor- timate terms of friendship with hiin. Mr. T. tən, who, through the whole course of her whint at Oxford, made considerable enquiries life, enjoyed uninterrupted health.

into the Welch language : I have seen his At Exmouth, Capt. Manning of the sea library a letter from Evan Evans, generally fencibles.

called Evan brydyddkir, or the long-metre bari, Ac Plymouth, Mrs. Elizabeth Cockey, containing a poem of Llywarchhên, with a niece of Dr. Brooke, after a short illness, the Latin translation by Mr. Evans—this poem eifect of a continued excess of sensibility occa- was produced by Mr. Evans, and others honed by the almost sudden death, a few by Mr. Thomas, about the time that Ofiaŋ mooths before, of a loving and tender hus- first appeared, in order to shew the literati at band.

Oxford that the muse of Cambria was as rab, Miss Jane How, daughter of the late Mr. lime and powerful as the fifter mule of their Hox.

northern contemporaries. Mr. Thomas, after At Dittelham, near Dartmouth, Nich. Ken- quitting the university, became chaplain to

Lord Vernon, and proceeded ardently in the At Columpton, Miss Moncton, daughter study of works of antiquity and taste, and it of Mrs. Puisford.

is to his fondneis of the Celtic or Welch lanAt Otterton, aged 88, Mrs. Warren, relict guage that we owe the “ Differtat de Bardis" of N. Warren, ciq. of Mincombe.

which the indolent but crudite Evans under. At Iddesleigh parsonage, the Rev.W.Tasker, took soon after the correspondence before al. sell known in the literary world for his luded to, in behalf of the poets of Wales, faithful translation of Pindar, his spirited Ode His liberal way of thinking was extraordito the Warlike Genius of Great Britain, and

Diry, and must be attributed to his superior many other productions, which evince learn- understanding, his extensive acquirements, ing aad critical taste. Like too many fol. and his good ovinion of mankind. The Mc lowers of the Muses, affluence seldom deigned thodist and Arian, High Church and Low to smile upon this their votary; and though Church, Bigot and Freethinker, all felt his his publications procured him lyric wreaths, affection and friendship, as far as their conyet he constantly had to struggle with pénury, duct tended to the good of society: in no inani often with oppreilion.

stance has he appeared illiberal to the enemies of the church, though he himself never devi

ated from the most exact observance of church Married.) At Llanymneck, Lieutenant dicipline. Malon, the poet, was among his Davies, of the 36th regt. to Miss Ann Lle- acquaintance, and his mule has eternalized Wellyn, of that place.

the enchanting situation of Briton-terry. The Af Hawarden, Sam. Grindley, esq. of present bifhip of Durlan when Bishop of Tregarnedd, clerk of the peace for the county Llandaff, had luch a refrect for Mr. Thomas's di angieley, to Miis Bradley, of Holihead. character and talents, that he appointed him

At Wrexham, Mr. Sam. Hughes, grocer, Chancellor of the Diocese, and the wed every to Mifs Ellis.

mark of attention and friend thip likely no At Glarmorgan, Mr. David Davis, of distinguisha unassuming virtue. · Mr. Thomas Murthyr, to Miss Mary Stephens, of Batlı. at one time made confiderable progress in

A' Bild, Nierionechshire, ír. the Oriental languages; a Lexicon Heptaglot, Esan Evans, furgcon; a gentleman much re- ton, and other works, of which the late Sected for kss extensive knowledge in other Bilhup, now of Durham, made him a


dail, esq.




Present, 'show that his indufry in that branch says " beef and pork sell here at itu. to 2d. i ancient literature, was worthy of notice. the pound, oatmeal is. 6d, the stone, potaSir John Scott, now' ord Elden, was his par toes gū, the setting, a hen 6d. to 71. a cock 4d. bicuíar friend and recular correspondeat to a live veal, skin and all is. 24. to Is. 6d. the end of his life. He lived at Baylan, a Every thing else is dear. No eggs, fith, nor mot agreeable fituation surrounde! by beau- - cheeie to be got.” tiful gardens, and commanding a view of The jurtices of Underward, at a late fitting, Swaniea Bry; lis library was large and well fined 20 persons of the Newtown in Glasgow, thofen, and consiled principally of clafius, se, making use of light weighits. hiftory, biography, antiquities, and police In the lat five courts held by the justices literature. dioit of his books contained va of Edinburgh, 227 perlons have been fined for tious slips of papers on which were obierva- making use or fa!fe weights and incasures. tions oi his own, which on many fubjccts, The Highland Society of Scotland, by an Evinced ex'en live and consummate erucition. address inserted in the Glupru Advertiser in Dr. Bradley's Lectures on Astronomy, were the roth init. strongly urge the fowing of in his position, fairly wrote out from notes none but the lourdest and moit healthy grain, he took in attending the lastructions of that of all kinds, riced; and recommend a comeminent and famous astronomer. The most parative trial of Imail quantities of the inftriking characters of Mr. Thomas's disposi- terjed feeds, in txes of good earth, previous tion were sincerity and humility; he never to their bring town. They lay it down as thirited after fame yet fame followed him; an incontrovertibie maxim, that from had was opger difiipated, but always gay; he was or unfound feed a groud crop cannot be exhot aflurnirgly religious, yet always fin- pected. terely pio:19. Such was the Rev. Mi. A piece of ground, for building, about William Thomas, ot Baglan.

222 feet in front, opposite the college, Scubritge, Edinburgh, was lately told by

auction, in five lots, for 914 1. which is A very heavy fall of snow happene? in nearly 40 guineas per fort! the south of Scotland, on the 2d of January Major Macpherion of Lorick, and four ults in which many persons perished. otiier gentlernen, who were out together goat, which usually fed with some sheep, in shooting wild fowl, between Strathspey and the parish of Kilipindie, was buried under Badenock, unfortunately perished in the viothe Inow, and having remained in that fitua- lent storm of snow on the 2d ult.

They had tion 24 days, was taken out alive:

taken shelter in an old cot, which being The dreadful storm on the eastern coat on blown down buried them in the ruins.' the ed and 3d ulto, has been peculiarly fata!

The wife of a tenant on the Duke of Hi. to the shipping. Not less than 150 veilcis milton's estate, in the Ilie of Arran, was have been wrecked upon the shores of Scot- Jately deliveres of three daughters, all fine Jand; and the north of England, and a thou children. sand perfons liave perished. The distress of Married.) At Edinburgh, Major Ruther: the people in the Scottish ports, at Shields, ford, to Miss Agnes Chatto. Sunderland, &c. is great beyond belief. At C121vov, Mr. G. H. King, merchant; There is scarcely a favily that has not lost a to its Ann Gordon. The Rev. George Father, or a brother, nor a fhip-owner who Gordon, to Miss Anne Lawrie. Mas not suflered.

At Greenock, rcnd. Ferrier, efq to Min The friendly and other societies, in and Cath. Gordon, of Glasgow. about Edinburgh, have lubícubed upwards of At Mill Hill, land of Arran, Mr. Alex. 70cl. for the purpose of importing corn from fleeming, to Mila Hclea Hamilton. abroad.

At Perth, Mr. Robert Melville, hornThe lord provot and magistrates of Edin- (poun maker, to Miss Rors, aged 19. Berg's have al''mented ukerates of hackney Died. At Edinburgh, james Drummonds Ebithiwe füurpince on a Milling. They have esq. of Conorie. Mr. Alexander Laidlaw, alitreated the vages of journeymen joiners merciant. Cyrt. Thomas Spens, late of Lain the lame proportion, and of journeyman thallen. George Fairholme, etq of Green. printers two-penee half-penny on each' fhile koow. At her house in George street, Mrs.

Catherine Campbell, diughter of the Hon. Hierings have for some time past been in Patrick Campbeil, of Menzie, one of the Tuch great plenty at Burnt-isiand that, thongh fenators of the College of Justice. Miss Sothe demand is gicat, there are more than pluia Ramiy, daughter of the late Provoit. enough for the supply, at the price of 5s, 6d. Rev. Jolin Dickie, late minister of Langholm, or 6s. the borrel, or crune.

aged 91. t'pwards of 5 cool. have been raised by vga At Aberdeen, Mr. Join Stewart Skelmuir. tuntury contributions in Edinburgh ; jooci. At Linlithgow, Lady Lucy Hope Johnstone; di' which is for siblic fou; kitchens.

youngest daughter of the earl of Hopetouny Atis fiom bitkiyalm in the Orkneys; at biopetoun-houle.

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