Imatges de pàgina

fel o ny her e sy

an i mal

his to ry id i ot

bat te ry


sal a ry

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in di go in fa my

bot a ny

cas u al

CHAPTER IV. Easy Words of Three Syllables.

Accent on the first syllable. Ac tu al

par i ty ago ny

pen u ry am i ty her e tic pol i cy

rar i fy* an nu al

rar i ty im i tate rat i fy big ot ry bod i ly

sat is fy* in fi del

sim i le cal i co in ju ry ter ri fy* can o py leg a cy

van i ty

vil i fy* cav i ty lev i ty

Ab di cate cen tu ry

lib er al cit a del

ac cu rate lin e al e

ad mi ral

ad vo cate com e dy dep u ty lit er al

an ces tor lot te ry lux u ry

ben e fit mel o dy

but ter fly* mem o ry

cal en dar min u et

cal o mel en mi ty mon o dy

cal um ny en er sy

mor ti fy* can is ter ev e ry nur se ry

cat a ract y like i long.

len i ty

ac ci dent

lib er ty


lit a ny

ap pe tite


eb o ny ed i fy* ed it or el egy en e my

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in fan cy

tam a rind ter mi nate ul ti mate ven er ate

vic to ry


char i ot char i ty chas ti ty cin na mon com ic al com pe tent con fi dent con ju gal con so nant con tra ry con ver sant cur ren cy daf fo dil det rj ment dif fi dent dis so lute dis so nant em er ald em pe rour es cu lent ex cel lent

in no cent in ter val lat i tude lav en der lex i con lig a ment man ful ly mari i fest med i cal men di cant mil i tant mil li ner min is ter mis cre ant mod er ate mod est ly mon u 'ment mus cu lar! nov el ty ob du rate

vin di cate A pri cot ca pa ble cru ci ble cru ci fy* cru el ty cu po la de cen cy de vi ate du pli cate du ra ble fru gal ly fu mi gate fu ner al ju ni per la zi ness le gal ly

ob li gate

fab ri cate flat te ry gal le ry

li bra ry

ob so lete op po


li on ess lo cal ly

gen tle man glob u lar grad u ate im mi nent

par a dox pen du lum

pov er ty rid i cule sen si ble

me di ate mu 'ta ble mu ti late no bod y



*y like i long.


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pe ri od
pli a ble

the o ry

lev en

O pi ate
pu tre fy*

u ni son
o pi um ra di ant

va can cy o ver plus ru di ment va ri ance

ru mi nate va ri ant
se cre cy

ve ni al
pli an cy

stu pi fy* vi o lence pri ma ry

vi o lent
Accent on the second syllable.
A ban don

bra va do
a bol ish
e lix ir

cre a tor ac cus tom e met ic

de co rum ad mon ish e nig ma de pi al an gel ic ex act ly i de alt

ex ot ic as sem bly in trin sic in de cent a sun der

in hu man bo tan ic

re mem ber
cu hab it
re sem ble

se du cer cos met ic

to bac co tes ta tor do mes tic ad he rent tri bu nalt e las tic ap pa rent

un ti dyt


ap pen dix

il le gal

mag net ic

po ta to

A red spot.

A pink sash The left hand. A dish of milk. Give me a pin. Do not hurt me. A long pole. Here is a bee. A ripe plum. A kind man. It is a fine day. A rat is in the trap. Puss will kill it.

y like i long. t i long

Асне bake bare bатне blade blame blaze brace brave braze care chafe change chase chaste

Vowel a.

a long.
fare phrase
flake place
flame plague

frame plate
glade prate
glare range
glaze rare
grace scale

scape grape

scare grate scarce grave scate graze scrape hare shade haste shake knave shame lатне shape mange

share mare

shave pare

slake paste


a short, bran flam camp

flat cant flax damp gang

slave snake snare space spade spake spare stage stake stale stare state stave strange taste tare trace trade vague ware waste whale


crape crate


craze dare drake


Adze back bade bask

haft have



lamb lamp lash lass last lath mast pack pant pass past path rast rank rant rash rasp scan shag sham slab slam slap snag snap span spat stag Swam tack

That trap vamp vast waft wrap Badge batch black bland plank blast brack branch brand brass calx catch chaff champ chance chant Chasm clack clamp clang clank clash clasp

crack craft cramp crank crash dance drank flank flask flash frank glance gland glass gnash graft grand grant grasp grass hatch knack knag lance lapse latch match patch plank plant

prank scalp scant scrag scrap scratch shaft shall shalt shank slack slang slant slash smack snatch spasm splash sprang sprat stack staff stamp stand strand thank track tract trash wrack

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