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3 Oh cleanse me in my Saviour's blood,

Transform me by thy power,
Make me, O Lord, thy blest abode

And let me rove no more!

S. M.

Little Marlboro 414

Departure from Christ lamented.
1 OH thou, who on the cross

Didst for my sins atone,
Although rebellious, and perverse,

Do not a child disown!
2 Thine by a thousand ties

I am, and still would be ;
Confirm my faith-inflame my love,

And draw my soul to thee.

L. M.

Hingham. Medway. 415

Returning and choosing God.
1 MY gracious Lord, whose changeless love

To me, nor earth nor hell can part,
When shall my feet forget to rove?

Ah, what shall fix this faithless heart?
2 Why do these cares my soul divide,

If thou indeed hast set me free?
Why am I thus, if thou hast died,

If thou hast died to ransom me?
3 Grent God, thy sovereign aid impart,

And guard the gifts thyself hast given:
My portion thou, my treasure art,

My life, my happiness and heaven.
4 Would aught with thee my

wishes share, Though dear as life the idol be, That idol from my breast I'll tear,

Resolved to seek my all from thee.
5 Whate'er I fondly counted mine,

To thee, my Lord, I here restore :
With joy 1 all for thee resign:

Give me thyself-I ask no more. 416

St. Thomas. Pentonville. 1 MY soul, review the time In which


God I sought;
I cried aloud for aid divine,
And aid divine he brought.


S. M.


88. & 4.

2 Through all my fainting heart

His secret vigor spread;
To me his strength he did impart,

And raised my drooping head. fII 3 Now will I raise my voice,

In loud and cheerful song,
With all the saints will I rejoice,

Who to his courts belong.
4 With them the path I'll trace,

Which leads to his abode;
With them l'll sing redeeming grace,

Along the joyful road.
5 Within his sacred walls,

I shall be ever blest;
I'll follow where my Father calls,

And seek his heavenly rest. 417

Islington. South Street 1 CREATE, O God, my powers anew,

Make my whole heart sincere and true;
Oh cast me not in wrath away,
Nor let thy soul-enlivening ray

Still cease to shine.
2 Restore thy favor, bliss divine!

Those heavenly joys that once were mine;
Let thy good Spirit, kind and free,
Uphold and guide my steps to thee,

Thou God of love.
mf 3 Then will I teach thy sacred ways;

With holy zeal proclaim thy praise ;
Till sinners leave the dangerous

Forsake their sins, and turn to God

With hearts sincere.
p 4 Oh cleanse my guilt, and heal my pain;

Remove the blood-polluted stain ;-
Then shall my heart adoring trace,
My Saviour God, the boundless grace,

That flows from thee.
1 AGAIN, indulgent Lord, return,

With sweet and quickening grace,
To cheer and warm my sluggish soul,

And speed me in my race.


C. M.

St. Martin's. Stamford

2 Awake, my love, my faith, my hope,

My fortitude, and joy:
Vain world, be gone-let things above

My happy thoughts employ.
3 Whilst thee, my Saviour, and my God,

I would forever own;
Drive each rebellious, rival lust,

Each traitor, from the throne.
4 Instruct my mind---my will subdue,

To heaven my passions raise;
And let my life forever be

Devoted to thy praise.


S. M.

Southfield. Clapton 419

Safety of the Church.
1 HOW bonored is the place,

Where we adoring stand,
Zion, the glory of the earth,

And beauty of the land !
2 Bulwarks of


The city where we dwell;
While walls, of strong salvation made,

Defy the assaults of hell.
3 Lift up th' eternal gates,

The doors wide open fling ;
Enter, ye nations that obey

The statutes of your King.
4 Here taste unmingled joys,

And live in perfect peace;
You that have known Jehovah's name,

And ventured on his grace.
5 Trust in the Lord, ye saints,

And banish all your fears :
Strength in the Lord Jehovah dwells,

Eternal as his years. 420

Mendon. Mariana mf ll 1 HAPPY the church, thou sacred place,

The seat of thy Creator's grace;
Thine holy courts are his abode,
Thou earthly palace of our God.

L. M.

C. M.

2 Thy walls are strength-and at thy gates

A guard of heavenly warriors waits ;
Nor shall thy deep foundation move,

Fixed on his counsels and his love.
3 Thy foes in vain designs engage,

Against thy throne in vain they rage ;
Like rising waves with angry roar,

That break and die upon the shorė.
Il 4 Then let our souls in Zion dwell,

Nor fear the wrath of earth and hell
His arms embrace this happy ground,

Like brazen bulwarks built around.
5 God is our shield—and God our sun;

Swift as the fleeting moments run,
On us he sheds new beams of grace,
And we reflect his brightest praise.

Stephens. Arlington. 421 The Promise to Believers and their Children. " 1 HOW large the promise! how divine !

To Abraham and his seed !
“ I'll be a God to thee and thine,

Supplying all their need."
2 The words of his extensive love

From age to age endure;
The anger of the covenant proves,

And seals the blessings sure.
3 Jesus the ancient faith confirms

To our great father given ;
He takes young children in his arms,

And calls them heirs of heaven.
4 Our God !-how faithful are his ways!

His love endures the same;
Nor from the promise of his grace

Blots out our children's name. 422

S. M.

Pentonville. Mornington. 1 LORD, what our ears have heard,

Our eyes delighted trace;
Thy love in long succession shown

To Zion's chosen race.
2 Our children thou dost claim,?

And mark them out for thine :
Ten thousand blessings to thy name,
For goodness so divine.

3 Thee let the fathers own,

Thee let the sons adore;
Joined to the Lord in solemn vows,

To be forgot no more.
4 How great thy mercies, Lord !

How plenteous is thy grace!
Which, in the promise of thy love,

Includes our rising race.
5 Our offspring, still thy care,

Shall own their fathers' God;
To latest times thy blessings share,

And sound thy praise abroad.

C. M.

Medfield. Bedford, 423

Embracing the Promise.
1 THUS saith the mercy of the Lord,

“I'll be a God to thee;
I'll bless thy numerous race, and they

Shall be a seed for me.”
2 With humble faith, eternal King,

Thy promise we embrace:
To thee our infant offspring bring,
And supplicate thy grace.

S. M. Hudson. St. Thomas, 424

Christ blessing Children.
1 THE Saviour kindly calls

Our children to his breast;
He folds them in his gracious arins,

Himself declares them blest.
2 “Let them approach,” he cries,

“Nor scorn their humble claim;
The heirs of heaven are such as these-

For such as these I came."
3 With joy we bring them, Lord,

Devoting them to thee,
Imploring, that, as we are thine,

Thine may our offspring be. 425

Medfield. Stephens, 1 BEHOLD what condescending love

Jesus on earth displays !
To babes and sucklings he extends

The riches of his grace!

C. M.

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