Imatges de pÓgina

Not all the works and names below,
So much thy power and glory show.


139 'FIRST PART. L. M. Lynn.

Omniscience and Omnipresence of God.

ORD, thou hast searched and seen me thro',
My rising and my resting hours,
My heart and flesh, with all their powers.
2 My thoughts, before they are my own,
Are to my God distinctly known.
He knows the words I mean to speak,
Ere from my opening lips they break.
3 Within thy circling power I stand,

On every side I find thy hand:
mf Awake-asleep-at home-abroad,

I am surrounded still with God.
4 Amazing knowledge !-vast and great!
What large extent !-what lofty height!
My soul, with all the powers I boast,

Is in the boundless prospect lost.
Aff 5 Oh may these thoughts possess my breast,

Where'er I rove—where'er I rest;

Nor let my weaker passions dare Len Consent to sin-for God is there.

139 SECOND PART. L. M. Bath.

THOU, Lord, by strictest search hast known
My rising up and lying down;
My secret thoughts are known to thee,
Known long before conceived by me.
2 Could I so false, so faithless prove,
To leave thy service, and thy love-
Where, Lord, could I thy presence shun,
Or froin thy dreadful glory run?
3 lf up to heaven I take my flight,
'Tis there thou dwell'st,enthroned in light;
Or sink to hell's infernal plains,
'Tis there almighty vengeance reigns.
4 Or should I try to shun thy sight,
Beneath the sablo wings of night;

One glance from thee-one piercing ray,
Would kindle darkness into day.
5 The vail of night is no disguise,
No screen from thy all-searching eyes:
Through midnight shades thou find'st thy way,

As in the blazing noon of day.
Aff 6 Search, O my God! my thoughts and heart,

If mischief Jurks in any part;
Correct me, where I go astray,
And guide me in thy perfect way.

139 THIRD PART. L. M. Bath

God our Creator and Preserver.
'TWAS from thy hand, my God, I came,
A work of such a curious frame:
In me thy fearful wonders shine,
And each proclaims thy skill divine.
2 Great God, my feeble nature pays.
Immortal tribute to thy praise;
Thy thoughts of love to me surmount
The power of numbers to recount.
3 These on my heart are still impressed;
With these I give mine eyes to rest;
And at my waking hour Í find
God and his love possess my mind.

139 FOURTH PART. C. M. Dundee.

Omniscience and Omnipresence of God.
Aff IN all my vast concerns with thee,

In vain my soul would try
To shun thy presence, Lord, or flee

The notice of thine eye.
2 Thine all-surrounding sight surveys

My rising and my rest,
My public walks-my private ways,

And secrets of my breast.
3 My thoughts lie open to the Lord,

Before they're formed within ;
And ere my lips pronounce the word,

He knows the sense I mean.

mf 4 Oh! wondrous knowledge-deep and high !

Where can a creature hide?
Within thy circling arms I lie,

Inclosed on every side.
mf 5 So let thy grace surround me still,

And like a bulwark prove,
To guard my soul from every ill,

Secured by sovereign love. 139 Fiftı Part. C. M. Spencer.

LORD, where shall guilty souls retire,

Forgotten and unknown?
In hell they ineet thy dreadful fire-

In heaven thy glorious throne.
2 Should I suppress my vital breath,

Tu 'scape the wrath divine;
Thy voice would break the bars of death,

And make the grave resign.
3 IT, winged with beams of morning light,

I fly beyond the west;
Thy hand, which must support my flight,

Would soon betray my rest.
4 If o'er my sins I think to draw

The curtains of the night;
The flarning eyes that guard thy law,

Would turn the shades to light.
5 The beams of noon-the midnight hour,

Are both alike to thee:
Aff Oh may I ne'er provoke that power,

From which I cannot flee.

139 Sixth Part. C. M. Medfield.

God our Creator and Preserver.
WHEN I with pleasing wonder stand,

And all my frame survey ;
Lord, 'tis thy work--I own thy hand

That built my humble clay.
2 My flesh with fear and wonder stands,

The product of thy skill;
And hourly blessings froin thy hands,

Thy thoughts of love reveal.

3 And when I count thy mercies o'er,

They fill me with surprise :
Not all the sands that spread the shore

To equal numbers rise.
4 These on my heart by night I keep;

How kind, how dear to me!
Oh may the hour that ends my sleep

Still find my thoughts with thee! 139 SEVENTH PART. C. M. Dundee.

JEHOVAH, God! thy gracious power

On every hand we see;
Oh may the blessings of each hour

Lead all our thoughts to thee!
2 If, on the wings of morn, we speed

To earth's remotest bound,
Thy hand will there our journey lead,

Thine arm our path surround.
3 Thy power is in the ocean deeps,

And reaches to the skies;
Thine eye of mercy never sleeps,

Thy goodness never dies.
4 From morn till noon-till latest eve,

Thy hand, O God, we see ;
And all the blessings we receive

Proceed alone from thee.
5 In all the varying scenes of time,

On thee our hopes depend;
In every age--in every clime,

Our Father and our Friend.


S. M.

Hudson. Divine Protection acknowledged and implored JEHOVAH, God most high!

: P

Oh let my supplicating cry

Be heard before thy throne.
2 Great God, thy sovereign power

Salvation can impart:
Thy shield, in every dangerous hour,

Has sheltered o'er my heart.

3 Do thou my foes repel,

Their dark designs restrain ;
So shall the powers of earth or hell

Assault my soul in vain.



L. M. Winchester.

Daily Devotion.
My God, accept

my early vows,
Like morning incense in thine house;
And let my nightly worship rise,
Sweet as the evening sacrifice.
2 Watch o'er my lips, and guard them, Lord,
From every rash and heedless word;
Nor let my feet incline to tread
The guilty path, where sinners lead.
3 Oh may the righteous, when I stray,
Smite, and reprove my wandering way:

Their gentle words, like ointment shed, < Shall never bruise, but cheer my head. mp 4 When I behold them pressed with grief,

I'll cry to heaven for their relief; < And hy my warm petitions, prove mf How much I prize their faithful love.


L. M. Medway.
Longing for Spiritual Light and Comfort.
My righteons Judge--my gracious God,

Hear, when I spread my hands abroad;
I cry for succor from thy throne,
Oh make thy trutì and mercy known.
2 For thee I pray-for thee I mourn;
When wilt thou, gracious Lord, return?
Shall all my joys on earth remove?
Wilt thou forever hide thy love?
3 I lift my hands to thee again,
And thirst like parched lands for rain;
Oh! let me hear thy gracious voice-
So shall my weary soul rejoice.
4 My thoughts in musing silence trace
The ancient wonders of thy grace;
Thence I derive a glimpse of hope,
To bear my sinking spirit up.

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