Imatges de pàgina

an bean geal, the fair woman. Singular.

Nom, an bean geal Nom, na mna geala
Gen. na mna gile Gen. na mban geal
Dat. don mnaoi gil Dat. dona mnaib geala
Acc. an bean geaľ Acc. na mna geala
Voc, a bean geal Voc. a mna ġeala
Abl. leis an ñnäoi ġil Abl. leis na mnaib geala

In this manner decline,

Fem. an la fuar, the cold day an maidin fuar, the cold an crann mor, the great morning tree

an cloc mor, the great

stone Other adjectives undergo no change in their initials, when connected with nouns.

COMPARISON. The comparative degree is formed by putting nios, more, before the genitive feminine of the positive; as, geal, white; nios gile, whiter. (24)

The superlative is formed by putting ro, very, before the nominative; or, as, most, before the genitive feminine of tire positive; asj ro geal, very white; as gile, whitest. (25)


Positive Comparative Superlative. mait, good

nios fearr, to mait, as fearr olc, bad nios measa,

ro olc, as measa mor, great nios mo,

to nor, as mo beag, little

nios luga, ro beag, as luga fada, long

(nios faide, } tot

nios sia, ?{ ro fada, as sia gar, near nios gaire, ro gar, as neasa

Sro usa, ro urus, urus, easily rios usa,

as usa, (26)



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dara dèag

Value Cardinal, one, &c. Ordinal, First, &c. ) aon

cead 2 do

3 tri

4 ceatair, or ceïtre ceatramad
5 cùig

cùigead 6 sè

seisead 7 seact

seactṁad 8 oct

octmad 9 naoi

naomad 10 deic

deičmad 11" aondèag

aonad dèag 12

do dèag 13 tri dèag

tritead deag, or treas

dèag 14 ceitre dèag

ceatramad dèag 15 cuig dèay

cuigead dèag 16 se dèag

seiseаd dèag 17 seaċt dèag

seaċtmad dèag 18 oct dèag

octmad dèag 19 naoi deag

naomad dèag 20 fitce

fitċead 21 aon is fitce

aonmad fitcead 22 do is fitce

dara fitċead 30 deic ar fiċead deičmead ar fitcead 31 aon dèag is fitce aonad dèag ar 'fïtċead 40 da fitsead

da fitċead 50 deic is da fïtiead deičmead ar da fitçead 60 tri fitcead

tri fitċead 70 deic 'is tri fitċead deičmead ar tri fitcead 80 ceitre fitċead

ceitre fitcead 90 deiċ is ceïtre fitcéad deičmead ar ceïtre

fitċead 100 céad

céad 200 da céad

da céad 300 tri céad

tri céad


Value Cardinal

1000 mile 2000 da mile 10000 deic mile 1000000 milliun

da mile
deic nile
milliun, (27)



There are four personal pronouns; viz. me, I; tu, thou; se, or e, he; si, or i, she.

In declining these pronouns, the nominative and accusative are commonly alike; the vocative wanting, except in the second person; and the ablative is formed by prefixing various prepositions, exhibited under the title of compound pronouns.

First person.


Plural. Nom. Ac, me, I, me N. Ac. sinn, inn, we, us Gen. mo, mine, my Gen.

ar, ours, our Dat. dam, to me Dat. duinn, to us

Second person.


Plural. Nom. tu, thou

N. V. sib, ibh, ye, you Gen. do, thine, thy Gen. bur, yours, your . Dat. duit, to thee

Dat. dib, to you
Ac. V. thu, thee, o thee) Acc. ib, you, (28)

Third person, masculine.

Nom. se, é, , it Nom. siad, iad, they
Gen. a, of him, of it Gen., a, of them
Dat. do, to him, to it Dat. doib, to them
Acc. é, him, it Acc. iad, them


Third person, feminine.

Nom. si, i, she

Nom. siad, iad, they Gen. a, of her

Gen. a, of them Dat. di, to her

Dat. doib, to them Acc. i, her

Acc. iad, them

POSSESSIVE. The genitives of the personal pronouns are called possessives; viz. mo, my; do, thy; ar, our ; bur, your; a, his, her, its, their.

When mo, do, ar, a, are preceded by the prepositions le, with; ua, from; do, to; ann, in; they are abbreviated in the following manner: le

do lem, with my

dom, to my led, with thy

dod, to thy ler, with our

dar, to our lena, with his, &c. da, to his, &c. ya

ann om, from my

am, in my od, from thy

ad, in thy o’ar, from our

inar, in our ona, from his, &c. inna, in his, &c. (29)


A, who, which, an te, an ti, who, which, that, ce be, whoever. (30)

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INTERROGATIVI. Creud? gode? what? masc. cia? ce? fem. ci? plural, ciad? who? what? which ? ca? what? (31)


So, this, these, sin, that, those, ud, yonder. (32)


1 agam,

From ag, at or with.

Plural in my possession 1 aguinn, in our possession 2 agad, in thy, &c. 2 aguib, in your, &c.

s mas, aige, in his, &c. 3 aca, in their, &c.
fem, aice, in her, &c.

From as, out of

1 asam, out of me 1 asuinn, out of us
2 asad, out of thee 2 asuib, out of you

{ mas. as, out of him 3 asda, out of them
fem. aisde, out of her

From cụige, unto.

Plural 1 cugam, to me

i čuguinn, to us 2 čugad, to thee 2 čuguib, to yout

s mas. cuige, to him 3 cuca, to them
fem. cuice, to her

From idir, between.

Plural 1 eadrom, between me 1 eadruinn, between us

2 eadruib, between you 2 eadruid,

3 eatorra, between ihem idir e, between him 3 idir i, between her

From faoi, or fa, under,

1 fam, or fum, under me 1 fuinn, under us
2 fud, under thee 2 fuib, under you

s mas, fuide, under him 3 futfa, under them 3 fem. fuiči, under her


idir tu, } between thee



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