Imatges de pÓgina


A Collection in one volume of the following Tracts on Ireland. An Exact Description of the Roads of Ireland according to the last and best Survey, 1690. The Charge of Subduing the Irish Rebellion, 1641. Votes of the Lords and Commons for Reducing Ireland, 1641. Brief for the Protestants of Ireland. Instructions to Collectors for raising the following Sums for reducing Ireland, 1690. Proclamation by the Lord Deputy, 1689. Dangerous Condition of the Protestants in Ireland, 1689. Confession (Satyrical) of Faith of the Roman Catholicks in Ireland, 1689. Great News from Ireland, 1689. Miserable State of Affairs in Ireland, 1689. Barbarous Proceedings of the Earl of Tyrconnel, 1689. Fight between the French and Irish, 1689. List of Persons in Civil Offices under the late King, 1689. Conference between Dennis Jorden and Rory Burn, 1689. State of Londonderry, 1689. Account of Major General Kirck, 1689. Narrative of the Protestants Success, 1689, Relation of Kulmore, 1689. Designs of the late King James in Ireland, 1689. Remarkable Transactions in Ireland, 1689. Condition of Londonderry, 1689. Action in Waterford Bay, 1690. Pretended Parliament in Dublin, 1689. Victory of Londonderry, 1689, and 32 different Accounts of the Proceedings of the Armies in Ireland under the Duke of Schomberg, &c. 1689, printed on single leaves. Reasons for a General Pardon, 1689. Proclamation by the Duke of Schomberg. Declaration for Ireland, and about Thirty-four Accounts principally of the proceedings of the Duke of Schomberg's Army in Ireland, and late Revolution in Dublin, 1690. "N. B. THIS VOLUME CONTAINS A VERY CURIOUS AND SCARCE COLLECTION OF PAMPHLETS RELATING TO IRELAND." MS. Note by Mr. Heber.

The History and Vindication of the Loyal Formulary, or Irish Remonstrance so graciously Received by his Majesty, 1661, against All Calumnies and Censures in several Treatises. With a True Account and Full Discussion of the Delusory Irish Remonstrance and other Papers, Framed and Insisted on By the National Congregation at Dublin, 1666, with Three Appendixes. The Author Father Peter Walsh, of the Order of St. Francis, Professor of Divinity, fine copy, 1674 ** Extremely rare. This copy was given to Charles Butler by Ritson. The following MS. note is by the



former. "The 20th of June 1790, finished a cursory Perusal of it. In the Argumentation part of it, it is very inferior to Widdrington and to the Author's Friend Caron. The Historical Part is very curious, the style intolerable." Extract from Evelyn's Memoirs, Jan. 6, 1686, "I dined with the Archbishop of York. There was Peter Walsh, that Romish Priest, so well known for his moderation, professing the Church of England to be a true member of the Catholic Church, he is used to go to our public prayers without scruple and did not acknowledge the Pope's infallibility; only a primacy of orders." 1653 Ireland. General History of Ireland, by J. Keating, translated from the Irish, by Dermod O Connor, 1723


History of the Execrable Irish Rebellion, from 1641 to 1662, with Appendix, by E. Borlase, with some MS. Annotations, 1680



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Pacata Hibernia, Ireland Appeased and Reduced, or an Historie of the late Warres of Ireland, very fine copy, in the original binding, with the portraits of Elizabeth and Carew, and the Map of Mounster, 1633


CAMBRENSIS EVERSUS seu potius Historica fides in rebus Hibernicis Giraldo Cambrensi abrogata, in quo plerasque justi Historici dotes desiderari, plerosque nævos inesse ostendit Gratianus Lucius Hibernus. Qui etiam aliquot res memorabiles Hibernicas veteris et novæ memoriæ passim e re nata huic operi inseruit, presentation copy from the Author, 1662 **Liber inter Historicos Hibernicos rarissimus et inventu difficilimus, quippe cujus pars maxima exemplarium in Incendio periit Londinensi. Sub Lucii Gratiani nomine latet verus Autor Johannes Lynch (Tuamensis Archidiaconus) qui post Galliæ deditionem Exul in Gallia hocce opus Patriæ vindex composuit." MS. Note in Croft's Copy, see also some references by Mr. Heber.

REMONSTRANTIA HIBERNORUM contra Lovanienses, Ultramontanasque Censuras de Incommutabili Regum Imperio Subditorumque Fidelitate et Obedientia Indispensabili ex SS. Scripturis, Patribus, Theologis, &c. Vindicata cum Duplici Appendice una de Libertate Gallicana altera contra Infallibilitatem Pontificis Romani. Authore R. P. F. R. Caron, fine copy, 1665 ** EXTREMELY RARE, See Dibdin's Library Companion, p. 246.


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The Histories of Ireland, by E. Campion, M. Hanmer, and E. Spenser, 1633


Octavo et Infra.


1659 Musæus on the Loves of Hero and Leander, with Annotations by Sir R. Stapylton, frontispiece by Marshall, 1647 translated by Sir R. Stapylton, frontispiece by Marshall, 1647. The Passion of Dido, translated by Ed. Waller and Sidney Godolphin, 1658. Ed. Waller's Poems. 1645, together 3 vol.

1661 Muse in Good Humour, a Collection of Comic Tales, 2 vol. n. d. 1662 Muses Farewel to Popery and Slavery, from the Collection of Robert Harley, with his Arms on the sides, &c. 1690 1663 Muses Banquet, a Collection of English and Scots Songs, 2 vol. 1752 1664 Music. Campion's (Dr. T.) Introduction to Musick, three Parts, in 1 vol. 1661 1665 Musical Miscellany, or Songster's Pocket Companion,

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1760 1666 Mylne's (J.) Poems and Tragedies, Edinburgh, 1790 1667 Nasmyth's (Arthur) Divine Poems in Three Parts, viz. Poeticall Applications, Jobs Adversity, Poeticall Prayers, with Mans Looking-Glasse,

Edinburgh, printed for James Miller, 1665 1668 NATURE OF DAYES. Here begynneth the Nature and Dysposycyon of the Dayes in the Weke, and sheweth what the Thondre in every Moneth in the yere, chaunsyng, doth protende and sygnyfye, with the Course and dysposycyon of the dayes of the Moone; whiche be good, and whiche be bad; after the influentes of the Moone, drawen out of a laten boke of Aristoteles de Astronimis, in green morocco, by Lewis.

Finis. Imprynted by me Robert Wyer, dwellynge at the

synge of saynt John evangelyst, in saynt Martyns parysshe, at charynge crosse.

*** Dr. Dibdin gives a copious account of this remarkable poetical volume, and refers to the present copy in Mr. Heber's Collection. It is possible that there may be another edition, for many variations occur in the title, and conclusion of the volume as quoted by Dr. Dibdin The Colophon also does not appear to correspond.

1669 Needler's (Henry) Works, 1724. Another Edition, 1728. T. Nicholls's Poem, n. d. Nonpareil, or Quintessence

of Wit and Humour, 1757. Norfolk Poetical Miscellany, 2 vol. 1744, together 6 vol.

1670 Newbery's (F.) Verses on Various Occasions, privately printed,


1671 NEWMAN (ARTHUR). Pleasures Vision; with Deserts Complaint and a Short Dialogue of a Womans Properties, betweene an old Man and a Young, by Arthur Newman of the Middle Temple, Gent.

Printed by G. E. for Thomas Bayly and are to be sold at his Shop in the Middle row in Holbourne neere Staple Inne, 1619

* PROBABLY UNIQUE, From Bindley's and Perry's Libraries. 1672 NICCOLS (RICHARD), The Furies with Vertues Encomium, or The Image of Honour In two Bookes of Epigrammes, Satyricall and Encomiasticke, printed by William Stansby, 1614. Monodia, or Walthams Complaint upon The death of that most Vertuous and Noble Ladie, late deceased, the Lady Honor Hay. Sole Daughter and Heire to the Lord Dennie, printed by W. S. 1615, in 1 vol. blue morocco, from the Bibl. Anglo-Poet.

**This Collection of Epigrams is very scarce, if not unique. Of the Monodia, the second tract in the volume, there is a copy in the Bodleian, but no other is known. It is a poem on the death of a lady, on whose marriage Thomas Campion wrote a Masque, which was played at Whitehall on Twelfth-night, 1607-8. It would not be difficult to fix upon several persons concealed under Latin names in the Epigrams.

1673 Nicol's (Alexander) Poems on Several Subjects, both Comical and Serious, Edinburgh, 1766 1674 Norris's (John) Collection of Miscellanies consisting of Poems, Essays, Discourses and Letters, old red morocco, richly gilt,


1675 Ogilvie's (John) Poems on Several Subjects, 2 vol. in 1, 1769. Oldmixon's Poems, 1696. Otia Votiva, Poems upon Several Occasions, 1705, together 3 vol.



1676 Oldham's (John) Works and Remains, red morocco, 1698 Satyrs upon the Jesuits and other Poems, 2 vol. 1682. The Works of Mr. J. Oldham, wormed, 1695. The Works, and Remains, 1704. Works with Memoirs of his Life, 2 vol. 1722, together 6 vol.

1678 Oppian's Halieuticks translated from the Greek, with an Account of his Life, old morocco,



1679 Orrery's (Earl of) Dramatic Works, 2 vol. 1680 Ortiz (Don Ant.) Relation of the Solemnitie wherewith Philip the IIId. and Queen Margaret were received in the Inglish Colledge of Madrid, 1600, translated by Francis Ryvers, Printed at N, with Licence, 1601.

1681 Ossian translated by Macpherson, 2 vol.
1682 Otway's (T.) Works, 2 vol.
Works and Life, 3 vol.
2 vol.




1685 Overbury's (Sir T.) Observations upon the Provinces United and the State of France, 1651. Labyrinthus, Comoedia habita in Cantab. Acad. coram Rege, Jac. I. 1636. Ovidius de Arte Amandi, or the Art of Love, in verse, wanting title. Poems by John Hall, 1646, in 1 vol.


1686 Ovid. Ovid's Banquet of Sence, With a Coronet for his Mistresse Philosophy and his Amorous Zodiack, portrait, by Marshall, Printed by B. A. and T. F. and are to be sold by R. Horseman, 1639.

The Heroycall Epistles In Englishe Verse set out and translated by G. Tubervile, with Aulus Sabinus Aunsweres to certain of the same, black letter, first edition, fine copy, extremely rare,



Imprinted by H. Denham, 1567 The Heroycall Epistles of the learned Poet Publius Ovidius Naso in English-Verse, by George Tubervile, Gent. Anno Domini, 1569, red morocco, by C. Lewis, Imprinted by Henry Denham. ** This vol. does not appear to be complete at the end. It wants two Epistles and an address from the Translator.









Heroicall Epistles Englished by W. Saltonstall, 1639. Quid's Banquet of Sence, printed by B. A. 1639. in 1 vol.

Ovid's Heroical Epistles Englished by J. Sherburne : frontispiece by Marshall, printed by E. G. 1639 Heroicall Epistles Englished by W. S. (W. Saltonstall,) printed by I. D. 1639. Ovid's Tristia by the same, 1637. Ovid de Ponto by the same, 1639. Ovid de Arte Amandi, n. d. in one vol.

Heroicall Epistles Englished by W. Saltonstall, with 1671


Heroical Epistles, by Saltonstall, imperfect, 1686. Ovid's Epistles, by the same, imperfect; de Arte Amandi. The Remedy of Love, 1636. Ovid's Banquet of Sence, by Chapman, 1639. Ovid's Festivals, by Gower, 1640. Tristia, by W. Saltonstall, 1637. Ovid de Ponto, by the same, imperfect, 7 in 1 vol, together 2 vol.

Ovid de Arte Amandi and the Remedy of Love, Englished. Also the Loves of Hero and Leander, A mock Poem. Together with Choice Poems and rare pieces of Drollery, n. d.

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