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it is not without our own sin, as well as weakness, that we err in any scriptural propositions concerning our duty to God. And, if all who believe would lay aside their prejudices and preconceived opinions, and all impressions arising from worldly advantages, yielding themselves humbly and entirely to the teachings of God, we might all come ' in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ.' Eph. iv. 13. And these things may suffice to illustrate the work of the Holy Spirit in our illumination, with respect to the external objective causes thereof, or the Holy Scripture itself.


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The Letter n refers to the Notes, and the Figures to the Pages.

ABASEMENT of soul on account of sin, 195. Despised by the pro-
fane, 194.

Ability and disability, natural and moral, considered, 100, 105, &c.
Absence (bodily) of Christ supplied by the Holy Spirit, 65.
Abuse of spiritual gifts, 1. Of eternal love, devilish, 249.
Acceptance, confidence of, communicated to believers, 286.
Access to God explained, 67. With boldness, 292.
Acquaintance with the pollution of sin, necessary, 181-183.
Acts of the will, how wrought by the Spirit, 215, &c. Of Holiness
described, 212–217.

Actings of the Spirit not ascribed to him exclusively, 38.

voluntary and sovereign, 31, &c.

internal, of the Divine Persons towards each other, 17, 18.
Adam, how he had the Spirit of God in innocency, 126.
had many things revealed to him, 37.
Address to persons of various descriptions, 266.
Admiration and Assimilation, effects of love, 239, 240.
Adoption, the Spirit of, 285.
Advantages of attending the word, 86.
the performance of them, 113, 114, n.

Of duties, though vitiated in

Affections, divine love implanted in them, 128. Sanctified, 205.
Afflictions sanctified, 190, 136. Under the direction of Christ, 162.
Alienation from the life of God, 99, 100.
Anathema, what it is to call Jesus, 2.
Anti-Spirit set up by the Quakers, 9.
Apparel, pride in, exposed, 192.

Application of believers to the blood of Christ for cleansing, 188. For
the mortification of sin, 227.

Apostacy with respect to the Spirit, &c. 11.

Assistance of the Spirit requisite to every act of holiness, 215. In
prayer, 165, &c. 281, 332.

Assurance of final success, an encouragement to holiness, 271, &c.
Attendance on the preached word the duty of all, 86.
Augustine, a champion for the truth, 117, 149. The nature of con-
version and power of grace instanced in him, 130-149.
racter vindicated from the slanders of a late writer, 137, 138, n.
Authority of God, a sense of the, to be retained in all our actions,

His cha-

- of Christ, as a teacher, 264.

Baptism a proof of the Trinity, 20. Of the personality of the
Spirit, 21. Of Christ, the time of his being anointed to his pro-
phetical office, 56. Not regeneration, 73, 74; but representative of
it, 178.

Beauty and glory of holiness, 154-156.
Beginning of holiness small, like seed, 163.

Believers the only subjects of sanctification, 154, 171. Have different
degrees of grace, 70. Are directed by the Spirit of God in their
petitions, 282, 283.

Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, 10, 25.

of the Jews against the name of Jesus, 2.
Blemishes of professors often magnified, 271.

Blood of Christ, the procuring cause of our purification, 185.
how sprinkled, 186.

Bodily absence of Christ supplied by the Spirit, 65.
strength of Sampson, a gift of the Spirit, 46.

Body, how depraved by sin, 174, and sanctified by grace, 175, 176.
Boldness, holy, through the blood of Christ, 285.
Bondage, the spirit of, what, 145.

Breath of God, the Spirit so called, 28, 38.
Buried with Christ, what it is to be, 315.

Calumnies on the character of Augustine refuted, 137, 138, n.
Carelessness censured, 249.

Garnal Mind, enmity against God, 99, 107, and the things of God,


Childhood, the early workings of sin in, 131.

Christ, the LORD, what that name signifies, 2. In no sense the
Son of the Holy Ghost, 52. Raised from the dead by the Spirit, 59.
Not defiled by original sin, 54. The head of the new creation, 62.
The foundation of the church, 62. Glorified by the Spirit, 66.
The procuring cause of our purification, 185. How made unto us
sanctification, 207. Our life, 114. Our example, 208, 209. Head
of the Church, politically and spiritually, 207. The Holy Spirit,
why called the Spirit of Christ, 15. The sending of Christ, a mo-
tive to holiness, 260.

Circumcision of the heart, 123, 178.

Cleansing from sin by the blood and Spirit of Christ, 188.

COMFORTER promised, 5, 23; his various operations as the, 290-


Coming of the Spirit explained, 34.

Commands and Promises consistent with each other, 157, 158.

of God in the law, good and equitable, 251. Not grievous,

How carried

Derided by the pro-


Communion with God impossible, without holiness, 226.

on by the Gospel, 67.

Complaint of sin, a part of prayer, 225.

fane, ib.

Couclusions to be drawn from the doctrine of election, 250.

Condescension of the Holy Spirit, 291.

Condition of all unregenerate men the same, 192. Dangerous, of

persons continuing in sin, 266. Our condition in this world a mo-
tive to holiness, 268, &c.

Confession of Faith, how given anciently, 148.
Confessions, auricular, of the Papists exposed, 183,
of Augustine quoted, 130, &c.

Confidence of acceptance in prayer, 286.

Conflict between convictions and corruptions, 141, 142.
sin and grace, 220, &c.

Conformity to God the glory of a believer, 237.

Conscience, the power of, 189. How cleansed, ib. Contrivances of
Popery to charm the guilty, 225.

Consequences falsely charged on the doctrines of the gospel, 236.
Consistency between Grace and Duty, 160, &c.

Consideration of sin fixed on the mind, 133.

Consolation, how administered by the Spirit, 143. The doctrine of
Election, a source of, to believers, 245.

Constant regard to the authority of God recommended, 252; and to the
various means of grace, 288, 289.
Constitution no excuse for sin, 175.
Contemplation, an effect of love, 239.

Contempt of the world, from the consideration of electing love, 249.

humiliation for sin, 194.

Continuation of the work of the Spirit in the Church, 48, 49.

Continual mortification of sin, and application to the blood of Christ
necessary, 188, 227.

Contrary dispositions in believers, whence, 220.
Conversion effected by the power of God, 122, &c.
of Augustine remarkáble, 130, &c.
Conviction of sin, 87; often wears off, 140.
Effects, 270.

How renewed, 141.

Gorruption of the mind because of sin, 93, &c.
Creation of the world ascribed to each of the divine persons, 207; and to
the Spirit in particular, 28.

of man the work of the Spirit, 29.

the New, the work whereby God designed principally to giorify
himself, 50.
Crucifying the old man explained, 218, 219.
Custom in sin takes away the sense of it, 133.

Danger of neglecting the means of grace, 86.

Darkness of the mind, its power, 94, 95. Effects of, 104, 105.
Dead Works, what they are, 114, 275.

Death and Life, natural and spiritual, compared, 112–115.

of Christ, the death of sin, 227. The power of it to purify,


Decays in grace to be found in many, 169.

Deceits about the Spirit and his work, 71. About holiness, 265.
Decrees of God, absolutely considered, no part of his revealed will,


Defects of the Light of Nature and of the Heathen Moralists, 264.
Defilement of sin, wherein it consists, 179: how removed, 176
Deformity of sin, 180. A sight of it useful, 218, 219.

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Degrees in sanctification, 159, &c. Of grace, peculiar to believers,


Deity of the Holy Spirit, 9.

Delight in obedience, an effect of love, 240.

Deliverance from our natural condition by regeneration, 195, 196.
Deliverances, remarkable, how they affect the mind, 136.

Departure of the Spirit, what, 34, 35.

Depravity of the mind by sin, 93, &c.
Descent of the Spirit, 21 and n.
Design of Christ's mediation, what, 261.
Devils under the power of darkness, 106.

Difference between receiving doctrines notionally, and things really,
101, 102.

a spiritual life and a life of moral virtue, 199, 200.
Different operations of the same Spirit, 3.

Dignity of Man consists only in his likeness to God, 237.
Diligence, spiritual, necessary, 170. Indispensable in reading the
Scriptures, 331, &c.

Disappointment and dissatisfaction of natural men, whence it arises,


Disorder of the world, occasioned by sin, 270, 271.

Dispensation of the Spirit, 5. The manner of it, 30. Not confined
to the first ages of the Church, 48. If taken away, the Church is
ruined, 6, 7.

Disposition, a new, in sanctified persons, 174, 175.
Distress of soul upon conviction of sin, 142.

Distribution of spiritual gifts, 3.

Diversity of spiritual gifts, 312, &c.

Divine Properties and Works ascribed to the Spirit, 17, &c.
Doctrine of the Spirit, a fundamental article of gospel truths, 3.
Dreams, a mode of communication to the prophets, 40.
Duties of holiness described, 212–217.

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Earnest of the Spirit explained, 301-303.

Ease and Readiness in duties effects of grace, 205, 206,
Edification of the church, how carried on, 315.

Education and Convictions, their effects, 270.

Effects of the power of the Spirit of God, 89. Of the carnal mind,

106, 107.

Efficacy of the Gospel, from the Spirit, 5, 112.

a peculiar, in beholding Christ, 186.

of the death of Christ for the destruction of sin, 227.
of Christ's teaching, 264.

Efficiency, real an internal, ascribed to the Spirit, 121.
Effusions of the Spirit often accompanied by delusions of Satan at the
same time, 7, 8. The privilege of the gospel church, 49.
Electing Love the spring of all holiness, 207.

a cause of and motive to holiness, 242-250:
Election, objections and cavils against it, answered, 243.
no man bound to believe his, before conversion, 244.
known only by its effects, 245.

Elohim, a name of God, expressive of plurality and personality, 15.

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