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5 Sweet the place-exceeding sweet,

Where the saints in glory meet;
Where the Saviour's still the theme,

Where they see and sing of him. 369

C. M.

Medfield. Dedham 1 BLEST be the dear, uniting love,

That will not let us part:
Our bodies may far off remove;

We still are one in heart!
2 Joined in one spirit to our Head,

Where he appoints we go;
We still in Jesus' footsteps tread,

And still his praise we show.
3 Oh may we ever walk in him,

And nothing know beside!
Nothing desire-nothing esteem,

But Jesus crucified!
4 Richly we share the Saviour's grace,

We're one in mind and heart;
Not joy, nor grief-not time, nor place,

Not life, nor death can part. 370

L. M.

Medway. Bath.
I THY presence, everlasting God,

Wide o'er'all nature spreads abroad;
Thy watchful eyes, which cannot sleep,

In every place thy children keep.
2 While near each other we remain,

Thou dost our lives and souls sustain ;
When absent, thou dost make us share

Thy smiles, thy counsels, and thy care.
3 To thee we all our ways commit,

And seek our comforts near thy feet;
Still on our souls vouchsafe to shine,

And guard and guide us still as thine.
4 Give us, O Lord, within thy house,

Again to pay our thankful vows :
Or, if that joy no more be known,

Oh may we meet around thy throne. 371

St. Thomas. Paddington 1 ONCE more, before we part,

Oh bless the Saviour's name;
Let every tongue and every heart

Adore and praise the same.

S. M.

2 Lord, in thy grace we came,

That blessing still impart;
We meet in Jesus' sacred name,

In Jesus' name we part.
3 Still on thy holy word

We'll live, and feed, and grow,
And still go on to know the Lord,

And practise what we know.
4 Now, Lord, before we part,

Help us to bless thy name:
Let every tongue and every heart
Adore and praise the same.
C. M.

Ferry. Arlington. 372

Dedication to God.'
1 ETERNAL Father-God of love,

To thee our hearts we raise ;
Thy all-sustaining power we prove,

And gladly sing thy praise.
2 Thine--wholly thine-oh let us be!

Our sacrifice receive;
Made, and preserved, and saved by thee,

To thee ourselves we give.
3 Come, Holy Ghost-the Saviour's love

Shed in our hearts abroad;
So shall we ever live and move,

And he, with Christ, in God.

C. M.

Medford. Dedham

1 COME, let us join our souls to God,

In everlasting bands;
And seize the blessings he bestows,

With eager hearts and hands.
2 Come, let us to his temple haste,

And seek his favor there;
Before his footstool humbly bow,

And offer fervent prayer.
3 Come, let us share, without delay,

The covenant of his grace;
Nor shall the years of distant life

Its memory e'er efface.
4 Oh may, our rising offspring haste

To seek their fathers' God;

C. M.

Nor e'er forsake the happy path
Their fathers' feet have trod.

Dundee. Med field. 374

Joining the Church of Christ.
1 YE men and angels, witness now,

Before the Lord we speak;
To him we make our solemn vow,

A vow we dare not break,-
2 That, long as life itself shall last,

Ourselves to Christ we yield;
Nor from his cause will we depart,

Or ever quit the field.
3 We trust not in our native strength,

But on his grace rely;.
May he, with our returning wants,

All needful aid supply.
4 Oh guide our doubtful feet aright,

And keep us in thy ways;
And while we turn our vows to prayers,
Turn thou our prayers to praise.

L. M.

Danvers. Nazareth. 375 1 OH happy day, that fixed my choice

On thee, my Saviour, and my God;
Well may this glowing heart rejoice,

And tell its raptures all abroad.
2 Oh happy bond, that seals my vows

To hiin who merits all my love!
Let cheerful anthems fill the house,

While to his altar now I move.
3 'Tis done-the great transaction's done;

I am my Lord's, and he is mine:
He drew me, and I followed on,

Rejoiced to own the call divine.
4 Now rest-my long-divided heart-

Fixed on this blissful centre, rest-
Here have I found a nobler part,

Here heavenly pleasures fill my breast,
5 High Heaven, that hears the solemn vow,

That vow renewed shall daily hear;
Till in life's latest hour I bow,

And bless in death a bond so dear.

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L. M.

Medway. Danvers 376

A Welcome to Christian Fellowship.
1 COME in, thou blessed of the Lord,

Oh come in Jesus' precious name;
We welcome thee with one accord,

And trust the Saviour does the same.
2 Those joys which earth cannot afford,

We'll seek in fellowship to prove,
Joined in one spirit to our Lord,

Together bound by mutual love.
3 And while we pass this vale of tears,

We'll make our joys and sorrows known;
We'll share each other's hopes and fears,

And count a brother's cares our own.
4 Once more our welcome we repeat;

Receive assurance of our love:
Oh may we all together meet,
Around the throne of God above !

S. M. St. Thomas. Hudson. 377

All one in Christ.
1 LET party names no more

The Christian world o'erspread:
Gentile and Jew, and bond and free,

Are one in Christ their head.
2 Among the saints on earth

Let mutual love be found;
Heirs of the same inheritance,

With mutual blessings crowned.
3 Thus will the church below

Resemble that above;
Where streams of endless pleasure flow,
And every heart is love.

Mendon. Rothwell. 378

The heavenly Race.
1 AWAKE, our souls-away, our fears,

Let every trembling thought be gone;
Awake, and run the heavenly race,

And put a cheerful courage on.
2 True, 'tis a strait and thorny road,

And mortal spirits tire and faint;
But they forget the mighty God,

Who feeds the strength of every saint ;

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L. M.

C. M.

3 The mighty God, whose matchless power

Is ever new, and ever young ;
And firm endures, while endless years

Their everlasting circles run.
4 From thee, the overflowing spring,

Our souls shall drink a full supply ;
While those who trust their native strength

Shall melt awayand droop-and die.
II! 5 Swift as an eagle cuts the air,

We'll mount aloft to thine abode;
On wings of love our souls shall fly,

Nor tire arnid the heavenly road. 379

Christmas. Stephens 1 AWAKE, my soul_stretch every nerve,

And press with vigor on:
A heavenly race demands thy zeal,

A bright, immortal crown.
2 'Tis God's all-animating voice

That calls thee from on high;
'Tis his own hand presents the prize

To thine aspiring eye.
3 A cloud of witnesses around

Hold thee in full survey: -
Forget the steps already trod,

And onward urge thy way.
4 Blest Saviour-introduced by thee,

Have we our race begun;
And, crowned with victory, at thy feet
We'll lay our laurels down.

Monson. Mendon. 380

Christian Warfare and Victory.
All 1 STAND up, my soul-shake off thy fears,

And gird the gospel armor on;
March to the gates of endless joy,

Where Jesus thy great Captain's gone.
2 Hell and thy sins resist thy course;

But hell and sin are vanquished foes ;
Thy Jesus nailed them to the cross,

sung the triumph when he rose.
3 Then let my soul march boldly on,

Press forward to the heavenly gate ; pli There peace and joy eternal reign,

And glittering robes for conquerors wait.

L. M.

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