Imatges de pÓgina


the reft follows of courfe, without further application. As the tree shoots up and spreads, that original impreffion is displayed on every fide, and multiplied in a thousand branches.

How many rules and maxims of life might be spared, could we fix a principle of virtue within; break the ftony heart, as Ezek. xi. the Scripture calls it, and infcribe this xxxvi. 26. living fentiment of the love of God in the affection; that tender but powerful


part of our frame, from which our whole life, and all our actions are derived, as the tree, branches, leaves, and fruit, fpring out of the kernel of the almond?

Were the Spirit of Piety within, and God's name written in our breast, how little teaching would then fuffice, to fhew us what is pleafing to him? His love, once in the heart, would pass with cafe into our whole behaviour; and leave upon all our words and actions, engraved,

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xxviii. 36.

If Honefty and Justice be once feated ́in the affectic, the decifions of Cafuifts will be no longer wanted: he who loves righteousness, is mafter of all the distinЄtions in morality.

ITim.i.9. The law is for the ungodly. The other commandments, with the train of penalties annexed to them, are made only for those persons, who are not good enough to be governed by this precept.



ed, and shining, as on the Mitre of Aaron, Holiness unto the Lord.


He that curfeth his Father or his Mother, fhall furely be put to death.

Whofo fheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be fhed.

Levit. xx. The adulterer and the adulterefs fhall
Surely be put to death.


He that fealeth a man shall surely be put Exod. to death.

xxi. 16.

xxii. I, 3.

If a man fhall fteal an ox, or a sheep, he Exod. fhall restore five oxen for an ox, and four Sheep for a sheep. If he have nothing, then he fhall be fold for his theft.

If a falfe witness rife up against any man, to testify against him that which is wrong; then fhall ye do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother.. And thine eye fhall not pity, but life fhall go for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.

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Deut. xix. 16, 19, 21.

12, &c.

The Law, you fee, is encompaffed with terrour; like that mountain, from which it was delivered. Take heed to yourselves, Exod.xix. that ye go not up, or touch the border of it. There shall not a hand touch it, but he shall furely be ftoned, or shot through. And there were thunders, and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the VOL. II.



trumpet exceeding loud, fo that all the people that was in the camp, trembled.

But what is all this terrour, and thefe dangers to that man, who is not prompted to tranfgrefs? To him, who has brought his heart into fubjection to this fublime precept, Thou shalt not covet, the threatenings annexed to the commandment are a dead-letter; the yoke of bondage is broken. Duty and defire concurring, he has the pleafing task of fulfilling his Maker's will, by all thofe offices which are the most agreeable to himself. Such labour is delight; fuch service perfect freedom. He is paffed from under the law, into an evangelical, or rather indeed Hebr. xii. a heavenly state; resembling the spirits of Matth. juft men made perfect, and the angels which xviii. 23. do always behold the face of the Father which is in heaven; and receiving fome foretafte Pfal. xvi. even now, of the fulness of joy that is in God's prefence, the pleasure which is at his right hand for evermore.




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O happy, envied ftate of those good men, who are delivered from the bondage Rom. viii. of corruption into this glorious liberty of the children of God! Slaves no longer to the tyranny of fin; nor condemned to wage an everlasting war, with turbulent paffions, depraved appetites, and inveterate habits of vice; Avarice, mean and miferable; Ambition, never to be satisfied; Pride, puffed up with wind; Vanity, decked with feathers; Envy, Wrath, Intemperance, and every inordinate affection, the offspring of Selfishness and Folly, the parents of Shame and Torment. No difpute, delay, or murmur, against the voice of Wisdom and Piety. Peace all, and harmony within the good man's breast; and his hopes full of immortality. Men he regards, all, with the eye of Charity; and looks up to God with the fentiments of a Son, reverence foftened by affection, and that perfect 1 John iv. Love which cafteth out Fear.


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