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“' for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth :"

Christian Reviewer. the birds, beast, fields and trees all seemed to assist in the rejoicing of my soul; they all “ The Lost Found ; or the Rebel Saved," told of nature's God, while I could rejoice

the experience of SAMUEL COZENS. from my heart in the God of nature, and of

Published by James Paul : price 6d. grace ; and manywitnessed the change and wondered wbat new stage of existence I had

( Continued from our last.) attained; the secret was within, lodged in BEFORE we come to make our extracts the sweet evidence of a soul saved by Omni- from this little work, we must say a potent grace. O! how lovely, how sweet word or two more. The Holy Ghost and precious was the name of a dear Jesus, says by Ezekiel that “the temple and while I lay by faith before his cross; feeling the sanctuary had two doors; and the the sweet healing droppings of his precious doors had two turning leaves apiece ; blood. Justice satisfying, soul redeeming, and in the doors of the temple there were and peace speaking blood ; how this awful, cherubims and palm trees.” By these this precious, this astounding sight of a figures, four essential things are set out loving Saviour, extended on the cross, a

to view. First, no sinner can enter into curse for his dear children, caused my soul to mourn, love and grief divided my soul glory, but such as are vitally in Christ while I saw in the deed, mercy rejoicing by electing love and atoning blood; and against judgment. O! the wonders of redeem- in whose souls there is by the Holy ing love; “God so loved the world, that he Ghost, a revelation of the spirituality of gave his only beloved son to die,” that we God's righteous law, (on the one hand,) sinners might live for ever.

and a blessed apprehension of eternal I found truly that " before honor comes redemption by the Lord's Christ, on the humility,” for the Lord had laid me low in- other; these are the two doors with two deed, stripped me in his providence, of every turning leaves apiece. Faith in Christ, earthly possession, my house and my goods; (if it come not into the soul by the Holy my state was so desolate, that being destitute Ghost,) will never save the sinner: neither of a shilling, I must have removed with my will ever so deep and awful an acquaintfamily to the union, had not temporary relief been afforded by the kindness of an indiance with the holiness of the divine law, vidual connected with my official employment. and of the deceitfulness of the heart, My official sureties distressed me by an ever bring the soul into a solid gospel extent on my property; a professed friend peace, until a living faith embraces deceived me; the dark cloud of providence living Christ. Christ opens the door in hung over me, so that I became distracted heaven; the Holy Ghost opens the sinalmost to insanity. I mourned in conse- ner's heart; Christ is revealed and formquence of my insolvency, that so many per- ed in the heart of the sinner, whereby sons should become sufferers by one, and no the sinner finds acccess to the mercy way left by which I could hereafter satisfy seat, and an abundant entrance into the them. On this account I secretly grieved, heavenly kingdom. until I could no longer mouin. My mind

Reader-think, deeply, if you can, became almost calous to all the circumstances of my existence, and thus I lay upon these two doors. Let not your during the period of seven years, without a hasty, and naturally presumptuous spirit ray of heavenly light, or a shadow of hea- hurl you from a prayerful consideration venly hope-bound under an apprehension of these things. I hesitate not to tell of utter perdition-filled with sins of nature, thee-(fearless of all the reproach it may of design, and of commission, as far as per- bring upon me)—that there are both primitted to go. But now raised to joy in /vate and public, men in the kingdom ; God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, to re-|(Matt xxv. 1.) some of whom profess to joice in Christ, and to have no confidence in have—and “ seem to have”-one of these the flesh, and feelingly to triumph that I doors ; that is, plenty of strong faith in am as a brand plucked out of the fire, pos: Christ; but they know not the Holy sessing marks of sonship by the fatherly rod of correcting love, I can bless the Lord for Ghost: and there are others who profess afflictions-proving thereby that the Lord to have the other door; that is, a very hath not given me over to the ways of death, dreadful acquaintance with their sins but hath sovereignlyi plucked me out of the and corruptions; but have not the faith burning. I am this day the living, to praise God's elect. We are afraid neither of his glorious name.

these men are any real good to Zion : WILLIAN CÆSAR.

but, “let every man prove his own work.

Moreover : there were cherubims and palm trees on the doors of the temple : the cherubim is “a living creature;” the The altar, sacrifice, and priest; yea ALL palm tree is a fruitful and an upright Vor monkish rites, nor angels, men, or mass, plant: whereby the holy Ghost telleth Can ever add a single virtue to thee again, that none of Adam's fallen His precious blood. This, viewed by faith, and this

Alone, can heal and save the soul by sin children can ever enter into glory, but Condemned and lost. This, is the Christians' mass ; such as are truly made alive in their A'dying, risen, and exalted Christ,

, souls by God the Holy Ghost; and that Proclaimed his work complete, his Father's law such living souls have much fruit and Extolled, and church beloved, for ever saved perfect uprightness in the Person and And blest. No other offering now the Father

Needs, nor will, nor can, approve. Yea, he, who work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Comes with any other name, or blood, or plea, Now, if we are not mistaken, the ex- Than this, spurns at the sacrifice which God

Accepts, 'treads neath his feet the piercing blood perience of Samuel Cozens, furnishes of Christ, and stands condemned before his throne, you with some very striking evidences whose word declares, the scoffers' portion, hell, of the existence of that two-fold revela o then, how foolish and how vain, for man,

Poor sinful man, to think that he, by bis tion—that “taking root downward, and Best deeds, by sin defiled, can ever make bearing fruit upward,” (Isaiah xxxvii. 31) More perfect and complete the work of God. of which we have been speaking. Our or with his puny hand eclipse his beams, extracts we defer again.

As he could add a grain of merit to

The death of Christ. Could all the obedience
Christmas : or the Christian's Mass.

That shall ever spring from sovereign love
In ransomed souls revealed, with that which troops

Angelic gladly yield to his love mandates, “But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice Whose good will confirmed, and mighty grasp still for sins, for ever sat down on the right hand of Kept them firm ’mid reeling seraphs, heaven's God."

A postate sons; these, both combined, could never For by one offering he hath perfected for ever Save a soul, or make a Saviour's work more them that are sanctified." Heb, x, 12, 14.

Perfect and secure. Ye thoughtless crowds, Christmas, by England's sons esteemed, a time

Who, on a broken cake build all your hopes Of joy and jubilee. But to a mind

Of heaven, behold in Christ, the smitten rock By grace subdued, it well might bring far other

Of safety and defence ; the only way Thoughts than those of feasting or of mirth.

Of life and peace with God. All other refuges Methinks that as the christian's eye by light

Save this, will fail, yea, melt before the fire Divine illumel, surveys the countless host

Of heavens' vindictive wrath, and leave the O’er which, in ages past, dark superstition

Soul all naked and exposed to endless Threw her gloomy pall, his heart might well be

Torments, an undying worm, and living death. Sad, and holy sorrow bid his eyes to weep.

JUVENIS NERFLAB. Christmas ! thy name to some might be, but as A passport into brighter lands, and mem'ry At thy magic spell would wake, and joyful

What is the cause of your

trouble ? Lead to scenes of home and pleasures long since Passed; or kindle up anticipation Keen of joys to come, in many a youthful

DEAR SIR, I should feel obliged if you Breast: but, to the mind of one, who views thy will give me your thoughts, upon what I am Name connected with the rite from whence it

going to write. I wish to ask you what is the Sprang. far different thoughts arise.

Led on By ignorance and her sister pride, a

meaning of the words, “ wherefore, whosoever Gloomy train he views; in sable garb arrayed ;

shall eat this bread and drink this cup of the Of every rank composed, Here old and young, Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the Peasant and prince, rich and poor, the ignorant And the wise, unite; bound by one cord which

body and blood of Christ, for he that eateth Superstition weaves, they travel on ; one

and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh Bond of union on each forehead seen, the

damnation to himself, not discerning the * Image of the beast." No sound of life is

Lord’s body ?" Thinking over these parts, Heard, but silently they move, with slow and Solemn step: like some dark stream, the eye

I have concluded I have no right to the table Pursues through various scenes, 'till lost, it sinks of the Lord. The next thing is the sin Into some vast abyss, And now the mind

against the Holy Ghost, for if I have not Runs back to trace the spot whence issued forth This mighty train, nor stays her course, 'tili mid

committed it I am afraid I shall. O the disThe gorgeous temples, and rich vaulted fanes, tress of soul no tongue can tell; there is Of papal Rome, behold a scene, at which

another thing too-do you think a child of Faith weeps,-a scene of blasphemy and lies. There sits the scarlet whore, from whose embrace

God can give up prayer, and reading the One half of Christendom, so called, when struck

bible? This is an awful state to be in; and By death have fallen, and that to rise no more.

this is the state I am in; O that the Lord There see the golden cup, still full of that Dread wine, to drink of which earth’s princes, kings, but hell and damnation. I hope you will not

will keep me; I see nothing before my eyes And potentates, have laid their crowns beneath Her feet, and sold their souls to an eternal

refuse my request, and particular on prayer. Hell. There stand her priests in costly vestments, I have been kept thus far from doing any Sumptuously arrayed, who, mid the roll of

harm to myself, though it follow me whereMusic and soft plaintive sounds, and air with Aromatic sweets perfumed, and gestures

ever I go. Oh may the Lord lead you to be Various, prepare,—to what? To offer up

able to give a word of comfort, whenever you The Son of God! O awful mockery!

shall speak in his name to his distressed O delusive cheat ! ye sons of Belial Dismally deceived. O list ye gaping

children. The Lord be with and bless you, Crowds, see, and behold in Christ the only

and enable you to dig into the deep things Mass that e'er can save the soul ! His precious of God: from a distressed soul, And atoning blood once spilt; for ever cleansed

ELIZABETH F. And purified the Church. lle is alone,


The friends and real lovers of gospel, a few sentences. He said, "Paul was a and experimental truth, residing in the bold champion for truth; and though Metropolis, have had many opportunities much opposed, yet he was not discouraged of hearing that sound and sober servant by anything: he went on preaching the of Jesus Christ, Mr. James Osbourn, kingdom of God: like the flint and the from Baltimore, in America. He appears steel, the more friction, the more fire; so to be very generally received by, and the more Paul was opposed, the more profitable to, the living in Jerusalem. the savour and power of the Spirit seemed

On Wednesday morning, January 6, to rest upon him: that is, he smelled he preached at the Anniversary of the strong of heaven." "Paul's was an enSurrey Tabernacle, from Psalm cxlvii dowed dish from God; all for the build2, 3. '“ The Lord doth build up Jeru- ing up of Zion. All provision is made salem : he gathereth together the out- for Zion in God's great store-housecasts of Israel. He healeth the broken which is Christ; and this store-house ir, heart; and bindeth up their wounds." Christ opens, and deals out unto his peoHis discourse laid principally in taking ple.” “Oh, dear child of God! as it up and opening such portions of the hath pleased the Father that in Christ Word of God, as were calculated to all fulness should dwell, so let it please illustrate and confirm the sentiments and you, if you can, and as Hart says come subject-matter of the text. Mr.Osbourn, just as you are; filthy, and naked, and as a preacher, has not the rapid eloquence loathsome and bare : not in self-despair, of a Wells; neither has he the occasional nor, in self-sufficiency, nor in self-decepfiery and powerful breakings forth of a tion.” “What ! starve in a cook's Gadsby or Warburton. He is sedate, shop? Starve in Christ? Oh, shocking; without being tedious; he is solemn, to sit poring over your sins and wretchedwithout being heavy; he is bold and ness, is degrading to our once suffering decided, without approaching anything Christ !” « Our hearts truly are a renlike presumption, or manifesting an unbe- dezvous for the devil ; but, dear friends, coming spirit. We consider him an es- the fulness that is in Christ, covers the tablished, experimental, safe, and certain whole ground: the gospel will not fit a preacher of the glorious gospel of the self-righteous pharisee or worldling: but blessed God.

it nicely fits a poor sensible sinner. I In the evening of the same day, he say, dear friends! whatever forebodings preached at Brown's Lane Chapel, Spi- of worse to come, may be in your souls, talfields, on behalf of “the Society for let us away to the text “all fulness in the Relief of Faithful Gospel Ministers in Christ.” It is the work of the devil to times of affliction and distress.” He seduce the soul, by magnifying our sins ; took for his text, Sol. Song, i. 2: “Be- and then down goes the poor sinner into cause of the savour of thy good ointments despair. O! what have I felt! All my thy name is as ointment poured forth ; sins like mountains crushing down my therefore do the virgins love thee.” soul ; but, bye and bye the Spirit comes; Under this discourse, we both laughed he brings Christ's fulness, and peace and cried: the preacher seemed to be through it. As Watts has it, blessed with a sweet, savoury, cheerful, “But a sense of blood-bought pardon, soul - comforting, sinner - encouraging Soon dissolves a heart of stone.' sense of the boundless love and mercy “Dear children !will you stand looking of the Lord Jesus Christ to his own at your fountain of sin? No, no! look soul. This sermon is shortly to be pub- to the fountain of love and blood divine ! lished for the benefit of the Society. All fulness in him. Thousands have

Mr. Osbourn preached his last sermon found it ; and yet there is room. in London, for the present, at Zoar MR. OSBOURN has been a most laboChapel, from Colossians 19. “For it rious man, both in the pulpit, and with hath pleased the Father that in Him his pen. We have been favored with a should all fulness dwell.” We have been perusal of several volumes which are not favoured with some notes of this excel- as yet known in England. lent discourse, taken by a dear brother MR. OSBOURN is engaged to supply at the time; but we can only gather up at Zoar, during the month of March. Part XXV.-VOL. III.


Anniversary of Surrey Tabernacle. servants of Jesus Christ, to all the saints in

Christ Jesus, which are at Philippi; with the The eighth anniversary of the Surrey bishops and deacons: grace be unto you, and Tabernacle, was held on Wednesday, peace from God our Father, and from the

Lord Jesus Christ." January 6, 1847. There is, perhaps, no

Coming at once to the subject, with a very place in this mighty metropolis where few prefatory remarks, the preacher said, the whole truth as it is in Christ has

There are three really useful points, which been more unhesitatingly maintained, the text seems to furnish. declared, and opened, than at the Surrey First-you may here see how it is, and Tabernacle; and on the morning of the with what material it is, that a true Gospel above day, in assembling with a nume. Church is to be made up—" of all the saints rous body of ministers and hearers, which are in Christ Jesus, with some bishops we were led secretly to rejoice, and to

and deacons." bless the Lord of all our mercies, for

Secondly - the text seems to shew us what that, in the midst of the most awful kind of spirit and kindred feeling should exist heresies

, and inconsistencies of these days, among the churches of Jesus Christ, (stained as they are with the blackest requisite for the proper-being and well-being

Thirdly-here are the two essential matters blots, we are yet favored with men who of the Church, -Grace and peace.” Withcan experimentally, ably, and powerfully out grace, there can be no church at all : declare the whole counsel of God. This without peace, there can be neither comfort is indeed a soul comforting mercy. Mr. nor consistency in the church: so that Paul JAMES OSBOURN, from N. America, and Timotheus do well

pray for the preached in the morning; Mr. JAMES Philippians--and it is a most wholesome WELLs, in the afternoon; and Mr. John prayer, not only for all real churches, but FOREMAN, in the evening. We believe for all true believers also, that “Grace be it was an exceedingly happy day with unto you, and peace, from God our Father, those who were favoured to attend. The and from the Lord Jesus Christ.” discourse in the Afternoon was, to us, is, and with what material it is, that a true

In the first place, see here then,-How it savoury, comprehensive, and delight- Gospel Church must be really made up. ful; displaying a mind richly fraught with The church of God (as the bride of Christ,) that experimental knowledge which Solo- has ever been the great object of Jehovah's mon says, fills the hidden chambers of delight. Of her, he says, “ Here will I the children of grace, with all precious dwell, for I have desired it.” It is no wonand pleasant riches. Mr. WELLS, (taking der therefore, that such glorious things are for his text, the last clause of the 14th spoken of this city of the living God.” The chapter of Isaiah," the Lord hath founded Bible is filled with the most eloquent, lofty Zion, and the poor of his people shall and delightful descriptions of her origin, trust in it;") shewed, first, that Zion I must be brief, I will simply notice, first,

constitution and spiritual character: but as a new state of things ::and, second, the typical representation which we have of ly, that she was founded in the eternal her : secondly, the prophetic ; and, thirdly, purpose, gracious promise, mediation, the New Testament representation which the and regenerating grace of a covenant Holy Ghost has furnished of the real church God. We wish we could transcribe the of the living God. whole discourse, but that is impossible. First-her typical representation. If you

turn into the book of Exodus, you may there A True Gospel Church.

see, that among the many things which God

commanded Moses, there were four most THE PUBLIC RECOGNITION OF MR. J. WISE. especial things which pointed directly to

that which constitutes the glory of the gospel On Wednesday evening, January 20, 1847, church. a public service was holden in the Baptist In the first place, (see Exodus xxv. 10,) Chapel, Edward Street, Dorset Square, for they were to make an Ark, which was to the purpose of publicly recognizing Mr. contain the testimony, which God would James Wise, as Pastor of the church meet-give: and there was to be a mercy seat above ing for divine worship in that place. upon the Ark: and of which the Lord God

The following is a brief outline of the in- then says, most emphatically, AND THERE, troductory discourse respecting the nature I will meet WITH THEE ; and I will comof a true Gospel Church, as delivered by mune with thee from above the mercy seat.” C. W. BANKS.

This is one of the most glorious types of the The preacher took for his text, the two Person of Christ, which the Bible furnishes. first verses, of the first chapter of Paul to This Ark was to be made of Shittim wood, the Philippians—"Paul and Timotheus, the and overlaid with pure gold: of such exact




dimensions as were given by God: Jehovah's | ten curtains. The Holy Ghost has been testimony was to be put within it: the mercy pleased to employ this figure of curtains, seat was to be above upon it; and there, (among others) to set forth the elect of God. reconciliation and communion with a Holy See Sol. Song i. 5; Habakkuk iii. 7. WhereGod was to be found. See here, our most fore, in the tabernacle it is clear the church wondrous, our most glorious, and our highly of Christ is made up of an exact number who exalted Christ! He is a complex person; were originally told into the hands of perfect God and perfect Man : he is of such Christ: and when that solemn period shall exact dimensions, in his person, and in his arrive, when God will make up his jewels, all work, as is suited to meet all the necessities the elect shall then pass again urder the of, and to bring salvation and glory unto, all hand of him telleth them : and the dear Rethat the Father has given to him : the testi- deemer will exultingly say—“Fatlıer! Here mony of God; the whole counsel, decree, am I; and the children which thou hast and divine will of the Father is in him ; he given me.” Not an hoof shall be left beis the throne of grace, and the mercy-seat, hind—not one of the sheep shall perish. and it is in him, by and through him alone, Let this glorious doctrine encourage and that we can approach unto the holiest of all. comfort the hearts of faithful pastors and Oh, what a blessed Ark is this! Surely, it churches. The Lord alone can truly add was under such a view of him that the apostle unto the church; and he will add none but exclaimed, “it hath pleased the Father that such as shall be saved. The tabernacle had in him should all fulness dwell.”

ten curtains. Notice, secondly, Moses was commanded 3. These curtains are said to have been to make a tabernacle, (Exod. xxvi.) which, made with cherubims,“ the work of a cunning I humbly presume, was a type of the real workman.” (See the margin of Exo.xxvi.) church of the living God. Thirdly, – Moses These cherubims seem to declare that the was then instructed to make “an altar of true church of Christ can only be made up shittim wood;" (Exodus xxvii.) which was of really living souls; such as have the life typical of that well-ordered mode of divine of God, the love, and truth of God, curiously, worship which the Lord Jehovah has insti- mysteriously, and incomprehensibly wrought tuted and maintained in his own church. in their souls by the power of the Holy And, lastly, Moses was to take Aaron and Ghost. These curtains were very beautiful his sons and make holy garments for them, things; they were made of fine twined linen, and anoint and consecrate them unto the of blue, and purple, and scarlet, and withal service of the Lord.

having these cherubims so curiously wrought These glorious Old Testament shadows in them. It is thus with God's elect. They did prefigure the very circumstances in have eternal life, electing love, atoning blood, which (if we are right before God in this justifying righteousness, and vital union service,) we are now found. First, we have to Christ wrought in them, whereby they beChrist, I hope, revealed and formed in our come dead indeed unto sin, and alive unto hearts as the hope of glory. Secondly, God by Jesus Christ our Lord. These are we have, I trust, a gospel church rightly the glorious things which beautify, adorn, constituted; and a New Testament order of and make honourable the church of God. divine worship, and we come this evening And as these curtains had loops whereby to recognise and to pray for one whom we they were attached to the frame-work of the are led to hope, God, in his great mercy, tabernacle, even so, by the vital implanting has raised up, and sent among this people. of faith, and hope, and prayer, in these living

It is then of the tabernacle, as containing souls, they lay hold on eternal life: and a typical representation of a true Gospel become so one with the Lord Christ, and his Church, that I am to speak a few words. covenant, his cross, and his truth, that nothing

of this tabernacle, notice the following can ever separate them. He that is thus things.

joined unto the Lord is one spirit. 1. It was to be made in strict accordance O, what a curious, mysterious work in the with the sovereign and unerring direction soul, is the new birth, conversion to God, of the Lord himself. Parliament may make condemnation by the law, and liberty by the and endow churches; false professors may gospel. God only knoweth how these things make up and establish their gaudy and de- are begun, carried on, and perfected. ceptive churches, as they are called, which 4. Notice--all the curtains were to have in nine cases out of ten, are nothing more

ONE MEASURE." There is now a very nor less, than fashionable bazaars, where great apparent distinction between the chilpomp and pride are exhibited, and a mock dren of God. Some are blessed with extraordiworship of the Almighty is sold at the highest nary gifts to stand upon Zion's walls and deprice they can possibly obtain ; but the clare the whole counsel of God, while others true church of Christ must be based upon, appear to be hidden as it were in obscurity, and maintained by, the given directions of and are scarcely known. Some appear to the great Head of the church alone. enjoy much liberty and fellowship in the

2. This tabernacle was to be made with 'things of God; others are harassed, and

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