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Thy sovereign majesty
May we in glory see,
And to eternity
Love and adore !

C. M.

St. Martin's. Medford.
Praise to the Trinity.
1 FATHER of glory! to thy name

Immortal praise we give,
Who dost an act of grace proclaim,

And bid us rebels live.
2 Immortal honor to the Son,

Who makes thine anger cease;
Our lives le ransomed with his own,

And died to make our peace.
3 To thy almighty Spirit be

Immortal glory given;
Whose influence brings us near to thee,

And trains us up for heaven.
4 Let men, with their united voice,

Adore th' eternal God,
And spread his honors--and their joys,

Through nations far abroad.
5 Let faith, and love, and duty join

One general song to raise ;

Let saints, in earth and heaven, combine

In harmony and praise. 37

Monmouth. Dresden. 1 FATHER of heaven! whose love profound

A ransom for our souls hath found,
Before thy throne we sinners bend;

To us thy pardoning love extend.
2 Almighty Son! incarnate Word!

Our Prophet, Priest, Redeemer, Lord !
Before thy throne we sinners bend;

To us thy saving grace extend.
3 Eternal Spirit! by whose breath

The soul is raised from sin and death,
Before thy throne we sinners bend;

To us thy quickening power extend.
mf 4 Jehovah! Father, Spirit, Son !

Mysterious Godhead! Three in One!
Before thy throne we sinners bend
Grace, pardon, life, to us extend'

L. M.



C. M.

L. M. 38

Hamburg. Medway.
Incomprehensibleness of God,
1 WHAT finite power, with ceaseless toil,

Can fathom the eternal mind ?
Or who th' almighty Three in One,

By searching to perfection find ?
2 Angels and men in vain may raise,

Harmonious, their adoring songs ; Theirlaboring thoughts sink down oppressed

And praises die upon their tongues.
3 Yet would I lift my trembling voice,

A portion of his ways to sing;
And mingling with his meanest works,

My humble, grateful tribute bring. 39

Spencer, Dundee 1 HOW wondrous great-how glorious bright

Must our Creator be!
Who dwells amidst the dazzling light

Of an eternal day!
2 Our sóaring, spirits upwards rise

Toward his celestial throne;
Fain would we see the blessed Three,

And the almighty One.
3 Our reason stretches all its wings,

And mounts above the skies:
But still how far beneath thy feet

Our grovelling reason lies!
mp 4 Lord, here we bend our humble souls,

And awfully adore ;
Thy power we feel-thy glory see,

Thy mercy we implore.
5 With humble notes we raise the song

To heaven's almighty King,
While angels tune their nobler powers,

And sweep th’immortal string.


L. M. Old Hundred. Duke Street
Majesty and Dominion of God.
1 COME, O my soul, in sacred lays,

Attempt thy great Creator's praise:
But, oh, what tongue can speak his fame!
What inortal verse can reach the theme !

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L, M,



2 Enthroned amid the radiant spheres,

He glory like a garment wears ;
To form a robe of light divine,

Ten thousand suns around him shine.
3 In all our Maker's grand designs,

Onnipotence, with wisdom, shines,
His works, through all this wondrous frame,

Declare the glory of his name.
1 4 Raised on devotion's lofty, wing,

Do thou, my soul, his glories sing ;
And let his praise employ thy tongue,

Till listening worlds shall join the song ! 41

Winchester. Rotterdam. 1 THE Lord, the God of glory, reigns,

In robes of majesty arrayed ;
His rule Omnipotence sustains,

And guides the worlds his hands have made. 2 Ere rolling worlds began to move,

Or ere the heavens were spread abroad,
Thy awful throne was fixed above ;

From everlasting thou art God.
3 The swelling floods tumultuous rise,

Aloud the angry tempests roar;
Lift their proud billows to the skies,

And foam, and lash the trembling shore. 4 The Lord, the mighty God, on high,

Controls the fiercely raging seas;
He speaks--and noise and tempest fly,

The waves sink down in gentle peace. 5 Thy sovereign laws are ever sure,

Eternal holiness is thine;
And, Lord, thy people shall be pure,

And in thy blest resemblance shine.

Men not comparable to God.
1 SHALL the vile race of flesh and blood

Contend with their Creator, God?
Shall mortal worms presume to be

More holy, wise, or just, than he ?
2 Behold, he puts his trust in none

Of all the spirits round his throne:
Their natures, when compared with his,
Are neither holy, just, nor wise.


L. M.

Ralston. Sunderland

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L. M.

3 Almighty Power, to thee we bow!

How frail are we!-how glorious thou'
No more the sons of earth shall dare
With thee-th' eternal God-compare.

Duke Street. Lowall 43

Angels the Ministers of God.
1 HIGH on a hill of dazzling light

The King of glory spreads his seat,
And hosts of angels stretched for flight,

Stand waiting round his awful feet.
2 Are they not all thy servants, Lord ?

At thy command they go and come;
With cheerful haste obey thy word,

And guard thy children to their home

Dunstan. Los


L. M.
Perfections of God combined in his Government.
1 JEHOVAH reigns-his throne is high,

His robes are light and majesty;
His glory shines with beams so bright,

No mortal can sustain the sight.
2 His terrors keep the world in awe;

His justice guards his holy law;
His love reveals a smiling face,

His truth and promise seal the grace.
3 Through all his works his wisdom shines

And baffles Satan's deep designs;
His power is sovereign to fulfil

The noblest counsels of his will.
mp 4 And will this glorious Lord descend

To be my father and my friend?
Then let my songs with angels join;

Heaven is secure, if God be mine. 45

1 THE Lord Jehovah reigns,

His throne is built on high;
The garments he assumes

Are light and majesty;
His glories shine

No mortal eye With beams so bright, Can bear the sigh 2 The thunders of his hand

Still keep the world in awe ;

H. M


His wrath and justice stand

To guard his holy law;
And where his love His truth confirms
Resolves to bless,

And seals the grace. 3 Through all his ancient works

Surprising wisdom shines,
Confounds the powers of hell,

And breaks their cursed designs ;
Strong is his arm, His

great decrees,
And shall fulfil His sovereign will.
4 And can this mighty King

Of glory condescend?
And will he write his name,

My father, and my friend?? —
I love his name! Join all my powers,



I love his word! | And praise the ord. 46

C. M.

Spencer. London.
Holiness of God.
1 HOLY and reverend is the name

Of our eternal King;
"Thrice holy Lord,' the angels cry-

• Thrice holy,' let us sing !
2 The deepest reverence of the mind,

Pay, O my soul, to God;
Lift, with thy hands, a holy heart,

To his sublime abode.
3 With sacred awe pronounce his name,

Whom words nor thoughts can reach;
A contrite heart shall please him more

Than noblest forms of speech.
4 Thou holy God! preserve my soul

From all pollution free;
The pure in heart are thy delight,

And they thy face

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all see.



C. M.

Burford. Litchfield
Sovereign Purposes of God.
1 KEEP silence-all created things,

And wait your Maker's nod;
My soul stands trembling while she sings

The honors of her God.

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