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5 Inspired with praise, our minds pursue

This wise and noble end,
That all we think, and all we do,

Shall to thy glory tend.

C. M.

St. Martin's. 1 THE God of nature and of grace,

In all his works appears;
His goodness through the earth we trace,

His grandeur in the spheres.
2 How excellent, O Lord, thy name,

In all creation's lines !
Spread through eternity, thy fame

With rising lustre shines.
3 Millions before thy presence stand,

Who feel, while they adore,
Fulness of joy, at thy right hand,

And pleasures evermore.

Effingham. Rothwell 1 NATURE, with all her powers, shall sing

Her great Creator and her King :
Nor air, nor earth, nor skies, nor seas

Deny the tribute of their praise.
2 Ye seraphs, who sit near his throne,

Begin to make his glories known,
Tune high your harps, and spread the sound

Throughout creation's utmost bound.
3 Oh! may our ardent zeal employ

Our loftiest thoughts, and loudest songs ;
Let there be sung, with warmest joy,

Hosanna from ten thousand tongues.
mp 4 Yet, mighty God, our feeble frame

Attempts in vain to reach thy name:
The highest notes that angels raise,
Fall far below thy glorious praise.

L. M.





L. M. Old Hundred. Hague 17

God self-existent and immutable.
1 ALL-POWERFUL, self-existent God,

Who all creation dost sustain !
Thou wast, and art, and art to come.

And everlasting is thy reign.



2 Fixed and eternal as thy days,

Each glorious attribute divine,
Through ages infinite, shall still

With undiminished 'lustre shine.
3 Fountain of being! Source of good!

Immutable dost thou remain ;
Nor can the shadow of a change

Obscure the glories of thy reign.
4 Earth may with all her powers dissolve,

If such the great Creator's will:
But thou forever art the same;
“I AM" is thy memorial still.
C. M.

Spencer 18

God almighty and omnipresent.
1 GREAT God, thy penetrating eye

Pervades my inmost powers :
With awe profound my wondering soul

Falls prostrate, and adores.
2 To be encompassed round with God,

The holy and the just;
Armed with omnipotence to save,

Or crumble me to dust-
3 Oh, how tremendous is the thought!

Deep may it be impressed !
And may thy Spirit firmly grave

This truth within my breast !
4 Begirt with thee, my fearless soul

The gloomy vale shall tread;
And thou wilt bind th' immortal crown

Of glory on my head. 19

Spencer. St. Austin's. 1 WHERE’ER, through all his works, we send

Our roving eyes abroad,
The various objects all conspire

To lead our souls to God ;-
2 That God, whose word all nature formed,

Whose eye all nature sees;
Whose hand all nature rules, sustains,

Or crushes, as he please ;-
3 Before whose high and dazzling throne

Myriads of angels bow;
Whose sinile is everlasting bliss.

Whose frown is endless wo.

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C. M.



4 Low at his feet, then, O my soul,

In prostrate homage fall;
Make him thy fear, thy love, thy trust,

Thy joy, thy God, thy all.


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C. M.

Patmos. Rochester 20

God searching the Heart.
1 GOD is a spirit, just-and wise ;

He sees our inmost mind;
In vain to Heaven we raise our cries,

And leave our hearts behind.
2 Nothing but truth before his throne

With honor can appear;
The painted hypocrites are known

Through the disguise they wear.
3 Their lifted eyes salute the skies ;

Their bending knees the ground;
But God abhors the sacrifice,

Where not the heart is found.
mp 4 Lord, search my thoughts, and try my ways,

And make my soul sincere;
Then shall I stand before thy face,

And find acceptance there.



Austin's. e send

L. M.

Pomfret. Hingham. 21

Wisdom and Knowledge of God.
1 AWAKE, my tongue-thy tribute bring

To him who gave thee power to sing ;.
Praise him, who is all praise above,

The source of wisdom and of love.
2 How vast his knowledge! how profound!

A depth where allour thoughts are drowned!
The stars he numbers--and their names

He gives to all those heavenly flames.
3 Through each bright world above, behold

Ten thousand thousand charms unfold:
Earth, air, and mighty seas combine,

To speak his wisdom all divine.
4 But in redemption, oh what grace!

Its wonders, oh what thought can trace!
Here wisdom shines forever bright-
Praise him, my soul, with sweet delight.



C. M. Warwick. Litchfield. 22

Goodness of God seen in his Works.
1 HAIL, great Creator-wise and good !

To thee our songs we raise;
Nature, through all her various scenes,

Invites us to thy praise.
2 At morning, noon, and evening mild,

Fresh wonders strike our view;
And while we gaze, our hearts exult,

With transports ever new.
3 Thy glory beams in every star,

Which gilds the gloom of night;
And decks the smiling face of morn

With rays of cheerful light.
4 The lofty hill—the humble lawn,

With countless beauties shine;
The silent grove—the awful shade,

Proclaim thy power divine.
5 Great nature's God! still may these scenes

Our serious hours engage!
Still may our grateful hearts consult

Thy works instructive page!
6 And while, in all thy wondrous ways,

Thy varied love we see;
Oh may our hearts, great God, be led
Through all thy works to thee.

L. M

Pomfret. Rothwell 23

Goodness of God.
1 INDULGENT Lord, thy goodness reigns

Through all the wide, celestial plains ;
And thence its streams redundant flow,

And cheer th' abodes of men below.
2 Through nature's works its glories shine ;

The cares of providence are thine ;
And grace erects our ruined frame,

A fairer temple to thy name.
3 Oh! give to every human heart

To taste and feel how good thou art!
With grateful love and holy fear,

To know how blest thy children are. s 4 Let nature burst into a song ;

Ye echoing hills, the notes prolong;
Earth, seas, and stars, your anthems raise,
All vocal with your Maker's praise !



S M. Hudson. Mornington 24

God our Creator and Benefactor.
1 MY Maker and niy King !

To thee my all I owe;
Thy sovereign bounty is the spring,

Whence all my blessings flow.
2 Thou ever good and kind !

A thousand reasons move,
A thousand obligations bind

My heart to grateful love.
3 The creature of thy hand,

On thee alone I live;
My God, thy benefits demand

More praise than I can give.
4 Lord, what can I impart,

When all is thine before ;
Thy love demands a thankful heart;

The gift, alas! how poor!
5 Shall I withhold thy due?

And shall my passions rove?
Lord, form this wretched heart anew,

And fill it with thy love.
6 Oh let thy grace inspire

My soul with strength divine ;
Let all my powers to thee aspire,

And all my days be thine.

L. M.
1 THIS frame, O God—these noble powers,

To thy creating hand I owe;
Thy providence preserves me safe,

And crowns my every wish below.
2 Oft in the visions of the night,

My thoughts o'er all thy mercies rove; And, every midnight wakeful hour,

I trace the wonders of thy love.
3 The pleasing, unexhausted theme

Each rising morn my soul pursues
In fervent prayer ascends to thee,

And still her grateful song renews.
4 Thy mercies, Lord, through endless years,

Shall all my raptured powers employ; Yet endless years will only swell

My wonder, gratitude, and joy.

Danvers, Alfreton

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