Imatges de pÓgina

public parks and his earnest labors in relation to that subject is due, in large measure, the present extended and perfected system of public parks in this city. In an especial degree the beautiful Central Park represents the realization of ideals long cherished by him.

"His activities were not confined to municipal objects alone, for his efforts were largely instrumental in securing the Niagara Reservation, for all time to come, as a State park.

"Mr. Green had always been deeply interested in the development of the educational facilities of the city, and his selection by Mr. Tilden as one of the executors of his will and one of the trustees of the Tilden Trust, brought to him a most welcome opportunity of furthering those objects.

"He at once entered with all his accustomed energy upon the work of carrying out the great charitable purposes of Mr. Tilden's will.

"From his early years he had possessed in an unusual degree an appreciation of the enormous possibilities of growth for the City of New York. For years before his death he had cherished the project of uniting under a single municipal government all the territory now known as the Greater New York, and to him, more than to any other person, was due the successful accomplishment of that project.

"His appreciative sense of the importance of this great community, its varied needs and interests, its constantly accelerating growth, and its vast possibilities of future expansion, were ever present with him as an active force in the work which he thus undertook for library development and progress. He recognized to the fullest extent what a great public library system ought to be, and it was his earnest and constant effort that his ideals should be realized in the growth and development of the New York Public Library into an institution worthy of the great city of the future.

"Soon after Mr. Tilden's death, he procured the passage of the first act of the Legislature authorizing the consolidation of library corporations in the City of New York. He took an active part in the negotiations which resulted in the consolidation of the Astor Library, the Lenox Library, and the Tilden Trust into the present New York Public Library, and which made possible the uniting in a single body of the control and government of a great public library system in the city.

"One of the original trustees of the institution thus formed, he continued in the earnest and fruitful discharge of the duties of Trustee until his death. Ever ready with suggestion and counsel, active in interest, unsparing of effort, courageous and determined, he was an associate whose true worth and sterling qualities were fully recognized and appreciated by his fellow members of the Board."



**This list includes pure mathematics only; for applied mathematics reference should be made in the index catalogue to the subject headings relating to applications of mathematics, such as cosmography, astronomy, navigation, physics, metrology, accounting, etc.

A list of periodicals in the library relating to mathematics was printed in the Bulletin, volume 1, pages 73-75.

The alphabetical arrangement of this list serves as a complement to the arrangement in the index catalogue, where the cards are grouped chronologically by date of publication.

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3 v. 12°.

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Liste systematique des ouvrages d'Euler.
Correspondance entre Léonard Euler et Goldbach,

II. Lettres de Jean Bernoulli le père à Léonard Euler,
Bâle, 1728-1746.

Correspondance entre Nicolas Bernoulli (fils ainé de
Jean) et Golbach, 1721-1728.

Correspondance entre Daniel Bernoulli et Goldbach,

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