Imatges de pÓgina

A profeffion of godly forrow for our fins, and a refolution of nere obedience towards God, to be made on Monday evening,


I will rise and go to my Father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee, and am no more worthy to be called thy sou. Luke xv. 18, 19. Lord! I call my ways to remembrance with a troubled heart; my evil doings are before mine eyes; they are a burden upon my fpirits, a fore burden, too heavy for me to bear. But now, O my God, with a heart truly forrowful and pe nitent, I turn from my evil ways, refolving by thy grace to become a new creature; from this day forward I am fully deter mined to betake myfelfto areligious courfe of life; O let not iniquity be my ruin.

O Lord, I am not worthy fo much as to lift up mine eyes unto thee; but whither fhould a wretch in guilt and mifery look but unto thee, the fountain of all mercy? whither, but to a God, whofe mercy is greater than my wickednefs? to a God, whofe property it is to be kind to his enemies; and whofe patience to bear with my fins, is as great as his power to punith them; and who had much rather be reconciled to me, than take vengeance upon me? whither indeed, but to thee, O God of all grace and comfort! who fhowest mercy to the unworthy, and inviteft me,

with all the tenderness and bowels of a compaffionate father, to turn from my evil ways, that my foul may live, and be for ever happy in thy eternal kingdom.

Therefore, encouraged by thy goodnefs, O Lord, I addrefs myfelf unto thee, who am ready to fink under the heavy load of guilt and mifery; and yet I make no plea, but for thy mercy; nor have any pretence to claim it, (for, alas! I muft with fhame acknowledge, I have very much abufed it,) but thro' thy inexpreffible love, I know I have a moft merciful Saviour, who died to purchase falvation for me; and who now powerfully intercedes with thee for the pardon of true penitents. O! for the fake of his bleffed name, receive me gracioufly to thy mercy, and be not angry with me for ever!

Forgive me, O merciful Father, for I am heartily forry for all the evils which I have done: I have finned, O Lord God, I have finned against thee, by [Here recollect and confess those sins you have committed against God, with their aggravations that accompany them, as set down in the preceding heads to the examination of consciencecontained betwixt pages 15 and 19. both inclusive. For instance, Lord I have committed this sin, or the se sins frequently, against checks of conscience, &c. and then add] Father I have finned against heaven, and in thy fight, and am no more worthy to be called thy fon: O pity, and cleanfe, and forgive, and fave



me, for thy mercies' fake. I have finned, O Lord God, I have finned agaimft thee and against my neighbour by -[Here confess those sins you here committed against your NEIGHBOUR, with their aggrarations, &c as contained betwixt pages 19 and 23, and betwixt 26 and 33, and then add] Father, I have finned against heaven and in thy fight, and am no more worthy to be called thy fon: O pity, and cleanfe, and forgive, and fave for thy mercies' fake. I have finned against thee and against my ownself byHere confess those sins you have committed against YOURSELF, with their aggravations, &c, as contained betwixt pages. 22 and 26, and then add] Father, I have finned against heaven, and in thy fight, and am no more worthy to be called thy fon: O pity, and cleanfe, and forgive, and fave me, for thy mercies' fake. Forgive all my fins, for I am fully refolved, by thy grace, O moft to love and ferve thee. Forgive me, gracious God, for I forgive all that have offended me, and do entreat thee to forO Lord God, my give them likewife. wickednefs is great, and my iniquities are infinite; they are more in number than the hairs of my head; and my heart would fail me, but that I well know thy mercies are more numberless than my fins. O do not exact punishment of me for my fins ; but extend thy mercy and pardon to my fou', for my dear Redeemer's fake, Jefus Christ our Lord. Amen.


? Then say,

Turn thee, O Lord, and deliver my soul: O save me for thy mercies' sake. Psulm vi. 4.

EAR me, O gracious God and Father, and breathe into my heart that fpirit which renews us after thine own image, in righteoufnefs and true holiness.


Bleffed Jefus, who seekeft out finners to make them good, do not reject me now; when I feek to thee to make me better. I am poor and naked, O! clothe me with thy righteousnefs. My good thoughts are changeable and inconftant; but, O! do thou establish and fix them by thy grace: fet up thy kingdom, O Jefu, in my heart: for to become thy faithful fervant is more. to me than to have the empire of this world. Keep me fteadfast in ferving thee, till thou takeft me finally to thyfelf.

A prayer of resignation to the will of God. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.-Matt.

vi. 10.


Lord Jesu, I give thee my body, my foul, my fubftance, my friends, my liberty, and my life; difpofe of me, and of all that is mine, as it feemeth beft to thee, to the glory of thy holy name. Lord, I am not now mine, but thine; therefore claim me as thy devoted right; keep me as thy charge, and love me as thy child; fight for me when I am affaultE


ed; heal me when I am wounded; and revive me when I am fainting. Amen.

O Saviour of the world, fave me; who by thy crofs and paffion has redeemed me; help me and fave me, I befeech thee, O my God.

Give me, O Lord, fpiritual wisdom, that I may difcern what is pleafing to thee, and follow what belongs unto my peace; and let the knowledge and peace of God, and of Jefus Chrift our Lord, be my guide and my portion all the days of my life. Amen.

To the King eternal, immortal, invifible, and only wife God, who is the ever bleffed and adorable Trinity, be all honour and glory, thanksgiving and praife, now and for evermore. Amen.

A prayer to conclude our devotions upon this day, and every day in the week.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you. John xvi. 23.


to hear the petitions of them that afk in thy Son's name; I befeech thee mercifully to incline thine ears unto me, who have now made my prayers and fupplications unto thee! and grant that thofe things which I have faithfully afked according to thy will, may be effectually obtained, to the relief of my neceffi

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