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At Bermuda, John Noble Harvey, esq. Jola Parry, efq. to Mrs. Smith, widow to Miss M. Tucker, eldest dau. of the Hon. of ihe late Gen. Joseph S. bath of TwickenJ.T esq. Speaker of he Colorial Allembly. ham, Middlesex.

In Jamaica, Henry William Cart, esq. T. H. Latham, esq. captain in the marine eartai n the & ad regiment, tw Miss Cham- forces, to Miss Wilianis, daughter of the bers, Jaughter of Col. Rore.

late Th“. of Herugtone, Do: fet. In America, the eldest son of the Hon. Rev. Rob Mander, rector of Staw ford, Thomas Erskine, to the nece of the late Devon, to Miss Penny, of Wells. Gen. Wash gton.

At St. George's, Harover-square, Mr. Lately, at South Carolina, Daniel Blake, James Penfold, to Mifs Bambridge, of efq. 1on of Wm. B. of Sunbury-place, to Crimple-house, co. York. Miss Middleton, daughter of the late Hon. A Lieds, Mr. Thomas Croft, merchant, Arthur M. member of Congress.

of M...chefer, to Miss Simpron, daughter At Dankeith, in Scotlad, Patrick Bale of John S. esq. of Spring-house, near Leeds. landyne, esq. to Miss Mary Kelso, daug. Rev. Wm. Horne, of Gore court, near of the late Capt. folin K. of Dankeith. Maiditone, in Mifs M.Whitear, (f Hastings.

AcCallemartyr, in Ireland, Duncan Dar. At Wellingborough), co. Northampton, rpch; esq. major in the Rothíay and Caith, John Ården, esq. captain in tre zd, or nels fercible', 10 Miss Elizabeth Cotter, King's own dragoons, !o Miss Anna Maria daughte; of Rev. Sackville C.

Hodglun, eldeft daughter of John H. eiq. At Dublin, Leonard M’Nally, efq. bar- Ai Arundel, Suflex, Mr. Henry, rifter at law, to Miss Lou la Edgeworth, of the Victwa ling-office, lo Miss L. Brašy. daughter of the late Rev. Robert E. of · Dyson, fly. 100 of James D. esq. Iffard, co. Longford.

of Iver, Bucks, lo Miss Armitrong, daug. At Limerick, John Weltroos, esq. of of James A. eiq. of Turnham-green. Altyfin, to Mifs Ness, daughter of the late Josepi Terry Hone, esq. of Dublin, to Capt. N.of the 19th font.

Mrs. Sinclair, of St Pani's, Covent Gardeni. In Ireland, Captain Nevin, of the North. At Farnham, the Rev. Mr. Crosby, of amptonshire fencibles, to Miss Simpfon, Hamildon, Surrey, to Miss Hnut, T unton, of Drumsha.

Jam:s Filewood, ef of the Sth light 10 Dublin, Capt. W. King, of the Leices- dragovas, !o Mils Davies, daughier of the tershire militia, to Mis Penelope Bill, late J. D. esq. of Bristol. daughter of the late Sir Thomas Bell. Mr Stead Girdleston, a'torney, of Wir

James Cathrow, esq. of the Heralds col. beck, lo Miss Sharp, daughter of S. S. etq. lese, to Miss Wyat.

of Sundevand-house, co. Norfolk. Richard Peckham, esq. of Beak sbourne, Thomas Bowmer, esg, to Mfs Henricta Kent, lo Miis Anne Gowlanı, only daug. Malon, both of Retford, co. Nottingham. of the late Thomas G. orq. B:llter-square. A Cork, in Ireland, by special licence,

Mr. Taynton, ( Bromley, Kent, io Miss Lord Bantry, to Miss Hare, daughter of Billingfley, of Queen-square, Bloomsbury. Wm. H. esq. with a fortone of 30,000l.

Flower Freenian, csq. of Chelsea, to Miss April 17. At Baraham, near Euft a, co. Parry, late of Uxbridge.

Suffolk, by the Right Hon. and Rev. Lord Mr. Miles, surgeon, of Caloe, Wilts, to Henry F.12r.y, Mr. Martin Sharpe, jon. Miss Gale, of Chilver ton-hill.

of Bnry St. Edmund's, to Miss Mary-Anne At York, Caeb Barnes, esq. captain in Clift, 20 daugli. of Mr. Jas. C. of Barnham. the Meath militia, to Mils Coole.

22. At Rolveoden, the Rev. Thd, More At Preitbury, Shaksșear Phillips, esq. of phell, vicar of that place, to Muís Rolfe, Mauchetter, to Mits Jodrell, elucit daughter 26. At Prague, The Prince of Hohen. ef the late jebu Bower J. etg. of Henbury, zo lern Hochingen, to Paulina, the fecond ip Chethire.

Princess of Curland. At Loughborough, Mr. Kirkman, drng- 28. At Dublin, Major-gineral Edward gift and grocer, to Mits Adams, both of Morrison, to Lady Caroline King, daughthat place.

ter of the late Earl of Kingston. At Chesterfield, Mr. John Richardson, 29. Rev. Thomas Lane Freer, M. A. of merchant, to Miss Lucy Zuill, daughter of Pembroke college, Oxford, to Miss Sarah Mr. John 2. of Liverpool.

Wetherell, 2d jau of the Dean of Hereford. At Croxton Kerrial, Mr. Thomas Parn. 30 Al the chapel in the Tower, Robert ham, grazier, lo Miss M. Rushworth, Haug. Ringley, esq. of bis Majetty's Mmt, to of the lite Mr. Ed. R Beverley, co. York. Mifs Alchorne, niece of Stariefby A. elą.

Mr. J. Scott, grazier, tó Mils Cooper, of of the Tower: Great Wigton, co. Leiceiter.

May I. At Marching, EfTex, Mr. Bolo Rev. Dr. Cooke, fellow of Oriel college, toek, chemiit, of Stoke Newington, 18 Mits Oxford, to the daughter of the late Dr. Hewill, litter to the wife of Mr. Squire, Clark! , provost of the same college. surgeon and apothecary at Matching; and,

Mr. Henry Redhead York, lo Miss An- on their return to town, the new-arried drews, daughter of Mr. A. keeper of Dor- couple were robbed on Epping forest by Shiefter castle, where Mr. Y. has been fome

wo highwaymen. time in confinement.

3. Mat.

3. Matthias Arntz, efq. of Golden-squa. medical education at Edinburgh, which to Mifs F. Cant well, of Great Pulteney-itr. he quitted with an aniable character; and

5. At Bath, the Rev. T. W. Goddard, of the thefis which he wrote, on the Pfoadic Brutol, to Miss Mary Lucas, third daugh. disease, on taking his degree, was adof Rev W.L. of Peterftowe, c. Hereford. mired for the knowledge of medicine

At Langley, co. Norfolk, the Rev. Henry which it conveyed, and the purity of Hobart, son of the late M. P. for Norwich, the Latin. After quitting the college, to Miss Beauchamp, eldest dau. of Sir Tho. he went to settle at Whitby, where he Beauchamp Proctor, bart. of Langley park. practised, with great reputation, for more

6. Ai Manchetter, John Copp, esq. of than seven years; but, a vacancy hapBromiey, Middlesex, to Mrs. Paton, widow pening hy death of phyficians at York, of Dr. P. and daughter of Daniel Burton, he left Whitby, and went to that city, . uf Manchefter.

which was the place of his nativity, 7. Hon. J ho Cochrane, to Miss Birch, where he prretised, for about ten years, of Pinger, Middl-lex.

with the character of a first-rate physician. 8. Mr. Lilembe John Curtis, of Illing. His skill in the instantaneous knowledge ton, to M:18 Sivage, of key mouth-itreet. of diseases, and applying the most appro

IO. Capt, Cumherland, of the royal savy, priate medicines, was uncommonly great ; to Mils Buri, auglitur of the late Charles and a gentleman of the medical profession, Pya: B. eiq. of eet.

who knew him well, said, “ he was born a 12. Go. Sullivan Marten, efq of George- phyfician, and that few were fit to hold ftreet, Langre: -square, to Miis Nevi son, the candle to him; and that the city of dau... Chr. ot Duke.It. St. James's. York, blessed, as it had been, by a Win

13 Mr. Thongas Wrighi, of Knutsford, tinghain and a Dealery, had never seen a 19 Mifs !? 38'1 n, of Perver, Cheshire. man of greater skill and ability.” He was

I... Rev. R. Nirs, to Miss Smith, Jau. Cut off too e.rly for himteif and the world, of Rev. D. S. pichend sy of Wett.nniter or he would soon have amatsed a large

15. In che ci hedral church of Sa isbury, fortune. He was the only son of a worthy the Kev Juru Pice, of Marnhuil, Dorset, man, Thomas Beckwith, F.A.S. who proto MiL Harvey, daughter of Dr. Robert H. feised the humble art of a house-painter at of the Adelphi, Suand.

York, but some portraits which he left 17. Rev. McOmcy, to Miss Impey, dau. thew he was no mean limner. His knowof Sir Elijah 1. of Wimpole-itreet.

ledge of heraldry and pedigrees was great, 19. By special licence, Sir How Dalrym- and in chofe branches he made large collecple Hamilton, bart, to the Hon. Miss Dun- tions, not less than 30 or 40 folio volumes, čan, daughter of Lord Viscoant D.

which were sold by Leigh and Sotheby af. Mr. George Idle, halter and holier, ofter his death, 1791, except what his son Cheapfide, to Miss Morrison, of Enfield. reserved; and he very modestly told the

20. At Fulham, by the Bishop of Lone writer of these brief anecdotes that his colo don, T. J. Lloyd Baker, elg. son of the lections were made with little trouble, as Rev. William Lloyd K. of S:outs-hill, co. he never wrote any remark but on a Gloucester, to Miss Sharpe, daughter of whole theet of writing-paper, of a uniWilliam S. csq. of Fulham.

form size, and that, as he filled his theets, 21. Henry Slaughter, esq. to the Vire he bound bis volumes. Dr. Beck with was countess Montague, widow of the late Vir. nephew of Josiah Beckwith, F.A.S. who coont (who died at Baddow, Effex), and lived at Rotherham, and followed the busecond daughter of Thomas Manby, esq. of fiuess of an attorney at law; was a genBeads balt, in the same county.

tleman much respected, and was the edi. Ac Enfield, Mr. Tuck, tationer, lo Miss tor of a new edicion of Blount's Tenures, Page, da. of Mr. P. carpenter, both of Lond. for which the students of the law are

26. Jas. Langham, esq. to Mifs Burdett, much obliged to him. eldeft after of Sir Francis B. bart, of Fore. 1800. Feb. 2. At Quebec, Major Hamark, co. Derby.

milton, of the royal artillery, commanding 27. Lieut.-col. Howard, of the Coldstream officer of that corps there. regim. of guards, to Lady Charlotte Prim- 25. At Paris, in his 820 year, Hugh rose, eldest dwu. of the Earl of Roseberry. Adrian Joly. He was fur 30 years secreo

Liedl.-col. Anson, of the 15th light dra- tary of the late Royal Academy of Sculpgoons, to Miss Hamilton, of Luwer Grofve- ture, Painting, and Architecture; and for nor-street, fister of Sir Frederick H. bart. half a century keeper of the “ Cabinet

d'Estampes et Pierres gravées” in the DEATHS.

King's library at Paris. He was a man of I Chittagong, in the East In- the most obliging manners, and a constant Aug. 2. caught in the discharge of his duty, Capt. one son, who was affociated with him in Hiram Cox, of the E. 1. Company' service. ' his appointments fome time before the

Dec. 19. At York, in his 39th year, year 1792, when their places, with many Ray Beckwithi, M. D, · He received his others, were abolished. Government lately


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were di

reappointed both the father and son to the college, where he had for many ye rsostiplace of keeper they held in the National ciated as writing-master. After fir thos Library ; the fon returned to bis Situation; his hufineis of the college he went, buwat but the father, borne down with age au o'clock, to the King's imsinn at Wicinfirnijcies, declined to accept the otier. clietter, to meet a party of his friends who

Arlinton, ntar Cambridge, on bis fuad heil a moothly dinner thies. He had not to join his recinient at Bury St. Edmund's, been long in the room when ole of the Thomas Brewfter, esq. lieutenant in the company afred Mr. S. who lat near the Northumberland militia, for:neily of Nrw- bed, lo ring .. Mr. S. who, all the mucastle upon Tyne, son of the Rev. Rich. B. ment, was apparently in perfect health, late vicat of Heighington, co. Durhain. cole from his chair, rang the bell, and if

Marcb... W. Gardner, tlq.chiei drafita funty fell down dead. man at the drawing-rooni in the Tower. 14. At Ripley, Surrey, aged 48, Mr.

13. At his chambers in the Temple, after Pant Acants. a few days illness of a poisid feve", Jolin 17. At Richmond, a e! 76, Mrs. Srch Floud, ef4. one of the magiftrates belong- Way, widow of Lewis W. €14, and air ing to the Police-orlice in Worship-freet, to the Counters dowager of Niretini plasia and a captain in the Tower Hamlets milia 18. Ac Edinburghi, forses Woodford, ciq. tia; fon of a merchant at Exeier, and bro- lieutenant-colonei vi the late North Frocia ther to the mittress of one of the boarding- bie Highlanders, houses at Eton. He was formerly an oc- 19 Al Haverf rowell, Hugh Savige, cational affiitant to the magiftrates 36 Bow- ely of the county of bowl, ie leckan'. lireet; but his talents avanced him to a 21 Duncau Cainpise, cią w Wüicy, Siterior office, where he ditplayeu them Norbunkerland, cap abier.. hari. 10 great advantage.

11us merong, one lucioard Dirt, a 17. At Liege, the Hon. and Rev. Wm.

grocer, of St. Jam-s's-street, Partea, was Afton, prehendary of the collegiate church found murdered lied his counter. On of St. John the Evangelii m that town, ex eins hu, two wound and brother of Lord Afwn of Forfar. He covered at the back part of his heal, and died in distress, brought upou lim and the tkuil was very much fractured. fra niany thoufands more by the revolucionary the form of ihe wounds, it is suppolcu he government of that unhappy country. was murdered by his own fagar-latchet,

21. Ac famaica, Mr. Wigglesworth, lale by some perion or pe luns who has esther orimmislapy-general at St. Doiningo. fuo 20 upji lanity of leciding them

24. At Tottenham, My. Wm. Rochaker, feines vi the erepil, or had broke into his Bale veftry clerk, master of the free gian holes surely abe night. As he had an inmar-school of that town, which place was maius in lies boute, no intercourse with held bay that eminesc grammarian and an- any perlun, except his uncle, who had acbreuary Wilijam Baxier, till be was cholera ceis o has done this relative was taken og Marilor of the Mercers school in Lonuon. futpedion ii cultoy, and, on being ex

2). At St. Petersburg, of a grotted.and amuned hy uie. Coroner's ingeit, such cir. pond fover, aged 40, No ha c'azalei,ietq. camitances appeared its 10 C ute him to be

April 6. Right Hon javes ste varí Mac- com.kud to Winchester gud for inal kenzie, lotil privy fral at Seriend, second The Verdict of the juiy waswilful mar. ther of Jolu third Earl of Bure; elected der ganit tone person or periuns wie M.P. for Argylethire 12: 1740; Sute, 1747;

kuona - ihe abave bofortuuare perfoa burghs of Air, &c. 1954; Ro:sthirey 176: ; was a emark.ble character. He was acenvoy extraorditary to the King of Swe- Derly knoue by the lowme of Dicky Dari, den 1759. He succeeded to the estate of the I Voodon Grocer. He served thus title Rolehangh-by ine entwil of his gleat grand- from his having apparently a very large father, Sir George iviackenzie, whose name tock of lugar, whichi, bow:ver, was well and arms he took. He married Lawy Bully known to be nothing but blocks of wc04 Camphell, one of the daugaters and cine covered wun paper and corded. His lia. heirelles of Joha Duke of Argyle. His birs were the+fe of pentury and a su'ler fe. rein-ios were inter red in the family-vault clulion site wil tociados: Coule. A! Ligh of the Marquis of Bute, in Illex. He is poieties of properu, so the amount of the first proprietor of the Royal Inštitu ion 3ccol. in deeds, menusey, itock, &c. ic was who has died fince tie establiment of that 10 miferably avaricius as we des hauleif fociety. H's library, containing a number the coamun lufiona ice which iriure 10 of mathematical books, filed by Leigh quirs, and tie c'eaniels which bealth and and Sotheby on the 1sthoof May; and his u<cency indiljenjab'y demand. His bed. collection of mathematicsinstruments by ding was rolled with hiui, vermiz, and Christie at the faine tune.

negligence. He had aily two this, and 12. Aged 51, Mr. William Scardefield, thold in a must taltered con; there of Twylund, near Winchester. He fet out, were nu figns of any oblier lunea abrut according to his vital custom, at g in the himself or his dwellne. H's dreis was morning from Twyford, for Winchester duftuguilhed by ba s wcaning, all weallies

' five or fix waistcoats, a close coat, and an of poetical composition. His manners wer oll thread-bare spencer. *B11', with all this ụnassuming, gentle, unaffected; and the thibbiners of atrire, he hid ferme preten

whole tenor of his life was not merely fons to hezuim ; for he conantly wore blameless but exemplary. The first voflour as hair powder; which he put on Jume of his poems was published in 1782 with a Meen's tail idited of a poff. (LII. 130); the second 1785 (LV. 983). He was fellom feen to eat, ani his Our acquaintance with him commenced food was never known to be any mea, or ahont tiat time (see liis communications fc-arcely anything elia hut cried cunts; LIV.412). In 1791 he undertook the arbiscuits, raw kunips, raddith's, an fich duous talk of tranflacing the 'Iliad and articles as required litle or no cookery. yfey into blank verse (LX1. 845, 929, Although he would lufter nofem de to come 1034, 1133; LXII. 53, 122, 159, 537, near his houfs, lie had a warm vtachment 1835; LXIV. 495; LXVIII. 652). OF towards the sex; and, to indulge himself his younger brother, John, fellow of Corin this propenfisy, fup! the greatest post pus Christi college, Cambridge, who died of the nighi in walking the ite'écts in search 1770, see LIII. 152; and a poetic tribute of female com; alius faut several years, to his memory LIV. 198. Many attributed this itrange syftem of liv- Subierly, Mr. Francis Bull, farmer, of

ing to his having been errly in life dif-, Harconhy, co. Lincoln. Carpointed in his honourab'e overtures.-- Rev. Henry Jephcoli, rector of Nethel

From this moment he lot all dois accus. "Heyford, co. Northampton. tonred spirit, became fulieri, ictireil, and At Kenilworth, co. Warwick, aged 75, feláth, and abandoned himself to the the Rev. Josiah Corrie, who had been 45 lowest state of degr:ded humanity. He years pastor of the congregation of Prva migh', perlaps, ha e been tollwed home, tcitant Dillerters there. and murdered hy fone person or persons, 23. Mr. Allatt, one of the aldermen of too well arqia nered with ins fecluded filua- the corporation of Stamforal, co. Lincoln. tion and conader le property.

He served the office of mia or 1774, 1790. Mr. John Waters, sen. of Bonnghton, co. Agd 82, Mr. Alderman Cooper, who Northampton, an eminent faleiman and served the office of mayor of the borougla dealer in cattle.

of Leicester in 1771. 23. At his fon's houre in Rosamond ftr. Aged 64, John Hattersler, gent, one of aged 93, Mr. Charks Pisgs.

the corouers of Lincoln. At Voron, near Slough, in his 4th year, Edward Dymoke, ele. lieutenant and Mr. Jabn Hull.

quarter-master of the Royal North Lia. 24 Ai Walu orth, Surrey, after a long colo militia. and very painful illness, Mis. Knit, of At Fitzroy-house, New Road, or a deLonhard treet.

cline, in her 26th year, Mrs. Gordon Ageu 20, Miij.nes Alpr, of Derhy. Cutie, wife of Mr. Jolin Harvie C. of

At Giberton, Co. Lincor'!), if i Cone Edinburgh, advocate. Somption, io hors 18/11 ye., ME ED!2isella John Staples, esq. one of the police ma. Tuykir, daughter of the late M.. Joto T. gistrales for the distrid of Shad well. fargen, of H.ckington, yon, it is re- 27. Ac Shotile, co. Drhy, aged 76, Mrs. markable, the Purvived exactly 17 ye.15$ Statham, relict of Mr. R. S. (to a day), anadie! of the file complaint. Aged 80, the Rev. William Black wall,

Sitteny, in Duke-1treet, Poreli.nd-place, of Mugginton, in Derbyshire. Mr. B. Crofier.

Rev John Yale, B. D. rector of Liw. 25. A Lan Dereham, Norfolk, William ford, in Kent. He was of St. John's colo Cowper, efq. of the lo per Tem le, airbor lege, Cambridge; where he proceeded of a poem intituled “The lack," sted many B.A. 1767; M.A. 1770; S.T.B. 1777 ; other beautiful productions. This trily a mi- and held a fellowship t':cre, which eniilled ahle and very interesting character vnsburo bim to take this living, 1979, on the death at Great Berkampfteai!, Herts, Nov. 15, of Dr. Ogder. It is estimated at 400l.per 1731. His father, the rector of that parth, ann.; and his only ambition was to die was folin Cowper, D. D.. nephew to the work 50.000l. He was conveyed in a Lord Higi. Chancellor Cowper; and his miserable country hearie, accompan'ed by maher ws Ann, daug'iler of Rnger his sister and maid-fer van!, to Wiexham, Dunne, rel. lile of Luulm-ball, Nor- the place of his nativity. fo:k. Mi. Cowper's merii 75 a poet w..s Of a decline, in 115 18th year, George exceeied only by his benevolent and truly Rodney Englih, you gett 10: of Walter E. Christinn sprit. llis religion inspired him ery of Lamhet. with rentiments of universel pooleneb rory, W'm. Sculz, esq. of Broal-str. buildings. to which his conduci wis teétly con- Miss Long, eldest daughter of Beertua förinable ; iin! !is ge!ius produced thote L. e!q. of Ston, Surrey. works uhich will continue to be admied Al her boule at Epfum, Surrey, Mis, as long as lihiimity, parlion, and agindo Parkut, rel. It of the late learned and sion, are confidzree as the point ornaments' Rev. jula P. Novca were nedel. urit,

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mnaffected niety, and every domestic vir- medical affiftance called to his aid. In his tve, more strongly illustrated, than in the last moments Mr.F. desired that all his MS. character of this most arriable and exce. mufick might he presented in his Majesty. lent woman.

Her sweetness of temper, 35. At Norkoping, Sweden, of a para. fimplicity of manners, and truly charitable lyric Atroke, Dr. Walljuift, bishopof Wexia. disposition, are seldom paralleled. She At Cork, Ireland, fa dysentery, Lieul. closed her well-speat life at ihe advanced Sales, of the 20th foot, from Chesterfield, age of 79 years; and long will her me- co. Derby. He was late a lieutenant in the mory be sincerely revered by her sur Derbyshire supplementary militia, and voviving relatives.

lunteered his service into the regulars, and 28. At his seat. at Roulham, co. Oxford, served in the late expedition to Hollacd. the Lady of Sir Clement Cotterell Dormer. Lately, at Quebec, in his 29th year, Capt.

Aged 78, Mr. Thomas Crosley, of Line Thomas Earle, of the 6th foot, youngest coln, tailor.

son of Giles E. esq. of Benibrough, and At Totnes, Devon, Mrs. Jenks, wife of formerly of Trinity college, Cambridge. the Rev. David J. M. A. rector of W.ip- Admiral George Vandeput, commanding fnade, co. Bedford, and daughter of Rob. on the Halifax station. He was promoted Dod, eiq. of Whitchurch, co. Salop. to the rank of captain in 1765; rearIn Chiswick mall, T. King, esq.

admiral 1793; vice-admiral 1794; and Ai Christchurchi, Hants, the Counters of admiral in the latt promotion of fagStrathmore, relict of John Earl of S. who officers in 1799. He was son of Sir died in April, 1776. in 1777 The married George V. who many years ago was enAndrew Robinson Stoney, esq. who after. gaged in the memorable content for the rewards took the name of Bowes, and where prefentation of Westminster a contett by history is well known, baving first fought which his large fortuve was considerahlý a duel with another suitor on her account. impaired. The Admiral was a plain, un After a long series of domestic unhappiness affected, nianly character, well acquisinted a separation cook place ; foon after which, with his profeffion, and a judicious critick he attempted to carry her off from her in the arts. He was a great admirer of lodgings in Oxford-ft: eet, Nov. 10, 1986; pictures, and particularly those on nautical but she regained her liberty. Mr. B. was subjects. In private life he was esteemed apprehended, and a luis commenced a- for good sense, intelligence, and moral worth gainst him (LVI. 991, 993, 1079); the At Madrid, Don Juan Baptifta Munos, rule was made absolute 1987 (LVÍÍ. 88); one of the niott voluminous Spanish anthors. and, March 3, 1989, Lady S. was restored He published 130 volumes of historical and to her property, and divorced from the other works, many original documents and unfortulia'e connexion (LVIII. 267). Mr. letters of Columbus, Ximenes, &c. add B. being unahle to pay the costs incurred other works relating to America; and was by the suit in the Spiritual Corri, was cr- employed, 1779, by the late King of Spain, dered, 1790, lo reni in in the King's Bench to write the History of the New World, till they were paid (LX. 665). In the and give him free access to the royal ar. rior and conspiracy which took plăce in chives and libraries, and all other public, that prison, 1791, Mr. B’s conduct was so menaltic, and private libraries, even to the commendable that he ontained a remite 873 linge hundles of papers relative to tance of the rigour of his confine nent- America, depofited with the records of the Her Lady ip's remains uere depoflew in Spanish in the archives of Simancas, near Weftmikiter abhey, dressed in a luperb Valladolid, 120 miles from Madrid. He bridal dr. fs.

published only the three first voyages of 29. At Ravenfonedale, Westmoreland, Columbus; but bis plau was intended to in his 80th year, Mr. Ariliur Buusfield, trace the gradual ex'ension of the discove.

At Holbeck, Suffolk, the infant son of ries of America, and the manner in which Thomas Slie:lock Gonch, tíq. His deaih the Spaniards and other European nations was occafioned by water at the heart. pollefled themselves of different parts of

Mr. Fischer, the celebrated oboe player. thai continent, and the circuwjacent flands, While performing a solo purt in his con- to the latest period. The firt volume was certo ai the Queen's house, after having transated into our la'iguage, and published executed his first movement in a style 1797; but, as the author was neceflarity equal to his best performance during any employed on the continuation of the work, part of his life, in the courle of his ada another volume was promised as soon as he gio he was suddenly seized with an apo- illued it. plectic fit, and feil down. Prince Wilo On his eftate in Spain, the Marquis liam of Gloucetter, observing the ucci- Del Campo; who, for several years, was dene fupported him out of the apartment, emballador from that kingdom to the Court w!ence be we conveyed to his residence of London. It is said that he was a natu. in Greek-ftreet, Soho, where he expird ral son of Gen. Wall, formerly embali vor in about an hour afterwarıs. The King from Spain at this Court; that he was bred was very much affected, and had the first al the Blue Coat hospital, and that his mo.


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