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with Christ. After I speak of their vant was to speak to them. Greag guilt, their danger, I tell them the many come, though I could say happiness which it is to be with some don't like it much; but the Christ, both in Heaven and most come. earth.' I express myself so strong N. When the Lord first began as possible ; but no, heart of stone, to bless your lubours, was there any that I must see, that man cont'l not considerable number brought under convert man;

God must do that. the influence of the Spirit ? or only When I was low spirit, could not one or two? speak with power; when I thought K. No, Sis; I can say a number. God could not bless that mean, There was one old man that we then he bless it.

speak of before, first; but numbers N. What were some of the yisi

soon after.

There were many CON ble effects, Sir, produced upon vinced; but there were many pull their lives and conduct? What off their hair, and cry, "O Tp6 alteration ?

rish! What is that? I live so K. What alteration : 0) Sir, that many years as the beast, and perish is great! should it not be great

for ever!" 'I can't say whether when you see what they was be. they were all true Christians, they was scarcely

that I leaye to God; but many be N. Please to state the difference, lieve Jesus Christ. Many, not only Sir.

speak much, but alteration in be. K. I will try if I can : - Before haviour. they was nakeil. now dressed al- N. What were some of the leadmost as that people froinning to the ing things which set their hearts at Hottentots); before dirty, vile, rest, when brought under the innow washed; before they know not fluence of the Gospel, Sir ? what was book,

now many could K. That I don't understand. read Bibles; before they lived in N. What truths did you use huts, some in fields,

when they were in distress? houses; before they eat like ani. K. I think, Sir, that text“ Christ mals (beasts) - now like man, like Jesus came into the world to save Christians; before they know not sinners." That first old man was what love for one another, - know the forcat "ho received comfort. now what love is ; before, love There was some Boscbemans, before quarrelling, - now live in peace, who, I believe, the Lord work upon

could say many things. You their heart; but not to me clear. know when power of Christ come That first was old man, who s rote on soul, then what alteration! letter to the Missionary Society, wish I could say more; but I tell about three years ago." He lived you as I can: before they would near the farms. He have great de. not work, but now Hottentot sire to hear the word; because Hot. work two hours a day; and we tentot tell him, that they happy to must be yery thankful for 'that, hear ot Christi but the farmers tell though I hope next year they work him he must not go there, he would three hours; and sp after, four be killed. He was so anxious, he hours.

came ; and in few day, he begin N. Did they attend your minis- to cry to God. I see him go to the trations regularly!

field, fall down, and cry:

A nian K. Yes, Sir; they do most come tell me he go to the field. every morning, soon as sun come Let him go : I am glad. I hope he up. They reckon from sun, know will soon come, and tell to me wiat not hours. Then sing hynin, read is the maiter.

After he comie, cry a chapter, pray together; then to me, I say,

" What make yon chiļdien to school. Then every day, cry?" O Sir,' he say, 'should I meeting,--twice a week catechism; not cry! What a guilty sinner I - and Sabbath - day preach three have been in eyes of God! Whas times, - morning they come nine a sinner! Live so many year in o'clock. Before Hottentot come adultery with four wives, Now I from their own home, they pray see the gospel clear as day!'God bless the means that his ser? When preach Chrisi,'' I tell

I say,

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him," he must go to Jesus, he about one year with me, that come into the world to save sin. stay there : - they love him very ner.” But I say, I never see such much. He once was farmer ; but ekümple as that man! He not long sell all his goods, and come prcach to live, - only five monilis. After Christ. He is there. When I go he hear the gospel, when he would away, they cry so ; they hold my come on business,' he would not hand, they would not let inego speak of that.

When I begin to away. They say, they should die speak of business, he say, “ O Sir! if I not came back so soon as posI have speak too much of the sible; - they would pray God I world, let me now speak of come back soon. Now they say, Christ. All the corns of sand in it was for their guilt that I go, the world, not so many as my sins! away; and because hey love not O for Christ! that Christ would enough minister of gospel, God take away, my sins !” Now, Sir, would take hiin away : that God that man came to me ofteii, to would let them now see what 'tis speak of love of Christ: that'man to have no gospel. They suppose speak to me in manner he never God take me away one year to hear of me, -in manner he hear of learn them to use gospel better. A no man. God must teach him that. gentleman, from the Cape, one day He make me ashamed before him, tell, they dare not now speak iny

- he know so much of experience ; name to ihem, nor tell of me, then he talk to me of what I never did they fall down and cry, they are so know :-God must teach him that! affected. He cane to me one day, and say, N. Mr. Kicherer does intend to He must put away his two wives : return; and it is vir duty to thank he once hud four.'" Why?” I say. God for his success, and pray that • Because,' he say, 'when I go to he would still go on tv countenance God in prayer, my heart tell me his labours.

We are much inris bad ; and Christ more near to debted to you, Sir, for the satisfacme than 10,000 wives. I will'sup- tory account you have given us of port them, “I will give then what your labours, and of your success.

I will work for thein, - K. I wish I could speak more. and I will stay till God change (heir What I speak is only little what heart; then I will marry thie God has done. forst whose heas: Le changed.'- N. I ain now, Sir, to put a very When he died, I came to his bed : few questions to these three good he say, He would be carried in his people now present; and as they do bed to hear dear word of God. not understand our language, ! When I ask him how be was, must put them to you. "I low spirited,” he said; “I lave be so good as to give me their annoihing ; --Igive all to Christ,

swers, and I will give them to the soul and body; but now I little people; and the first question ! afraid. Iliko to know if Lord Jesus would beg leave to put, Sir, is has taken away inv sin; and it he this : Do they hope to inherit will ruke me. But next day he eternal blessedness in Heaven? “ O Sir! now I see Lord

(Put to Marsha) Jesus love me with everlasting K. She say, Yes, Sir;' so sure as love; and now, through his blood she stand there in the pulpit, she und righteousness, I go withi hint hope that. She say, therefore, she to crernal life; and there I wait for trust upon it Christ has died for you." So he go sing into Heaven. hier; and that she know it, because

N. Did le oppose at first, Sir? Spirit of Christ is now working in

K. No, Sir; he did not seem to her heart : and she say that Christ oprose; out he kliew nothing of is her only foundation. Slie say, as flower.

she find by experience, how happy N. How did they feel when you to live near Christ, – so happy to lett themi, Sır?

have Christ for her portion

She K. Sir, not very comfortabile; say, that she know that Christ, not but it was expecied that I stay

only her portion now, but she trust I only one year. There is a man,

upon him that he will never let än exzerineutaf man, avho had been lier go: he has put his liard upor

I get,

You will

fold 110,

you, Siri

poor soul, and no Satan, no, no, no- countrymen not converted; but not thing shall put his hand away! She that degree people of God. give herself to Christ, le her N. Now, Sir, I would just ask, guide to 'eternity!

How they express their concern for N. Please to ask her, Sir, How their fellow - ginners and what she felt when first brought under means they employ, in their way, the intence of the gospel? What to bring their relations and others state her inind was in when the to the knowledge of Christ? truth first began to take effect? 6. What, Sir? What they shall

K. Slie say, Sir, when she first teil their relations? O, I understand hear the gospel, she don't like it. She say, not mind, never mind.

(7) What has the gentleman to do with

K. He say, he shall te them that me. He Cluistian, I Hottentot ;

he had heard here that same way that he nothing to do with me, But I preach there : chat lie heard here she say, I go to her, - I talk to from people of God, that I spek her. She hear afterward something the same with them. Shall tell from one John Cock (another Miso thein, so happy that we have Christ sionary). She go away ;

then that how they may go to him to be she come again. I told to her, You saved; and chiefly, that he hear must try.

But say she, “ Christ here that same that Ipreach there. in Heaven, I upon earth, how tould ! N. Please to ask, Sir, How tliey he work upon my heart?” I tell expect to be supported in the trying her, Go pray to Christ : - ask of hour of death? hini, Whether the truths I preach K. He say, Sir, that is different ; be his truths, or not? Then she sometime he have desire to be dead, go try. She fall down in the field;

- death could do him nothing, but she cry, " () God! what your ser

to bring him eternal lifc : but, Vant say to ine I don't believe it. sometime, when he look upon him. Otell me if it be your truth!” selt, see what great sinner, then lie

N. Does she now take pleasure say not so confortable when think In secret prayer, and in reading the of death. He think many time, word of God?

should I well be in Christ, know (Mary)

that saved, then death shall gó K. O, she says, Sir! O yes, so.

good with me. Do you understand happy! never so happy as when me, Sır ? When he near Christ, siio could say all to God, what she

he desirous of death; death shall never could say to man. To God not be death for him,

- but just she could pour out all her heart ; door to go in Heaven. but not so in England as in Africa. [Martha spoke for a consider alle time.] Here not place enough for her; in K. I wish I could say all she tell 'Africa, she go in the field. Here, to me, but it impossible. She say, and in Holland, she say, "O I can't

she trust there shall be many here tind place to be with God! I don't who have pity for themselves, and like that man should hear what I for others, – compassion for own would say to God alone."

soul and soul of others; but wish it K. All her comfort was, she was all, but perhaps it was not all; might go to Christ, tell hin all perhaps some here now not have her wants. She had no other com- compassion on own soul. O, that fort than that.

they would take counsel of poor N. I would beg leave to ask, How Hottentot, she say! but Lord Jethey feel towards the people of sus show them compassion. See God, and towards their unconverted from such people as poor Hottencountrymen?

tot, - see if such people, when K. She say, that she love people they go to Jesus Christ, be saved, of God very much : she love all he will save them too, when they man, but chiefly people of God; come like poor sinner : if they know because we have one Redeemer, nou how to come like 'poor sinner, one head, and saved through one Christ wili learn theinį if they ask bloods that she find great union him, and not wait till 10-noirow,

wirb Dole od

She Love

Welbon ere, but it is


time some hear dear gospel. Tell “ He not only will be her Godt to them, that no people go to Christ, but God of her seed;" and she but Chriit save them when they trust upon it, that not only she like to be saved: that Christ never shall be in Heaven, but all her say, "I won't suive them.". This children! is part of üht she say, but not so N. lle are much indebted to good.

youi, Sir, for your goodness; and to (Mary)

these good people: we are just going K. She say, Sir, what a pity 'tis to beg a last favour. Christ has siicd luis blood, it never

(Mary) theless sinner's won't come to him! K. She come again upoñi thar All that come to him shaillud fui. suine, Sir. She say, that God bring ness in him when they come; they Hottentot from far land, here to the shail sue enough in luis bluod to save people. Wherefore that? To shew them. But she say, that dear gas. people that he save sinner, great pel will testity against them in last sinner, vile, nasty; sinner, — whom day; - that same gospel, that same mo man like, - whom no mankind word which have all necdful for can bear." Wherefore that? Thai sinner: therefore, it we go to Hell, we should see that we must go to "uis our own fault, but not fanit of Christ; that the Lord save such God. He has given cospel to save Sinners, and to call people off frun sinner and help all man. And she world. Again,, we must die; we hope, people here who have chil. see world can do nothing for poor dren, she feel what is parent; she soul when we die; therefore, the liope they would bring children to Lord bring poor Hottentot from feet of Christ, then God give us far land, to shew that he will savo our children, hope we bring up our sinner, and to shew that the world, children, not for world but for with all in it, could not help, in Christ,

go for ourselves only that hour, must liave Christ, to Christ, but for our children, for then we shall be saved. -- Sir, she their children, that we and our say, that liom consequence, she children be saved. She say, she pray those people, that not only feel it on lièr licart; o, what it is, pray for themselves, but be co shie go to Heaven and her children kind pray for poor Hottentot with go to Hell.

She say, man say “I Missionary Society; that we see, don't know Christ die for me :" we Lord hear our prayers! and that we have nothing to do with that; we be so kind pray for them, because must go to Christ, and we sliali fuid so many know not Lord Jesus that he will save.

Christ. K. The last question which I N. She begs that we would not would beg leave to put, Sir, is only pray, but use all the means in this, What are the leading things our power to bring the Heathen tờ about Heaven which make it desira. the knowledge of the truth. ble to them?

K. She say, we could trust upon (Mariha.)

it, the Lord shall bless it, Pris K. She say, that make it desirable his work! we could depend upon to her : first, She have no more sin, it, God shall bless it, because it is

all her sin go away ; -- they all his work! [Mr. Kicherer smiled go away from her : she don't like and checked her, as the time was calle sin, Secondly, she be near her gone.] She say, Sir, this the last dear Saviour; and then she glorify that she will say, she hope and him in perfect manner! - That is trust upon it, we may meet one another answer ; but upon same another in Heaven, so as we meet question, she say, she trust upon it, now; and say, 'twas for good to be she shall be in Heaven with her here in our meeting, here use means dear children; because the Lord to save poor Hottentot; and Lord give her to pray so much for them; bless what a poor Hottentot way! and when he give to pray for thing, N. Will they please to sing a then she trust upon it he will give

hymn, Sir it. 'She pray upon blood and righ.. teousness of Jesus Christ; he said,

They then sang the 130th Psalm


Sept. 25 was re-opened, a place laid before, them, peculiarly ina of worship at Wirksworth, for- teresting to the religious public : wherly occupied as a Presbyterian " Whether defensive war be Meeting; but for some time to- strictiy consistent with Christiatally disused, and the interest com- nity?" which was unanimously pletely expired. Dr. Williams, of decided in the affirmative Rotherham, and Mr. Alliot, of It was further resolved, That Nottingham, preached on the oc- with every sentiment of loyalty and casion, to a full congregation, con- patriotisin felt by the Ministers presisting of near 400 persons. Wirks- sent, that it is incumbent on them worth is a considerable market. to recommend to their respective town, about fourteen miles from congregations, cautiously to avoid Derby; containing about 3000 in. the profanation of the Sabbath, habitants, who, till lately, had no while learning the use of arms for place of worship but the parish. the defence of their country, by church. The above place has been availing themselves of an act of refitted, under the direction of trus. parliament recently made for that tees, who rely on the assistance of purpose. (signed) the religious public to support them; R, SLOPER, Devizes, Chairman, several neighbouring ininisters have RECENT DEATH. ing promised their aid, and there being a great propect of success.

On Wednesday inorning carly,

Dec. 7, died suddenly, at his house Nov. 24.

Ata numerous Meet. in Hoxton Square, the Rev. John ing of Protestant Dissenting Minis, Reynolds, for many years Minister ters, held this day, at Shepton of the Independent Meeting in Ca. Mallett, an important question was momile Street, London, aged 64.

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A Hymu,

[Translated from the Dutch.] Hexe we've no continuing city, Where we may remain and dwell;

But, like Pilgrims, on we journey, Through this dark and gloomy vale :

Jesus, my Almighty Saviour,
Turn my eyes and heart away

From the world's enchanting follies,
From the trities of a day.

Oh! reclaim any wand'ring spirit;
Let me ponder, pause, and ibink,

And renounce all carnal pleasures
Ere into the grave I sink! NIL

LINES on the Death of the Rev. 7. Radford,

Till to Heav'n, our habitation, We are brought to dwell above,

Where Christ leads and feeds his people,
Those who cleave to him in love!

If thou art indeed a Pilgrim,
Why should Earth thy soul embrace?

This becometh uot a Christian,
One who runs a heav'nly race.

Then consume thy cime no longer, Precious Time! in worldly care ;

But, all Vanities forsaking, For ciernity prepare !

BY THE REV. J. A. KNIGHT. SWEET is the hour that brings the Pil

griin rest, And calls the lab'rer to his peaceful

home! So, to the gukat Asseinbly of the blest, God's faithful servants joyfully shall

come! Affection bids this frail memorial rise;

Not to extiel the man, but sov'reiga grcc. Tu chose who reiga with Christ abureihe, Alike's the voice of censure and of praise, Soon will the Saviour wake this skering

dust, By sin consign'dio greedy death a preyi Then shall the rising bodies of the just,

With ceaseless rapture hail the glorious

Seek to God, as reconciled Thro' bis Son, our Saviour dear,

That thy soul may be deliver'd From the world's descructive snare.

Oh ! consider, death awaits thee, Death which spares not rich nor poor !

And whene'er he gives the sumr..ons,

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