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No. I.


Camp of the Grand Vixir, near Al Erich,

January 24, 1800.
HIS Day a Convention has been signed here,

by Moustapha Raschid Effendi and Moustapha Reflichi Effendi, Commissioners appointed on the Part of the Grand Vizir, and by General Defaix and Monfieur Poussielgue, Commiflioners appointed on the Part of General Kleber, by which it has been agreed, that the French Troops now in Egypt should evacuate that Country, and should be allowed to return to France.

The Forts of Salahich and Catihé are to be sure Tendered by the French Troops within Eight Days after the Ratification of this Capitulation by the Grand Vizir and General Kleber, and the other Places and Towns in Egypt at the different Periods fpecified for that Purpofe.

Admiralty-Office, 27th March 1800.
AJOR DOUGLAS, late Commander of the Party

of Marines serving on board His Majesty's Ship the Tigre, arrived this Morning with Dispatches from Sir Sidney Smith, Knight, Captain of that Ship, and Senior Officer of the Squadron employed on the Coast of Egypt, containing an Account of the Capture of the Fort of El Arish by an Advanced Body of the Army of the Grand Vizir, allifted by a. Detachment of Marines from His Ma


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jesty's Ships under the Orders of the Major. By this account it appears, that the Grand Vizir moved from Gaza to El Arish on the 20th December last, and that the French Commandant having refused to capitulate, the Fort was reconnoitred by Major Douglas, accompanied by Lieutenant-Colonel Bromley and Captain Winter: That Batteries were erected on the 24th, and the following Days, the Fire of which was attended with complete Success; and that on the 29th in the Morning, the Enemy having ceased firing, Major Douglas ascended the Wall of the Fort, by Means of a Rope which was let down for him, and received the Sword of the Freoch Commandant ; but that it having been found impossible in the first Moments to restrain the Impetuosity of the Turkish Troops, Three Hundred of the French Garrison were put to the Sword, the Remainder were, however, by his Exertions, and thofe of the Turkish Commanding Officer, placed in

Security, and the Sick and Wounded taken Care of. · The Major acknowledges himself highly indebied to the Alistance of Lieutenant-Colonel Bromley, and commends the good Conduct of Captains Winter and Trotté, and the gallant Behaviour of Mr. Thomas Smith, Midhipinan belonging to the 'Tigre, and represents that the cheerful Manner in which the whole Detachment performed their Duty, exposed as they were in the Defart without Tents, very il fed, and with only brakish Water to drink, gained them the Admiration of the whole Ottoman Army.

Admiralty-Office, March 29, 1800. Copy of a Letter from Captain Sir William Sidney

Smith, Captain of His Majelty's Ship Tigre, to Evan Nepean, Esq; daled of Jaja, the 8th of November 179.

Have the Honor to enclofe a Copy of my

Letter to the Right Honourable Lord Nellon, (of this


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