Imatges de pÓgina

he was called to the Bar, which took place in Easter Term, 1772. He was never in parliament; but his practice at the bar was very confiderable; and he distinguished himself alfo as a literary character, by his "Introduction to the Law of Nifi Prius," which has always enjoyed a high degree of reputation. On the 24th of Nov. 1777. he was appointed one of his Majesty's Coun fel learned in the Law; on the 27th of the fame month, Second Judge of the Chefter circuit; and, in Easter Term (May 6) 1778, by the patronage of Lord Mansfield, was made a Judge of the King's Bench, in the room of Sir Richard Afton. During the indifpofition of Lord Mansfeld, for the lait 3 or 4 years that he held the Chief Jufticethip, Mr. Juftice Buller did almost all the business at the fittings at Nifi prius, with great ability. Lord Mansfield left him a ium of 2000l. by his will, which we believe Mr. Juftice Buller had declined receiving at the hands of his Lordship when offered as a compensation for his trouble. His expectations were, not unreasonably, directed towards the fucceffion to the high and important office which had been filled by his Noble Patron, and to which he could not, ve think, have done any difcredit. He was univerfally allowed to be a found and able Lawyer, and his Speeches from the Bench form a very valuable part of our modern Reports. In June, 1794, in confequence of his declining state of health, which renred him unequal to the laborious duties of that Court, he was, on the death of Judge Gould, removed to the Court of Common Pleas, and was fucceeded in the King's Bench by Sir Soukden Lawrence. His ill flate of health continuing to increafe, and ving rendered him unable to attend to his cice during the course of the present year, he had obtained his Majefty's leave to refign his feat, which would have taken place on Friday the 6th of this month, had not his death, which happened on the 4th, prevented it. As a profeffional man, he was allowed to poffefs great quickness of perception, and to be happy at anticipating the drift of an argument at the first glance: though fometimes fomewhat too hasty in drawing his conclufions. A little difpute that happened between him and his former pupil, Erfkine, on the famous trial of the Dear of St. Afaph, fubje&ted him to a charge of petulance of difpofition. His conduct, however, on the trial of the State Prifoners at Maidstone, convinced all candid men of his moderation. And it was very fingular, that a man, formerly tuspected of leaning towards defpotifm, fhould from that occafion become confidered as being too little attached to prerogative For fome time paft, Sir Francis has chiefly refided at his country feat, partly unbending from the refraint of bis profeflion, and enjoying the dignified pleafures of life with chearfulness

and liberality. He was created a Baronet in 1789; and is fucceeded by his eldest son, now Sir F. Buller Yarde, who changed his name for an estate of confiderable value. His remains were depofited on the 11th, in a vault in St. Andrew's burial-ground." 6. In Queen-fquare, Bath, James Lloyd, efq. of Mabus, co. Cardigan. This valuable man attained the age of 79: during which period, he lived a bleffing to his country, the friend of the poor, the peace. maker and conciliator of every difference in the neighbourhood.

At Peterborough, after a very long illnefs, the Rev. Wm. Drury Skeeles, chaplain to Ld. Strathmore, vicar of Garthorpe, co. Leicester, 1787, rector of Polebrook, co. Northampton, 1790, a minor canon of Peterborough cathedral, and late fellow and tutor of Pembroke-hall, where he proceeded B. A. 1778, M. A. 1781. At Polebrook, which is in the gift of the Bi-shop of Peterborough, he fucceeded the Rev. Samuel Harper, of the British Mufeum, who exchanged it for a living in Lincolnshire.

Rev. R. Afsheton, D. D. warden of the collegiate church in Manchester, and rector of Middleton, in the gift of the late Sir Ralph A. bart. 1757. He was of Brazenofe coll. Oxf.; M.A. 1751, B. and D.D. 1782.

7. Suddenly, Mrs. Hubbard, wife of Mr. H. carpenter, of Uffington, near Stafford.

At his house in York-ftreet, Portlandplace, af er an illness of 30 hours, though fonie months declining, the lady of Peter Calvert, efq. one of the daughters of the late Thomas Reeve, M. D.

8. At Christchurch, Hants, whither she had gone for the recovery of her health, which had been much affected by a complaint in her lungs, Louifa Lady Bagot, only daughter of John Viscount St. John, and filter to Frederick the prefent Vilcount Bolingbroke and St. John; married to William Lord Bagot Aug. 20, 1760, by whom she had 6 fons and 3 daughters.

Rev. Mr. Swayne, rector of Milton Lilborne, near Marlborough, Wilts.

9. Aged 75, after a very long and fevere illness, the Rev. Henry Good, D. D. one of the minifters of Wimborne-Minfter, and rector of Shroton and Cann, Dorfet. He was of Emanuel coll ge, Cambridge; B.A. 1746, M.A. 17.4, S.T.P. 1773.

io. At his houfe in Lanfdown crefcent, Bath, in his 86th year, T. Coward, efq. late of Spargrove, co. Somerset, upwards of 60 years in the commiffion of the peace. 11. At Allinton, near Grantham, Mr. Robert Lynn, grazier, late of Newark.

12. At Leicester, Mrs. Brookes.

13. At her houfe in Pimlico, Mrs. Sampey, relict of John S. efq. of King-itreet, St. James's.

14. In his 79th year, John Cranke, efq. of Petersham, Sarrey.

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17. At Sunbury, Thomas Fornell, efq. At his mother's houfe at Enfield, in his 33d year, the Rev. Frederick Maurer, of Trinity college, Cambridge, B. A. 1790, only child of Frederick M. efq. who died 1772, and was a manufacturer of Norwich Atuffs, in partnership with Mr. Thomas Dix, of Windfor-ftr. Bishopfgate Without, who died this year. May his premature end be a warning to those of all ranks, but efpecially the clergy, who destroy a good con ftitution by too free indulgence of the bottle! and to the prelates of our church, to enquire more strictly into the lives of their clergy in the prefent crifis, when the very existence both of the Establishment and Chriftianity depend on their characters!

18. Aged 25, Wm. Scott, efq. of Mar. ket Overton, Rutland, a lieutenant in the Rutland volunteers.

After being delivered of a daughter, Mrs. Noble, wife of William N. etq. of Curzon-ftreet, May-fair.

19. Mr. Hanbury Potter, one of the poor knights of Windfor.

Tho. Cable Davis, efq. of Fif! -Ar.-hill. 20. Wm. Lawfon, efq. of Gray's-inn. At his house in Dyer's-buildings, Hol. born, Mr. Thomas Whit:le, first clerk of the aldermen's justice-room at Guildhall.

Mr. W. Bouchier, of Sandford, Devon, While fuperintending his patent bark-mill, he approached rather too near the machinery, and becoming entangled in it, his bead was crushed in fo horrible a manner as to occafion his immediate death.

21. At 2 o'clock, at his houfe in Upper Harley-ftreet, in confequence of a dreadful accident he met with on the preceding Wednesday night, about 11 o'clock, Wm. Bofanquet, efq. He was making fome alerations in his houfe, and, amongst others, had removed the balcony from his back drawing-room window: unfortunately forgetting this circumftance, he walked out, and immediately fell into the area, and, in his fall, broke the vertebræ of his back, and was otherwife molt feverely bruifed and injured. He was fenfible of his inevitable diffolution, and bore his fufferings with a fortitude of mind aimoft unparalleled, dictating, in the exieraity of torture, fome additions to his will. He has left a most amiable lady (to whofe virtue, benevolence, affection, and sympathy, no words can do justice) and ten children to lament his irreparable lofs. Mr. B. was of a family long known and highly refpe&ed, the fon of the Bank director, and brother of Jacob B. efq. of Broxburn, late chairman

of the Eaft India Company; and himself was partner in the banking-houfe of Fofter and Lubbock. His difconfolate widow (who at the time was abfent at Norwich, to confole an affectionate mother on the death of her fifter) was Charlotte-Eliza, one of the co-heireffes of John Ives, elq. af Norwich, to whom he was married Des. 6, 1787. In the hiftory of the viciffitudes of human life, a more melancholy inftance of the fleeting nature of felicity cannot be adduced than in this; a family, who a few days fince prefented the picture of temporal happiness, in one inftant plunged into the abyss of wretchedness!


22. At Queen's Elms, Chelfea, after a fevere and lingering illness, Tho. Crichton, efq. brother of Dr. C. of Clifford street,

23. At Enfield, in his 73d year, Mr. John Clayton, fecond fon of the late Mr. Č. of Bush-hill, Edmonton. He ferved his time to Mr. Samuel Sharpe, the celebrated furgeon; but, not fucceeding to his business, quitted the profeffion, and took to painting; exhibited feveral fpecimens of his art in the earlier exhibitions; and loft fome capital pictures at the fire in the Piazza, Covent-garden, March 12, 1769. Since

which he married and lived retired, in a house of his brother's, at Enfield, purfaing gardening and mufick; and has left two fons and a daughter.

24 Suddenly, David James, efq. of Serjeant's inn, Fleet-treet, attorney.

At his houfe at Wanftead, Effex, at an a advanced age, George Farquhar Kinloch, efq. a respectable Scotch merchant. His death was occafioned by the fhameful driving of two rival ftage-coaches of the neighbourhood on the Lee-bridge road about a week before, whereby his horfe, otherwife very steady, was fo frighted that he threw his rider over his head, and he was taken up infenfible.




1. The Belles' Stratagem-Lodoiska. 2. A Bold Stroke for a Wite-Ditto. 3. Rule a W fe and Have a Wife-Ditto. 4. Pizarro-The Deaf Lover. 6. Love makes a Man-Lodoiska, 7. Pizarro-The Lying Valet. 8. The Secret-Lodonka. 9. The Rivals-Ditto.

10. Pizarro-The Shipwreck. 11. The Stranger-The Folhes of a Day. 13. Hamlet-Loduifka. 14 Fzarro-The Liar. 15. The Will-Lodoifka. 16. The Caftle Spectre-Ditto. 17. Pizarro-The Humourist. 18. A Trip to Scarborough-Lodciska. 20. Pizarro-The Apprentice. [My felf. 21. The Stranger-The Ring; or, Love me jor 22. A Bold Stroke for a Wife-The Pre 23. The Wheel of Fortune-Lodorska. 24. Pizarro-The Shipwreck.

25. Adelaide The First Floor.

27. Ditto-Lodoifka.

28. Pizarro-No Song no Supper. 29. Adelaide-Lodoifka.

31. Pizarro-The Follies of a Day. [rotu. Feb. 1. The Castle Spectre Of Age To-mor3. The Stranger-Ditto. 4. Pizarro-Ditto.

5. The Clandeftine Marriage-Ditto. 6. Rule a Wife, &c.—Lodoiska. 7. Pizarro-The Lying Valet.. 8. The Will-The Apprentice. 10. Ifabella-The Children in the Wood. 11, Pizarro-My Grandmother. 12. School for Scandal-Virgin Unmask'd. 13. The Secret-Of Age To-morrow. 14. Pizarro-Ditto. 15. Rivals-Ditto. 17. The Caftle Speare-Ditto. 18. Pizarro-Di to.

19. A Trip to Scarborough-Ditto.
20. The Clandenftine Marriage-Ditto.
21. Pizarro-Ditto.

22. The Caftle Spectrs-Ditto.
24. As You Like It-Ditto.

25. Pizarro-Ditto.

27. Ditto-Ditto.

March 1. Ditto-Ditto. 3. Ditto-Ditto. 4. The Stranger-Ditro.

6. The Rivals-Blue Beard. [morrow. 8. Blue Beard-Lying Valet-Of Age To 10. The Country Girl-Blue Beard. 11. Fgyptian Felival-The Liar. 13. Ditto The Wedding Day. 15. Ditto The Virgin Unmaik'd. 17. Ditto-Citizen. 18. Ditto-Apprent. 20. Ditto-The Wedding Day.

22. Love for Love-Of Age To-morrow. 24. Egyptian Festival-The Devil to pay. 25. The Gamefter--Of Age To-morrow. 27. The Egyptian Festival-The Pannel. 29. Pizarro-Of Age To-morrow. 31. The Egyptian Festival.-The Prize, April 1. The Stranger-The Sultan. 3. Love for Love-The First Floor. 5. Pizarro The Liar.

14. The London Merchant-Lodeiska. 15. A Bold Stroke for a Wife-Ditto. 16. As You Like It.-Of Age To-morrow. 17. Jane Shore-Lodoifka.

18. A Trip to Scarborough-Ditto, 19. Pizarro-Of Age To-morrow.

21. The Merchant of Venice-Deferter. 22. Pizarro-The Apprentice. 23. The Will-Of Age To-morrow. 24. Pizarro-The Wedding-Day. 25. Caftle Spectre--No Song No Supper. 26. Pizarro-The Virgin Unmask'd. 28. She Wou'd and She Wou'd Not-The Children; or, Give them their Way29. De Montfort-Purse. [Silv. Daggerw. 30. Ditto-The Devil to Pay. May 1 Wheel of Fortune-Who's the Dupe? 2. De Montfort-The Citizen. 3 Ditro-Of Age To-morrow.

5. Dito-Ditto. 6 Dato-Wedding Day. 7. Ditto-Of Age To-morrow. [mother. 8. A Bold Stroke for a Wife-My GrandDe Montfort-Of Age Tomorrow. 19. Indifcretion-The Liar.


12. The Inconftant-The Pannel. 13. Indifcretion-Lodoiska. 14. The Haunted Tower Ballet of Telafco and Amgahi; or, The Peruvian Nuptials-Anacreontic Ballet of Atalante and Hippomenus; or, The [Humourist,


15. She Wou'd and She Wou'd Not-The 16. The School for Scandal-Lodoika. 17. Pizarro-The Apprentice.

19. Merchant of Venice-Devil to Fay. 20. Pizarro-Of Age To-morrow. 21. She Stoops to Conquer-The Deferter. 22. Indifcretion-Lodoifka.

23. The Haunted Tower-The Sultan. 24. Indifcretion-The Follies of a Day. 25. Caftle Spectre Of Age Tomorrow. 27. The School for Scandal-No Song No 28. Indifcretion-Lodoifka. [Supper. 29. Egyptian Festival-Strangers at Home.. 30. The Country Girl-Silvester Daggerwood-The Shipwreck.

June 2. Caftle Spectre Of Age To morr. 3. She Wou'd and She Wou'd NotRobin Hood.

4. The Country Girl-The Shipwreck. 5. The Clandestine Marriage-Prize. 6. Siege of Belgrade Of Age To-mor7. The Inconftant-Rofina. [row.

9. Indifcretion-Of Age To-morrow. 10. School for Scandal-Silvester Daggerw. 11. Mountaineers-Citizen. [Shipwreck. 12. Child of Nature-High Life.-Rofina. 13. Trip to Scarborough-Of Age To-mor. 14. The Haunted Tower-The Citizen. 16. The Belles Stratagem-Shipwreck. 17. Love for Love-The Follies of a Day. 18. The Child of Nature-Othello. COVENT-GARDEN.


1. Management-The Volcano.
2. The Wife Man of the Ealt-Ditto.
3. The Road to Ruin-Duto.

4. The Birth-Day-The Horfe and the Wi-
6. Inkle and Yarico-Ditto. [dow-Ditto,
7. The Beaux Stratagem-Ditto.
8. The Sulpicious Hutband-Ditto.
9. The Birth Day-Ditto.

10. Every One has his Fault-Ditto. 11. Abroad and at Home-Dato. 13. A Cure for the Heart-Ache-Ditto. 14. Birth-Day-Horfe and Widow-Ditto. 15. The Wife Man of the Ealt-Ditto. 16. Joanna-The Intriguing Chambermaid. 17. Ditto.-The Spoil'd Child. 18. Ditto.

The Prifoner at Large. 20. Ditto.-Volcano. 21. Ditto-Ditto. 22. Birth-Day-Horfe and Widow-Ditto. 23. Joanna-The Vulcano. 24. Ditto—Ditto. 27. Ditto-Ditto. 29. The Weft Indian-Peeping Tom. 31. Joanna-The Volcano. Feb. 1. Ditto-Ditto.

25. Ditto-Ditto. 28. Ditto-Ditto.

3. The Mysteries of the Castle-Guardian. 4. Ramah Droog-Barnaby Brittle.

5. Joanna-The Turnpike Gate. 6. Birth-Day-The Ghott-Spoil'd Child. 7. Joanna-Poor Soldier. 8. Speed


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8. Speed the Plough-Rofina. 10. Ditto Raymond and Agnes. 11. Ditto-The Turnpike Gate. 12. Ditto-Raymond and Agnes. 13. Ditto-Ditto.

14. Ditto-The Jew and the Doctor. 15. Ditto A Divertisment.

17. Ditto-Raymond and Agnes.
18. Ditto-The Spoil'd Child.

19. Ditto-True Friends. 20. Ditto-Ditto.
21. Ditto-Ditto.
22. Ditto-Ditto.
24. Ditto-Raymond and Agnes.
25. Ditto-True Friends.

27. Ditto-Blunders at Brighton.

28. First Grand Selection of Sacred Mufic.
March 1. Speed the Plough-Netley Abbey.
3. Ditto-Raymond and Agnes.
4. Ditto-Ofcar and Malvina.

5. SecondGrand Selection of Sacred Mufic.
6. Speed the Plough-Ofcar and Malvina.
7. The Meffi h.

8. Speed the Plough-Ofcar and Malvina.
10. Ramah Droog-Jew and the Doctor.
11. Speed the Plough-Ofcar and Malvina.
13. Ramah Droog-Hartford Bridge.
14. Alexander's Feaft-Mifcellaneous Act.
15. Speed the Plough-Ofcar and Malvina.
17. The Birth-Day-The Devil to Pay-
Raymond and Agnes.

18. Speed the Plough-The Turnpike Gate.
19. Third Grand Selection of Sacred Mufic.
20. Speed the Plough-Raymond and Agnes.
21. Acis and Galaten-Miscellaneous Acts.
22. Speed the Plough-Cemus.
24. Ditto-Raymond and Agnes.
25. Dito-St David's Day; or, the Honeft
26. The Meffiah.
27. The Belles' Stratagem-Two Strings to
28. The Creation.
[your Bow.

29. Speed the Plough-St. David's Day.
31. Management-Ditto.

April 1. Speed the Plough-Ditto.

2. The Creation.

3. Speed the Plough-St. David's Day. 4. The Creation.

5. How to Grow Rich-The Hermione; or,
Valour's Triumpbant A Peep be-
hind the Curtain. [The Hermione.
14. Speed the Plough-St. David's Day--
15. The Woodman-The Rendezvous; or,
Tars Regaling-Jew and Doctor.
16. Speed the Plough-St. David's Day.
17. The Votary of Wealth-Tom Thumb.
18. Speed the Plough-St. David's Day.
19. Lovers' Vows-Saturday Night at Sea
Lock and Key.

27. Speed the Plough-St. David's Day.
22. Goodnatured Man-Camp-Hermione.
23. Inkle and Yarico-The Child of Na-
ture-The Soldier's Feftival.

24. Secrets Worth Knowing-LockandKey.
25. Speed the Plough-Ofcar and Malvina.
26. The Heir at Law-The Social Songsters
-The Castle of Sorrento.

28. Speed the Plough-Raymondand Agnes.
29. Douglas-Lovers' Quarrels.
30. The Rage-The Critic.

May 1. The Mifer-Paul and Virginia-
Raymond and Agnes.

2. The Deferted Daughter-The Social
Song fters-Netley Abbey.

3. Speed the Plough-Paul and Virginia.
5. The Good-natured Man-Ditto.
6. The Heir at Law-The Anacreonticks
Revived-The Caftle of Sorrento.
7. The Woodman --The Siege of Acre-
The Jew and the Doctor.

8. Good-natured Man-Paul and Virginia.
9. Speed the Plough-Dito.
10. School for Wives-The Honest Thieves
-The Soldiers Festival.

12. Liberal Opinions-Paul and Virginia—
The Horfe and the Widow.
13. Cymbeline-Ch. of Nat.-Soldier's Feft.
14. Liberal Opinions-Paul and Virginia—
The Horfe and the Widow.

15. The Birth Day-The Follies of a Day—
St. David's Day.

16. Liberal Opinions-Paul and Virginia-
The Horfe and the Widow.
17. Speculation-Marian-Soldier's Feftiv.
19. Speed the Plough-Paul and Virginia.
20. The Rivals-Hartford Bridge.
21. St. David's Day-Liberal Opinions→
Paul and Virginia.

22. Abroad and at Home-Turnpike Gate.
23. The Child of Nature-The Dramatist-
The Mouth of the Nile.
24. Ramah Droog-Ghoft-Poor Soldier.
26. Speed the Plough-Paul and Virginia.
27. Wild Oats-The Deserter of Naples.
28. Wives as they were, and Maids as they
are-St David's Day-Hermione.
29. Chap.ofAccidents-Spoil'd Child-D".
30. Laugh when you can-Love in a Camp.
June 2. Fashionable Levities-A Whitfun
Feftival-Five Thousand a Year.
3. Every One has his Fault-The Farmer.
4. School for Wives-Maid of the Mill.
5. Lovers' Vows-Ofear and Malvina.
6. The Bath-Day-The Deferter of Na-
ples-St. David's Day.

7. The Bufy Body-The Iuth Mimick.
9. Speed the Plough-Paul and Virginia.
10. The Beggar's Opera.-The Guardian.
11. The Road to Ruin-Turnpike Gate.
12. The Lie of the Day-Tla ee Weeks after
Marriage-Paul and Virginia.
13. Dueuna-Sultan-Auimated Statue.
16. Britannia, an Oratorio.

BILL of MORTALITY, from May 27, to June 24, 1800.

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AVERAGE PRICES of CURN, from the Returns ending June 21, 1860.


MARITIME COUNTIES. Wheat Rye Barley) Oats (Beans

d. s. as.

Middlef. 136

100 051

845 11 66



s. d. s. d. 5. 134 063c60

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244 10158

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Surrey 138 800 060

0:49 100



120 300 051

0143 6162

Hertford 126 8100


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Bedford 126



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Hunting. 124 6150

Northam.107 277 054 6 42



[merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

500 이 151


38 036

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7140 9152

Rutland 90 Leicester 117 063 1149 Notting. 127 1186 1062

067 6,47

680 0:0

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9101 7 877

Derby 126 000 164 Stafford 133 400 067

O 056


2105 0 293

Salop 136 094 7196


[blocks in formation]


Hereford 122 Worcest. 132 1100

52 975

066 457 985 000 073 057 389 50 688 9-8

Warwick 136
Writs 147 800 €65

Berks 131 6c0 048 647
Oxford 131 102 0151

0145 700

052 8180

[ocr errors]

Bucks 130
Montgo. 128
Brecon 124 900 080
Radnor 123 9100 0177 542 1100

046 671 6 103 892 948 000 0

042 100 0

Average of England and Wales, per quarter. 121 6.86 765 8148 776 3

Average of Scotland, per quarter.

94 2174 1160 1151 7187 10

[blocks in formation]

Cumberl.115 790 1084 765 800
Weftmo. 146
Lancaft. 125

085 062 800 000 079 462 5188

Chefter 119 400 Flint 119 1

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Denbigh 135 6.00

0177 802 1000

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Anglefea oo O'CO 0120

Carnarv.120 000 078 0/36

Merion. 131 2102 390 1164 od Cardigan 116 5000 076 0100 000

Pembroke 121 200


858 0100

[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small][ocr errors]

Carmart. 31
Glamorg.146 600
Glouceft. 116 900
Somerfet 140 600
Monm. 155 3100
Devon 134 3/CO
Cornwall123 1000 059 833
130 500 066 050
Hants 138 000 052 0145 2168.

064 1040

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AVERAGE PRICES, by which Exportation and Bounty are to be regulated.

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Average Price of SUGAR, computed from the returns made in the week ending June 18, per cwt.inclusive of the duty of Customs paid or payable thereon

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COALS. Beft in the Pool os. od. to os. od. Sunderland, oos od. to oos, od, SOAP. Yellow, 76s.-Mottled, 845.—Curd, 88s.

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os. to 141. 35.

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os. to ral. 725.

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