Imatges de pÓgina

Ch. 17.

The Stranger, Widow and Fatherless.


Pf. lxx. 13. He shall spare the Poor and Needy, and fhall fave the Souls of the Needy.

cii. 17. He will regard the Prayer of the Deftitute, and not despise their Prayer.

cvii. 41. He fetteth the Poor on high from Affliction, and maketh him Families like a Flock.

cix. 31. He fhall ftand at the right Hand of the Poor, to fave him from those that condemn his Soul.

cxiii. 7. He raiseth up the Poor out of the Duft, and lifteth the Needy out of the Dunghill.

cxxxii. 15. I will fatisfy her Poor with Bread.

cxl. 12. The Lord will maintain the Right of the Poor.

Ifa, xiv. 30. The Firft-born of the Poor fhall feed, and the Needy fhall lie down in Safety.

Jer. xx. 13. Sing unto the Lord, praise ye the Lord, for he hath delivered the Soul of the Poor from the Hand of evil Doers.

Luke xvi. 25. Abraham said, Son, remember, that thou in thy Lifetime receivedft thy good, Things, and likewife Lazarus evil Things, but now he is comforted and thou art tormented.

James i. 9. Let the Brother of low Degree rejoice in that he is exalted.

ii. 5. Hath not God chofen the Poor of this World, rich in Faith, and Heirs of the Kingdom, which he hath promised to them that love him? Pf. 74. 21.

Of the Uncharitable to the Poor.

170. Of the Uncharitable to the Poor. Deut. xv. 9. Beware of Hardnefs of Heart toward thy poor Brother, Ch. 24. 15.

Prov. xi. 26. He that with-holdeth Corn, the People fhall curfe him. xvii. 5. Whofo mocketh the Poor reproacheth his Maker.

xxi. 13. Whofo toppeth his Ears at the Cry of the Poor, he also fhall cry himself and fhall not be heard, Ver. 10. 26.

xxviii. 27. He that hideth his Eyes from the Poor, fhall have many a Curfe.

Ifa. xxxii. 7. The Inftruments of the Churl are evil, to deftroy the Poor, Prov. 23. 7. Eat, faith he, but his Heart is not with thee.

James ii. 15. If a Brother or Sifter be naked, and deftitute of daily Food,

Ver. 16. And one of you fay unto him, depart in Peace, be you warmed, and filled, notwithfanding ye give them not those Things that be needful, what doth it profit?

1 John iii. 17. Whofo hath this World's Good, and feeth his Brother have Need, and fhutteth up his Bowels of Compaffion from him, how dwelleth the Love of God in him?

The Stranger, Widow and Fatherlefs.

171. Duties towards them, and Threatenings against those that oppress them. Exod. xxii. 21. Thou shalt not vex a Stranger nor opprefs him, for ye were Strangers in the Land of Egypt, Ch. 23. 9. 12. 33:

Lev. 19.

Ch. 17.


The Stranger, Widow and Fatherless.

Exod. xxii. 22. Ye fhall not afflict any Widow or fatherless Child. Ver. 23. If thou afflict them in any wife, and they cry at all unto me, I will furely hear their Cry.

Ver. 24. And my Wrath fhall wax hot, and I will kill you with the Sword, and your Children shall be fatherless.

Lev. xix. 10. Thou shalt not glean thy Vineyard, neither fhalt thou gather every Grape of thy Vineyard, thou fhalt leave them for the Poor and Stranger. Lev. 24. 20. 21-26. 12.

Ver. 34 The Stranger that dwelleth with you, shall be unto you, as one born among you, and thou fhalt love him as thyself.

xxiii. 22. When ye reap the Harvest of your Land thou shalt not make clean Riddance of the Corners of thy Field, neither shalt thou gather any Gleaning of thy Harveft, thou fhalt leave them unto the Poor, and to the Stranger. Ch. 25. 6. Deut. 24 19. Ruth. 2. 2. 3. Deut. 1. 16. Judge righteously between every Man and the Stranger.

x. 19. Love the Stranger, for ye were Strangers in the Land of Egypt. Ch. 27. 7. 20.

Deut. 24. 17. Thou shalt not pervert the Judgment of the Stranger, nor of the Fatherlefs, nor take a Widow's Raiment to pledge. Ch. 27. 19. curfed be he that perverteth the Judgment of the Stranger, of the Fatherlefs and Widow, and all the People fhall fay Amen

Job xxiv. 3. The Wicked drive away the Afs of the Fatherlefs, and take the Widows Ox for a Pledge

Ver. 9. They pluck the Fatherlefs from the Breaft, and take a Pledge of the Poor. Ver. 21.

Ver. 23. God's Eyes are upon their Ways.

Ver. 24. They are exalted for a little while, but are gone and brought low, they are taken out of the Way and cut off as the Tops of the Ears of Corn.

xxix. 12. I delivered the Poor that cried, and the Fatherlefs, and him that had none to help him.

Ver. 13. The Blefling of him that was ready to perish came upon me, I caufed the Widow's Heart to fing for Joy.

xxxi. 16. If I have withheld the Poor from their Defire, or have caufed the Eyes of the Widow to fail.

17. If I have eaten my Morfel alone, and the Fatherlefs hath not eaten thereof;

Ver. 21. If I have lit up mine Hand again't the Fatherless;

Ver. 22. Then let mine Arm fall from my Shoulder-blade.

Ver. 32. The Stranger did not lodge in the Street, but I opened my Door to the Traveller.

Pf. xciv. 6. The Proud flay the Widow and the Stranger, and murder the Fatherlefs;

Ver. 10. He that chaftifeth the Nations fhall he not correct you? Prov. xxiii. 10 Enter not into the Field of the Fatherlefs.

Ver. 11. For their Redeemer is mighty, he will plead their Caufe. Ifa. i. 17. Judge the Fatherlefs, plead for the Widow.

Ver. 23.They judge not the Fatherlefs, neither doth the Caufe of the

Widow come unto them.

Ver. 24. Therefore, faith the Lord, I will eafe me of mine Adverfarics. Jer. 5. 28. 29.

Ifa. x. 1. Wo unto them that decree unrighteous Decrees. Ver. 3. That Widows may be their Prey, and that they may rob the Fatherlefs. Matt. 23 14.

Jer. vii. 6. If ye opprefs not the Stranger, the Fatherless and the Widow,

Ver. 7. Then will I caufe you to dwell in this Place. Ch. 22. 3. Zech. 7. 10.

Ezek. 22. 7. In thee have they dealt by Oppreffion with the Stranger, they vexed the Fatherlefs and Widow.

Ver. 15. I will fcatter them among the Heathen. Ver. 29. 31.

Ver. 23.

xlvii. 22. Give the Stranger his Inheritance.

Mal. iii. 5. I will be a fwift Witness against those that opprefs the Widow and the Fatherlefs, and that turn afide the Stranger from his Right.

1 Tim. v. 3. Honour Widows that are Widows indeed.
Ver. 16. If they have Widows let them relieve them.

James i. 27. Pure Religion and undefiled before God, and the Father is this, to vifit the Fatherlefs and Widows in their Affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the World. See Luke 4. 25. Acts 6. 1.

172. Promifes to the Stranger, Fatherless and Widow. Deut. x. 18. The Lord doth execute the Judgment of the Fatherlefs and Widow, and loveth the Stranger in giving him Food and Raiment.

Pf. x. 14. Thou art the Helper of the Fatherlefs. Ver. 18.

Ixviii. 5. A Father of the Fatherlefs, and a Judge of the Widow is God in his holy Habitation.

cxlvi. 9. The Lord preferveth the Strangers, and relieveth the Fatherlefs and Widow.

Prov. xv. 25 The Lord will eftablish the border of the Widow.

Ezek. xi. 16. Thus faith the Lord God, although I have caft them far off among the Heathen, and scattered them among the Countries, yet will I be to them as a little Sanctuary in the Countries where they fhall


Jer. xlix. 11. Leave thy fatherless Children, I will preferve them alive, and let thy Widows truft in me.

Hof. xiv. 3. In thee the Fatherlefs findeth Mercy.

Jer, xxix. 7. Seek the peace of the City, whither I have caufed you to be carried away Captives; and pray unto the Lord for it, for in the Peace thereof fhall ye have Peace. See Pf. 27. 10. See 1 Kings 8. 43.

2 Chron. 6. 33.

Ninth Commandment.


173.Of Witness bearing, Speaking Truth; of Falsehood, and other Sins of the Tongue. Exod. xx. 16. Thou shalt not bear falfe Witness against thy Neighbour. Deut. 5. 20. Matt. 19. 18. Rom. 13.9

Numb. xxxv. 30 One Witnefs fhall not teftify against any Person to cause him to die. Deut. 17.6.

Deut. xix. 15. One Witness fhall not rife up againfi any Man, for any Iniquity, or for any Sin that he finneth; out of the Mouth of two Witnelles, or at the Mouth of three Witneffes fhall the Matter be established. Matt. 18. 16. 2 Cor. 13. 1. 1 Tim. 5. 19.



Deut. xix. 16. If a falfe Witnefs rife up against any Man, to teftify against him that which is wrong. Ver. 17. 18.

Ver. 19. Then shall ye do unto him, as he thought to have done unto his Brother, so fhalt thou put the Evil away from among you. Ver. for Life, Eye for Eye, &c.

21. Life fhall


Lev. v. 1. If a Soul fin and hear the Voice of Swearing, and is a Witnefs, whether he hath feen or known of it, if he do not utter it, then he fhall bear his Iniquity.

Prov. vi. 16. Thefe Things doth the Lord hate.
Ver. 19. A falfe Witnefs that fpeaketh Lies, &c.

xiv. 5. A faithful Witnefs will not lie, but a false Witnefs will utter Lies.

Ver. 25. A true Witnefs delivereth Souls, but a deceitful Witness fpeaketh Lies.

xix. 5. A falfe Witnefs fhall not be unpunished. Ver. 9. xxi. 28. A false Witnefs fhall perish.

xxiv. 28. Be not a Witness against thy Neighbour without a Cause. See Prov. 12. 17.-19. 28.—25. 18. Matt. 15. 19. Inftances of falfe Witnefs given againft Naboth, 1 Kings 21.7. &c. Against David, Pf. 27. 12-35. 11. Againit Chrift, Matt. 26. 60. Against Stephen, Acts 6. 13.

174. Lying forbidden, Truth commanded. Lev. xix. 11. Ye fhall not lie one to another. Zech. 8. 16. 17.

Keep thy Tongue from Evil, and thy Lips that they 1 Pet. 3. 10.

Prov. iv. 24. A froward Mouth, and perverfe Lips put far from

Pf. xxxiv. 13. fpeak no Guile.


Eph iv. 15. Speaking the Truth in Love, grow up unto Chrift. Ver.25. Putting away Lying, fpeak every Man Truth with his Neigh


Col. iii. 9. Lie not one to another, feeing ye have put off the old Man. See Pf. 15. 2. Ifa. 33. 15. Prov. 12. 17. 19. 175. Lying abhorred by God and good Men. Prov. vi. 16. These Things doth the Lord hate. Ver. 17. A lying Tongue, &c.

xii. 22. Lying Lips are an Abomination to the Lord, but they that deal truly are his Delight,

Job xxvii. 4. Job faid, my Lips fhall not speak Wickedness, neither my Tongue utter deceit.

Pf. ci. 7. David faid he that telleth Lies fhall not tarry in my Sight.

cxix. 29. Remove far from me Vanity and Lying.

Prov. 30. 8.

Ver. 163. I hate and abhor Lying.

Prov. viii. 7. Wisdom faid, my Mouth shall speak Truth, Wickednefs is an Abomination to my Lips.

xiii. 5. A righteous Man hateth Lying.

Ifa. lxiii. 8. My People (faith God) are Children that will not lie.

176. Satan and his Children are Lyars, John viii. 44. The Devil abode not in the Truth, he is a Lyar and the Father of it. Ver. 45.

Acts v. 3. Why hath Satan filled thine Heart to lye to the Holy Ghoft? See Ifa. 28. 15. 17.—59. 3. 4. Jer. 23. 14.

Ezek. 2.4. 12. Thou shalt de


177. Threatnings and Prayers against Lyars. Pf. v. 6. ftroy them that fpeak leafing.


Pf. xxxi. 18. Let lying Lips be put to Silence which speak grievous Things, proudly and contemptuously against the Righteous. Pf. 119.69.

xxxvi. i. There is no fear of God before his Eyes.

Ver. 3. The Words of his Mouth are Iniquity and Deceit.
Ver. 12. They are caft down, they shall not arife. Pf. 10. 7.

1. 19. Thou giveft thy Mouth to Evil, and thy Tongue frameth Deceit.

Ver. 21. I will reprove thee, faith the Lord.

lii. 2. Thy Tongue devifeth Mifchief like a fharp Razor working deceitfully.

Ver. 3. Thou loveft Evil more than Good, and Lying rather than to speak Righteousness.


Ver. 4. Thou loveft all devouring Words, O thou deceitful Tongue.

Ver. 5. God fhall deftroy thee for ever.

lv. 21. The Words of his Mouth were fmoother than Butter, but War was in his Heart, his Words were fofter than Oyl, yet were they drawn Swords. Ver. 12. 13. 15.

Ver. 23. Thou, O God, thalt bring them down into the Pit of DeAtruction,

Pf. Iviii. 3. The Wicked are eftranged from the very Womb, they go aftray speaking Lies.

Ver. 4. Their Poifon is like the Poison of a Serpent. Pf. 140. 3.9.
Ver. 6. Break their Teeth, O God, in their Mouth.

Ver. 7. Let them melt away like Waters.

lix. 7. They belch out with their Mouth, Swords are in their Lips. Ver. 12. For the Sin of their Mouth, and the Words of their Lips, let them even be taken in their Pride, and for curfing and lying which they speak.

Ver. 13. Confume them in Wrath.

Pf. Ixii. 4. They delight in Lies, they blefs with their Mouth, but they curfe inwardly. Ver. 3. Ye shall be slain all of you.

Ixiii. 11. The Mouth of them that fpeak Lies shall be stopped.

cix. 2. They have spoken against me with a lying longue, let them be condemned.

cxx. 3. What shall be given unto thee? or what shall be done unto thee, thou falfe Tongue.

Ver. 4. Sharp Arrows of the Mighty, with Coals of Juniper.
Prov. x. 18. He that hideth Hatred with lying Lips is a Fool.

xii. 13. The Wicked is fnared with the Tranfgreffion of his Lips. Ch. 17. 20.

Ver. 19. A lying Tongue is but for a Moment.

xvii. 7. Lying Lips become not a Prince.

xix. 5. He that fpeaketh Lies fhall not efcape, he fhall perish. Ver.9.
Ver. 22. A poor Man is better than a Liar. Ver. 1.-
.-Ch. 19. I.
xxi. 6. Getting Treafures by a lying Tongue is a Vanity toffed to and

fro of them that love Death.

xxvi. 18. As a Madman who cafleth Firebrands, Arrows, and Death,

Ver. 19. So is he that deceiveth his Neighbour, and faith, am not I in Sport?

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