Imatges de pÓgina

Decree x.

His Synod being very doubtful whether the

Stones of the Altar, on which the Maffes are said in the Churches of this Diocels, be consecrated with Holy Oil, or truly Blessed, by reason of the small care and knowledge which the former Prelates coming from Babylon had of such Matters ; doth command, That all such as are not well known to have been lawfully Consecrated, shall be brought to the most Reverend Metropolitan that they may be Consecrated by him, whom the Synod doth intreat to provide such Churches with Stones as want them: Commanding likewise, all Cups that are not of Gold, Sil. ver, Copper or Tin, to be broke, and * no Cups to be used but what are made of one of these Metals, and that Mass be never said in any of these after they are broken ; and seeing there are many Churches that for want of Cups have no Mafés, the Lord Metropolitan is desired to give order, that all Churches be furnished with Cups.

* No Cups.] In the Pri- of Mentz , being asked in the mitive Church they thought it no Council of Triburis , whether it such Crime to make use of wooden were Lawful to celebrate in Chalices in the celebration of the Wooden Chalices , answered , Sacrament. So Honorius in the Quondam Sacerdotes aurei ligneis 89 Chap. of his 3. Book De gemma Calicibus utebantur, nunc è contra anime, saith, Apostoli do eorum lignei Sacerdotes aureis utuntur fucceffores in ligneis Calicibus Miffas Calicibus. celebrârunt : And Boniface Bishop


Decree XI.


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Churches in this Bishoprick, and especially in the Heaths, that have no consecrated Vestments for the saying of Mass, and for that reason have but few said in them, to the great prejudice of the faithful Parishioners; therefore the Synod doth command, That out of the Alms of the Parish the most Reverend Metropolitan may provide all Churches with Holy Vestments, so that none may be without them, and for that reason be without having Maffes every Sunday; and in those Parilhes where the Alms shall not be found to be sufficient to do it, the said Lord Metropolitan is defired to take such order therein, that they may be some way or other provided, and have so great a want supplied.

Decree XII.


Hereas the Christians of this Diocess have

not hitherto heard Mass as upon obligation, having never imagined that the not hearing thereof

upon some particular days was a mortal sin;for which reason,some have without any scruple neglected going to bear it, and others have not stayed to hear it out; therefore the Synod doth declare, That it is the Precept of the Universal Church, and that upon penalty of a mortal Sin, that all Christians, Men and Women, having no



lawful impediment, do hear an entire Mass upon every Sunday and Holy-day that is commanded to be kept, if they have the opportunity of a Priest to say it to them. As also, that all Ma. sters of Families are obliged by the said Precept, to make their Children, and such of their Servants and Slaves as are Christians, and all other Persons living in their Families, to go every Sunday and Holy-day to hear Mass, which every one shall endeavour to hear at his own Parish Church, or at the place where he then happens to be; and as for those who with just reason are afraid to leave their Houfes alone without any body in them, and especially such as live in Heaths, and are a great way from any Church, they shall so order the matter, that all in their Families shall take their turns of going to Mass and staying at home on Sundays ; and the Vicars of the Churches must be careful to mark all such as are negligent herein, and reprove, admonish, and punish them, so as they shall judge necessary: and where there is any number of Clergy, they shall sing the Mafs on Sundays and Holy-days: and when there is not a competent number, there the Mass fhall be said at a convenient hour, the whole Parish being present, and he shall at the same time Preach, publish their Admonitions, the Banes of Matrimony, and whatsoever else is necessary in the Church.

Decree Decree XIII.


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He Synod being informed that most of all

the Christians that live out of Towns and Villages in the Heaths , being a great way from Church, do go to Church but once a Year, on the three days before Lent, which they call Monorbo, and then rather to fill their Bellies with what is given by Christians at that time, than to hear Mass; and that there are others who content themselves with going to hear Mass twice or thrice in the Year, and so have no opportunity of being instructed in matters of Faith and Religion as they ought to be, nor of complying with their Obligations, doth command all Christians living within two Leagues of the Church to go to Mals at least once a Month, and on the principal Festivities of our Lord and Lady, commanding the Vicars also to constrain them to do it ; and all such as are but one League, to hear Mass once a Fortnight, and such as are less than a League, to hear it every Sunday and; commanding all that shall trangress herein, being obstinate, after the third Admonition, to be thrown out of the Church when they come thither ; neither shall the Priest go to their Houses, or give them the Cafture, or Blesling, until they shall come to hear Mass, more or less, in the Form aforesaid; and besides, they shall be punished by the Prelate as he shall think good.

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Decree XIV.

WHereas upon several Festivals of the Church

there are Musicians called to the celebration thereof, according to the custom of the Country, who are all Heathens, small care being taken in what part of the Church they are placed, or to hinder them from playing during the time of the Holy Sacrifice, at which no Excommunicate Person or Infidel ought to be present, therefore the Synod doth command, that great care be taken not to suffer them to remain in the Church after the Creed is faid, or the Sermon, if there be one, is ended, that so they may not behold the Holy Sacrament ; the Vicar shall also be careful to drive all Heathens who may come upon such occasion, from the Doors and Windows of the Church.

Decree XV.

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Hereas there is nothing that is so great a help

to the Souls of the Faithful that are in the Fire of * Purgatory as the Holy Sacrifice of the Mafs, of which there is no memory remaining in

* Purgatozp. ) I shall give in the matter of Indulgences to the Reader che instance out of a Souls in Purgatory. hundred of the Popes liberality


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