Imatges de pÓgina

performed by proxy.-On the evening of the marriage, however, the bride, in coming down ftairs, making a falfe step, was precipitated from the top to the bottom with fo much violence against a chair, that her head was nearly fevered from her body, and the immediately expired. The remains of this unfortunate lady were brought to Llangefni, in great funeral pomp, for interment. This accident will, it is expected, afford room for muca luigation, as well as amufement, to the penilemen of the long robe. The Bawgwdqu and Bedwig eftates have belonged to the Pencoch and Hughes families (ccording to North Wales tradition) from within a cen-. ury of the flood; and the lady's heirs are fo anxious to keep them fo, that they difpute Mr. Cecfan's right to poffellion of them, on the plea, that, as Miís Pencoch died in the afternoon of her wedding day, the marriage cannot be held to have been duly confummated, fo as to entitle her husband to the enjoyment of her estates, even by courtefy. Mr. C. has, however, fairly offered to bring fufficient proof that the marriage was fully confummated.

13. Mr. S. Everett, clothier, to Mifs Smith, daughter of George S. efq. collector of excife at Salisbury.


At the Quakers meeting-house Dorfet, Mr. Thomas Thomfon, to Mifs Elizabeth Neave.

14. At Plymouth, Capt, John Thicknefs, of his Majefty's floop Pelican, to Mifs Sarah-Augufta Frafer, only daughter of Angus F. eig. of the royal invalids in the citadel there,

Mr. Hills, of Southwark, coal-merchant, to Mifs Lee, daughter of Capt. Simon L. of Lyme-Regis, Dorfet.

15. James Stephen, efq. of the Middle Temple, barrister at law, to Mis Clarke, widow of the Rev. Dr. C. and filter of Wm. Wilberforce, efq. M. P.

Capt. Fofter, of the 4th or King's own reg. of foot, to Mifs Otway, of Buitrode-ft. Robert Chamberlain, efq. to Mifs Howell, of Surrey-rect Strand.

Mr. Wm. Eade, of South-street, Finfbury-fquare, to Mifs Mary-Anne Vaux, third daughter of Mr. V. of Austin-friars.

Mr. John Cole, jun. attorney, of Northampton, to Mifs Sophia Brown, fourth daughter of Mr. B. hofer, Caffle-houte.

Mr. Watfon, to Mifs Ofler, both of Bridgewater.

17. Mr. Lukin, of Cowham-house, to Mifs J. Tatlock, of Waudfworth, Surrey,

19. James R. Miller, efq. of Cattle-court, Budge-raw, to Mifs Harriet Brown, fecond daughter of Mr. Wm B. merchant.

At Worthing, Suffex, M. Roebuck, of St. Mary at-Hill, to Mifs Kellermana.

20 At Winchefter, Thomas Pipon, efq. of Southampton, to Mis. Corbin.

Rev. Mr. Ward, of Soar, near Lincoln,
Mifs Doncafter, of Nottingham.

22. At Edinburgh, James Kinlock, efq. merchant in London, to Mifs Helen Ferrier.

At Clifton, Mr. Richard Taylor, furgeon, there, to Mifs Wilfon, youngest daughter of the late Thomas W. efq. of Scraptoft, co. Leicester.

At Latterworth, co, Leic-fler, Mr. Watfon, attorney, t. Mifs Arnoid.

24. Mr. F. W. Wistinghaufen, of Bridgefreet, Blackfriars, merchant, to Mifs M. A. Schneider, yo. dia. of John Henry S efq. of Beaver ball, Southgate, Middlefex. 25. George Brown, elg of Thewerdale, Dear Godmm, Cornwall, to Mifs Mrs. 26. Mr. Chries Hill, hofter, of Nottingham, to Mifs Sarah Scourfield.

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John Haxby, M. D. of Pontefract, to the only daughter of John Kirkman, efq. furgeon, of Hull.

27. Thomas Stares, jun, efq. of Farnham, Hants, to Mifs Eliza Puker, yourgett daughter of Vice-admiral Sir Wm. P. bart. commander in chief on the Halifax ftation.

29. Mr Jalland, farmer and grazier, of Rotten, 'co. Notunglam, to Mifs Lilley.

31. Mt. James Wilde, of Upper Thames. ftreet, to Mifs Sutton, of Heybridge, Effex.

June 1. At Liverpool, Mr Robert Sellar, merchant, there, to Mifs Ifabella Sinclair, daughter of Mr. Robert S. merchant.


2. At Clifton, Arthur Hodge, efq. to. Mifs Hoggins, fifter of the late Lady Exeter. At Bath, Jenkin Davies Barrington, efq. of Swanfea, to Mifs Morgan.

3. At Wrentham, Maximilian Daw, efq. of Woodbridge, to Mifs Primrose, fecond daughter of Mr. Pfurgeon.

At Edinburg, Arthur Forbes, efq. of Culloden, to Mits Cumming, daughter of the late Sir John C.

At Afton, John Hay, efq. of Kingston upon Hull, to Mifs Walker, daughter of Wm. W. etq. of Erdington-hall, near Birm.

4. Benjamin Outram, efq. of Butterleyhall, co. Derby, to Mifs Anderfon.

Simon Field, efq. captain of the Bermondfey volunteers, to Mifs Cooper, only daughter of Thomas C. efq.

At Dean's-Leaze, co. Dorfet, H. P. Collins, efq. to Mifs Lethbridge, eldest daughter of J. L. efq, of Sandhill park.

George Smith, efq. of Bromley-house, co. Nottingham, to Mifs Ei za Margaret Davis, daughter of the late Wm. D. efq. J. H. Maw, efq. of Warmfworth, co. York, to Mifs Lifter, of Titley.

5. Charles Payne Crawfurd, efq. of Saint-hill, near Eaft Grinstead, Suffex, to Mifs Proby, eld, dau. of the Rev. N. C. P.

At Camberwel, Surrey, Mr. Robert Grant, of Little St. Helen's, to Mifs Anna Christian, daughter of John C. efq.

Rev. Jofeph Shaw, of Everington, Berks, to Mifs Agnes-Ifabella Benge. John Farrell, eiq. of Powick, to Mifs Hammond, of Worcester.

At Gloucester, Nathanael Cookman, eiq.

efq. to Mifs Elizabeth Andrews, daughter of Mr. Thomas A. draper, of Weymouth,

John Creed, efqs of Kingfkerwell, to Mifs Jane-Louifa Winton, eldest daughter of Rev. Robert W. of Exmouth,

Richard Hepworth, efq. of Pontefract, to Mifs Frances Chamberlain, of Newark.

8. Capt. Butt, of the royal navy, to Mifs Sykes; alfo, Mr. Thomas Moore, of Norfolk-fireet, Strand, to Mifs A. Sykes. 9. At Nazing, Mr. Z. Gborne, of Tokenhoufe yard, London, to Mifs Welch, da of Wm. W. efq. of Nazingbury, Effex.

At Skipton in Craven, M. Smith, for geon, to Mifs Mifs Wafney, of Hall.

10. Rev. Alex. Sterky, minifter of the Helvetic church, to Mifs Charlotte Pefhier, of Geneva.

Mc. James Anfel, of Burford, co. Oxford, to Mifs Mills, of Percy-street, Bedford-fq.

At Bath, Mr. Holloway, of St. Pancras, near London, fon of Mr. H. postmaster of Bridgewater, to Mifs Gye, of Bath.

II. At Frome, co. Somerfet, RichardJames-Lawrence O'Connor, efq. captain the royal navy, to Mifs M A. Vincent. 12. At Mary-la-Bonne church, Capt. Harcourt of the 20th foot, to Mifs HarCourt, daughter of Richard H. efq.

At Swinford, Capt. Edwards, of the 23d foot, or Welih fuzileers, to Mifs Savage. At Claines, Mr. Samuel Silvefter, to Miss Sarab Randall, near Worcester.

At Frome, co. Somerfet, Thomas Whitaker Ledyard, efq. of Road-hill, Wilts, to Mifs Shephard, daughter of Wm. S. efq.

At Liverpool, Grantham Hodgfon, ef. captain in the Royal North Lincoln militia, to Mifs Dench, of Liverpool.

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13. R. Colquhoun, jun. efq. of Camfraddan, co. Dumbarton, to Mifs Harriet Farrer, of Weymouth.

16. At Glasgow, Mr. Robert Shirreff, to Mifs Margaret Gillespie, fecond daughter of Wm. G. efq. of Bishopton.

17. Cecil Forefter, efq. M. P. of Rofshall, Salop, to Lady Catherine-Mary Man ners, youn. fifter of the Duke of Rutland.

18. Mr. Linnel, of Flower, co. Northampton, to Mifs Judkin, of Uppingham. 19. George Lyon, efq. of Bucklerfbury, to Mifs Stewart, of Fintbury-fquare.

Mr. George Maberly, of Walthamstow, to Mils Headley, of Portland-place, Bath. 20. Jmes Jones, efq of Homewood, lodge, Chiflshorft, Kent, to Mrs. Willcocks, of Gloucester-Atreet, Queen fquare.

24 Joftas-Henry Stracey, efq, banker, of Berners ftreet, to Mifs Diana Scott, eldest daughter of David S efq M. P. of Upper Harley-freet, Cavendish-fquare,


Cannanore, in India, Ma

1799. A joc general Jim's Harley,

commanding ticer of the King's and the Hou. Company's troops on the couft, and

one of the commiffioners for executing the office of fapravifor and chief judge in the province of Malabar, a great lofs to the fervice and his friends.

23. At Prefbury, his Eminency the Cardinal Prince Jofeph Batthyani, Primate of Hungary and Archbishop of Gran

Nov. 3. At Bombay, after a short illnefs, Mr. Penrofe, fon of Mr. P. furgeon of Hatfield, a very fine young man, and, during the fhort time he was in India, exceedingly refpected.

1800. Jun. 20. At Paris, advanced in years, John B. le Roy, a diftinguished meraber of the late Academy of Sciences, He was alfo a member of the French National Institution, and of the Royal Society

of London.

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March... At Pavia, Presciani, profeffor of phyfiology

April 30. At Sellesfield, Sutfex, aged 78, Mr. Thompfon, formerly a rope-maker at Mile-end.

May 2. William Ayton, efq. of Maccleffield, fon of the late William A. efq. of Lombard street, banker.

4. At Southampton, of a decline, Mifs Frafer, eldest daughter of Dr. F. of Lower Grofvenor-itreet.

Mr. Carr, college and travelling tutor to Sir Abraham Hume.

5. Suddenly, after eating a hearty dinner, Mr. Beft, carpenter, and mayor of Hertford.

II. A his house at Mitgate, near Maidftone, in an advanced age, Lewis Cage, efq.

15. Advanced in years, Rev. William Mayo, M. A. of Brazen Nofe college, Oxford, 1749, rector of Wooton Rivers, Wilts, in the alternate presentation of St. John's college, Cambridge, and Brazen Nofe college, Oxford, and brother to Dr. Herbert Mayo.

At Great Yarmouth, aged 74, Samuel Hurrey, efq. He had been, for fome time paft, much afflicted with the rheumatism, and advifed to try fea-bathing, which he practifed in the afternoon, foon after dinner. He rode out one forenoon, and, after a temperate meal, was carried, in a fedan chair, to the bathing-house, between 3 and 4. It was perceived that he fhewed great fymptoms of feeblenefs, but, as he

Which, in Bacon's Liber Regis, is

called King's college, Oxford, its style of

foun estion being “the king's ball and college of Brazenofe," always

always declined affiftance, he was permitted, after undreffing, to retire into the bathing-room, where. on hearing an unufual noife, they found him in the bath with his face bent down to the furf ce of the water, and his hands ftretched out upon it, fuppofed to have been fuffocated by apoplexy. He had been bred to the fea, by that kind of education which, be used to fay, all genuine feamen nf-d to have, "entering in at the hawle-holes, and going out of the cabin-windows." In the war

which clofed foon after the beginning of the prefent reign, he was employed on the coafts of France and America, and engaged the attention of Admiral Bofcawen in a franfport. He quitted the fervice about 25 years ago, and engaged very largely, as a fhip-owner and general merchant, in partnership with one of his brothers. He was, in religion, a Difenter, and in politicks a Whig; and has left the greater part of his confiderable property to his four grandchildren, fons and daughters of Rob. Alderfon, bar ifter at law.

17. At Gottingen, Chriftopher Girtanner, author of feveral phyfical, chemical, and political works.

18. At Peterburg, the celebrated Field marthal Suvvaroff. At this time last year his name retouned from every month, and his triumps freque'y graced our columns. His blood was inflamed by the painful iabours of his glorious campaign; his foul oppreffed with the contradictions which prevented him from crowning it by the total expulfion of the French from Italy; and his heart afflicted with the grief of finding his important fervices repaid by unaccountable caprice and ingratitude. He is faid to have been in difgrace with his Sovereign and fuch, it appears, is the character of Ruffian manners, that the difpleasure of the Prince includes banithment from all fociety. The man fo lately the theme of Royal panegyric, report fays, was abfolutely abandoned in the ftruggles of fickness and death; and the laft moments of Savvaroff were deprived of the offices of friendship, and the confolation of public fympathy. Such at least is the rumour; but we hope it is untrue or exaggerated. There would be fomething in this treatment of the veteran General worse than caprice. Suvvaroff, it cannot be denied, ferved his country with perfevering fuccefs and implicit fidelity, and has contributed to confolidate the power and to extend the fare of the Ruffian empire. Pofterity will render him that juftice which his contemporaries refused him; and we are not afraid to express its language before hand, by paying this homage to the great talents and virtues of a hero, whose ac tions will maintain a diftinguished rank in the hiftory of the 18th century. 15,000 perions attended his funeral. A brief

fketch of his life and atchievements may be feen n. 153-159.

At Svine, in Holderness, in the 3rd year of her age, Mrs. Eaton, wif of Mr. John E. of that place, and relict of the late Mr. John Pudfey, of Newark-upon-Trent. At different periods of her life. the flood in the following degrees of relationship (by marriage) to a gentleman in Hull, wız. aunt to father, fifter to his mother, and mother to herself: her firit hasband has ving been his father's uncle; her last his mother's brother; and he having married her daughter-in-law.

In his 72d year, whilft eating his dinner, Mr. J. Beckwith, fen. 54 years a member of Norwich cathedral.

At Wingham, Kent, after a lingering illeefs, Mr. Robert Bent, mafter of the Red Lion in there.

Suddenly, at the houfe of Mr. Jofeph Swallow, 10 Lambeth Mrs. Helen Elliot, fecond daughter of the late Capt. E. of the Inniskillen dragoons.

Mr. Jn Cornell, perfumer, &c. Trumpir gton-ftreet, Cambridge.

19. Mr. Thomas Mee, jun. grocer, of Kegworth, co. Leicester,

Suddenly, Mr. Linney, glazier, of North Luffenham, Rutland.

William Bentley, efq. of Danett's-hall, cb. Leicester.

20. Madame Lebrun, wife of the third Conful of France.

At Earl Shilton, co. Leicester, aged 44, 1 Mrs. Balsford, wife of Mr B. hofier, and daughter of the late John W feman, gent.

21. At Mowthorp, near Malton, Yǝksh. aged 25, Markenfield Kirkby, efq. late captain in the 85th foot.

22. At Oxford, Lieut. Edward Birch, late of his Majesty's ship Triumph. At Hampstead, Samuel Clark, efq. In an advanced age, Mr. Thomas Bulmer, of Lynn.

23. At Bermondsey, aged 77, Mr. Jeremiah Riley, the oldeft woolftapler in Lond.

Wm. Cabell, efq. many years under fecretary to the Right Hon. Henry Dundas at the Board of Controul for India Affairs.

At Pentonville, uear Islington, Hen. Cort, efq. of Devonshire-ftreet, Queen fquare.

Mrs. Gunn, about 24 years old, who fold fruit in the pit of Drury-lane theatre, and was 8 months gone with child, was fo much terrified at the atrocious attempt on bis Majefty's life, that her ftomach afterwards refufed all nourishment. She died without being delivered; and her husband is fo much affected at the circumstance, that he lies without hopes of recovery at No. 18, Wych-street.

Mr. William Stock, a grocer at Hull, threw himself into the river at Wigcomlee. Some men, feeing him commit the rash act, haftened to his affiftance, got him out of the water, and took him home,



when the unhappiness of his family was augmented by his informing them he had taken poifon before he went to the river; which its banefal effects foon corroborated, for, in an hour after being out of the water, he expired.

24. Aged 10 months, Mifs Louisa Bache, daughter of H. B. efq. of Stanmore.

Aged 13, Mifs Diana Allen, 4th daughter of the Rev. Stephen A. of Lynn.

At Powder-hall, near Edinburgh, Sir John Hunter Blair, of Dunskey and Robertland, bart.

25. At her house in Bloomsbury-square, after a long and painful illness, which the endured with exemplary refignation and for titude, Mrs. Sufan Towry, wife of George Phillips T. efq. commiffioner of the Victualling-office; a lady juftly endeared to her relatives and friends.

At Lymington, Hants, Mrs. Skrine, daughter and heiress of the late Jn. Tryon, efq. of Colly wefton, co. Northampton, and relict of the late Richard Dixon S. efq. of Warley, near Bath, and mother of Mr. S. the tourist.

At Ryal, near Stamford, Mrs. Hambleton, relict of J. H, efq. of the royal navy.

Mr. W. Field, of York, florist. While walking early in his garden, he dropped down and inftantly expired. The melancholy intelligence having been fuddenly communicated to his wife, a gloomy filent forrow inftantly fixed on her mind, ani fhe died in 19 days afterwards (June 13). 26. At his houfe in Bridewell precinct, Henry Bodicoate, efq.

Aged 95, Robert Baggaley, of Cromwell, ner Newark.

At Barnoak, near Stamford, aged 19, Mr. Laxon, filversmith, of London.

27. In her 18th year, Mifs Sopnia Trivett, third daughter of the Rev. William T. of Lewisham, Kent.

At Eaftry, in Kent, in his 79th year, Ifaac Bargrave, efq.

23. Jobin Hooper, efq. of Walcot.

At Bath, Adam Gordon, efq, of LimeAreet. His life was fuch as might have been expected from the union of an amia ble and chearful difpofition with an unclouded understanding, and a fincere and feeling heart. He was active in business, affectionate to his family, faithful to his friends, liberal and judicious in his, charities, loyal in his principles, and firm, confiftent, and correct, in the whole tenor of bis conduct.

Aged 69, Mr. Robinson, upwards of 20 years one of the poor knights of Windfor, At his feat in Worceftere, at an advanced age, Charles Welch, efq.

At St. Ive's, co. Huntingdon, in his 40th year, Mr. Samuel Osborne, grocer. 29. At his feat, Loampit-hill, Kent, Robert Nicholson, efq.

GENT. MAG. June, 1800.


In his 57th year, Mr. Myles Atkinfon, woollen-draper, St. Paul's church-yard. At Everly, aged 65, the Rev. Edward Polhill, of New Inn hall, Oxford, M. A. 1786, rector of Milftone and Brickmiston, Wilts, in the gift of his family, 1757, but fince of that of Edward Bowles, clerk.

35. At Egham, Surrey, in his 61ft year, Cranby Thomas Kerby, efq. ferjeant at Law, and one of the magiftrates of Queenfquare police-office,

At Cafwick-lolge, near Stamford, co. Lincoln, in his 91ft year, Mr. Wm. Dennis. Aged 87, Mr. Charles Harrifon, who for 50 years belonged to the London warehouse at York.


At Stoke-park, near Guildford, Surrey, William Alderfey, efq. formerly in the Eaft Indies.

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31. At Windfor, in his 65th year, Dr. Pearfon, physician,

Aged upwards of 70, Mr. Bright, an eminent ironmonger, cutler, &c. at Melton Mowbray, co. Leicester.

Aged 67, Col. Geo. Thompfon, of Hull.

Lately, in the ifland of Jerfey, where he had refided fome years, and was greatly refpected, J. R. T. Huike, efq. of Granfden, co. Huntingdon,

At Oxford, aged 76, Mrs Jane Cox, widow of the Rev. John C. minister of St. Martin's, Oxford, &c. who died November 30, 1798.

At Chefhunt, Herts, Mrs. Wakefield, wife of John W. efq.

At Bofcattle, Cornwall, in his 84th year, the Rev. Henry Rundle, upwards of 46 years the much and defervedly-respected rector of Minster.

Rev, Charles Roberts, curate of Bruton, co. Somerset, in the gift of Rd. Hoare, efq.

At Staunton Bernard, Wilts, aged 78, the Rev. Francis Rogers, M. A. of University college, 1714, many years curate of that place, and rector of Heddington, near Devizes, in his own patronage.

At his curacy near Salisbury, the Rev. David Thomas, late of Bath.

At Lymington, Hants, aged 78, the Rev. John Brown, a Diffenting minister of the Baptift perfuafion, lately of Kettering, in Northamptonshire.

At Chippenham, near Newmarket, the Rev. George Laughton, D.D. vicar thereof, and in the commiflion of the peace for the county of Cambridge.

At Ely, in the college, aged 74, the Rev. Thomas Atcherley, one of the minor canons, and minister of Chattifham chapel, near Ely, in the gift of the Dean and Chapter. He was of Peter house, Cam bridge; LL.B. 1754.

At Duxford, co, Oxford, the Rev. JamesHenry Pug, B. A. of Chrift's college.

Rev. Anr. Pern, jun. of Little Anington, co. Oxford.


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Rev. Thomas Lamprey, vicar of Staliffield and Halftow, Kent. He was fon of the Rev. Mr. L. vicar of St. Martin, near Canterbury, prefented, by the Dean and Chapter, 1760, and to Stali field by the Archbishop, on the death of the Rev. Wanley Saw bridge.

At New-hall, near Boreham, Effex, fuddenly, the Rev. Mr. Jenner.

At Afton Cantloe, co. Warwick, aged 68, the Rev. John Bennett, B. A. vicar of that parifh, and of Elmley Cattle, co. Worc.

After lying-in, the wife of Major Hu chinfon, daugh. of the late Dr. Jn. Glen King,

At Enfield, Mr. Robert Sergeant, of St. Alban's, one of the people called Quakers. At Enfield, in her 70th year, Mr.King, an old fervant in the family of Mr. Couper, of that place, sugar-baker.

June 1. At Pitkerro, in Scotland, Mrs. Elizabeth Ker, relict of the Rev. John Halyburton, late minifter at Kettins."

Suddenly, fincerely regretted, Lieut. Jas. Cook, of Seaford, Suffex. He had ferved bis country 40 years, under Earls Howe and St. Vincent, and other naval beroes.

2. At Bath, Mrs. Jane Coke, wife of Thomas-William C. efq. of Holkham, M. P. for No. folk, and youngest sister to James Lord Sherborne, of Sherborne, co. Gloucefter, at which place the was married to Mr. C. Oct. 5, 1775.

At the Rev. E. White's, Newton Valence, Hants, Mrs. Elizabeth Sambury, widow of the late John S. efq. of Mareland, in the fame county.

3. At Lochletter, in Urquhart, near Invei nefs, aged 77, Patrick Grant, efq.

At his houfe in Tenterden-ftreet, Hanover-fqu re, by thooting himself with a piftol, Sir Godfrey Webiter, bart. of Battle Abbey, Suffex. For hive or fix weeks patt he had betrayed very evident fymptoms of a troubled mind, in confequence of ill luck, at play; whereupon the coroner's miqueft brought in a verdict of Lunacy. He fucceed

to the title on the death of his father, Sir Chuftopher, 1779, and has left two fous and one daughter by his lady, the daugh ter and heirefs of Mr. Vaífal, a nich plaster of Jamaica, who, in his abfence from Florence, where they refided, on business in England, quitted him, and after wards, being divorced, was married to Lord Holland, who, by Sir Godfrey's death, fucceeds to 7000l. per ann. which, though an unalienable property of his lady, his Lordship, on his marriage, gave up to Sir Godfrey for his life.

In the prime of life, after a very thort ill efs, Mr. William Routh, pinter and publisher of the Botol Journal. And, on the 4th, as Mrs. Routh, wife of Mr. George R. printer, was aderening a letter to him on the death of his brother (Mr. G. R. being at Bath for his health), the was fuJdenly taken ill, and expired almott inftantly. 4. Aged 1, Richard Rennards, efq. merchant, of Hull.


5. At his houfe in Old Burlington-street, Sir Henry Bridgeman, fuft Lord Bradford, vice-prefident of the Welsh Charity, and LL. D' He was born 1725; and married, 1755, Elizabeth Sumpfon, by whom he had a numerous iffne, viz. the furvivors are, r. Orlando, now Lord Bradford, marred the Honourable Lucy Byng, daughter of George Lord Torrington; 2. john, who has taken the name of Simpson, married Henrietta, daughter of Sir Thomas Worley, and is a M. P. in the prefent parliament; 3. George, rector of Wigan, married to the Lady Lucy-Ifabel Boyle, daughter of Edmund feventh Earl of Cosk and Orrery, in Ireland, and Lord Boyle, in England. The daughters of Lord Brad. ford were, 1. Charlotte, wife of Henry Grefwold Lewis, of Malvern-Hall, co. Warwick; 2. Anne, deceased; 3. Elizabeth-Diana, married George, only fou of Sir Robert Gunning, Knight of the Bath. The father of Henry firft Lord Bradford was Sir Orlando Bridgeman, who married the Lady Anne Newport, daughter and cobeitels of Richard Newport, `last Earl of Bradford. The Earl deceased 1702; the titles became extinét; but the estates des volved on his grandfon, Sir Henry Bridgeman (fon of Lady Anne Newport, by Sir Orlando), who was raifed to the peerage. 1797, by the title of Baron Bradford, and is now fucceeded by his fon Orlando, the fecond Lord.

At his houfe in the Clofe, Norwich, in his 84th year, Wm. Biker, efq. B. C. L. regiftiar of the diocefe of Ely, official of the archdeaconry of Norwich, and Reward of the Bishop's manor-courts.

In his 55th year, at his houfe in Redford-fquare, Sir Francis Buller, barr, one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas. On the morning of the preceding day, he had vifited the Lord Chancellor and feveral of his friends; he returned home to dinner, and afterwards amufed himself for a thort time in playing at piquette with his niece, who, obferving fome change in his countenance, which the hinted to him, he acknowledged that he felt himself feized with a degree of langour and faintnefs; be was conducted to his chamber, and went to bed; and early the next morning he expired without a groan, He was the fecond fon of James Buller, efq. who was one of the Reprefentatives in Parliament for the County of Cornwall, by his fecond wife, Jane, one of the daughters of Allen, Eai Bothurit. After having received his edu cation in a private fchool in the West of England, he removed to London, and hecame a Member of the Temple, and afterwards pupil of Sir William Ashburst, who at that time was very eminent as a ĺpecial pleader. After quitting Lim, he pursued, with great repuration, that branch of the profetiion of the law for fome years before



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