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25. Their Attendance on, and Services to Chrift. Luke i. 11 to 21. The Angel Gabriel foretels the Birth, manner of Life, and Ministry of John the Forerunner of Christ.

Ver. 26. The fame Angel foretels to the Virgin Mary the Conception and Birth of Jefus Chrift, and his Greatnefs. See to Ver. 35Matt. i. 20. An Angel informs Jofeph of Chrift's Conception, in the Womb by the Power of the Holy Ghost.

Luke ii. 9 to 14. Angels publish the Birth of Chrift to Shepherds, and praife God on that Occafion.

Matt. ii. 13. An Angel warns Joseph to carry Jefus and his Mother unto Egypt for Safety.

Ver. 19. An Angel directs Jofeph and Mary, to return with Jefus from Egypt. Ver. 28.

Matt. iv. 11. Angels ministered unto Jefus when he was tempted of the Devil. Mark 1. 13. John 1. 51.

Luke xxii. 43. When Chrift was in an Agony, before he was apprehended by Enemies, there appeared an Angel unto him from Heaven ftrengthening him.

Matt. xxvi. 51. When Jefus was apprehended, Peter drew his Sword to fight for him.

Ver. 52. Jefus faid, put up thy Sword, thinkeft thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve Legions of Angels.

Matt. xxviii. 2. At Chrift's Refurrection, an Angel rolls back the Stone, from the Door of the Sepulchre, and fat on it.

Ver. 5. He publishes Chrift's Refurrection to those who came to the Sepulchre and directs them where to publish it. Ver. 7. Luke 24. 5, 6, 7. John 20. 12, 13.

Acts i. 10. 11. Christ's Afcenfion, Angels declare to the Apostles his coming again.

26. They shall attend Chrift at his coming to Judgment. Matt. xvi. 21. The Son of Man fhall come in the Glory of his Father with his Angels, and then shall he Reward every Man according to his Work. Ch. 25. B1, 32. Mark 8. 38. Luke 9. 26.

Luke xii. 8. Jefus faid whofoever fhall confefs me before Men, him fhall the Son of Man alfo confefs before the Angels of God.

Ver. 9. He that denieth me before Men, shall be denied before the Angels of God. Rev. 3. 5.

Theff. iv 16. The Lord himself fhall defcend from Heaven, with a Shout, with the Voice of the Archangel, and with the Trump of God, and the dead in Chrift fhall rife firit. I Cor. 15. 52.

27. Their Employment at the Day of Judgment. Matt. xiii. 39. The Harveft is the End of the World, the Rapers are the Angels.

Matt. xxiv. 31. The Son of Man fhall fend his Angels with a great found of a Trumpet, and they fhall gather together his Elect from the four Winds, from the one End of Heaven to the other. Mark 13. 27.

xiii. 41. The Son of Man fhall fend forth his Angels, and they fhall gather out of his Kingdom all Things that offend, and them that do Iniquity.

Ver. 42. And fhall caft them into a Furnace of Fire, wailing and gnashing of Teeth. Ver. 49. 50.

there shall be

2 Theff.

2 Theff. i. 7. The Lord Jefus fhall be revealed from Heaven with his mighty Angels.

Ver. 8. In flaming Fire, taking vengeance on them that know not God, and obey not the Gospel of our Lord Jefus Chrift.

Ver. 9. Who fhall be punished with everlafting Destruction, from the Prefence of the Lord, and from the Glory of his Power.

28. They are Worshippers of God the Father. Pf. ciii. 20. Bless the Lord all ye his Angels. Rev. 7. 11.-19. 10.-22. 9.

Ver. 21. Blefs the Lord all ye his Hofts, ye Minifters of his that do his Pleasure. Pf. 148. 2.

Ifa. vi. 2. The Seraphims cried one to another, and faid, Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hofts, the whole Earth is full of his Glory. Ver. 3.

Dan. vii. 10. Thousand Thousands miniftered unto him, and ten Thousand times ten Thousand stood before him.

29. They worship Chrift and are fubject to him. Heb. i. 4. Christ was made better than the Angels.

Ver. 6. God faid, let all the Angels of God worship him.
Rev. v. 11. Angels round about the Throne faid,

Ver. 12. Worthy is the Lamb that was flain, to receive Power and Riches, and Wisdom, and Strength, and Glory, and Honour, and Bleffing.

They are not to be worshipped. See Col. 2. 18. Rev. 19. 10, 11. -22. 8, 9.


30. Of Angels, fome Sinned and are referved unto Punishment. 2 Pet. ii. 4. God fpared not the Angels that finned, but caft them down to Hell, and delivered them into Chains of Darkness, to be reserved unto Judg


Jude Ver. 6. The Angels that kept not their firft Estate, but left their own Habitation, God hath referved in everlafting Chains under Darkness, unto the Judgment of the great Day.

Rev. xx. 10. The Devil that deceived the Nations, was caft into the Lake of Fire and Brimftone, where the Beaft and the falfe Prophet are, and fhall be tormented Day and Night, for ever and ever.

Matt. xxv. 41. Everlafting Fire is prepared for the Devil and his Angels.

31. What their Sin is supposed to have been. See above Jude Ver. 6. 1 Tim. iii. 6. Pride is called the Condemnation of the Devil.

Job xxxviii. 7. Morning Stars, is the Name of Angels, this Name is given to the proud King of Babylon lofing his Power, as one of these Morning Stars falling.

Ifa. xiv. 9. Hell from beneath is moved for thee, to meet thee at thy Coming.

Ver. 12. How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, Son of the Morning.

Luke x. 18. Jefus faid, I beheld Satan fall as Lightning from Heaven. 32. Names given to thefe in Scripture.-The God of this World, 2 Cor. iv. 4. The Prince of this World, John 14. 30.-16. 11. Beelzebub the Prince of Devils, Luke 11. 15.-The Prince of the Power of the Air Eph. z. 2.-Belial who hath his Sons and Children of the



Wicked. See Deut. 13. 13. Judg. 19. 22. 20. 13 1 Sam. 2. 12.-10. 27.-30. 22. 2 Sam. 20. 1. 1 Kings 21. 10. 2 Chr. 13. 7. 2 Cor. 6. 15.-The Devil and his Angels. Matt. 25. 41.

The Angel of the

The Dragon and his Angels. Rev. 12. 7. 9. bottomless Pit. Rev. 9. 11. Rev. xii. 9. The great Dragon, the old Serpent, the Devil and Satan, the Deceiver, and his Angels.

Ver. 10. The Accufer of the Brethren, compare Job 1. 9.-2. 5. Zech. 3. I.

They are called Principalities, and Powers, Rom. 8. 38. Eph. 6. 1 2. 33. Devils are reprefented as Enemies to all good, and Promoters of Sin and Mifery, among Mankind. Gen. iii. 1. to 7. Satan called the Serpent. 2 Cor. 11. 3. and the Old Serpent the Devil. Rev. 12. 9.-20. 2. beguiled Eve.

2 Sam. xxiv. 1. He moved David to number the People. 1 Chr.21.1. Zech. iii. 2. Satan stood at Joshua's right Hand to refift him. Matt. xiii. 38. The Tares are the Children of the Wicked one. Ver. 39. The Enemy that fowed the Tares is the Devil. Luke xxii. 31. 32. Satan defired to have Peter to fift him. John vi. 70. Jefus faid (of Judas) one of you is a Devil. xiii. 27. Satan entered into Judas, and tempted him to betray his Mafter. Luke 22. 3.

xvii. 12. Judas was the Son of Perdition. 2 Theff. 3. 5. The Man of Sin is the Son of Perdition.

viii. 44. To his Enemies Jefus faid, ye are of your Father the Devil, and the Lufts of your Father ye will do, he was a Murderer from the Beginning, and abode not in the Truth, because there is no Truth in


Acts v. 3. He put into the Hearts of Ananias and Sapphira to lie to the Holy Ghoft.

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Eph. ii. 2. Satan is the Spirit that worketh in the Children of Difobedience.

vi. 12. Devils are the Rulers of the Darkness of this World.

Theff. iii. 5. Satan is the Tempter. 1 Tim. 5. 15. Some turn afide after him.

Jam. iii. 15. Envy and Strife is the Wisdom that is earthly, sensual, and devilish.

1 John iii. 8. He that committeth Sin is of the Devil. Ver. 11. Ver. 12. Cain was of that wicked one, and flew his Brother. Rev. xii. 9. Satan deceiveth the whole World.

Satan's hurtfulness to the Bodies and worldly Interests of Mankind. See Job 1. 6. to 20. and 2.7. Alfo Devils caft out by Chrift. See Chrift's Miracles.

34. The Enmity and Endeavours of Satan, and his Servants, to Chrift and bis Servants. Matt. iv. 1. Satan tempted Chrift. Mar. 1. 13. Heb.2. 18.-4.15

xiii. 19. When any one heareth the Word of the Kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the Wicked one, and catcheth away that which was fown in his Heart. Mar. 4. 15.

Luke viii. 12. The Devil taketh away the Word out of their Hearts, left they should believe, and be faved.

Acts xiii. 10. They pervert the right Ways of the Lord.

2 Cor. iv. 4. The God of this World, hath blinded the Minds of those who believe not.

2 Cor. xii. 7. A Meffenger of Satan buffeted Paul.

1 Theff. ii. 18. Satan hindered the Apoftles, Rev. 2. 10.

2 Theff. ii. 9. The coming of the Man of Sin, is after the Working of Satan with all Power and Signs, and lying Wonders, and with all deceiveablefs of Unrighteoufnefs in them that perifh, because they received not the Love of the Truth, that they might be faved. Rev. 16. 13.14.

1 Tim. iv. 1. Some fhall depart from the Faith, giving heed to feducing Spirits, and Doctrines of Devils.

Rev. iii. 9. They say they are Jews, and are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan. See Rev. 2.9. 10.12, 13.-20. 9.

35. They believe that there is a God. Jam. ii. 19. The Devils believe and tremble.

They know Chrift. Mar. i. 24. They said to Jefus, let us alone, what have we to do with thee, thou Jefus of Nazareth, art thou come to torment us before the Time, we know thee who thou art, the Holy one, of God.

Luke iv. 41. Devils came out of many, crying out, and faying, thou art Chrift the Son of God.

36. They knew Chriff's Servants. Acts xvi. 16. A Damfel poffeffed with a Spirit of Divination, which brought her Mafters much Gain by footh-faying.

Acts xvi. 17. Followed Paul and other Apoftles, faying, these Men are the Servants of the most high God, which fhew unto us the way of Salvation.

Ver. 18. Paul commanded the evil Spirit to come out of her.

xix. 13. Certain Vagabond Jews, Exorcifts, took upon them to call over them which had evil Spirits, the name of the Lord Jefus, faying, we adjure you by Jefus, whom Paul preacheth.

Ver. 15. The evil Spirit answered and faid, Jefus I know, and Paul I know, but who are ye.

Acts xix. 16. And the Man in whom the evil Spirit was, leapt on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that House naked, and wounded.

37. They knew the Sacred Scriptures. Matt. iv. 6. They produce the Words of Pf. 91. 11. Saying it is written, he shall give his Angels charge concerning thee, and in their Hands they fhall bear thee up, left at any time thou dash thy Foot against a Stone.

38. Satan was overcome by Chrift. Matt. iv. 1. to 12. When Jefus was forty Days tempted of the Devil, the Devil leaveth him without fucceeding.

John xiii. 31. Jefus faid, now fall the Prince of this World be caft out.

xiv. 30. Jefus faid, the Prince of this World cometh and hath nothing in me.

xvi. 11. The Prince of this World is judged.

C 1

Col. ii. 15. He spoiled Principalities, and Powers, triumphing over


Heb. ii. 14. Chrift destroyed him that had the Power of Death, that is the Devil.

I 2

1 John

1 John iii. 8. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the Works of the Devil.

Rev. xvii 14. The Lamb shall overcome them, i. e. the Servants of Satan. See Rev. 12.7. 9, 10, 11.

39. Satan is overcome by Chriftians, through divine Power communicated. Matt. x. 1. Jeius gave his Disciples Power against unclean Spirits, to caft them out. Mar. 3. 15.-6. 7.

Luke x. 17. The Disciples returned with Joy, faying to Jefus, even the Devils are fubje&t to us, through thy Name.

Acts xxvi. 17, 18. Jefus faid to Paul, I fend thee to open Mens Eyes, to turn them from Darkness to Light, and from the Power of Satan unto God.

Rom. xvi. 20. The God of Peace shall bruise Satan under your Feet. 2 Tim. ii. 25. If God will give them Repentance to the Acknowledgment of the Truth;

Ver. 26. That they may recover themselves out of the Snare of the Devil, who are taken Captive by him, at his Will. Col. 1. 13.

1 John ii. 14. I have written unto you young Men, because ye are ftrong, and the Word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked One. Ver. 13. Eph. 6. 10. 11.

v. 18. He that is begotten of God, keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not. Ch. 4. 4.

Rev. xii. 11. They overcame Satan by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the Word of their Teftimony. See Rom. 8. 37. 38.

40. Promiles to them that overcome Satan. Rev. ii. 7. The Tree of Life.-11. That he fhall not be hart of the second Death.-. Shall have hidden Manna.-26. Power over the Nations. Ch. 3. 5.-Shall be clothed in White.-12. Shall be made a Pillar in the Temple of God. 21. Shall fit with Chrift in his Throne. Ch. 21.7. Shall Inherit all Things.-1 Cor. 6. 3. Shall judge fallen Angels.

41. Duties exhorted to in Oppofition to Satan. 1 Cor. vii. 5. Let the Hufband and Wife come together, that Satan tempt you not for your Incontinency.

2 Cor. ii. 11. Let us receive an Offender, when become Penitent, left Satan get an Advantage of us, for we are not ignorant of his Devices.

xi. 2. Paul faid I am jealous over you, with a godly Jealoufy.

Ver. 3. I fear left by any means as the Serpent beguiled Eve, through his Subtilty, fo your Minds fhould be corrupted from the Simplicity that is in Chrift.

Ver. 14. For Satan himself is transformed into an Angel of Light.

Ver. 1.5. Therefore it is no great thing if his Minifters also be transformed, as the Minifters of Righteousness, whose End shall be according to their Works.

Eph. iv. 26. Let not the Sun go down upon your Wrath.

Ver. 27. Neither give place to the Devil.

vi. 11. Put on the whole Armour of God, that ye may be able to ftand against the Wiles of the Devil.

Ver. 12. For we wreftle not against Flesh and Blood, but against Principalities, againft Powers, against the Rulers of the Darkness of this World, against fpiritual Wickedness in high Places.

Eph. vi. 16. Take the Shield of Faith wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery Darts of the Wicked one.


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