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4 Wake, all ye soaring throngs, and sing;
Ye feathered warblers of the spring,

Harmonious anthems raise
To him who shaped your finer mould,
Who tipped your glittering wings with gold,

And tuned your voice to praise.
s 5 Let man, by nobler passions swayed,

Let man, in God's own image made,

His breath in praise employ;
Spread wide his Maker's name around,
Till heaven shall echo back the sound,

In songs of holy joy.

Your voices raise, | To sing his praise.


Fourth Part. H. M. Darwell's. 1 YE boundless realms of joy,

Exalt your Maker's name:
His praise your songs employ
Above the starry frame:

And seraphim,
Ye cherubim,
2 Let all adore the Lord,

And praise his holy name,
By whose almighty word

They all from nothing came;
And all shall last, His firm decree
From changes free; Stands ever fast.


Fifth PART. H. M. Harroich. 1 YE tribes of Adam, join

With heaven, and earth, and seas,
And offer notes divine
To your Creator's praise.

throng In worlds of light
Of angels bright,
2 The shining worlds above

In glorious order stand,
Or in swift courses move

By his supreme command.
He spake the word, From nothing came

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While earth and sky | His honors high.


3 Let all the nations fear

The God that rules above;
He brings his people near,
And makes them taste his love :

His saints shall raise
Attempt his praise,
148 Sixtu Part. 88 & 7s. Westborough.
s 1 PRAISE the Lord! ye heavens, adore him;

Praise him, angels in the height;
Sun and moon, rejoice before him;
Praise him, all ye stars of light!

Hallelujah, Amen.
2 Praise the Lord-for he hath spoken;

Worlds his mighty voice obeyed;
Laws which never can be broken,
For their guidance he hath made.

Hallelujah, Amen.
3 Praise the Lord—for he is glorious ;

Never shall his promise fail ;
God hath made his saints victorious,
Sin and death shall not prevail.

Hallelujah, Amen.
4 Praise the God of our salvation,

Hosts on high his power proclaim;
Heaven and earth, and all creation,
Praise and magnify his name !

Hallelujah, Amen.






149 First Part. C. M. Nottingham.
"1 ALL ye that love the Lord, rejoice,

And let your songs be new;
Amidst the church, with cheerful voice,

His later wonders shew.
2 The Jews, the people of his grace,

Shall their Redeemer sing;
And Gentile nations join the praise,

While Zion owns her King.
3 The Lord takes pleasure in the just,

Whom sinners treat with scorn;
The meek, who lie despised in dust,

Salvation shall adorn.

ng came le Lord,

21 *

4 Saints shall be joyful in their King,

E'en on a dying bed :
And like the souls in glory sing,

For God shall raise the dead.
5 When Christ his judgment-seat ascends,
And bids the world

Thrones are prepared for all his friends,

Who humbly loved him here.

149 SECOND PART. 10s & lls. St. Michael's. 111 O PRAISE ye the Lord! prepare your glad voice,

His praise in the great assembly tu sing;
In their great Creator let all men rejoice,

And heirs of salvation be glad in their King. 2 Let them his great name devoutly adore ;

In loud swelling strains his praises express,
Who graciously opens his bountiful store,

Their wants to relieve, and his children to bless. 3 With glory adorned, his people shall sing

To God, who defence and plenty supplies : Their loud acclamations to him, their great King,

Thro' earth shall be sounded, and reach to the skies. 4 Ye angels above, his glories who've sung,

In loftiest notes, now publish his praise:
We mortals, delighted, would borrow your tongue;

Would join in your numbers, and chant to your lays.


FIRST PART. L. M. Brewer. 11 OH praise the Lord in that blest place,

From whence his goodness largely flows: Praise him in heaven-where he his face

Unveiled in perfect glory shows.
2 Praise him for all the mighty acts,

Which he in our behalf hath done;
His kindness this return exacts,

With which our praise should equal run. 3 Let all who vital breath enjoy,

The breath he doth to them afford,
In just returns of praise employ:

Let every creature praise the Lord.



150 Second PART. L. M. Rothwell.
1111 PRAISE ye the Lord-let praise employ,

In his own courts, your songs of joy;
The spacious firmament around

Shall echo back the joyful sound.
2 Recount his works in strains divine,

His wondrous workshow bright they shine!
Praise him for all his mighty deeds,

Whose greatness all your praise exceeds.
3 Awake the trumpet's lofty sound,

To spread your sacred pleasure round;
Awake each voice--and strike each string,

And to the solemn organ sing.
4 Let all, whom life and breath inspire,

Attend, and join the blissful choir;
But chiefly ye, who know his word,

Adore, and love, and praise the Lord !
150 THIRD PART. C. M. St. Ann's.
11 1 IN God's own house pronounce his praise,

His grace he there reveals ;
To heaven your joy and wonder raise,

For there his glory dwells.
2 Let all your sacred passions move,

While you rehearse his deeds;
But still the work of saving love,

Your highest praise exceeds.
3 All that have motion, life, and breath


Maker blest;
Yet when my voice expires in death,

My soul shall praise him best.

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150 Fourth Part. 68 & 4s. Italian Hymn.
1 PRAISE ye Jehovah's name,
Praise through his courts proclaim,

Rise and adore :
High o'er the heavens above
Sound his great acts of love,
While his rich grace we prove,

Vast as his power.

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2 Now let the trumpet raise
Sounds of triumphant praise,

Wide as his fame:
There let the harp be found;
Organs, with solemn sound,
Roll your deep notes around,

Filled with his name.
3 While his high praise ye sing,
Shake every sounding string;

Sweet the accord!
He vital breath bestows;
Let every breath that flows
His noblest fame disclose-

Praise ye the Lord. 150 Fifth PART. 7s. Lincoln. 1 PRAISE the Lord-his glory bless

Praise him in his holiness;
Praise him as the theme inspires,

Praise him as his fame requires.
2 Let the trumpet's lofty sound

Spread its loudest notes around;
Let the harp unite in praise,

With the sacred minstrel's lays.
3 Let the organ join to bless

God, the Lord of righteousness;
Tune your voice to spread the fame

Of the great Jehovah's name.
4 All who dwell beneath his light,

In his praise your hearts unite;
While the stream of song is poured,

Praise and magnify the Lord. 150 SIXTH PART. 78. Pleyel's Hymn f I PRAISE-oh praise the name divine,

Praise him at the hallowed shrine;
Let the firmament on high

To its Maker's praise reply.
2 All who vital breath enjoy,

In his praise that breath employ;
Heaven and earth the chorus join;
Praise-oh praise the name divine.

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