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light can only be derived. Hence, in this ceremony, we are taught to adore our Creator, Preserver, and continual Benefactor, and to supplicate his direction on our well-meant endeavours. The master now assumes his government, and his wardens under him, and the'brethren uniting with one accord in duty and respect, the ceremony ends. And at the closing of the lodge, a similar form takes place. Masopic meetings always convene in the name of the Most High God, and in his name they part; and from this pious custom they will never deviate.

A Prayer used at Opening the Lodge.

May the favour of heaven be upon this meeting ; and as it is happily begun, may it be conducted in order, and closed in harmony. Amen.

A Prayer used at Closing the Lodge.

May the blessing of heaven rest upon us, and all regular meetings ; may brotherly love prevail, and every moral and social virtue cement us. Amen.

The Ancient Prayer at Making or Opening a Lodge.

Most holy and glorious Lord God, the great Architect of the Universe, the giver of all good gifts and graces, thou hast promised, that wbere two or three are gathered together in thy name, thou wilt be in the midst of them. In thy name, we assemble, most humbly beseeching thee to bless us in all our undertakings that we may know and serve thee aright, and that all our actions may tend to thy glory, and to our advancement in knowledge and virtue.

And we beseech thee, O Lord God, to bless this our. present assembling, and grant that this our new made brother, may prove true and faithful. Endue him with a competency of thy divine wisdom, that he may, with the secrets of free masonry, be able to unfold the mys. teries of godliness; and may he and we walk in the light of thy countenance, and when all the trials of our probationary state shall be over, be admitted into the temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. Amen.

A Prayer at the Making of a Mason.

O God, the author of every good and perfect gift, we thy serpants approach thy Divine Majesty, with the most exalted ideas of thy character, and the highest reTerence for thy perfections, with gratitude for thy goodness, and submission to thine authority. I n

We beseech thee, to bless us. Give our brother the spirit of wisdom, to avoid the evil and choose the good, the spirit of meekness and focbearance, of brotherly love, and charity. And grant, that we may not abuse our freedom ; but in all our thoughts, words, and actions, so live within the compass of thy commandments, as to secure thy love. Amen.

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Another Prayer at the Making of a Mason. Thou Supreme Author of Peace, and Lover of Concord, bless us in the exercise of those kind and social affections, which thou hast given us. May we display and cherish them, as our honour, and our joy. May this, our friend, who is now to become our brother, devote his life to thy service, and consider aright the true prin. ciples of his engagements. May he be endowed with wisdom to direct him in all his ways, strength, to support

him in all his difficulties, and beauty, to adorn his moral conduct; and may we jointly and individually walk with. in compass, and square our actions by the dictates of virtue and conscience, and the example of the wise and the good. Amen.

" Another, for the same object. Vouchsafe tbine aid, Almighty Father of the Universe, · to this our present convention; and grant, that this can

didate for masonry, may dedicate and devote bis life to thy service, and become a true and faithful brother amongst us. Endue him with a competency of thy divine wisdom, that by the secrets of our art, he may be better enabled to display the beauties of brotherly love, relief, and truth, to the honour of thy holy name. Annen.


* Great Architect of Heaven, Maker and Ruler of worlds upnumbered! Deign, from thy celestial temple, to look dowo on us, the workmanship of thy bands. As we are now about to enlighten a fellow wortat in masonry, wilt thou enlighten us in the knowledge of divine truths. Enable us to live within the compass of thy commands, and to square our actions to thy divine will; and bless us, even us, Father Almighty. Thou hast pianted reason in the human heart,' way it expand until it reacheth the footstool of thy throne ; and when our spirits shall be called to part from this lodge of clay, may they be permitted to join the all perfect lodge in heaven, there to receive never ending refreshment, in the regions of bliss and immortality. Amen, So mote it be.

Another. Grand Architect! Behold us aspiring towards thee. Thy works fill us with rapture. Heaven's gates stagd

open, to welcome thy sons to glory. Behold our friend, who is soon to be our brother, entering upon the threshold, which is before this apartment in thy works. May love burst the silence around him, and salute him welcome at the first step. Máy joy triumph in his heart, and friendship guide him as he ascends. May his countenance be cheered by the light, and confidence increase as he passes on. May he behold the emblems of his labour, and his heart reply in ready obedience. May · the cheerfulness inspired by the dawning light, attend him through the day; and when a long day shall be completed, may he find his lot with the faithful, in the immortal glory of the temple, which is pure with the light of God, and eternal in the heavens. Amen.

A General Prayer in a Lodge.*

Great Architect, in whose work all life is employed, the whole is harmony in thee; each part has its place, and all is perfect.

Behold us, who from this apartment in thy work, small indeed in itself, but vast enough for our full employment. From hence, we bebold thy magnificent displays of power and wisdom, and here we enjoy thy goodness. Regard our work; begun in thy presence, and under thy Jaws. On the equal base of truth, let our building stand. May its entrance be illuminated with hope, and may great and good actions give it glory. With our master, may our labour be sweet, and our reward sure. May the skilful inspire a laudable ambition, and each soul be filled with light.

When we 'extend our hands to a friend, and introduce him to our joys, let trutb guide our lips, and love dwell

* The three last prayers in this selection, were composed by the Rev. and Right Worshipful Thaddeus Mason Harris, A. M. Chaplain to the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

in our hearts. May we add merit to our friendship, and a sincere heart to our pleasures. May the entrance be a sweet recollection to him. May each visit improve his hopes and enlarge his virtues, and may our virtues shine together with brighter light, and the glory of the everlasting God be upon us. Amen.


Of the Duty of Officers.


In the twenty-third chapter of this book, I have already taken notice of some of the qualifications, wbich. ought to be possessed by those, who preside as masters of a lodge. I now procede to mention the manner of their election and general duties.

The master of every lodge, is chosen anpually by bal. lot, at some stated meeting, after which, the other officers are to be elected in the same manner; and it is a standing rule, that no brother shall refuse to accept of an office, to which he may have been chosen, unless he had previously served in the same station.

As soon as the master is installed, he has it in special charge to see that the by-laws of his own lodge, as well as the general regulations of the grand lodge, be duly observed ; that his wardens faithfully perform their duty, and by the correctness of their moral deportment, set a good example to the craft ; that correct minutes of all proceedings be made by the secretary; that the treasurer keep exact and just accounts of all monies received and expended, and that he exhibit the same when thereunto required by the body, and that all the funds and proper

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