Imatges de pÓgina


WITH ALL THE MARRIAGES AND DEATHS, Arranged geographically, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to Soutb. [*** Autbentic Communications for this Department are always very thankfully received.)


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NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. Brown, of the Packhorse. Mrs. Bell, widov, The Schoolmasters Ailociation in the Nor- aged 96. thern counties, lately held their annual meet At weetllade, aged 56, Wm. Alder, etc. ing at Newcaitie; when the members prefent had the fatisiaction to find, on an examigiation of the accounts, that their funds were Married.) At Heversham, Wm. Malling, in a fourithing state. Several respectable esq. of Sunderland, to Miss Haygarth, of names were added to the affociation, anda con- Kidioe. fi-rable audition was also made to the lift At Carlisle, Ms. James, surgeon, to Miss of choie public-spirited noblenien and gentle. Byers. Mr. Fra. Stoddart, manufacturer, to men, who alist in carrying into effect the be- Miss Eleanor Beaumont, daughter of Mr. J. nevolent purposes of this inftitution, by their Beaumont, spirit merchant. annuai lubfcriptions.-The Rev. John Farret, Mr. Tho. Holt, to Miss Elizabeth Hand. vicar of Stanwix near Curlife, was re-elected fome. Prefivent; and the Rev. Edward Prowitt, Mr. AtWorkington, Captain Henry Thompson, Hugh Johnson, and Mr. Ralph Dees, were to Miss Hodgion. Captain Henry Hastings, respectively elected to fill the offices of vice- of the Favourite, to Miss Smith. preident, treasurer, and secretary.

At Dean, Captain John Bell, of the Hope Married.) At Newcattle, Mr. Wm. Em- of Workington, to Miss Lancaster, of Dearbleton, merchant, at Berwick, to Mits Braid. (cales, wood. Mr. Jof. Carr, to Mrs. Scaife.

Ai Kendal, the Rev. Wm. Lushington, The Rev. Wm. Addison, rector of Mid. fellow of Jesus' College, Cambridge, :o Miss dlesex, St. George's, to Miss Fountain, of Wilson, daughter of Jas. Wilson, efq. one of Leeds.

his majesty's justices for the County of WeitAt Corbridge, Mr. Wm. Thompson, of morland. Dyke houle, near Hartlepool, to Mifs lía Died ] At Carlisle, aged 70, Mrs. Grabella Snowball, of Dilfton, near Corbridge. ham, widow. At an advanced age, the Rev.

At Barnard Castle, Mr. Jacob Rabler, Robert Miln, A. M. pator of a diffenting · Tanner, to Nils Stcele.

congregation, and author of some ingenious Died.] At Newcastle, Mr. Robert Barkas, publications. Mr. Geo. Dixon, Calico-pris. grocer. Mr. Tho. Barkas, formerly a flater, ter, in Caldewgate. Aged 41, Mrs. Eliz. anni laherly of the customs of this port. Mrs. Park, wife of Mr. Cha. Park, of che Globe Richardson, wife of Mr. J. Richardson; and a Inn. Aged 82, Margaret Blacklock, of Bot. few days afterwards Mr. Jos. Richardson, their chardgate. Aged 87, Mary Nicholson. fon; another of their fons had also died a few

At Appleby, Mrs. Thompson, wife of Mr. weeks before. Aged 99 Mrs. Robinson, a mai- Thompson, furgeon. den lady. Miss Mary Weftmorland, daughter At Morpeih, Mr. Laidman, furgeon. of the late Mr. Weitmoriand of the clore. As Whitehaven, the Rev. Allan Chambre, Aged 66, Mr. Matthew Prior, filversmith, and whose death was occafioned by his being throwa attay-master. Mr. Jno. Barron, stry-maker. out of an open carriage. Aged 73, Mrs. Pie

At spital, near Hexham, Mis. Feather- per, widow of the late Captain Marcio Piper. stonhaugh, relict of the late Wm. Feather

At Workington, Mr. Wm. Marrs, aged 56. ftonbaugh, efq. of Hexham.

At Hexhani, aged 70, Mrs. Ann Midford.

At Barnard Culle, aged 42, Mrs. Alice During a late very heavy thunder ftorm, Ewbank, wife of Mr. W. Ewbank, Tanner. a loaded waggon from York to London was

At Sunderland, Mr. Wm. Dobron, book- ftruck by the lightning, near Doncaster, and seller. At Bithopswearmouth, Mr. Robert entirely destroyed, together with nearly the Richardson, thip owner.

whole of its lading, and one of the horses. At North Shields, Mr. Wm. Robson, watch A Humane Society has lately been estaand clock maker.

blished at Hull, for the recovery of persons Ac Witton Gilbert, aged 27, Miss Dixon, apparently drowned, strangled, &c. under the daughter of Mír. Ralph Dixon.

patronage of the mayor and aldermen, the TriAt Raveniworth Castle, Mary Brown, aged nity House, and Dock Company of that place; 100 years.

ali of whom have subscribed liberally towards At Playsworth, aged 76, Mrs. Coates. a fund for that benevolent purpose.

At Bunkfoot, near Brompton, aged 94, Mr. Five men have lately been convicted by the Edward Bendle.

magittrates of Hull, in the penalty of sol. At Brompton, Mrs. Brown, wife of Mr. each, for plundering a fhig, stranded in th


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Humber, of fundry-stores, contrary to the Mr. John Crossley, of Scaicliff, Lancashire, late Humber Pilot As.

to Miss Lockwood, of Ewood in this county. Married.) At Leeds, Mr. Tho. Scott, At Wheldrake, East Riding, the Rev. Jolin Brandy merchant, to Miss Brooksbank. Mr. Dixon, A. M. crate of Methley, to Miss Naylor, of Cieckheaton, woolftapler, to Miss Savage. Armitage, of Woojhouse Hill. Christopher At Whitby, Mr. Henry Bennim, to Miss Heaps, jun. plumber and glazier, to Miss Craven. Coates.

At Knaresborough, Mr. John White, MerAt Pontefract, Mr. Richard Hepworth, at- cer, to Miss Ann Thompson, of Algakirk, ia - torney at law, to Miss Chamberlain.

Lincolnshire. At Thirsk, John Bell, efq. to Miss F. B: At Skipton, in Craven, Mr. Smith, surBarnett, third daughter of the late honour- geon, to Miss Warney, of, Hull. able William Barnett, of Arcadia in Ja- At Warmsworth, near Doncaster, J. H. maica.

Maw, esq. to Miss Lister, of Tetley, LincolnAt York, Mr. Robinson, chemift and drug- fire. gift, to Miss Mary Watson, of Kirby Grin- At Selby, Mr. Howcroft, skinner, to Miss

al. Mr. Wallis Dunn, tea dealer, to Mifs Blakey, of Gildersome, near Leeds. J. Hellop, of Gatenby.

Died.] At Sheffield, Mr. W. Field, florist; At Hull, Mr. W. M. Willett, of Rush- who dropped down and expired as he was takforth-hall, near Bradford, to Miss Maria ing an early walk in his garden. This sudden Bromby, of Hull, merchant. John Haxley, and unexpected event made so strong an imM. D. of Pontefract, to Miss Kirkman, only pression on the mind of his wife, that fac daughter of John Kirkman, elg. of Hull. survived him only 19 days. Mr. Edward Robinson, to Miss Yeoman. At York, Mrs. Cayley, widow of the Rev. Mr. John Hay, merchant, to Miss Walker, Jolin Cayley, late rector of Brompton. Aged of Birmingham.

83, Mrs. Buckle, widow of the late Mr. BucAt Kirlburton, Mr. Lockwood, of Farend, kle, woolstapler. Aged 87, Mr. Cha. Har

Huddersfield, Woolstapler, to Miss rison, of the London waggon warehouse, which Booth.

he had attended upwards of 50 years. Aged At Halifax, Mr. Rofs, liquor merchant, 64, Mrs. Jefferson, wife of Captain Robert to Mrs. Waller, of Skipton, in Craven. Jefferson. Aged 66, Mt. Tho. Goodhill;

Mr. Butter, linen draper, to Mits Cross, of though born deaf and dumb, he pofleffed exLouth, Lincolnshire,

traordinary talents. He could write and read At Preston, Dr. Win. St. Clare, to Mrs. writing, was an excellent card player, and in Gardner.

his youth was a good smot. At Barnsey, Mr. James Lister, merchant, At Hull, aged 46, Mrs. Thorp, wife of to Miss Hall.

Mr. William Thorp, builder. Aged 45, Mr. At Kirby-Moorside, Mr. Edward Soulley, John Crompton, landing waiter, of that port. merchant, of Malton, to Miss Harker, of Aged 67, Colonel George Thompson, Aged Keldholde.

39, Mr. Corney, of the Fleece Inn. Aged 71, At Salton, Mr. R. Shepherd, of Douth- Mr. R. Rennard, merchant. Aged 75, Mrs. waite Dale, to Miss Taylor.

Howard, relict of the late R. Howard, merAt Wakefield, Mr. Fisher, attorney at law, chant. Miss Parker, daughter of Mr. Parof Rotherham, to Miss Jackson. Mr. Lam- ker, merchant. . She had been many years bert, currier, tó Miss Garlick, of Dodworth, helpless, and falling from a window, was kilnear Barnsey.

led on the spot. At Tollerton, Sam. Banks, esq. of Dublin, Ac Doncaster, aged 83, Mr. Tho. Seaton, to Miss Lucy Wright, youngest daughter of one of the aldermen of that corporation. the late John Wright, efq. of Notting- At Kirklees Hall, aged 11 years, the eldest ham.

son of Sir George Armytage, bart. At Sheffield, Mr. Wm. Perch, son of Mr. At Leeds, Mr. R. Hargreaves, builder. Perch, of the Angel Inn, Sheffield, to Miss Mr. W. M. Kendall, of Kirbymoorfide, Clarke, of Barnby Moor. Mr. Sam. Pearce, whose death was occasioned by a fall from his to Miss Barraclough. Mr. Wm. Andrews, horfe, but a few yards from the spot where grocer, to Miss Martha Haslehirit, of white his brother met with a fimilar fate a few years tington, Derbyshire. Mr. Thɔ, Saunderson,

before. factor, to Miss Smith, eldest daughter of Mr. At Beverley, Mrs. Lundie, wife of TimoSinith, liverplater. Mr. Joi. Hawksworth, thy Lundie, esq. mayor of Beverley. Mrs. to Miss Eliz. Parker. Mr. Sam. Revell, su- Plumpton, relict of the late Rev. Mr. Plumpgar baker, to Miss Ashforth.

ton, formerly of Sproatley. Aged 48, Mr. At Farend, near Huddersfield, Mr. Thomas John Watson, butcher. Lockwood, Woolstapler, to Miss Mary Booth, At Pontefra&t, Mr. B. Earnshaw, aged 80. of Kirkburton.

At Market Weighton, Mr. R.T.Bials, cornHenry Silvertop, esq. of Hardwick, Dur. factor and coal merchant. ham, to Miss Witham, of Cliff, in this At Barnsey, Mrs. Mence, wife of the Rev. county.

Mr. Mence.


At Tickhill, Mrs. Parnell, wife of the Bev, the preceding market day. The crop is unP. Parnell.

commonly great. At Ardsley, near Barnsley, aged 74, R. Married.] At Liverpool, J. P. Machell, Michlenwaite, esq.

esq. of Penny-bridge, to Miss Penny, of LAt Burnley, Mr. Wm. Kirk, dyer. verpool. Mr. Wm. Windsor, merchant, to

At Swene, in Holderness, aged 82, Mrs. Miss E. Hawthornthwaite, of Fortune Lodge, Eaton, wife of Mr. J. Eaton. Ji is remarka near Lancaster. Mr. R. Puliton, of Overton, ble, that at different periods of her lifc, me Flintshire, to Miss Ann Porter of Spon Green. ktood in the following degrees of relationship, Mr. James Siddon, nierchant, to Miss Wor (by marriage) to a gentleman in Hull, viz. rall. Christopher Harvey, eiq. of Brifol, to aunt to his father, lister to his mother, and Miss Robinson. mother to himself.

Orantham Hodgson, esq. captain in the At Mowthorp, near Malton, aged 25, Mar- royai North Lincola Militia, to Miss Dench, kenfield Kirby, esq. late capiain in the 35th At Manchester, Mr. Henry Driver, to Miss rigiment.

Isabella Potter. At the Grange, near Darlington, George Mr. Wm. Tideswell, to Miss Whitney. Allan, esq. F. A. S.

J. Chew, M. D. to Miss Clayton, daughter At l'adcaster, aged 74, Mr. Shaw, surgeon. of Major J. Clayton, of Little Harewood,

At Salcah-Grange, in Holderness, Miss Mr. Shackles, cotton merchant, to Miss Buli, Ombler, daughter of E. Ombler, efq.

of Wilton, Cheshire. At Wakstield, Mrs. Barff, wife of Mr. A. Blackburn, Mr. J. Leach, cotton ma. Barfi, woolstapler. Aged 68, Mr. Stephen nufacturer, to Miss Dawson, of Hall Foot, Northouse, formerly of Leeds. Mr. Linne near Clithero. c?r, relict of the late Mr. G. Linnecar, bran At Wray, Mr. Tho. Fisher, eldeft fon of d merchant.

Mr. Wm. Fisher, merchant, of Leeds, te Miss Lucy Nicholson, daughter of Mr. Wiss Whalley, of Lancaster. Nicholson.

At Ulverston, Mr. Wm. Atkins, attorney, At Sheffield, Mr. Ellis, a portrait painter of Dalton, in Furness, to Miss Jane Jackson, of diitinguithed talents. Miss Ann G. Wood, of Ulverston. only daughter of Mr. W. Wood, confectioner, At Lancaster, Mr. Wm. Lancaster, of Coleaged 12 years.

gate, to Miss Lee. A: Braithwaite, near Doncaster, Mrs. At Cartmel, Mr. Geo. Dixon, carrier, to Greaves.

Miss Butler, of Flookborough. At swarland, Mrs. Stephenson, wife of Died.] At Liverpool, aged 86, Ms. l. Mr. R. Stephenson.

Banniter, the eldest attorney in the town. At Snait.), aged $6, Mrs. Tyas:

At Blackburn, Mr. Carr, attorney at law. At Gainiborough, Mr. Wm. Furley, whar. Within a few days of each other, the two fanger.

youngest daughters of R. Cardwell, eiq. At Scarborough, aged 65, John Halley, At Bolton, Mrs. Faulkner, wife of Mr. esq. one of the con mon councilmen of that Stephen Faulkner. place.

At Manchester, Mrs. Ridgway, wife of it Bardsey, near Leeds, Miss Elizabeth Mr. J. Ridgway. Hoit, youngest daughter of Mr. M. lfiott. The Rev. Richard Ashetor, D. D. warden

At the Rev. Miles Wrigley's, at Olabam, of the collegiate church, and rector of Midaged 72, Mrs. Barlow.

dleton. At Skipton, in Craren, Mrs. Heelis, wife In the neighbourhood of Cartmel, captain of Mr. Heelis, or the caftle.

John Wilfon, of Kendal.

At Prescot, Mrs. Yate, wife of Mr. Yate, LANCASHIRI..

and daughter of Miles Mason, efq. of ScdBy the register of the collegiate church of

bergh Mnchetter, it appears, that from January ! At Hollin's Green, near Harrington, aged & December 31, 1799, there were christened 83, Mr. John Peers. malis 1399, females 1316. Buried, males

At Little Woolton, aged 98, Mrs. Woods, 695, females 662, and married 1275 couples. mother of Mr. James Woods, tanner. Upwards of 700 lumps of butter, thort of

At Wavertree, Mr. Francis Holland. weight, were seized on a late market day at Manchester, and distributed amongit tbe poor inhabitants.

Married.] At Chester, the Rev. Dr. LanThe Liverpool library lately published pro don, provost of Worcester college, Oxford, to polais for erecting a new library and news Mits Ready, only daughter of John Ready, soom, at an expence of 3600 guineas; and in efq. of Oakhanger-Hall. Mr. John Hookenone weck che tubscription was full! No other bull, of Nantwich, ironmonger, to Miss Ann town in the kingdom can produce a similar Betteley. Mr. Whitehovíc, of Holywell, to intrance of public fpirit.

Miss Griffiths, daughter of captain Griffiths, At Preston, on Saturday the 7th of June, of the garrison in this city. Mr. John Wal. wheat and potatoes were fold, upon an ave ker, to Miss Eliz, chamberlain, of Gilden, sage, of Jiule more than half the prices of Suicun.


Ar Stockport, Mr. J. Clark Clegg, to Miss Topley, of Bull-bridge, to Miss Ann Brown, Iliza Seddon of Preston.

Mr. John Crolland, jun. hofier, to Miss Smith, Christopher Palace, Efq. to Miss Wilbra- only daughter of Charles Smith, esq. of Busa ham, of Boughton.

bage Lodge, Leiceitershire. The Rev., Ed. At Peover, C. Boody, esq. of Demerara, to ward Ward, of South Scarle, to Miss DonMiss Phæbe Dannett, daughter of the late caster, of Nottingham. Mr. Cha. Smith, of Rey. Tbo. Dannett, rector.

London, co Miss Bromley, of Houndsgate, Tho. Wright, efq. of Knutsford, to Miss Mr. Wyer, pipe maker, to Mrs. Radford, 'of Higginson.

Basford. At Witton, Mr. Walker, wine merchant, Mr. G. Smith, of Bromley House, Notof Chester, to Miis S. Bradburne, of Harford- tingham, to Miss E. M. Davis, daughter of Breach.

the late Wm. Davis, of Guilford-treet, LouAt Aftbury, Mr. Wm. Swindells, aged 57,

don. to Miss Collier, aged 21.

At Newark, Mr. R. Hepworth, of PonteAt Eastham, Joseph Booth, esq. of Stoke- fract, to Miss Frances Chamberlain,

Mr. upon Trent, Stafford, to Miss Butter, niece Pren, baker, clock and watch maker, aged

28. of Mrs. White, of Childers Thornton. Died.] At Chester, Mrs. Rowlance, mo

At Rollston, near Newark, Mr. Jalland, ther of Mr. Rowlance, at the three crowns.

farmer and grazier, to Mits Lilley. Mr. Barker, taylor. Almoft suddenly, Mr. Died.] At Nottingham, Mrs. Harrison, John Croughton, formerly a joiner there. Mr. wife of Mr. J. E. Harrison. Aged 52, Mrs. Owens, surgeon and apothecary.

Crofts. At Nantwich, Mrs. Masterton, at the

At his seat at Wollaton, in the 74th year

very advanced age of near 100 years. She was li- of his age, greatly lamented in his neighbours neally descended from Thomas Masterton, hood, the Right Honourable Henry Wilwho had a command in France, under the loughby, Baron Middleton, of Middieton, in Black Prince, and was knighted on the field the county of Warwick. His Lord/hip has of battle by that illustrious hero.

uniformly supported an independent, genc. At Macclesfield, Wm. Ayton, esg. In rous and lionourable character. He is fuc the bloom of life, Mrs. Tunnicliffe, wife of ceeded in his title and estate by his only son, Mr. Tunniclifie, button-maker.

At Newark, Mr. Samuel Lacy, an emineng At Hooton; aged 20, Sir Wm. Stanley, grocer and chandler. bart.

At Muci-Weniack, Mrs. Tinklar, wife of the Rev. Mr. Tinklar, curate.

Thirty one of the bakers of Leicester dir

tributed a handbill, on the 29th of May, fig. The Peak Forest Canal, forming a commu- nifying their determination to discontinue itse nication with the interior of Lancashire, has the sale of bread after the 2d of June. They been lately completed at 10 per cent less than were, however, prevailed upon by the magii. the original estimation.

trates to forego their resolution. Married.] James Langham, esq. to Miss Married.) At Lutterworth, Mr. Watson, Burdett, eldest lister of Sir Francis Burdect, attorney, to Miss E. Arnold. bart. of Foremark.

At Leicester, Mr. Byng to Miss Harding. At Mappleton, after a courtship of 25 years, Mr. Stone, coachmaker, of Nottingham, to Mr. John Timm, blacksmith, to Mrs. Wood- Miss Hind. Mr. Hüditcl, of Tamworth, ta house, of the Gate Inn.

Miss Marshall. At Youlgreave, Mr. Prime, of Middleton, At Loughborough, Mr. Harrison, of Lei. grocer and druggist, to Miss Ann Millington, cefter, butcher, to Miss Older haw, of Keg. of Woodhouse, near Derby in the Dale. worch.

At Glofop, Mr. Peter Mashiter, of Upper At Tilton-on-the-Hill, Mr. Thomas Ful. Cliff, near Heafield, to Miss B. Bradbury, of sham, of Kirby Mallory, to Miss Hawkins of Bankhead.

Hallhead. Died.] At Derby, aged 77, whilft walk- Died.] At Leicester, Mrs. Boon, of the ing in his garden, Vigors Havey, esq. Mr. Gallow-tree-gate. Suddenly Mrs. Brooks. H. Pratt, hosier, aged 63.

At Market Harborough, aged 78, Mr. At Denby, aged 85, Tho. Stafford.

Wartnaby, attorney. At Repton, Wm. Bagshaw Stevens, D. D. At Lutterwortii, suddenly, Mrs. Perkins, fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, rec

wife of Mr. W. Perkins. tor of Seckington, and vicar of Kingsbary, in, At Keyworth, Mr. Thomas Mee, jun. Warwickshire. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

At Belton, aged 30, Mr. Robert Ruffell. The extensive works upon the London Road At Clay brooke, Mrs Sawbridge, widow of at the entrance into Nottingham proceed now the late Mr. Win. Sawbridge. with rapidity. · Flood bridges are to be erec

At Melton-Mowbray, aged 70, Mr. Bright, ted to carry off the Trent floods, the avenue an eminent ironmonger, cutler, &c. into the town is to be widened, &c.

At Burley, almost suddenly, on her way Married.) At Nottingham, Mr. Wm. home from Oakham, Mrs Rudkin, of Exton.




grocer, dec.


three years.

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At Evington, aged 88, Mrs. Coltman. At Market Deeping, Mr. W. Butler, to
At Thringstone, aged 77, Mr. Thorp. Miss Bland, of Gretford.

At Hinckley, aged 65, Mr. W. Millward, Died.) At Lincoln, advanced in years, Mr. many years letter carrier at that place. John Bernard, carpenter, &c. Aged 41, Mr.

George Hutchinson, cabinet-maker. Advanc

ed in years, Mr. James Athley. Sir Nigil Bowyer Gresley, bart, and the

At Stamford, Mr. R. Askren, plumber Hon. Capt. Paget have declared themselves and glazier, one of the aldermen of that bocandidates to represent the city of Litchfield rough, who had ferved the office of mayor in in the next parliament.

1793. Allo Mr. Dove, horse-dealer. Thirty-seven farmers, who attend Wolver

At Pickworth, aged 70, Mrs. Wells. hampton market, have undertaken to furnish,

At Carwick Lodge, near Stamford, aged when required by the managing committee

91, Mr. W. Dennis. for the poor, a load of wheat each, at 155.

At Decping, St. James's, aged 69, Mrs. per bushel, to be retajied in four to the labo.

Sanderson, wite of Mr. T. Sanderon. rious clailes; and several farmers, near Stour

At Thickencote Warren, near Stamford, bridge and Kidderminster have followed this aged 17, Miss Catherine Lupton, daughter of laudable example.

Mr. Lupton.

At Cafterton Magna, aged 26, Mr. E. F. Married.) At Allstonefield, Mr. J. Fernihough, of Ipstones, to Miss E. Gould, of

Warry, farmer, Longnor.

At Allington, near Grantham, Mr, R. Died.] At Walsall, in a coughing fit, Mr.

Lynn, grazier, late of Newark. John Bentley. Aged 76, Mrs. A. Brooks.

At North Collingham, Mrs Higgins, wife At Burton-upon-Trent, Mr. Tho. Raven,

of Mr. Higgins, farmer and grazier. saddler.

At Corby, Mrs. Williamson, wife of Mr. At Newcastle, aged 88, Mr. R. Robifon,

Williamson, tanner. who for three weeks previous to his death Mr. P. Long, felimonger.

At Walcot, aged 53, Mrs. Long, wife of
would not take any animal food, nor taste any
liquid hut water.

At Boston, aged 61, Mr. Joseph Ellard,
At Tutbury, aged 31, Mrs. Allen, wife of who had been a diffenting preacher twenty-
Mr. Allen, surgeon.
At Tythe-barn, near Leek, Mr. Richard E. Hillam, farmer ; he was the fourth per-

At Ayiton, near Uppingham, aged 81, Mr.
At Cheadle, aged 6a, Mr. Charles Young, son of that age who had died there within a

short time. mercer, a venerable and much respected cha

At U nington, suddenly, Mrs. Hubbard, racter.

wife of Mr. Hubbard, carpenter. LINCOLNSHIRE.

At Sleaford, Mr. James Gibson, nursery Col. Sibthorpe, who was lately elected one and feedfinan, aged 33, of the members for Lincoln, made a present At Barton, Mr. Jervis Thorpe. of two guineas to each poor freeman of that At Louth, Mrs. Martha Green, after-iscity, to enable them to enjoy themselves on law to the lace Bishop of Lincoln. Allo his majesty's birth-day.

Miss Willows, milliner. Further improvements of confiderable ex- At Ryal, near Stamford, Mr. Hambleton, tent, in draining and inclosing the Fens, are relict of the late J. Hambleton, of7. of the row in contemplation.-Deeping, Langstoft, navy. Boston, Spalding, Pinchbeck, and Cowbit Commons, are the immediate objects of at- Married ] Ac Birroigham, Mr. Joha tention, as connected with the Welland Adams, to mit Skelling. Mr H Armfield, drainage.

to Mrs. Burdett And, at the same time, Murried.] . At Stamford, Mr. Franks, of, Mr. Stephen Armfilj, jun. to Mii Howletti the Green Farm, St. Ives, to Miss Searton. At Sheldon, Mr Edward ja kion, of ingen,

At Faldingworth, Mr. Olborn, of Frieithorp, near Stratford upon Avon, to Vir Jackion. to Mrs. King.

At Aylestone, Mr. Wm. Horton, oi Bure At Morton, near Bourn, Mr. Rodgers, ton-Overy, to Mrs. Barton. butcher, to Miss Baker, of Great Hale.

At Coventry, Mr. Lines, plumber and At Whaplode, the Rev. Mr. Motiop, to glazier, to Mils Mary Johnfon. Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Robinton; the latter aged 75.

to Miss Eagle. At Helpringham, Mr. James Durrance, Died.] At Birmingham, Mr. Wissin, conbutcher, to Miss Taylor, of Donington Ings. fectioner. Aged 69, Mr. John Wevtier. in Air. John Preigrave, to Miss Spencer.

the prime of life, Mirs. Hewitt, wife of Mr. Ai Wisbech, Mr. Nixon, laudler, to Miss John Hewitt, druggilt, aged 68, Mr. Am. Briggs.

brose Maiow.iring, ien. AT Algarkirk, Mr. John White, mercer, At Ilmington, Mrs. Hobday. of Anarcicorough, to Miss Ann Thompson. At Coventry, advances in age, Mr. Rippef.

At Thurlby, Mr W. Malon, fumer, and Mr. Shute, partner with john Haines, hik. Frizu, lu .liits Marvin.




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