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love seemed to have cast off all fear of death. " Oh, happy state! Oh, blessed death!" said Mr. Somers : " May all here present be found in faith at the hour of death, as this dear child was.". Mr. Somers finished his sermon by a few words to such parents as were present, recommending them, from the example then before them, to give a religious education to their children, and went over, one by one, all the means appointed by God for parents to use towards their children ; to wit, bringing them in infancy to receive the sacrament of Baptism, and, in their due course and order, making them to attend and observe all Divine ordinances, such as public and private prayer, hearing of sermons, reading the Bible; setting before them the example of simple and holy living--Mr. Somers, I say, set all these things in order before the parents, and then concluded by urging them to seek from God, by diligent and earnest prayer presented in the name of the Redeemer, a Divine blessing upon their endeavours; “ for, without God's grace and blessing, I may preach unto my dying day, and you may labour to instruct your children, rising up early and late taking rest, but all will be to no purpose: the work must be of God: therefore in all things let us give God the glory; ascribing to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, all glory and honour for ever

Amen." After the sermon, every one went to bis own home. Mr. and Mrs. Fairchild and their children, with Mrs. Goodriche, thought and talked much of little Charles and his happy death, all day. In the evening, after tea, Mr. Fairchild prayed with his family, and they all sang & hymn together. You will, perhaps, like to hear Mr. Fairchild's prayer: I shall therefore put it down here, with the hymn.

and ever.

A Prayer to be used by the Father or Master of

a Family for his Children or Serpants. O Lord God, Thou by whom we hope to be justified, to be sanctified, and glorified; hear the prayer of a father, who, in the name of our blessed Saviour, intercedes for his children and his servants. O Lord, how dreadful would it be to me, at the last day, to see any one of these my dear children, or poor servants, condemned to everlasting fire! Oh! the thought is horrible! O Almighty God, give me grace, then, faithfully, humbly, and in simplicity, to use the means appointed to me for the good of my children. And, o holy Father, for thy dear Son's sake, for the sake of him who died for us, grant thy grace, grant thy blessing, to this my dear family, from the greatest to the least. Pour thy Holy Spirit upon them. And, O enable me always, and at all times, to give unto thee the glory if my family do well. Unto thee, O Lord, be the glory; unto thee, O Father, unto thee, O Son, unto thee, O Holy Ghost, for ever and ever. Amen.

“Our Father, which art in heaven,' &c. &c.

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