Imatges de pàgina

2 He comes !--the Conqueror comes !

Death falls beneath his sword ;
The joyful prisoners burst their tombs,

And rise to meet their Lord.
3 The trumpet sounds—" Awake !-

Ye dead, to judgment come !"
The pillars of creation shake,

While hell receives her doom. - 4 Thrice happy morn for those

Who love the ways of peace!
No night of sorrow e'er shall close,

Or shade their perfect bliss.
88, 73 & 4.

Greece 1 LO! he comes, with clouds descending,

Once for favored sinners slain!
Thousand, thousand saints, attending,
Swell the triumph of his train :

Jesus comes-and comes to reign.
2 Every eye shall now behold him,

Robed in dreadful majesty!
Those who set at nought and sold him,
Pierced, and nailed him to the tree,

Deeply wailing,
Shall the true Messiah see!
3 When the solemn trump has sounded,

Heaven and earth shall flee away;
All who hate him must, confounded,
Hear the summons of that day-

“Come to judgment !-
Come to judgment come away."
4 Yea, amen !let all adore thee,

High on thine eternal throne!
Saviour, take the power and glory;
Make thy righteous sentence known!

Oh come quickly

Claim the kingdom for thine own! 623

P. M. Luther's Hymn. Monmonth.
GREAT God! what do I see and hear!

The end of things created !
Behold the Judge of man appear,

On clouds of glory seated!

Aff f

C. M.

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The trumpet sounds!—the graves restore
The dead which they contained before!

Prepare, my soul, to meet him. 624

Stephen's. Stamford. 1 SEE! where the great incarnate God

Fills his majestic throne,
While from the skies his awful voice

Bears the last judgment down.
2 Oh may I stand before the Lamb,

When earth and seas are fled,
And hear the Judge pronounce iny name

With blessings on my head ! 625

Lincoln. Adullum. 1 HARK !-that shout of rapturous joy,

Bursting forth from yonder cloud!
Jesus comes ! --and through the sky,

Angels tell their joy aloud.
2 Hark the trumpet's awful voice

Sounds abroad, through sea and land;
Let his people now rejoice!

Their redemption is at hand.
3 See! the Lord appears in view;

Heaven and earth before him fly!
Rise, ye saints, he comes for you,

Rise to meet him in the sky.
4 Go, and dwell with him above,

Where no foe can e'er molest;
Happy in the Saviour's love!

Ever blessing, ever blest. 626

88, 78 & 4.

Benson. Messina. 1 DAY of judgment-day of wonders !

Hark!--the trumpet's awful sound,
Louder than a thousand thunders,
Shakes the vast creation round!

How the summons
Will the sinner's heart confound !
2 See the Judge our nature wearing,

Clothed in majesty divine !
You, who long for his appearing,

Then shall say, “This God is mine !"

Gracious Saviour,
Own me in that day for thine !

mf 3 At his call the dead awaken,

Rise to life from earth and sea;
All the powers of nature, shaken
By his

looks, prepare to flee : Aff

Cáreless sinner,

What will then become of thee ; mf4 But to those who have confessed,

Loved and served the Lord below!
He will say, “Come near, ye blessed,
See the kingdom I bestow :

You forever
Shall my love and glory know.”
C. M.

Dundee. Spencer. 627

The Judgment anticipated.
1 WHEN, rising from the bed of death,

O’erwhelmed with guilt and fear,
I see iny Maker face to face-

Oh, how shall I appear!
2 If now, while pardon may be found,

And mercy may be sought,
My heart with inward horror shrinks,

And trembles at the thought;
3 When thou, O Lord! shalt stand disclosed

In majesty severe,
And sit in judgment on my soul,

Oh, how shall I appear!
4 Then see my sorrows, gracious Lord ;

Let mercy set me free;
While in the confidence of prayer

My heart takes hold of thee. mf 5 For never shall my soul despair

Thy mercy to procure;
Since thy beloved Son has died

To make that mercy sure !
C. P. M.

Althlono. 1 WHEN thou, my righteous Judge, shalt come To fetch thy ransomed people home,

Shall I among them stand ?
Sha I such a worthless worm as I,
Who sometimes am afraid to die,

Be found at thy right hand ?


2 I love to meet thy people now,
Before thy feet with them to bow,

Though vilest of them all;
But-can I bear the piercing thought ?-
What if my name should be left out,

When thou for them shalt call ?
3 O Lord, prevent it by thy grace-
Be thou my only hiding-place,

In this tħ accepted day;
Thy pardoning voice, oh let me hear,
To still my unbelieving fear,

Nor let me fall, I pray.
4 Among thy saints let me be found,
Whene'er th' archangel's trump shall sound,

To see thy smiling face;
Then loudest of the crowd I'll sing,
While heaven's resounding mansions ring

With shouts of sovereign grace. 629

L. M.

Middlebury. Sparta. 1 THAT day of wrath! that dreadful day,

When heaven and earth shall pass away!

shall be the sinner's stay?
How shall he meet that dreadful day,-
2 When, shrivelling like a parched scroll,

The flaming heavens together roll;
And louder yet-and yet more dread,

Swells the high trump that wakes the dead? Af 3 Oh! on that day-that wrathful day,

When man to judgment wakes from clay,
Be Thou, O Christ! the sinner's stay,

Though heaven and earth shall pass away. 630

S. M. Mornington. Dartmouth. 1 AND will the Judge descend?

And must the dead arise ?
And not a single soul escape

His all-discerning eyes ?
2 How will my heart endure

The terrors of that day,
When earth and heaven before his face,

Astonished, shrink away?
3 But ere the trumpet shakes

The mansions of the dead;


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