Imatges de pÓgina

2 Bid our conflicting passions cease,

And terror from each conscience flee;
Oh, speak to every bosom peace,

Unknown to all who know not thee.
3 Give us to taste thy heavenly joy,

Our hopes to brightest glory raise ;
Guide us to bliss without alloy,

And tune our hearts to endless praise. 221

C. M.

Medfield. Oakland. 1 WHY should the children of a King

Go mourning all their days ?-
Great Comforter! descend, and bring

Some tokens of thy grace.
2 Dost thou not dwell in all thy saints,

And seal them heirs of heaven?
When wilt thou banish my complaints,

And show my sins forgiven?
3 Assure my conscience of her part

In my Redeemer's blood;
And bear thy witness with my heart,

That I am born of God.
4 Thou art the earnest of his love,

The pledge of joys to come;
And thy soft wings, celestial Dove,

Will safe convey me home. 222

Mansfield. Medfield. Aff 1 ETERNAL Spirit!-God of truth !

Our contrite hearts inspire:
Kindle the flame of heavenly love,

And feed the pure desire.
2 'Tis thine to soothe the sorrowing mind,

With guilt and fear oppressed:
'Tis thine to bid the dying live,

And give the weary rest.
3 Subdue the power of every sin,
Whate'er that sin

That we with humble, holy heart,

May worship only thee.
4 Then with our spirits witness bear,

That we are sons of God;
Redeemed froin sin, and death, and hell,
Through Christ's atoning blood.

C. M.


L. M.


L. M. Sunderland. Uxbridge. P 1 THIE Spirit, like a peaceful dove,

Flies from the realms of noise and strife : Why should we vex and grieve his love,

Who seals our souls to heavenly life!
2 Tender and kind be all our thoughts;

Through all our lives let mercy run;
So God forgives our numerous faults,

Through grace abounding in the Son. 224

Hingham. Bowen. Aff 1 SPIRIT of peace! immortal Dove !

Here let thy gentle influence reign:
Come, fill my soul with heavenly love,

And all the graces of thy train.
2 Not all the sweets beneath the sky,

Nor corn, nor oil, nor richest wine,
Could raise my tuneful song, so high,

Or yield me pleasures so divine.
3 Blest with thy presence, I could meet

Death, though in all his terrors dressed ;
Nor, while I taste a joy so sweet,
One fear disturb niy peaceful breast.

L. M. Windham. Hingham. 225

The Spirit entreated not to depart.
Aff 1 STAY, thou insulted Spirit-stay!

Though I have done thee such despite;
Cast nut a sinner quite away,

Nor take thine everlasting flight.
2 Though I have most unfaithful been

Of all who e'er thy grace received ;
Ten thousand times thy goodness seen,

Ten thousand times thy goodness grieved; 3 Yet, oh! the chief of sinners spare,

In honor of my great High Priest;
Nor, in thy righteous anger, swear

I shall not see thy people's rest.
4 My, weary soul, O God, release :

Uphold me with thy gracious hand;
Guide me into thy perfect peace,

And bring me to the promised land.

L. M.

Hingham. Danvers. 226

Prayer for the Return of the Spirit. 1 0 LORD, and shall our fainting souls, Thy Spirit, grieved, and long withdrawn,

Will he no more to us return ?
2 Great Source of light and peace, return,

Nor let us mourn and sigh in vain ;
Come, repossess these longing hearts

With all the graces of thy train.
3 This temple, hallowed by thine hand,

Once more be with thy presence blest:
Here be thy grace anew displayed,

Be this thine everlasting rest. 227

L. M.

Danvers. Rotterdam 1 LORD, in the temples of thy grace

Thy saints behold thy smiling face;
Here have we seen thy glory shine

With power and majesty divine.
2 Return, O Lord-our spirits cry-

Our graces droop-our comforts die;
Return, and let thy glories rise

Again to our admiring eyes;
mf 3 Till, filled with light, and joy, and love,

Thy courts below, like those above,
Triumphant hallelujahs raise,
Till heaven and earth resound thy praise.





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L. M.

Windham. 228

The broad and narrow Ways.
1 BROAD is the road that leads to death,

And thousands walk together there :
But wisdom shows a narrow path,

With here and there a traveller.
2 “Deny thyself, and take thy cross,”.

Is the Redeemer's great command;
Nature inust count her gold but dross,

If she would gain this heavenly land.

C. M.

3 The fearful soul, that tires and faints,

And walks the ways of God no more,
Is but esteemed almost a saint,

And inakes his own destruction sure.
4 Lord, let not all my hopes be vain ;

Create my heart entirely new;
Which hypocrites could ne'er attain ;

Which false apostates never knew. 229

Graston. Rochester. 1 STRAIT is the way-the door is strait,

That leads to joys on high :
'Tis but a few that find the gate,

While crowds mistake and die.
2 Beloved self must be denied,

The mind and will renewed,
Passion suppressed-and patience tried,

And vain desires subdued.
3 Lord, can a feeble, helpless worm

Fulfil a task so hard?
Thy grace must all the work perform,
And give the free reward.

S. M.

Cedron. Haverhill. 230 The Way of Sin not the Way to Heaven. I CAN sinners hope for heaven,

Who love this world so well ?
Or dream of future happiness,

While on the road to hell?
2 Can sin's deceitful way

Conduct to Zion's hill ?
Or those expect with God to reign

Who disregard his will ?
3 Shall they hosannas sing,

With an unhallowed tongue ?
Shall palms adorn the guilty hand

Which does its neighbor wrong?
4 Thy grace, O God, alone,

Good hopes can 'e'er afford !
The pardoned and renewed shall see
The glory of the Lord.

L. M.

Ralston. Hingham 231

Dunger of rejecting Christ. pll I HARK! from the cross a voice of peace

Bids Sinai's awful thunder cease


Sinner! that voice of love obey,

Frorn Christ, the true, the living way. 2 How else his presence wilt thou bear, When he in judgment shall appear

When slighted love to wrath shall turn,

And all the earth like Sinai burn?
3 Now from the cross a voice of peace

Bids Sinai's awful thunder cease-
O sinner, while 'tis called to-day,
That voice of saving love obey.


L. M. Ralston. Uxbridge 232

One Thing needful.
1 WHY will ye waste on trifling cares

That life which God's compassion spares?
While, in the various range of thought,

The one thing needful is forgot?
2 Shall God invite you from above ?

Shall Jesus urge his dying love ?
Shall troubled conscience give you pain ?

And all these pleas unite in vain ?
3 Not so your eyes will always view

Those objects which you now pursue:
Not so will heaven and hell appear,

When death's decisive hour is near.
Af 4 Almighty God! thy grace impart;

Fix deep conviction on each heart :
Nor let us waste on trifling cares
That life which thy compassion spares.


88, 78 & 4.

Greenville. 233

The Sinner invited and threatened.
I HEAR, O sinner!-mercy hails

Now with sweetest voice she calls;
Bids you haste to seek the Saviour,
Ere the hand of justice falls;

Hear, 0 sinner!-
'Tis the voice of mercy calls.
2 See! the storm of vengeance gathering

O'er the path you dare to tread;
Hark! the awful thunders rolling
Loud, and louder o'er your head ;-

Turn, O sinner!
Lest the lightnings





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