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Prov, xxvi. 23. Lying Lips and a wicked Heart are like a Potsherd covered over with Silver Drofs. Ver. 24, 25, 26. 28.

Ifa. lvii. 11. Of whom haft thou been afraid, that thou haft lied, and haft not remembered me, faith the Lord.

lix. 2. Your Iniquities have feparated between you and your God, and your Sins have hid his Face from you.

Ifa. lix. 3. For your Hands are defiled with Blood, and your Fingers with Iniquity, your Lips have spoken Lies, your Tongue hath muttered Perverfenefs. Ver. 12, 13, 14, 15.

Jer. ix. 3. They will deceive every one his Neighbour, and will not fpeak the Truth, they have taught their Tongue to fpeak Lies, and weary themselves to commit Iniquity.

Ver. 7. Therefore, thus faith the Lord of Hofts, behold I will melt them and try them.

Ver. 8. Their Tongue is as an Arrow shot out, it fpeaketh Deceit: one fpeaketh peaceably to his Neighbour with his Mouth, but in Heart he layeth his wait.

Ver. 9. Shall I not vifit them for these Things, faith the Lord; shall not my Soul be avenged on fuch a Nation as this?

Hof. iv. 1. The Lord hath a Controverfy with the Inhabitants of the Land, because there is no Truth, nor Mercy, nor Knowledge of God

in the Land.

Ver. 2. By fwearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, they break


Ver. 3. Therefore fhall the Land mourn.

1 Tim. iv. z. Seducing Spirits speaking Lies in Hypocrisy. Rev. xxi. 8. Lyars fhall have their Portion in the Lake that burneth with Fire and Brimstone.

Ver. 27. There fhall in no wife enter into Heaven any Thing that defileth or worketh Abomination, or that maketh a Lie.

xxii. 15. Without are Dogs and Sorcerers and whofoever loveth and maketh a Lie. See Acts v. 1. &c. the Death of Ananias and Sapphira.

178. The Words of the Wicked, injurious and offenfive. Pf. v. 9. There is no Faithfulness in their Mouth, their Throat is an open Sepulchre. Ver. 10. Deftroy them, O God.

xxii. 7. They fhut out the Lip, they fhake the Head.

lix. 7. They belch out with their Mouth, Swords are in their Lips, for who (fay they) doth hear us?

Ver. 8. Thou, O God, fhalt laugh at them. Ver. 64. 3.-69. 26. Pf. cxl. 3. They have fharpened their Tongues like a Serpent, Adders Poifon is under their Lips.

Ver. 9. Let the Mifchief of their own Lips cover them.

Prov. xii 8. There is that fpeaketh like the Piercing of a Sword, but the Tongue of the wife is Health.

xvi. 27. An ungodly Man diggeth up Evil, and in his Lips there is a burning Fire. Ver. 30.

xvii. 4. A Wicked Doer giveth Heed to falfe Lips, and a Lyar g eth Ear to a naughty Tongue. Ver. 7.

xviii. 6. A Fool's Lips enter into Contention, and his Mouth calleth

for Strokes.

Prov. xviii. 7. His Mouth is his Destruction, and his Lips are the Snare of his Soul.

xxiv. 2. Their Heart ftudieth Destruction, and their Lips talk of Mischief.

Eccl. x. 12. The Words of a wife Man's Mouth are gracious, but the Lips of a Fool will swallow up himself.

Lam. iii. 62. Thou haft heard the Lips of those that rise up against


Matt. xii. 34. How can ye, being evil, fpeak good Things.

Ver. 35. An evil Man out of the evil Treasure of his Heart, bringeth forth evil Things.

Matt. xii. 37. By thy Words thou shalt be condemned.

xv. 18. The Things that proceed out of the Mouth, come forth from the Heart and defile the Man,

1 Cor. xv. 3. Evil Communications corrupt good Manners.

James iii. 5. The Tongue is a little Member and boasteth great Things.

Ver. 6. The Tongue is a Fire, a World of Iniquity, it defileth the whole Body. Ver. 8, 9, 10.

2 Pet. ii. 12. Thofe as natural brute Beasts, speak Evil of those Things they understand not.

179. Words of the Wicked against God. Jude Ver. 14. The Lord cometh with ten thousands of his Saints.

Ver. 15.To execute Judgment and to convince all that are ungodly of their ungodly Speeches which they have ungodly spoken against him.

180. Evil Speaking. P. xii. 3. The Lord fhall cut off the Tongue that speaketh proud Things.

Ver. 4. Who have faid with our Tongue, will we prevail, our Lips are our own, who is Lord over us?

Pf. xli. 5. Mine Enemies ípeak Evil of me. Ver. 6.

1. 19. Thou giveft thy Mouth to Evil. Ver. 21. I will reprove thee faith God.

Eph. iv. 31. Let all Bitterness and Wrath, and Clamour, and evil Speaking be put away from you, with all Malice.

Tit. iii. 2. Speak Évil of no Man. Ver. 6. Be not Brawlers. ■ Pet.

3. 9.

James iv. 11. Speak not Evil one of another.

1 Pet. ii. 1. Laying aside all Malice, and all Guile, and Hypocrifies and Envies, and Evil-speaking. Ver. 2. As new born Babes defire the fincere Milk of the Word.

1 Pet. iii. 10. He that will love Life and fee good Days, let him refrain his Tongue from Evil. Pf. 34. 13. See Pf. 140. 11.


181. Talkativeness, Rafbnefs with the Tongue. Job v. 2. Should a Man of much Talk be juftified?

xlii. 3 Job faid, who is he that hideth Counsel without Knowledge? therefore have I uttered that I understood not, Things too wonderful for me, which I knew not.

Pf. cvi. 33. They provoked Mofes Spirit, fo that he spake unadvifedly with his Lips.

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Prov. x. 8. A prating Fool shall fall.

Ver. 19. In the Multitude of Words there wanteth not Sin, but he that refraineth his Lips is wife. Job 13. 5.

Prov. xiii. 3. He that keepeth his Mouth keepeth his Life, but he that openeth wide his Lips fhall have Destruction.

xiv. 23. The Talk of the Lips tendeth only to Penury.

xvii. 27. He that hath Knowledge fpareth his Words. Job 13. 5. Ver. 28. Even a Fool when he holdeth his Peace is accounted Wife. xviii. 13. He that answereth a Matter before he heareth it, it is Folly and Shame to him.

xxi. 23. Whofo keepeth his Mouth and his Tongue, keepeth his Soul from trouble.

xxix. 11. A Fool uttereth all his Mind, but a wife Man keepeth it till afterward.

Ver. 20. Seeft thou a Man halty in his Words, there is more Hope of a Fool than of him.

Eccl. iii. 7. There is a Time to keep Silence, and a Time to Speak. v. 2. Be not raíh with thy Mouth.

Ver. 3. A Fool's Voice is known by the Multitude of Words.

Eccl. x. 14. A Fool is full of Words.

Amos v. 13. The Prudent shall keep Silence in the evil Time.

Mic. vii. 5. Keep the Door of thy Mouth from her that lieth in thy


James i. 19. Let every Man be swift to hear, flow to speak.

Ver. 26. If any Man among you feemeth to be religious and bridleth not his Tongue, that Man's Religion is vain.


182. Flattery. Job xvii. 5. He that speaketh Flattery to his Friends, even the Eyes of his Children shall fail.

xxxii. 21. Let me not accept any Man's Perfon, neither give flattering Titles to Men. I Theff. 2. 5.

Ver. 22. In fo doing my Maker would foon take me away.

Pf. v. 9. They flatter with their Tongues. Ver. 10. Deftroy them, O God. Pf. 41. 6.

xii. 2. With flattering Lips and a double Heart they do speak. Ver. 3. The Lord fhall cut off all flattering Lips.

Pf. lxxviii. 36. They did flatter God with their Mouth and lied unto him.


Ver. 37. For their Heart was not right with him. Ifa. 29. 13. Prov. xx. 19. Meddle not with him that flattereth with his Lips. xxvi. 28. A flattering Mouth worketh Ruin.

xxix. 5. A Man that flattereth his Neighbour fpreadeth a Net for his Feet. See Prov. 2. 16.-6 24.—7. 21.-28. 23. Ezek. 12. 24. Dan. 11. 21. 32. 34


183. Tale-bearing. Lev. xix. 16. Thou shalt not go up and down as a Tale-bearer among thy People.

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Prov. xi. 13. A Tale-bearer revealeth Secrets, but he that is of a faithful Spirit concealeth the Matter.

xvii. 9. He that covereth a Tranfgreffion feeketh Love, but he that repeateth a Matter separateth very Friends.

xviii. 8. The Words of a Tale-bearer are as Wounds, they go down into the innermoft Parts of the Belly. Ch. 26. 22.

xx. 19. He that goeth about as a Tale-bearer revealeth Secrets, therefore meddle not with him that flattereth with his Lips.

xxvi. 20. Where there is no Tale-bearer the Strife ceafeth.


184. Whispering. Pf. xli. 7. All that hate me whisper together against me.

Prov. xvi. 28. A Whisperer feparateth chief Friends.

Rom. i. 29. The Wicked are full of Envy, Murder, Debate, Whifperers.

2 Cor. xii. 20. I fear left there be among you Whisperers, Swellings, &c.


185. Back-biting. Pf. xv. 1 Lord who fhall abide in thy Tabernacle, who fhall dwell in thy holy Hill.

Ver. 3. He that back-biteth not with his Tongue.

Prov. xxv. 23. An angry Countenance driveth away a back-biting Tongue.

Rom. i. 28. The Wicked have a reprobate Mind. Ver. 29. Filled with all Unrighteousness. Ver. 30. Back-biters, &c. See 2 Cor. 12. 20.

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186. Slandering, &c. Pf. ci. 5. Whofo privily flandereth his Neighbour, him will I cut off.

Prov. x. 8 He that uttereth a Slander is a Fool.

Pf. xxxi. 13. I have heard the Slanders of many while they take Counfel against me.

1. 20. Thou flandereft thy own Mother's Son.

Ver. 21. I will reprove thee, faith God.

Jer. vi. 28. Grievous Revellers, walking with Slanders.

ix. 4. Every Neighbour will walk with Slanders. Ver. 7.

1 Tim. iii. 11. Deacons Wives must not be Slanderers. See Pf. 31. 13. Rom. 3. 8.


187. Prayers and Complaints against it. Neh. iv. 4. Hear, O our God, for we are defpifed, turn their Reproach upon their own Head and give them for a Prey.

Job xvi. 10. They have fmitten me reproachfully.

Pf. xxii. 6. I am a reproach of Men and defpifed of the People.

xxxi. 11. I was a Reproach among all mine Enemies, and especially among my Neighbours.

xxxix. 8. Deliver me from all mine Enemies, make me not the Re. proach of the Foolish.


Pf. xlii. 10. As with a Sword in my Bones mine Enemies reproach


xliv 13. Thou makeft us a reproach to our Neighbours, a Scorn, and a Derifion to them that are round about us.

Iv. 12. It was not an Enemy that reproached me, then I could have born it, Ver. 15. Let Death feize upon them. Ixix. 7. For thy Sake I have born Reproach, &c.

Ver. 9. The Reproaches of them that reproached thee are fallen Rom. 15.3.

upon me.

Ver 10. When I wept and chaftened my Soul with fafting that was to my Reproach.

Ver. 19 Thou haft known my Reproach, my Shame and Dishonour. Ver. 23. Let their Eyes be darkened.

lxxiv. 1o. O God, how long fhall the Adverfary reproach. Ver. 18. Remember that the Enemy hath reproached, O Lord.

lxxix. 4. We are become a Reproach to our Neighbours, a Scorn and Derifion to them that are round about us.

Ver. 12. Render unto our Neighbours seven-fold, into their Bofom their Reproach.

lxxxix. 41. He is a Reproach to his Neighbours.

Ver. 50. Remember, O Lord, the Reproach of thy Servants,

Ver. 51. Wherewith thine Enemies have reproached,

cii. 8. Mine Enemies reproach me all the Day.

Pf. cix. 25. I became alfo a Reproach unto them. Ver. 26. Help me, O Lord, my God.

cxix. 22. Remove from me Reproach and Contempt.

Ver. 39. Turn away my Reproach which I fear.

Lam. iii. 61. Thou haft heard their Reproach, O Lord, and all their Imaginations against me.

Ver. 64 Render unto them a Recompence, O Lord.

Joel ii. 17. Spare thy People, O Lord, and give not thine Heritage to Reproach.

188. Reproach. God will bring it upon the Wicked. Jer. xxiv. 9. I will deliver them to be removed into all Kingdoms of the Earth, for their Hurt, to be a Reproach, and a Taint, and a Curfe in all Places whither I fhall drive them. Ch. 29. 18.-42. 18.-44 12. Ezek. 5. 14. 15.


Ifa. xliii. 27. Thy firft Father hath finned, and thy Teachers have tranfgreffed against me.

xiiii. 28. Therefore have I profaned the Princes of the Sanctuary, and have given Jacob to the Curfe, and Ifrael to Reproaches.

Dan. ix. 16. For the Iniquities of our Fathers, Jerufalem and thy People are become a Reproach to all that are about us.

189. Reproach. Promifes against it. Pf. Ivii. 3. He fhall fave me from the Reproach of him that would fwallow me up.

Ifa. li. 7. Fear ye not the Reproach of Men, neither be afraid of their Revilings, for the Moth fhall eat them, &c. Ver. 8.

Ezek. xxxvi. 3. Ye are taken up in the Lips of Talkers, and are an Infamy of the People. Ver. 7.Thus faith the Lord, the Heathen that are about you fhall bear their Shame.

Joel ii. 19. I will no more make you a Reproach.


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