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HYMN 129. B. 1. L. M.

2 Nothing but truth before his throne
With honour can appear;
The painted hypocrites are known
Through the disguise they wear.
3 Their lifted eyes salute the skies,

314} New court, Shoel.

Submission and deliverance; or, Abra-
ham offering his son.
AINTS, at your heavenly Father's
Give up your comforts to the Lord;
He shall restore what you resign,
Or grant you blessings more divine.
2 So Abrah'm, with obedient hand,
Led forth his son at God's command;
The wood, the fire, the knife he took;
His arm prepar'd the dreadful stroke.
3" Abrah'm, forbear," the angel cry'd;

"Thy faith is known, thy love is try'd; 317
in thy seed
"Shall the whole earth be blest indeed.”
4 Just in the last distressing hour
The Lord displays delivering power;
The mount of danger is the place
Where we shall see surprising grace.

HYMN 5. B. 1. C. M.
Bangor, Chelsea.

Submission to afflictive providences.
1 NAKED as from the eat fist,

And crept to life

We to the earth return, again,
And mingle with our dust.
The dear delights we here enjoy,
And fondly call our own,
Are but short favours borrow'd now;
To be repaid anon.

3 'Tis God that lifts our comforts high.

Or sinks them in the grave ;-
He gives, and (blessed be his name!)
He takes but what he gave.

4 Peace, all our angry passions, then
Let each rebellious sigh
Be silent at his sovereign will,
And every murmur die.


Let hypocrites attend and fear,
Who place their hope in rites and forms,
But make not faith nor love their care.
b2 Vile wretches dare rehearse his name
With lips of falsehood and deceit;
And soothe and flatter those they hate.
A friend or brother they defame,

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Their bending knees the ground; But God abhors the sacrifice


Where not the heart is found. Lord, search my thoughts, and try my ways,

And make my soul sincere; Then shall I stand before thy face, And find acceptance there.

5 If smiling mercy crown our lives,


Its praises shall be spread; And we'll adore the justice too, That strikes our comforts dead.


PSALM 50. 3d Part. L. M. b
Eaton, Dresden, Wells.
Hypocrisy exposed.

1THE Lord, the Judge, his churches

3They watch to do their neighbours wrong;

Yet dare to seek Maker's face;
They take his covenant on their tongue,
But break his laws, abuse his grace.

4 To heaven they lift their hands unclean,
Defil'd with lust, defil'd with blood
By night they practise every sin,
By day their mouths draw near to God.
5 And while his judgments long delay,
They grow secure, and sin the more;
They think he sleeps as well as they,
And put far off the dreadful hour.
; 6 O dreadful hour, when God draws near,

And sets their crimes before their eyes;
His wrath their guilty souls shall tear,
And no deliverer dare to rise. -

316} Mear, Bedford.

Sincerity and hypocrisy ; or, formality in worship.
OD is a spirit, just and wise,
He sees our inmost mind;
In vain to heaven we raise our cries,
And leave our souls behind.


PSALM 119. 3d Part. C. M.
Mear, St. David's, Dundee.
Professions of sincerity, repentance and obedience.

Verse 57, 60.

1THOU art my portion, O my God; Soon as I know thy way,

HYMN 136. B. 1. C. M. My heart makes haste t' obey thy word,
And suffers no delay.

Verse 30, 14.


I choose the path of heavenly truth
And glory in my choice;
Not all the riches of the earth
Could make me so rejoice.

Verse 59.

3 The testimonies of thy grace
I set before mine eyes:
Thence I derive my daily strength,
And there my comfort lies.
4 If once I wander from thy path,
I think upon my ways;
Then turn my feet to thy commands,
And trust thy pardoning grace.
Verse 94, 114.
5 Now I am thine, forever thine,
O save thy servant, Lord!
Thou art my shield, my hiding place,
My hope is in thy word.

Verse 112.

6 Thou hast inclin'd this heart of mine
Thy statutes to fulfil:

And thus, till mortal life shall end,
I perform thy will.

PSALM 139. 3d Part. L. M. b 319} 97th Psalm, Putney. Sincerity professed, and grace tried; or, the heart-searching God. 1M Y God, what inward grief I feel, When impious men transgress thy will!

I mourn to hear their lips profane, Take thy tremendous name in vain. 2 Does not my soul detest and hate The sons of malice and deceit?. Those that oppose thy laws and thee, I count them enemies to me.

3 Lord, search my soul, try every thought;
Though mine own heart accuse me not
Of walking in a false disguise,
I beg the trial of thine eyes.
4 Doth secret mischief lurk within?
Do I indulge some unknown sin?
0. turn my feet whene'er I stray,
And lead me in thy perfect way..

4 That sin, which close besets me still,
That works and strives against my will;
When shall thy Spirit's sovereign power
Destroy it, that it rise no more?
5[With an impartial hand, the Lord
Deals out to mortals their reward;
The kind and faithful soul shall find
A God as faithful and as kind.
6 The just and pure shall ever say,
Thou art more pure, more just than they:
And men that love revenge shall know
God hath an arm of vengeance too.]



PSALM 62. L. M.
Antigua, Portugal.

No trust in creatures; or, faith in di-
vine grace and power.
MY spirit looks to God alone;

My rock and refuge is his throne:
In all my fears, in all my straits,
My soul on his salvation waits.
2 Trust him, ye saints, in all your ways,
Pour out your hearts before his face;
When helpers fail, and foes invade,
God is our all-sufficient aid.

PSALM 18. 2d Part. L. M.

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3 False are the men of high degree,
The baser sort are vanity;
Laid in the balance, both appear
Light as a puff of empty air.
4 Make not increasing gold your trust,
Nor set your hearts on glittering dust:
Why will ye grasp the fleeting smoke,
And not believe what God has spoke?
5 Once has his awful voice déclar'd,
Once and again my ears have heard,
"All power is his eternal due;
"He must be fear'd and trusted too."
6 For sovereign power reigns not alone,
Grace is a partner of the throne;
Thy grace and justice, mighty Lord,
Shall well divide our last reward.


320} Blendon, Dunstan.

Sincerity proved and rewarded. 1LORD, thou hast seen my soul sincere, Hast made thy truth and love appear; Before mine eyes I set thy laws, And thou hast own'd my righteous cause.

2 Since I have learn'd thy holy ways, 1M to defend his cause,

I've walk'd upright before thy face:
Or, if my feet did e'er depart,
'Twas never with a wicked heart..
3 What sore temptations broke my rest,
What wars and strugglings in my breast!
But through thy grace, that reigns within,
I guard against my darling sin:
H 2


HYMN 103. B.1. C. M. X
Devizes, Arlington.

Not ashamed of the gospel. 'M not asham'd to own my Lord,

Maintain the honour of his word,
The glory of his cross.

2 Jesus, my God! I know his name;
His name is all my trust:
Nor will he put my soul to shame..
Nor let my hope be lost.

3 Firm as his throne his promise stands, 325 And he can well secure

What I've committed to his hands
Till the decisive hour.

4 Then will he own my worthless name
Before his Father's face,
And in the New Jerusalem
Appoint my soul a place.

ADDRESSES TO THE HOLY SPIRIT. HYMN 34. B. 2. C. M. Barby, Bedford.


Breathing after the Holy Spirit; or, fervency of devotion desired. 1 COME, Holy Spirit,heavenly Dove, With all quickening powers, Kindle a flame of sacred love In these cold hearts of ours. 2 Look how we grovel here below, Fond of these trifling toys: Our souls can neither fly nor go, To reach eternal joys.

3 In vain we tune our formal songs, In vain we strive to rise; Hosannas languish on our tongues, And our devotion dies.


4 Dear Lord, and shall we ever live At this poor, dying rate? Our love so faint, so cold to thee, And thine to us so great? 5 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove,

With all thy quickening powers; Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love, And that shall kindle ours.

HYMN 133. B. 2. L. M. 324} Green's Hundredth, Truro.

The operations of the Holy Spirit. 1ETERNAL Spirit, we confess,

And sing the wonders of thy grace; Thy power conveys our blessings down From God the Father, and the Son. 2 Enlighten'd by thine heavenly ray Our shades and darkness turn to day: Thine inward teachings make us know Our danger and our refuge too. 3 Thy power and glory works within, And breaks the chains of reigning sin; Doth our imperious lusts subdue, And forms our wretched heart anew.

HYMN 144. B. 1. C. M. * Bedford, Arlington. witnessing and seating Spirit. WHY should the children of a King


Go mourning all their days? Great Comforter, descend, and bring Some tokens of thy grace.

Thy cheering words awake our joys; words allay the stormy wind, calm the surges of the mind.

2 Dost thou not dwell in all the saints, And seal the heirs of heaven? When wilt thou banish my complaints

And show my sins forgiven?

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Stoop down, and take us on thy wings; And mount, and bear us far above The reach of these inferior things: 2 Beyond, beyond this lower sky, Up where eternal ages roll; Where solid pleasures never die, And fruits immortal feast the soul.

30 for a sight, a pleasing sight
There sits our Saviour,crown'd with light,
Of our Almighty. Father's throne!
Cloth'd in a body like our own.
4 Adoring saints around him stand,
And thrones and powers before him fall!
The God shines gracious through the man,
And sheds sweet glories on them all!
50 what amazing joys they feel,
While to their golden harps they sing,
And sit on every heavenly hill,
And spread the triumphs of their King!
6 When shall the day, dear Lord, appear,
That I shall mount, to dwell above;
And stand and bow among them there,
And view thy face, and sing, and love?

4 The troubled conscience knows thy 327}



PSALM 51. 1st Part. L. M. b German, Bath, Limehouse.

A penitent pleading for pardon. SHE HEW pity, Lord; O Lord, forgive; Let a repenting rebel live;


Are not thy mercies large and free? May not a sinner trust in thee? 2 My crimes are great, but not surpass The power and glory of thy grace: Great God, thy nature hath no bound, So let thy pardoning love be found. 30 wash my soul from every sin, And make my guilty conscience clean; Here on my heart the burden lies, And past offences pain mine eyes. 4 My lips with shame my sins confess, Against thy law, against thy grace; Lord, should thy judgment grow severe, I am condemn'd, but thou art clear. 5 Should sudden vengeance seize my breath, I must pronounce thee just in death: And if my soul were sent to hell, Thy righteous law approves it well. 6 Yet save a trembling sinner, Lord, Whose hope,still hovering round thy word, Would light on some sweet promise there, Some sure support against despair.


PSALM 25. 1st Part. S. M. b
28 Little Marlboro', Aylesbury.
Waiting for pardon and direction.
LIFT my soul to God,
My trust is in his name:
Let not my foes that seek my blood
Still triumph in my shame.


Each pleasure hath its poison too,
And every sweet a snare.
The brightest things below the sky
Give but a flattering light;
We should suspect some danger nigh,
Where we possess delight.

3 Our dearest joys, and nearest friends,

2 Sin and the powers of hell
Persuade me to despair;
Lord,make me know thy covenant well,
That I may 'scape the snare.
3 From the first dawning light
Till the dark evening rise,
For thy salvation, Lord, I wait

With ever longing eyes. 4 Remember all thy grace,

And lead me in thy truth;
Forgive the sins of riper days,
And follies of my youth.
5 The Lord is just and kind:
The meek shall learn his ways;
And every humble sinner find

The partners of our blood,
How they divide our wavering minds,
And leave but half for God.
4 The fondness of a creature's love,

How strong it strikes the sense!
Thither the warm affections move,


Nor can we call them thence.
Dear Saviour, let thy beauties be
My soul's eternal food;
And grace command my heart away
From all created good.


HYMN 41. B. 2. L. M.
A sight of God matifies us to the world.
Eaton, Nantwich.
to the fields where angels lie,
And living waters gently roll,
Fain would my thoughts leap out and fly,
But sin hangs heavy on my soul.
2 Thy wondrous blood, dear dying Christ,
Can make this world of guilt remove;
And thou canst bear me where thou fly'st,
On thy kind wings, celestial Dove!
30 might I once mount up, and see
The glories of th' eternal skies;
How despicable to my eyes!]
What little things these worlds would be,

4 Had I a glance of thee, my God,
Kingdoms and men would vanish soon;
Vanish, as though I saw them not,
As a dim candle dies at noon.

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5 Then they might fight,and rage, and rave,
I should perceive the noise no more
Than we can hear a shaking leaf,
While rattling thunders round us roar.
6 Great ALL IN ALL, eternal King,
Let me but view thy lovely face,
And all my powers shall bow, and sing
Thine endless grandeur, and thy grace.

The methods of his grace.

6 For his own goodness' sake

He saves my soul from shame; 331 He pardons (though my guilt be great) Through my Redeemer's name.


HYMN 10. B. 2. C. M. b or
St. James, York.
Parting with carnal joys.
Y soul forsakes her vain delight,
And bids the world farewell;
Base as the dirt beneath my feet,
And mischievous as hell.


HYMN 48. B. 2. C. M.
Bedford, Hymn Second.
Love to the creatures is dangerous.


WOW vain are all things here below! 2 No longer will I ask your love,
How false, and yet how fair! Nor seek your friendship more

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Verse 32.

3 How would I run in thy commands,
If thou my heart discharge
From sin, and Satan's hateful chains,
And set my feet at large!

Verse 13, 46.

4 My lips with courage shall declare
Thy statutes and thy name;
I'll speak thy word, though kings should
Nor yield to sinful shame. [hear,
Verse 61, 69, 70.


Let. bands of persecutors rise
To rob me of my right;
Let pride and malice forge their lies,
Thy law is my delight.

Verse 115.

6 Depart from me, ye wicked race,
Whose hands and hearts are ill;
I love my God, I love his ways,
And must obey his will.

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Our sin the cause of Christ's death,
AND now the scales have left mine
Now I begin to see: [eyes,
O the curs'd deeds my sins have done!
What murderous things they be!
2 Were these the traitors, dearest Lord,
That thy fair body tore?
Monsters, that stain'd those heavenly limbs
With floods of purple gore!

3 Was it for crimes that I had done,

My dearest Lord was slain ; When justice seiz'd God's only Son, And put his soul to pain?

4 Forgive my guilt, O Prince of Peace!
I'll wound my God no more;
Hence from my heart, ye sins, be gone;
For Jesus I adore.

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